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Peace Fellow 88ers and welcome to the New Home of the CYPH LYFE BLOG, VICECITYCYPHER.COM/BLOG/, where you can follow us weekly for news on the hottest new hip hop flooding the underground, and access to all our back issues. In transferring all the Blog Posts over from the WordPress Lite site we were using, I noticed we have been doing Hip Hop Music write ups since 2019. 3 Years strong and our Brand and Team continue to grow, as you will see below. Thank you all for rocking with us this far. We promise to continue bringing you quality Indie Hip Hop Reviews weekly. Make sure to take a minute to subscribe to the Blog below so you can be notified when our articles drop weekly. Now lets get in this BAG.


KNUCKLE DRAGGUZ. If you are not familiar with the name yet, your Hip Hop Head membership card needs to be renewed or revoked. This crew of Emcees, Producers, DJ’s, Graphic Designers, and Engineers from around the States, has been putting out quality boom bap consistently for the past 4 years. Whether its G FAM BLACK, TALI RODRIGUEZ, Or Boston MA Bar Belcher P-RO spitting over CLOAQxDAGGER, TALI RODS, P-RO. or UGLY JOHNS production, every combo is deliciously deadly and brings a unique flavor to their ever growing catalog. The last time the production duo of MATHIAS & CRACK SIZZLACK, better known as CLOAQxDAGGER, linked up with Emcee/Producer/Visual Artist P-RO to work on an entire project, they cooked up BROKEN SWAGGER. A braggadocious, Boston boom bap classic full of P-RO’s macho bravado, hard as asphalt punchlines, and poisonous charm and wit. They return to the kitchen 1 year later to press up BROKEN RECORD, the follow-up to their successful Debut joint release. Where SWAGGER gave you a glimpse of P-RO‘s prowess, passion and persona, it only scratched a craggy surface that BROKEN RECORD drills into much deeper. While preparing for this article, we chopped it up with the P about the creation of the new LP and this is what he had to share.

WVCC – What can you tell us about building with MATHIAS & CRACK SIZZLACK for this 2nd album.

P-RO: I love this tape, wish I could pinpoint what made it so special but I’m glad CLOAQxDAGGER & I worked on another 1 and got it out so fast.

WVCC – How long did it take yall to turn this one around?

P-RO: I wrote it in 10 days and recorded it on the 9th day, lol. I had to finish one joint that night and record it the next day. The whole album was written and recorded in late April, a year after the 1st project, BROKEN SWAGGER. To have it out this fast is crazy. Like it hadn’t gotten old to me yet.

In those 10 days of writing and recording, P-RO captured some of the realest rhymes he has ever delivered. Take for example LOVE IS BLIND where he admits walking into his relationship with his “baby momma” with his defenses down, and suffering the consequences. “They say Love Is Blind, I seen the most drama/ Their ain’t a Fucking thing I owe karma/ Remember telling my Kids “That Ain’t Your Mama”/ Yeah I planted those seeds, but I aint No Farmer/” he raps over the Bluesy Bap. Having grown wiser from his experiences he states “I wouldn’t be smart now if I was never dumb/ Trying to learn from everything I ever done / Now I walk around like I’m 7’1/ cuz I’m standing on all the Ties I’m severed From”. Rochester Street Poet M.A.V tells how he “Wore his heart on his sleeve and got his shirt took/ Breaking down atoms (Adams), lusted Eve off the 1st Look/”. The whole album stashes this kind of heart squeezing honesty under the soulful, jazzy blues production of C&D. BUBBLE VISION is laced over another soul wringing Horn and Vocal Sample that P-RO, G FAM BLACK & SLANT HEADSHOTS go in on one of their favorite things in the world, Chicks with “Asses so Fat You Can See them From the Front”.

