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Happy Monday Fellow 88ers. Just sent 2 of my kids off for their 1st day of College at Miami Dade Kendall Campus. That’s 4 kids Wifey and I have gotten through High School and off to get their degrees. Crazy.!! I remember when Liz and I first started dating, our oldest kids were only 13/14 at most, & still in Middle School. My youngest, Milly, was only 5, and only in Pre K. My how the years fly by. I often comment on how I got blessed with the equipment to run our Radio Show by my wife and kids several Father’s Days ago, in the summer of 2019. Now 3 Years later and WVCC RADIO is still going strong. We just posted our Interviews with TIYE PHOENIX, DANIEL SON, SHAWN J PERIOD, and are scheduled to post our Latest Interviews with QUEEN HERAWIN, KIL RIPKIN & JAH FREEDOM, And WHICHCRAFT & THE CERTAIN ONES CREW in the weeks to come. This week we are talking to MIKE TITAN on Tuesday to chop it up about his latest album TRUTH, JUSTICE & THE AMERICAN WAY 2 Produced by HILLTOP PRODUCTIONS. We covered the album in last weeks BAG, and it is still on heavy rotation over here, def worth the listen if you have or have not heard it before. Then on Thursday Night, we will be chopping it up with GEORGE SPITS, ORION, & some other surprise guest to give you a taste of what to expect at HOUSE PARTY AUG this coming Saturday at Esquina De Abuela. Its a Fact that Time flies, but as long as you dedicate every day towards getting closer to your goal, in a matter of time you will look back and say, look how far We have come. Here’s the latest WVCC RADIO WEEKEND BAG, to help you get through the current leg of your journey. Happy to help.


Growing up in the #SoFlow Hip Hop Scene, one of my Home Town Heros has been the 3 Man Team known as BASIC VOCAB. Founded by the Creator of the “Miami Hip Hop/Rap Sound” of the Late 90s/Early 2000’s, the Late Great TONY GALVIN, the combination of BASIC VOCAB‘s MG and JL atop TG’s East Coast Soul influenced production gave Miami one of their own Underground Hip Hop Gems. A group capable of providing that grimey Boom Bap and Jazzy Hop Vibe, while exhibiting top tier penmanship with a polished delivery, laced with a Down South Street perspective that the hood could relate to in The Bottom. All of that backed by the stamp of one if Miami’s Most decorated Platinum Producers made BV one of the elite Hip Hop groups out of Miami in the early 2000s 

Fast Forward to 2022. We are still mourning the passing of TONY GALVIN in 2020, which made the difficult year of Covid 19 that much worst. JL SORRELL & MENTAL GROWTH refused to let the legacy of what they built with TONY G get filed away as Finished in the South Florida Hip Hop History logs. They kicked off 2022 with the release of TYPE 3, their 1st release in 12 Years, collecting the joints they had been working on with TONY before his untimely transition. Now they have returned with a New EP and a New Chapter in the Book of BASIC VOCAB. We chopped it up with BV‘s JL SORELL to get the inside scoop on STRAIGHT KEMESTRY


JL: No, these are all produced by SQUARE4. He is now with BV.

WVCC: Ok..thank God I asked. I’ve been vibing to it all morning and was going to give production credits to the wrong person. SQUARE4 is Nastyyyyy B. My first time hearing him. How’d yall link?

JL: SQUARE joined us early this year. He produced our song COME GET WITH IT on the GENERAL DYNAMICS project. Long time friend. He is from Hollywood Florida and has worked with lots of artists, will send you some of his Music later. 

WVCC: We’re excited to hear it. Now yall decided to drop an EP instead of full length this go around. What was behind the decision?

JL: We decided on doing an EP to see how we gelled on a short project, instead of full length album. It went so well we called it STRAIGHT KEMESTRY! LOL. Plus EPs are the way to go now a days.

WVCC: Ain’t it Tho. I saw someone drop an Audio Maxi Single the other day. Lol


WVCC: That “DEEP” is a Heater. Tell us about the conception and writing for that joint.

JL: That’s our political/current events song (you know we love to hit you with that) the deep itself actually came from that bass drop that you hear when we say the word deep!

WVCC: The video for NIGHT TIME is beautiful. You all live around Florida now, You on the West Coast, MG in Broward County. How was it getting together with your group after so long to film the video in your hometown?

