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Peace Peace Fellow 88ers. The time has come. Tomorrow, SFMG (So Flow Media Gang), and our partners welcome NINE DOUBLE M to Miami, at BEAT CULTURE BREWERY tomorrow night, Saturday 11/6/2021. You can get tickets at this LINK , and come out and represent South Florida Hip Hop on a night of Golden Era magic. NINE is a cool-ass brother, an OG in the game willing to share a Wealth Of Knowledge about our culture and its history, and an Active Shooter in the Game. If you don’t believe me check out the latest episode of ORION’S WDDH RADIO “MYSTERY RAP THEATER” Interview with NINE DOUBLE M. It is an amazing episode, worthy of being shared with any of your hip hop friends. This coming Tuesday we’ve got master Emcee WORDSWORTH & DJ JAY EFF on the show, so make sure to tune in to WVCC Radio this week and let a Hip Hop loving friend or family member know they need to tune in too. Alright… let’s get to the music.

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As a lifelong Hip Hop Head, I’m honored to be in the position where I’m directly involved in spreading an album like KONFIDENT‘s KON VOL 1 throughout the underground. Seeing DJs, Bloggers, and Podcasters reacting to the material the same way I reacted to it, with excitement to share with others, is hugely satisfying. Especially after working with the O.G. KON over the last 10 years since he moved to Miami FL from L.A. California. I have seen this brother’s growth as a man, not a “Rap Artist” or “Social Media Influencer”, but as a better human being. I have been inspired by his passion, hunger, and dedication to create and release music, even at such a “Late Age” in the game. In doing so, KONFIDENT aka K.O.N. has become another point of reference showing proof that Hip Hop is NOT a young man’s game only. The Best Emcee’s in the game are the ones with Years under their belt and grays in their beard. You can’t deny his caliber on the 7 tracks of KON VOL 1. He drops jewelry throughout the project, on lead singles SHOCK THERAPY & SELF HATE produced by the LIKWIT CREW’s J ROC & TDE’s MISTA CEE, Proves he can do the modern east coast grime and has his own dark past he can draw from on DESIGNATED DRIVER. He has joints for the female fans ( MEDICINE ft DESTRUCT & and Cali rising Femcee SILVANDGOLD), and joints for the new generation (NO OTHER WAY ft G LYON & THE G0BLIN). His most recent single THE JAB feat GUILTY SIMPSON has been getting play from coast to coast and overseas. Make sure to follow KON on your favorite streaming site…Here is his SPOTIFY. Make sure you support our local greats while they are here to enjoy the flowers. K.O.N has paid enough dues throughout the years to have earned a listen. Once you hear this you will be honored that he is proudly So Flow Hip Hop now.


New PLANET ASIA, THE RULE OF THIRDS completely produced by EVIDENCE flew under my radar last week, but it has been buzzing all week long and after a first spin I can see why. It’s ASIA in prime form over EV’s production which is hugely inspired by Last Years Producer of the Year AL THE CHEMIST. EV is batting 100 with his self-produced albums. The joints he did for himself and BROTHER ALI were both golden, and the singles he has on SA ROCS & REKS Album are both golden. This album definitely warrants multiple spins over the upcoming weekend.


After dropping a couple of the best albums of 2021 Recognize Ali comes with his third offering of the year “Underground King II” Preorder this gem and wait for its on November 5 ! Peace to all the supporters!

Recognize Ali: IG –

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The remnants of FOUNTAIN BLU’s JUST THIS CREW have all been slowly leaking music and showing signs of life. THE EMERALD LIST by MARQUES MCCOY (once known as ELEMENT of the JTC) is not so much a hint at a faint pulse, but the audible beating of the heart of a sleeping giant who is fully awake and hungry. You can hear this knocking for miles. This isn’t kiddy rap or wanna be hip hop. This is a project of Pro Produced, excellently engineered steamers that will make real heads screw faces and ladies drop panties all in one listen. Fantastic production by JAY LUCAS, AYNT, KAIRO LAVOE, NIXON ON THE TRACK, and TRANQUILOBOI and MCCOY bounces all over each heater with a young veteran’s swag. He’s been silent long enough. He’s got a great team behind him and taking you on a tour of his “EMERALD CITY” is just the first item to check off of his EMERALD LIST.

#CyphLyfe #SingleFiles


New Jersey’s PRYME PROLIFIK & Chicago’s DJ MATTY LITE are back and have brought some heavy artillery with them on LAB RATS. AOTP’s DIABOLIC joins the bully session and goes first beating the snot out of MATTY LITES latest offering. The cover art handled by KNUCKLE DRAGGUZ‘s P-RO is not just a nod to our childhood, but also a direct reference to PRYME’s warning that he will “take your Pinky, have her in a lab coat giving him Brain”. Have you heard and seen this monster? I would believe him If I was you.