Slide down the SLICK PATH with RO as he unravels a tale of a dude who pressed his luck 1 time too many. P’s story telling is exemplary and to be studied. Even his skits are well thought out and executed, i.e. ARTBREAKING, where he compares practicing you art to keeping a relationship growing and interesting.  He’s surrounded by sketchy company throughout the record, but no where more than on STRANGE QUOTES where he invites JUDGE THE DISCIPLE, OBLIVIOUS, and AZTECH from HYBRYD THOUGHTS to fly in the CLOAQ & DAGGER engineered u.f.o.. However some of the best joints on the album are the ones he rocks on his own, like AINT FOR ME, which is my personal favorite joint on the project, and RO seems to agree…..

P-RO: “that’s my low key favorite solo joint on there, usually people never like my favorite ones lol but that one’s gotten mad love”

Still he gets disgustingly grimey on OVER LORDS feat EtheMadASSASSIN and OPEN SEASON where GENERAL BACK PAIN sets the ass whooping off majestically “Listen to me the Gat all Plastic save the Hollow Heads / I’ll have your ass laid out in my Flower Bed” and P closes the beating PROclaiming “RO FOREVER/ Know the Weather, No Vandeta, Flow Barreta Over Leather/”. The song ends with an eye opening sample reminding wanna be’s that not everyone is made for this Emcee Life.

His breakdown of organized western religion on CONFESSIONAL struck a chord with me, having grown up in Christian Youth groups as a teen. I can relate with his story of being taken to church and taught traditions without a say in the matter. Having guilt pushed on you. On BACK ALONE shit gets real dysfunctional at home as he tells the story of a man living on the receiving end of an abusive relationship, and how he patiently plans and executes his liberation. “She had to understand that it all came to this/ The pros outweighed the cons, so he’d take the risk/ Then he’d make a fist every time she’d say some shit/ Patience is key so he gonna wait for it/”  He concludes with a fight where the oppressed lover finally catches his opressor slipping, “Looked her in the eye and said “Your Ass Missed”/ Grabbed her by the Neck and made one Last Fist”. I’ll be honest in my critique in saying this was my least favorite track when I 1st heard the record. The hook just didn’t do it for me, but after several listens to direct the story, I can see how the hook would work really well at a live show, where this has the potential of being as impacted as IMMORTAL TECHNIQUE’s “DANCE WITH THE DEVIL”. LONG PLAN is the Mirror Opposite of BACK ALONE, as he uses the mellow jazz piano/horn driven vehicle chauffeured by MATHAIS & CRACK to pick up the focus of his affection who seems to have pulled him out of a real dark place emotionally. Our thanks to her. Keep our boy happy, he makes better art this way.  Never one to to go out on a soft note, P-RO ends BROKEN RECORD with a round house of a rant breaking down exactly how to come at him online. Put some mother fucking respect on his name and his brand. Come correct and he will reciprocate it 10 fold. I have been a personal witness in this matter. Since I started doing business with @prowanart he has been nothing but professional and quick in turning around quality work. Worth every dollar (he’s worth more than pennies). My man is so cool he even allowed me to talk shit on his outdoor track. That is P-RO. An Ultra Talented Realest who has helped to put his state, and crew on the map and isn’t afraid to work with a peer who is doing the same on the other side of the Map. That is how we build a strong scene. I say it all the time, I know.. Forgive me for sounding like a BROKEN RECORD.

Pick up your copy of BROKEN RECORD along with a limited edition Merch Pack at


Hot off the presses. New G FAM BLACK & BO FAAT album PLEAD THE FIFTH reunites the Brokton Black Mask with the German Beat Breaker for a whole lot of filth, too grimey to be discussed in public. Never ones to toot their own horns, BO & G FAM offer us this latest project in hopes that it will get the masses talking, and word of the gruesome twosome’s latest project will spread like wild fire. Press play and then share the link with a friend. This gutter gossip is too good to keep to yourself. Enjoy this cup of scienide laced tea with your peoples and make sure you bounce over to the Merch Shop in the Link below to get yourslef one of the limited edition PLEAD THE FIFTH Teeshirts, which will only be available til the end of Aug.