JL: JABIAN SOUTHERLAND from FLY AFFAIR NATION produced and directed that video. He is so good at making it look clean. We had been getting together every month to record and hang out so far this year. So when we were done we did the video, it was a blast driving around hanging out.

WVCC: Where would yall meet up every month to build? Did you write and record the project together in the same studio? Or did you email the verses in?

JL: Square and MG both live in Broward, I’m in Tampa. We would go to SQUARES crib to vibe and record. We would write separately but get together and record.

WVCC: Who is singing on SKY? She is killing it.

JL: AMBER MONIQUE is singing on Sky. She is good peeps with SQUARE

WVCC: How did that first Soulful Beat inspire the stories behind GREAT PRETENDER? Are these based on true stories where the names have been omitted to protect the innocent?

JL: LOL, that was the first song we recorded. All fiction characters mixed with some real stories here and there. We have a video for that song , all puppets haha

WVCC: Now that I have got to see. (You know we will be playing it for yo on WVCCRadio) Just a couple more questions. After finding this “Straight Kemistry” between the 3 of you, have yall been inspired to start working on the next project already and what can we expect from BASIC VOCAB 2.0

JL: Great question, we have about 8-9 songs almost finished for release in a few months. In October we will release a tribute EP using Tony Galvin‘s unreleased beats.

WVCC: Forgive if I’m out of pocket with this question, but How does SQUARE4 feel trying to fill such big shoes & how do you and MG feel TONY would have liked this Project? Having worked so long with him, do you feel he would have signed off on STRAIGHT KEMESTRY?

JL: Another Great question, and SQUARE can answer this better but he knows he can’t replace Tony, he is a new member that will result in a different vibe and sound. Tony actually contacted Square prior to his passing asking for some BV production, almost like he knew. I know Tony would be proud, he is nodding his head with the ancestors.

WVCC: I love that Answer and would love to have you guys and Square on the Show so we can chop it up in depth and ask him personally.

JL: Many thanks to you and what you do for the culture. We decided on September 8th for the Interview, so talk to you then! Can’t wait to see the write up. 

Personally, as a long time fan, I think SQUARE4 adds a wonderful new layer to the BV sound. I don’t think it takes anything away from their original flavor. It actually compliments JL and MENTAL GROWTH‘s verses quite naturally. And I agree, this album is def something TONY would love and recommend as if it came out of his own lab. Long Live the BASIC VOCAB Legacy. We for one are honored to be in the position to continue to share it with our audience.  Make sure you follow BASIC VOCAB on Spotify or where ever you support your favorite artist, to stay up to date with all the great Music they drop.

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1st of all, let me give credit where credit is due. Big Salute to our HIP HOP LIFERS brother ROGER FOLKLORICO who put me on to this record right here. He does things a little different then we do. Where we do long, detailed reviews on albums and singles, ROGER just posts a list of 5 albums he has heard and a 1 Sentence Critique, every once and a while on the HIP HOP LIFERS FB Group. It was through such a list last week that I became aware of MATTIC & PARENTAL. Never having heard them before, I gave the album a spin and thanked ROG for sharing this gem with us after the 1st 2 songs. I don’t like being greedy with my New Music finds so I shared it with CYPH LYPH BLOG Editor & Contributor, PRESHA. He had the following to say about the album.

Written by PRESHA:

In the movie ”The Matrix,” Morpheus offers Neo an option. He says, ”You take the blue pill…the story ends, you wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe. You take the red pill…you stay in Wonderland, and I show you how deep the rabbit hole goes.” The blue and red pills have come to represent an option between learning a troublesome truth that’s life-changing or remaining content in a prison of ignorance. Is it best to remain content and not know, or is it better to risk being hurt in order to learn the truth?

Like Morpheus, Mattic and Parental invite us ”Down in the Rabbit Hole.” Mattic is no stranger to adventure and life-changing events. He was born in North Carolina; but, when he was invited by a DJ to work in France, he quickly swallowed the red pill and relocated. Thankfully, his journey led to connecting with French producer, Parental, and together they created this wonderfully relaxing and jazzy jewel of an album. When my brother 8ch sent me the link, he said, ”Bro….You are going to love this album.” And he was right. I loved it. The vibe is Native Tongue, Mattic’s flow is De La, and each soulful song blends into each other like ingredients in a refreshing fruit smoothie. Down in the Rabbit Hole consists of twelve tracks followed by the generous inclusion of all twelve instrumentals. Emcees everywhere should be salivating.