Miami’s UNTAMED McKENZIE aka UNTAMED305 drops a deep thumper overflowing with coffee-scented gems. WHAT YOU BELIEVE IN?? is a wake-up call to the “sheeple” who blindly follow all the standards of society, especially in today’s climate of suttle population control. UNTAMED305 points out”Hit Up the News, I’m a fan of the Lies/ Blinded by the “Truth” cuz you cant analyze/ If a country don’t fall in place, They Take their Leader Away / If they still defiant, that’s OK, here comes another Earth Quake” . As a 2nd Generation son of Hatian Immigrants, UNTAMED speaks from a stance of righteous resentment over the recent murder of the Islands President and the impoverished state of his beautiful Island after a decade riddled with “natural disasters” and foreign Government “Intervention/Exploitation”. “WHAT YOU BELIEVE IN” is more of UNTAMED telling you what He Doest Believe In, Corporate Motivation, Record Lable Contracts, Political Promises, Police claim to Protect & Serve, he don’t trust any of it, and invites his listeners to take a closer look at the fine print before signing away their souls. You can Follow UNTAMED305 on all Social and Streaming sites @UNTAMED305

AYNT – Is This Okay? (Potato Salad Freestyle)

We told you last week AYNT was back and he has proven us right. Little by little leaking out freestyles, like throwing chum in the water to draw out the hungry sharks. We can’t wait for a full project from the young bull, but for now, IS THIS OKAY (Potato Salad Freestyle), a joint he dedicated to his grandmother on her Birthday this past week is a really personal look into his life, childhood, first steps in this “rap game” and how it all don’t mean much to him, cuz he is different than most and refuses to do it the way anyone else wood. He is just doing what feels right….in his gut. Follow AYNT on Instagram to be updated with all his upcoming releases.

IG: @ayntjtc

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Bronx NY native Producer HINEZ has blessed us with a banger in NO TOMORROW. Featuring beat butchers LOPEZ MILANO & K.RIME, NO TOMORROW starts with a warped vocal sample asking “ARE YOU GONNA REALIZE?”, however, the question is rhetorical. MILANO & K.RIME make sure you recognize this ain’t a game really quick, and HINEZ makes it clear as day that your neck and spine are in danger listening to this head-nodder. HINEZ tells me about how he met MILANO & K.RIME while Executive Producing the WARGOD project with JAYDEN ARBUCKLE of Canada, and he is currently wrapping up production on LOPEZ MILANO’s next project. The man behind the music on many burners from ISIS ASET, PAYSO JACKSON, K.RIME, LOPEZ MILANO & even GRIMEWAV Lieutenant HANZO BLADEZ, HINEZ is making you get to know his name today, just in case, there is NO TOMORROW. Be on the lookout for his Upcoming Project THE DAY THE GODS SIN dropping exclusively on his Bandcamp. Click on the link below so you can follow him and get the news first.


IG: @_hinez_724

JFliz x T The Human x G Fam Black x DJ Decepta – Lava Cake

JFliz has vowed to wake up everyone who is sleeping on him before the end of 2021. As his first line of business, he has baked up a banger with T THE HUMAN, G FAM BLACK & DJ DECEPTA. The Black Mask of Brockton Mass sets off the fireworks on LAVA CAKE, produced by T THE HUMAN, and force-feeds you a slice like your name was Anna Mae Turner. DJ DECEPTA lays the cuts with precision during the intro and hooks and JFLIZ plays closer, driving home the message that all those sleeping on him or in for a rude awaking when his new album THE POWERS THAT B, Produced entirely by T THE HUMAN drops on Nov 26th. For now, eat a couple of slices of LAVA CAKE without melting your tongue off.

Mo Rukuz x TEE-O – Most Grime

GRIMEWAV General MO ROKUZ drops MOST GRIME with MASTERMIND STUDIOS affiliate TEE-O. This joint is filthy as a street urchin and MO flexes his graspy swag like a Corner Evangelist leading yall to Praise The Most Grime. TEE-O slides in with some syllable juggling that leaves the listener’s jaw on their lap before they raise grimey praises once more. Another banger from the GRIMEWAV camp, who is batting 1000 so far in 2021 as they prepare for the release of their year’s capper LEGENDS DIE.

Saba – Fearmonger ft. Daoud (Official Audio)

New SABA. Another one of my favorites out of the NEW GO, Chicago New Generation, SABA has made a fan of me on every record he drops, every song he is featured on, every style flip, and unique take on a verse. Yesterday he hit us with FEARMONGER, a song about the fear he feels took over his life last year. Saba explains, “At the time of making this record I was beginning to realize how big of a hold fears actually had on me. With big decisions to make, I was never sure if I was doing the right thing. Fearing if I was actually doing enough. I’m saying we’re embedded with this “irrational fear”. The song takes this concept and kind of turns it slightly abstract by assigning a character to “fearmonger”. I’ve never made a record that sounded anything like this and part of the fun of releasing music is to create worlds sonically and have people trust you to show them around your own imagination.” You can find the Lyrics to the video on Youtube. Make sure to follow SABA. He is worth every listen.

Kev Brown & J Scienide – Stray From The Pack (LP)

Kev Brown & J Scienide new project “Stray From The Pack”. Produced by master Producer Kev Brown and J SCIENIDE is always automatic on the mic. This record is for my Hip Hop Purist out there that love the sound of dusty vinyl and raw Boom Bap Beats. Stream/Buy :…

OC From NC – The Black Phillip Tape (LP)

Damn!!! I’m 3 Tracks in and my face hurts. This album is relentless dopeness. OC FROM THE NC has that natural grime texture in his voice like he was born with a pack of cigarettes in his mouth, like his vocal cords are coated in rock candy. The beats knock while entrancing the listener. THE BLACK PHILLIP TAPE is 14 tracks deep, but it leaves you wanting more. OC FROM THE NC has strong armed his way on our radio and we will be playing anything he drops from now on at WVCC RADIO.

The Latest DJ GLIBSTYLES mix for your enjoyment. Spin this all weekend and subscribe to this Mixcloud. Make sure you follow GLIBSTYLES on TWITCH while you at it.