G-Fam Black Merch – ‘Plead The FIfth’ album by G Fam Black & BoFaat available 8.9.22 on all platforms.


Written by: Presha

When I first discovered Detroit emcee Guilty Simpson, I wondered why anyone would want to proclaim themselves ”guilty.” Since then, I have learned there is a distinct difference between shame and guilt. Shame is a public thing; guilt is a private experience. When a person is publicly shamed, their focus tends to be on saving face. They tend to focus only on self. In contrast, guilt tends to focus a person’s attention on behavior. Guilt, if used wisely, can result in acceptance of responsibility and growth. In the justice system, guilt is simply a proclamation of who has been found to be at fault for a criminal offense. But a court’s determination doesn’t do much to change behavior. It’s that personal trial with guilt that inspires change. With more than twenty years in the Hip Hop game, Guilty Simpsons’ tone turns mature and reflective on the opening track to his new ”Guilt” EP. ”Looking for More” has a tinge of survivor’s remorse as Mr. Simpson contemplates loss but resolves to move forward and find meaning before it’s all gone. The live keys of this Kount Fif production match his poetic ruminations. I couldn’t help but wish the late great J. Dilla was still here to contribute to his favorite emcee’s work. However, the production on Guilt’s seven tracks provide a comfy couch for Guilty Simpsons’s lyrics to sit on as the cool cuts of DJ Rags spin over his head like a ceiling fan. The brightest moment of Guilt, by far, is the momentum of ”Linchpins,” the fourth track, and the appearance of Prince Po from the legendary group Organized Konfusion. This track sounds like an Arab army riding across a dusty desert on their camels. (I plan on petitioning 8ch to spin Linchpins on this week’s WVCC radio broadcast.) Linchpins is followed by ”Go Where I Please” which sounds like our army has arrived to forcibly occupy a territory and slam their adversary like ”Iron Sheikh.” The only gripe I have with Guilty is that his laid back flow matches better with high intensity beats. When the tracks are also laid back, Guilty Simpson tends to sound smoked out and uninterested in the song, which makes me lose interest as well. I would also like to hear more introspective songs from him, like the opening track. It would’ve been rewarding to hear him share more of his private battles with the emotion of guilt.


Written by: Presha

It seems every time we turn on the news there’s a shooting or tragedy which can be linked to mental illness. The popular discussion seems to revolve around gun control, but what seems to get lost in the sauce is America’s mental health problem. Over half of adults who suffer from mental illness don’t get treated, which means that over 27 million American adults are going untreated. And the percentage of adults with unmet mental health needs has increased every year since 2011. Depression, a prevalent mental health issue, plagues our youth and goes untreated. Over 60% of youth do not receive any treatment for their depression. Add social disorders and social pressure to the mix, and we have the recipe for our next school shooting.

Cody Mirabal, aka Ph8, was able to emerge from the doldrums of depression with the help of St John’s Wort, an alternative herbal remedy that is said to ease the symptoms of depression. When used for mild to moderate depression, it’s been found to be just as effective as antidepressants. It’s only right that Ph8 names his newest album ”St. John’s Wort” in honor of the remedy that rescued him.

As I listened to Ph8, I had my doubts that St. John’s Wort would work to lift my mood. I thought some of its tracks sounded more LSD than herbal remedy. Then, of course, there’s always the potential placebo effect. How do I know I’m not just mentally willing myself into a better mode? Is it really the music? Then, the track ”Second Chances” played and I became convinced that there was some truth to the health benefits of St. John’s Wort. The sonic canvas of this piece is perfect for his short stories about common men and women conquering their quandaries and giving it a second try.

As a city boy, I couldn’t relate much to Ph8’s tales of the hunt or his New Mexican experience, but I appreciated the peek into a culture much different than mine. My mood again improved when I heard ”Unshackled.” Maybe it’s because I’m currently incarcerated or maybe it’s because this track is absolute magic, but whatever flaws I thought this project had were instantly freed of judgment with this particular track. In case Ph8 doesn’t know, this is your hit homie! This is the one!