Traveling Down in the Rabbit Hole was not only pleasurable, but it inspired me to embrace swallowing my own red pill. As a confined man, dressed in prison ”blues” (as we call our uniforms), I’d choose the red pill every time. I’d choose the truth of reality, the harsher and more difficult challenge of freedom, over the prison of ignorance. This requires embracing uncertainty, but our greatest journeys are uncertain. Love is uncertain. Life is uncertain. But I’d choose to join the rebellion evert time.


You hear beats banging in the distance. If you are a hungry MC like me, you follow the sound to its origin. You find a mob of head bobbing bodies huddled together in a tight circle, the slapping instrumental emanating out of a speaker in the center.  One by one the members of this human cylinder take their turn dropping sharp bars and “Ohhhh Shittt” inspiring Punchlines. This is a Cipher. A gathering that West Coast mic mercenary RHYME STYLE TROOP and Spain’s MANZU BEATZ are all to familiar with.  As the opening track of their New Album,“CIPHER”, breaks down perfectly, a Cipher is a building ground for creatives of many different art forms. Wether it be musicians Jamming on their instrument, Dancers cutting the rug up in the middle of the Dance Floor, or Emcees fighting to have respect put on their name, the CIPHER is a breeding ground for innovation, and craft perfection through constant practice. This is the warrior mindset that RHYMESTYLETROOP brings to the circle in CIPHER. You feel it as soon as she starts unloading her magazine on FULL METAL JACKET, one of the hottest joints of 2022. When we 1st played this single and its amazing video at the beginning of the year, the Cyph Lyfe Audience couldn’t get enough of it, and it holds an equal allure opening the album. The familiar gives way to the new as Scratch Master TONE SPLIFF cuts up the Intro to MILITANT, a fire storm of bars featuring Fresh Coast Favorite MC WICKS. The lethal verbage on both verses is perfectly paired by Manzu’s kick drum heavy break and suspenseful piano keys.  The Meth and Prodigy Cuts the perfect final nail in the Coffin. RST then flexes her smooth style as she smothers you to  asphyxiation with her silky voice on WAR OF ART. Her rap idol GURU would be proud. Once again TONE SPLIFF lays the ill cuts as he does through out the album, becoming the 3rd member of the CIPHER.  DJ FLYPCYIDE adds the Mad Face cuts on “ILL” as the Wild Child TROOP drops napalm and jewelry on the same joint. “POWER” featuring the big homie from the East M DOC DIEGO slows the pace down with a hard industrial Bap that RST & DIEGO go “midevil” on. The 5 Foot RST sounds like a  Nephilim over the Beat and M DOC “Gives then the science, my hypothesis/ Rap stature  Colossus/ get your  Galoshes/ Bundle up and sit & watch this/” as he stomps all over the 2nd verse like King Kong in Manhattan. The project smoothes out with “ROBIN HOOD” where RST matches TONE SPLIFF cuts perfectly, robbing from the rich and giving knowledge to the needy. The vibe stays mellow and jazzy on STRENGTH as sister RHYMESTYLE sits lotus in meditation, focusing on her inner strength, the STRENGTH that has gotten her through the doubt, the haters, the traitors, the self destructive behavior that held her stagnant. She professes “I FEEL LIKE A MILLION BUCKS/ I AM WHAT I ATTRACT” understanding that she has the power to speak her reality into existence, having experienced it 1st hand. The album ends with 2nd single which has been burning turntables world wide, SOLOMON, where RST testifies “I got wisdom like Solomon/ I Follow God, I don’t follow Men / Thats more Hollow then ever before/ My losses I cannot wallow In / I’ll Jump the Fence before I’m ever Knocking on Heavens Door/. 

The San Diego native of Mexican Descent is solidifying her place in the Hip Hop History Books as one of the nastiest voices of this New Gen. CIPHER is a strong addition to the legacy. If you grew up in a Circle of any sort, you gonna fuck with this, if you grew up in rhyme circles you gonna be right at home. 

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Written by: Presha

The rear view mirror is a useful tool in most vehicles. It enables us to safely switch lanes and determine the distance of what’s behind us. However, we can’t spend too much time in the rear view if we plan on getting to our destination. Our focus has to be on the road ahead. Life is no different. It’s OK to reflect on past achievements, but we have to keep achieving. It’s OK to consider past mistakes, but we can’t live there. There are lessons in our past successes and failures, but they’re only useful when our focus is forward.

