About Vice City Cypher

In the midst of a thriving Hip Hop Scene in South Florida, chock-full of MC’s performing and recording original music; Hungry up and comers making a name for themselves in cyphers & the Freestyle Battle Circuit; B-Boys and B-Girls organizing monthly Jams and Competitions; Graff Writers bombing Miami way before Wynwood made it common and “Legal”; When Hip Hop DJ’s ruled the The Grove and South Beach Night Life. Two friends who met by chance at a Christian Youth Group Retreat in 1994, and formed a long lasting bond over their mutual obsession with Hip Hop Culture, decided to combine their talents of Visual Graphics and Public Speaking to organize and host small events customized for the Underground/ Independent MC Community. While you could often see an “established” South Florida Rap Act performing at one of the hundreds of clubs on Miami Beach and Coconut Grove, there really weren’t any nights dedicated to the huge community of hungry artist who were busy crafting their sound in the lab and honing their Off The Top skills in Rap Circles and Battles. 8ch2Owens ( Pronounced H2O Wins) and Charles Fast saw this void in the community and instead of complaining about it, decided to do something about filling the need. Thus VICE CITY CYPHER was born.

Vice City Cypher opening up for Terminology and Statik Selectah