As I mentioned in the intro of this weeks article, our staff at WVCC RADIO and CYPH LYFE Blog continues to grow. This week we are blessed to have a great review on our Boston Family SPEAK THE REBEL & SHA ELEMENT’S new ep, SKUMLORDZ, contributed by our HIP HOP LIFERS family and a new member of the CyphLyfe Blog Team, WILLIAM “TYCOON” RUSS. Will has been putting in work on his own, doing weekly write-ups on the albums he has been bumping, and his reviews are always insightful and well written. He’s even got a dope scoring system for each album. We are about building on this side, so instead of competing, we asked if he would do us the honor of letting us publish his piece. Press play on the link above and take a trip into the Industrial Size Garbage Bin which is SKUMLORDZ.

Written by Willaim “TYCOON” Russ

Here we have it, Speak and Sha have dropped their highly anticipated EP and it does not disappoint. In fact, in the short five song experience there are many surprises and for such a short EP, it’s amazingly well rounded. I feel like they recorded enough music to give us a full LP (at least), but they chose the best to share, and hopefully this is just the beginning for this duo. The project starts with the woozy beat of “Apocalypse Dust” (Prod By – Improv The Super Villain), which feels like it’s drunk itself. I love the warbly effects that make the beat feet so wobbly. The Intro introduces both MC’s as a “couple pieces of shit”, haha and Speak breaks into the song with some very layered lines that have to be listened to repeatedly to get. Sha comes with an Ill flow telling us he’s going to come across how he wants and the hook reminds us that there isn’t any competition for these two.

“Pay Me (Feat. Meaghan Richardson; Prod. By DC The MIDI Alien)”, is going to end up in my top 5 songs of the year and I have a review all about that track so search that up. “Pink Mist (Prod. By Improv The Super Villian)”, is as dark as you can get. Heavy drums and bass, turn everyone into pink mist with the accuracy of a couple of veteran snipers. “Switch It (Prod. By FarEyeHouse)”, is a slightly reggae tune with Sha opening the song up with serious lines about learning from mistakes and becoming a big dog, and many other topics. Speak sings the hook “Ring The Alarm!”, and his verse is just as powerful as Sha’s. The dragon that has reached the top of the scrap heap. “AEXP (Feat. Jay Kinser, Farris Electric & Pete Sannicandro) Prod. By BoFaat”, is an amazing posse cut that features a fucking guitar solo. That’s dope as hell. All four MC’s bring the fire.

As a project it is super short, but is so well done. Lyrically the project is super dense and refuses to be heard, only once to be understood. The production is dark, but very diverse and will leave listeners coming back for more to hear the little details that they may have missed the first time around. As MC’s both Speak the Rebel and Sha Elemental are very charismatic and bring very distinctive styles to the project, but they also work together like a classic tag team duo stomping out the competition to maintain their championship status. At only five songs there is a lot to take in on this project, many references that may not be understood at first and some things you might have to look up on line to figure out what they are talking about and that’s dope lyricism. In just fifteen minutes these guys have brought us the total package. Here’s hoping for more amazing projects from the SCUMLORDZ in the near future.

Beats – 4.5

Rhymes – 4.5

Life – 4.5


DJ GlibStylez (The SoulKeeper) Presents The A1phaB3nch Mixtape! This is a compilation of the hottest joints by 2 of South Florida’s illest Duo’s (A1phanum3ric5 {8ch2Owens & J5ive}+ The BenchWarmers Clique {Joka Wild and Travisty the Lazy MC) who have come together to record “LowMagnetics”, the Debut Album by #A1phaB3nch dropping later this month.
Featuring guest appearances from REKS, DYNAS, KNOWLEDGE MEDINA, SERUM, SOARSE SPOKEN, SAHEED, EPEDEMIC, 6 CARDINAL and more, the A1phaB3nch Mix is a gret way to get familiar or Reacquainted with the Low Mags. Share, Repost, Favorite & leave a comment!! Thanks for tuning in.