BX producer/emcee, Diamond D, understands this concept in a profound way. With his sixth studio album ”The Rear View,” he honors and respects his legacy, but focuses forward. He gives us a quick glance into his past, but quickly refocuses our eyes on the road ahead. Diamond D is a living legend. Let’s not ever forget that he cofounded the colossal DITC collective, which included Lord Finesse, OC, Buckwild, Showbiz & AG, DJ O.Gee, The Ghetto Dwellas, Big L (RIP), and Fat Joe. Rearview begins with a Chris Rock interview where the comedian describes discovering that Diamond D is actually ”…one of the all-time greats.” His production prowess is unquestionable. His influence is widespread. On the album’s ”Joe Crack” interlude, Fat Joe reveals, ”Diamond saved my life. He convinced me to rap. You guys wouldn’t have ever heard of me….” Then he proceeds to broaden the branches of Diamond’s influence. Without out Diamond D’s direct influence, there is no Fat Joe, which means no Big Pun, no Remy Ma, no DJ Khaled, no Scott Storch, no Pit Bull, and no Cool &Dre. All of these names are by-products of the man who gave us the classic ”Stunts, Blunts, and Hip Hop” damn near thirty years ago.

We get a glimpse of that ”Stunts, Blunts, and Hip Hop” energy on the thirteenth track, ”The Man’s Swift,” which includes the cuts and braggadocio we love to hear on any boom bap banger. We see evidence that Diamond is plugged in with the greats by the rare Posdnous feature on ”Flying High.” But the focus is forward. So, we also get a killa Westside Gunn feature on ”Faithful.”

While many of the tracks are a little too laid back for my taste, the production has traction. Most of Rearview is produced by Diamond himself, but there’s also contributions from heavy hitters like Nottz and Aftermath’s Focus. The laid back landscape leaves room for Diamond to articulate his words, and the 54 year old emcee comes across sounding rejuvenated and confident. My only criticism is that I would’ve loved to hear more wisdom come from our elder statesman. Rearview relies heavily on Rick Ross-like boss talk. Yes, Diamond D is a boss. He represents his label Dymond Mine Records with dignity, but he is also a mentor to the movement he helped inspire. Still, it’s exciting to hear the Psychotic Neurotic back in the booth, clutching the wheel, and driving the culture forward.


This project is a magnificently harmonious soundscape on rugged terrain. The famed AM Early Morning and our cheat code Original Super Legend team up on a story-lined themed album giving you a perspective of the trials and tribulations of what it takes to become one of the best in any industry. This album features all major players: Daniel Son, Jae Haze, Weasel Sims, The Dutchmaster, J Wade, and Lord Jah-Monte Ogbon. There is a small vinyl run of 100 copies total; 50 gold plates and 50 red plates. This album is heavy.

While we on heavy subjects. It is with the heaviest of hearts that we send our condolences to A.M. EARLY MORNING over the recent loss of his Mother. It must be impossible to celebrate the release of a new album while morning the passing of the person who gave you life, but I simply wish to remind A.M that you were brought into this world to make this album, or else it would not have been created. I am absolutely certain your Ma is beaming with pride that her Son is making his dreams reality.  As parents, what better fate could we wish for our kids. May she rest in Peace knowing you are on the path to greatness. Bless.

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LICE (Homeboy Sandman & Aesop Rock) – CATFISH

HOMEBOY SANDMAN & AESOP ROCK argue on whose going to kill the Harps first …. and so begins the latest ride with LICE, atop a CATFISH jetski, and “Once they started ain’t no switching it to Plan B/ Once they started there’s no scream ‘Nah This Can’t Be!!’ “. We have been treated to 3 EPs by the LICE Bros thus far, and several more delicious colabs from AES and SAND on SANDMAN’s ANJELITO, and on “ASK ANYONE”, the homage to their fallen friend, our hero MF DOOM. By my count that’s enough material to make up a whole other LICE EP. We got our fingers crossed that they have another 4 critters stashed in the LICE FARM waiting to be released. Or maybe we are just getting CATFISHED. Either way, what HOMEBOY SAND and AES ROCK deliver on the single is good enough to play over and over again until they do or don’t drop LICE 4. 4 now head on over to and get the snazy LICE VYNIL AND MERCH with art by JEREMY FISH.