Don’t Forget to pick up the Latest Release from 8ch2Owens & DJ Glibstyles – SOUTHERN COMFY –


Under the dark cloud that has canopied Salem Massachusetts since the days of the witch hunting pilgrims, a dark energy hums as it slowly but steadily grows in diameter. The energy that sends I$AAC GROOVE bouncing off the walls of the studio booth while he lays his verses. The same energy that lifts the crowd of their feet when GROOVE takes the stage. This energy that forces you to bob your head as you listen to EVERYONE LOVES THE BAD GUY is the same energy that Hialeah Florida Native I$AAC GROOVE focused into every track and you feel it in your chest as the LP unravels. You feel his loyalty to the PLOTMORE Family and Brand on MR. PLOT.  You venture inside of the Trap House with him on MONEY ON THE TABLE. He brings that Big Big Energy on KNOTS feat PLOTMORE Family Member MAGS, and VAN BUREN RECORDS Artist JILES. 

HIT THE FIELD is the kind of joint that fights get started to in the club, and the DJ brings it back just so chaos can continue. Listening to ASH IN HER MOUTH more than once may cause hallucinations, blood shot Irises, Dialated Pupils, and horrible cotton mouth. We recommend several listens. BEEN DOWN is a whole bop meant for his hometown and beyond, as he plans on catching you with this vibe no matter what your coordinates are. I$AAC GROOVE rides off into the sunset on the album closer BEBOP where he gets away scott free, a Space Desperado, the perfect anti-hero. I$AAC GROOVE doesn’t try to be Super Rapper on EVERYBODY LOVES THE BADGUY, he’s just really good at bringing that Bad Motherfucker Energy.

#CyphLyfe #SingleFiles


If you tune in to WVCC Radio on a weekly basis, it is no surprise to you that 80 EMPIRES latest release with NEJMA NEFERTITI, “PAINTINGS” is our favorite Hip Hop joint of the year. We play it at all our Live Jams, and every live stream we can. Now that they have blessed us with the official Visuals to the single, we will be playing this well into 2023. Here is what the brothers LUCAS & ADRIAN had to say about their latest video featuring Queen NEJMA, which further paves the way for their upcoming album release, INTERMISSION.

Paintings by 80 Empire and Nejma Nefertiti is getting tons of Love from the Hiphop world. From Icons like Chuck D to Djs like Dj Eclipse on Shade 45, the Empire and Nejma feel truly blessed. The visual for Paintings is a colorful canvas with explosive performances by the 3, featuring visual artist Pisano Artista and her incredible paintings, the many iconic Bushwick collective Street gallery art, and Crown Heights Brooklyn speak easy Drink Lounge. With the talents of director Fatty Soprano, 80 Empire and Nejma Nefertiti created a masterpiece.

Enjoy the video and follow @80Empire to be informed when their next single “SOMEDAY” featuring 716 GENERAL, off the new album “INTERMISSION” drops This Friday.

Whichcraft x Micky Nuklz – The Score [prod by Hilltopproductions]

WHICHCRAFT has been nonstop grinding in the booth and social media for the past 3 years. This year he has been releasing at least a single every 2 weeks, whether on the solo tip, or with his many allies in the Underground Hip Hop Community. Last week he slung a zinger at us with the HILLTOP PRODUCTIONS laced THE SCORE. CRAFT teams up with MICKY NUKLZ who we recently heard getting open on J FLIZ’s latest single NO TOMORROW (See Below). CRAFT comes in on the epic violin war march, swinging a double-headed Battle Axe while claiming “I aint got No Static / When my Mobb is super Deep, My rhymes come with the Havoc/ Its either the French Toast or the Flowers in the Attic, I’m an Addict to Writing Rhymes/ I’m addicted to this music so many times/” . Anyone who has been following WHICHCRAFT’s extensive career knows there is no rehabilitating this man from his Hip Hop Addiction, and when he is dropping joints like this, we don’t really mind him indulging in his passion. Especially when he introduces us to new voices like MICKY NUKLZ who takes over hook duties on THE SCORE, and lays down a mean 2nd verse to hammer the final nails in the HILLTOP carpentered coffin. This is just one of the rockets HILLTOP has cooked up for his upcoming HEAVY SPITTERS LP coming to you sooner than you think. Join WVCC RADIO and WHICHCRAFT on Thursday 8/18 as he introduces us to the CERTAIN ONES crew, who he has been working tirelessly with to complete their upcoming Crew LP. We at CYPHLYFE Radio cannot wait.

In the meantime, here is another sample of MICKY NUKLZ for all of you who may have just learned of him. Peep him baring his soul and wrestling with his guilt along with our Massachusetts family JFLIZ over another HILLTOP heater, “NO TOMORROW” .

Danger Mouse & Black Thought – Strangers (feat. A$AP Rocky and Run The Jewels)

With their New Joint Album “CHEAT CODE” about to drop on Friday 8/12, BLACK THOUGHT & DANGER MOUSE drop the 4th Single off the album, “STRANGERS” feat A.S.A.P. ROCKY & RUN THE JEWELS. You get exactly what you would expect from TARIQ, EL P and KILLER MIKE, but its A.S.A.P. ROCKY who surprises on the single as he holds his own with this pack of Robo Wolvez. I have never been a ROCKY fan, but after bumping STRANGERS a couple of times today, I can almost see what the Younger Heads see in him and why they hold his bars in such high regard. Join WVCC RADIO this Thursday night at 11:59 pm EST as we prepare to stream and 1st Listen Review the New CHEAT CODE album at 12 Midnight on Friday Morning.


“Last Name Ivan, First Name D.U.,/ Talking ill on my name, Squid Games when I see You.”.  Mr. Still Dreaming continues his TOMA TUESDAY Campaign with “O-FACE”, another party rocking bop thats sure to keep the drinks flowing at any club or bar, and keep the ladies shaking what they momma gave them. The visuals for the new video are expertedly captured by DIRTY LEN5 JAKX, and show IVAN in his natural habitat, Killing shit and pulling baddies on the streets of South Florida. Make sure to follow D.U.Ivan on all social networks and Youtube to be up to date with all his TOMA TUESDAY drops, like his latest single DONT THINK which you can preview below., hot off the presses.


SoFlow Hip Hop Historian, Organizer, Emcee, Producer and Podcast Host ORION aka BRASS BALLS, released one of the hottest albums of 2020-21 with Producer ONE TAKE, called DOMESTIC ANIMALS ATTACK. After a stellar year of Live shows, hosting and opening up for HOMEBOY SANDMAN, NINE, & the God Emcee RAKIM in Miami, and also kicking off a new Bi-Monthly Artist Sound Clash called LA PLANCHA with FLO LIFE Representitive DJ EXES, where Local Hip Hop Acts compete head to head to see who has the best Live Performance of the night, ORION is still on heavy promotion mode for his recent LP which was pressed up as Vinyl and distributed by CRATE COMMITEE RECORDS. Here is the Hialeah FL General with his latest visuals for PLY 4 KPS, shot and edited by the homie BELEAF who is not only one of our nastiest Lyricist in SoFlow, but is quickly becoming an asset to all SoFlow Artist who would like some quality video work done. Stroll with ORION on his side of the tracks so he can show you that Miami Rap is much more than Booty Bass Chants and Trap anthems. As Mr. Brass Balls and beat maker displays, we are heavily armed with Word Play and Correct Techniques down in the Bottom.