STU BANGAS has been on a Terror all 2022, dropping head turners with NOVATORE & EARLY A.M., DREZ THE BLACK SHEEP, And preparing to drop his latest project with Wu Tangs CAPADONNA. He first offers NO TIME TO WASTE w/ AOTP Vet APATHY and VERSUZ BATTLES M.V.P., JADA KISS, who waste no time murdering the produ tion. Warning, you gonna need a neck brace of playing this. 

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Fuck your gold chains. Tuck your neck and appendages close to your body. The AXE GANG known as GENOSHA is in the Building swinging midevil word weaponry and leaving severed body parts in their wake. Produced by the Audio Alien REESE TANAKA for the official AXE GANG film soundtrack, this joint Flys heads with a single swing. Press play and duck as Worchester MA’s WEAPON E.S.P, LOGUN, and GHOST OF THE MACHINE hack the track to a bloody mess. Verbal Viking Chopped Cheese anyone? 


Written by: Presha

For some, Evidence is either an unknown name or an underground emcee; but, if you do some research, you’ll discover that Michael Perretta, AKA Evidence, has lived a full life. Graffiti artist, producer, emcee. Evidence is Hip Hop to his core. As proof of his accomplishments, I submit into evidence the Grammy he earned for his work on Kanye’s classic debut album ”The College Dropout.” Case closed. After such a substantial run, Evidence strikes a spiritually reflective tone on his newest single, ”Nothing Stays in Vegas.” Evidence could have very well produced his own track and done it well, but he decided to team up with his Step Brothers cohort, The Alchemist, for a beautifully poetic piece where Evidence contemplates belief, consequences, and the condition of his soul. This is a song about the evidence of things not seen, and The Alchemist does a masterful job of providing the papyrus for Mr. Perretta to pen his revelations. My only criticism is that I wish it was longer. A third verse would have been perfect. But that’s just me being greedy.


Miami’s D.U. IVAN and instrumentalist extrodenair CHRIS DEAN are on fire. They use this fire to light a bowl in the studio before they go in on MAKE IT LOOK EASY, an ERIC B & RAKIM inspired burner that is guaranteed to have you raising the speed on your treadmill in the gym. IVAN makes it look easy over the DEAN produced break with bars like “Caught you on Front Street begging for Favors/ we All Pro, yall still learning the basics” . The Self Ordained “Sensitiive Sensai” is back on his TOMA TUESDAY grind, dropping a single or Video a week, every Tuesday on his YouTube Channel, like it’s Easy. Tap In so you don’t miss the magic in the making. 


Written by: Presha

Montreal producer Nicholas Craven teams up with Boldy James for a haunting lullaby that puts heads to bed. The track is patient, but menacing, as Boldy James calmly fires off bars like a Sig Sayer on Seroquel. The concept, the cover art, and the mood are all consistent. Nicholas Craven’s loop circles overhead like a carousel as Boldy clutches his blicky and recites a bar heavy bedtime story. My favorite bars: ”…Left that nigga sound asleep/ they marked him off as tardy/ six sleeping bags on the grass/ it’s a slumber party….” I give Boldy a solid B+ for creativity. Nite Nite!

Armani Caesar x Benny the Butcher x Stove God Cooks – HUNNIT DOLLA HICCUP

Written by: Presha

The Buffalo femcee and first lady of Griselda Records joins her label mates Benny the Butcher and Stove God Cooks for the first single off her forthcoming sequel to ”The Liz.” It must be hard to be the first lady on a label with such a talented roster, but Armani holds her own. Hunnit is a bass heavy and electric track. It sounds like a sinister giant lumbering and stomping through the streets, dragging its knuckles across the ground, cracking concrete and crushing cars in its path. ”…It’s Louie-studded goose now/ hunnit dolls hiccup/ they say I got the juice now/ like I murked Bishop…,” Armani spits in her competent first verse. But, I have to confess, I have a Benny the Butcher bias. I felt Armani was eclipsed by Benny’s killer cadence and his accomplished delivery. Even Stove God Cooks, a monster in his own right, couldn’t match Benny’s contribution. If this song were a sandwich, Benny is surely the meaty middle. Still, this is classic Griselda, and the video, directed by Cash Jundi, does a good job of representing the iced out Griselda grime. Be on the lookout for Armani Caesar’s ”The Liz 2” dropping on all platforms this September 16th.