Get Orion – Domestick Animals Attack at


This next single comes at us from several different spots on the Indie Hip Hop map.  Los Angeles Hustle Addict JIZZM HIGH DEFINITION has joined forces with  ToCanada work horse  producer NAVI THE NORTH “The Beat Barbarian”. “WORKAHOLIC” is the latest single from the Emcee/Producer Duo who are gearing up to drop their debut LP which boast features from AGALLAH, LMNO, AWOL ONE, PHARCYDE, 2MEX, NGA FISH & more.  Both of these sound providers have an extensive history of working with Hip Hop Legends (just check out either artist’s discography and be amazed.) Now they join forces to show the world who much work can get done when these two put their minds and grinds together. On WORKAHOLIC they do just that, contracting COZZY SUTRA & ARION MOSLEY (Nephew of Boxing Great Sugar Shane Mosley), to help add this assignment to the books. Each of the 3 Spitters doing a thorough job on the record, giving you a joint that you can either work out to, Hustle Work on the Block to,  or get you out of bed on Monday to face the work week. Which ever grind you are on, make sure you stop sleeping on JIZZM HIGH DEFINITION & NAVI THE NORTH “THE BEAT BARBARIAN” so you can be ready for their 1st ful length project. In the mean time I included another recent gem produced by NAVI THE NORTH feat A.F.R.O & Africa’s MELLY MEL. The visuals for TASK FORCE were recently uploaded to Youtube and feature some great Black Dynamite edited clips to match the vibe of the NAVI THE NORTH banger. Enjoy, and catch both singles streaming this week on WVCC Radio.


“It aint where you from, It’s where you at”.  A moto as deep rooted in Hip Hop as “Throw your Hands In TheAir, and Wave Um Like You Just Dont Care!!” Professor SIMON HOWARD, aka SIHOW THE DOCTOR, is living proof that the circumstances you grew up in need not determine the future you grow into. We have the power to change our surroundings and the trajectory of our lives, if we are willing to put in the hard work and discipline it takes to manifest the reality that we wish to live.  That is the message SIHOW is conveying on his latest single CAME A LONG WAY. Hailing from humble beginnings in Santa Cruz CA., ‘CAME A LONG WAY’ highlights his trials and tribulations of going from “little poor Black boy” to Psychology Professor at the University of Miami. The rapping professor who calls DEAD PREZ, NAS, & J COLE his biggest Rap Influences, says he wrote this song while finally taking a moment fromthe continuous, non-stop grind of academia, to reflect, and appreciate how far I’ve come.”

Want to get to know SIHOW THE DOCTOR a little better? Check out his other recent single ONE LIFE (BLUE SKY), as he gets ready to drop his debut LP, “PHD (POETICALLY HANDLING DOUBT)” due for release at the end of September.  Follow SIHOW THE DOCTOR on IG to stay up to date with his release schedule and make sure to give him a warm welcome into the SO FLOW Hip Hop Scene. 


Our New Mexico Hip Hop family out of Albuquerque held down their Monthly Artwalk in Downtown Buerque this past Friday, and the footage looked incredible. Salute to my Native Slang brother EKYM 1536 for not only being super active in his local scene and helping to organize, promote and do sound at most of the Hip Hop Events in Albuquerque, but also for keeping the CYPHER IN THE CIRCLE brand alive out west.
The Emcee and BBoy/BGirl Cypher was super swollen and the crowd seemed to be loving all the displays of Hip Hop Culture.  One of the Local Emcees lifting the vibes at ART WALK was the Young Bull MC SLADER. I have had the honor of witnessing this young Soldier do his thing live when both MC Slader and Native Slang opened up for TERMINOLOGY in Los Angeles last year. It is evident as soon as you see SLADER rock the mic that the only thing he likes spreading more than Good Hip Hop, is Good Vibes.  Catch him on his latest single, “LOVE YOURSELF”, spreading HELLA HELLA HELLA Good Energy. You can tell in the message of the song that this was advice SLADER needed to hear at one point in his life, and now he is eager to share with other brothers and sisters who may need a little encouragement to believe in themselves and love themselves no matter what. Ekym1536 said the ART WALK Crowd was loving the song when he performed it Live, and it was well received at the Barro home this weekend, so we proudly share it with you. 

Follow MC SLADER at  @mc_slader