Latinos stand up!! Front and Center. Bogota Colombia’s LCK BARDI has got something serious cooking down in Hollywood FL. Founder of LS STUDIOS, BARDI has a passion for writing, producing and pushing Hip Hop Latino and developing Latin Hip Hop Artist in SoFlow. Proud and skilled enough to be the man behind every beat you hear him on, LCK BARDI is a monster in multiple levels. On his latest single FAMA, you can get a taste of his skill level and, if you understand the language, I’m sure you’ll agree, this dude is spiiiiiiting. The haunting synth production giving BARDI the perfect background to not only spray several clips of rapid fire, but to also smooth out the vibe with melodic chants and a sick hook which translates “In thus game I do what ever I want/ my message is what’s important, I wipe my ass with the fame/.” Aiiiiight!! We Fux with that. Follow LCK BARDI on IG or Spotify to stay connected as he drops a single monthly for his audience. 


Let’s get the champagne popping, or at least crack open something cold and press play as we CELEBRATE with New Hampshire’s KING POLO. What we celebrating you ask? According to POLO, this joint is “Just celebrating that we here. We made it through all the bullshit that came our way. A toast to everyone who made it, even if just making it through the day.”  The SHINE MUSIC GROUP produced bop is an entire vibe, relatable to “The Brothers, The Sisters, The Mothers and/ Everybody on the streets still struggling”. Heavily influenced by the Dirty South Sound, POLO adds his own Northern, NH spin on the genre.  The result of the SHINE MUSIC & POLO combo is as clean and mean as the BREEZY VISUALS video above.  Join KING POLO as he celebrates his rise from rags to riches, chanting “Self Made, Coast to Coast, Round the Whole Globe/ I just made a hundred K in my Bathrobe”.  Even if that ain’t your current bank account balance status, you can speak it into existence, and celebrate that you have your focus set on bigger and better.  For more good vibes from SHINE MUSIC GROUP’s KING POLO check out KINGPOLO.ORG.  Stay tapped in with WVCC Radio and the Cyph Lyfe blog as we bring you our full review of the new album by KING POLO, POLO SEASON


We have some new heat coming to us from Westfield MA, featuring a Miami Home Town Legend.  Let me introduce you to J.E.M.INI, the Multi Styled Emcee from Western Massachusetts who just released his new single, TARANTULA on the underground.  The New England “BArachnid” crawls all over the DOPEBOYZMUSIC gargantuan production, spinning multi tempo’d webs all over the 1st and Last Verse.  The tongue-twising cadence scheme he weaves in the 3rd 3rd of his 1st verse is exceptional. After a solid hook we are treated to MAYDAY‘S Campsite Carnevour WREKONIZE, who dives into his well of experience destroying competitors in MC Battles. Seems some poor recluse sent his campfire smoke signal in Wreks direction looking for a response and Wrek gave him the beating he was asking for. 

I asked J.E.M.INI for some insight on the making of the track, and he shared the following with WVCC RADIO“For this track I knew I wanted to get a big artist on there from STANGE MUSIC specifically. I didn’t know who yet. I started writing the first verse. I put the intention out there that somehow I was gonna get someone in this and an opportunity would present itself. So one day I’m scrolling on Facebook and I see Wrek made a post about doing features. So I hit the contact email he posted there and the rest was history. This was around the time covid had everything closed down, so there was a ton of opportunity and bigger artists were trying to keep steady income streams. So I capitalized on the opportunity.”

“I was wicked psyched when I got the verse back in general just because it was my first time having an artist that big on my album. I was hella happy with the verse Wrek delivered and we even mixed it a special way in the studio to give his verse more of an umph on top of what he gave us. “

Now, WREK is an Independent artist under his own MAYDAY MUSIC Record Label, but J.E.M.INI still manifested his dream into reality. He not only got one of the best artists ever on the STRANGE MUSIC roster on his album, but he also connected with a fellow creative who understands building your own brand from the ground up, and who is always down to champion those Hustling to do the same. J.E.M.INI seems to be fitting that discription.  We are eager to hear his upcoming project “Broken, Lost and Finding Myself.” when it drops later this year.  Til then, follow J.E.M.INI on all DSPs to stay tune in with the heat the young soldier drops.