With cuts that are “More Deadly than the stroke of an Axe” DJ TMB opens up the latest blood soaked offering from GAMBLEZ THA LUCKY BASTARD, “THE BASTARDS BLADE”. Another savage album produced entirely by HANZO BLADEZ who seems to have been busy with more than just GRIMEWAV bangers. The two combine to forge an audio weapon that is capable of leaving the listener headless. Press play below and protect that neck.


A long time resident of the sunny Treasure Coast of Florida who now calls the frigid Mountain Tops of Colorado home, GAMBLEZ THA LUCKY BASTARD is no stranger to the Underground. As a member of Florida’s EMPIRE Family, GAMBLEZ and HECTIK THE LATIN ASSASSIN have been putting out hard boom bap since the mid 2000s and building their ties through out the Tunnels of Hip Hop. Im constantly surprised at how many heads I know or meet in the underground Nationally and Overseas that are cool with GAMBLEZ. It is this kind of Networking ability that has connected him with the Denver based International Crew GOD DIVISION, and with the backing of this New Army of Mic Monsters, GAMBLEZ is ready for all Real Hip Hop lovers to know his name.
On the self-titled album opener, GAMBLEZ “The Savage God ” makes it clear, “This is not the movies, you can die for real” when dealing with the GOD DIVISION Representative. GAMZ has spent decades sharpening his Katana, and you can hear him wield the sword masterfully on joints like ONE IN THE CHAMBER featuring HANZO BLADEZ’ GRIMEWAV Brother FRANK WHITE BX. The two bullies pistol whip the shit out of HANZO’s spookey piano keys loop laced with that catchy chopped “Okayyy ” sample. “SANDS OF TIME” a cautionary tale against wasting the little time we have been given and not living life to our fullest potential. It features one of the hottest verses on the album as DONSON THE WISE gets unapologetically ignant on the opening verse.
“You niggas make believe/ I bring the smoke and make you hate to breathe/ Relate to niggas that relate to me/” 
He ends the perfectly delivered verse with “I feel your Vibe because I’m Tooned In/ True Shit, This the Story where the goons win/ So High it’s always like a nigga flew in/ Truth is, I got more Haters than I do Friends/. Ain’t that some Relatable shit!
GAMZ comes in talking candidly to you, with a filter on his voice that almost makes it sound like a tape recording you find of a loved one, with a message for you after they passed a way.
“If this is my last day alive/ I rather spend it puffing El’s and writing rhymes/ Every verse Like a Memory Loss/ The Pages turn with a Heavenly Force/ I’m fighting Time like an Enemy Boss/ Eye to Eye gawd I’m setting it off/”
THA LUCKY BASTARD wastes no time as he slashes the listener with another Killer Collaboration featuring Milwaukee Mic Master TAIYAMU DENKU, SEVIN SOPRANO & DJ DYSTRAKTED who sets the tone for the song with his scratches of MOBB DEEP’s classic ONLY THE STRONG.  Each of the 3 Emcees make clever use of a slew of witty MOBB DEEP refereences to prove they are lyrically armed and ready for the “War Going On Outside”.  CAUGHT A BODY pt 2 is another rutlhess spit session between the Ski Masked G FAM BLACK, GAMZ & GRIMWAV founder MO RUCKUS.  If you have a thing for rusty jagged voices that cut like oxidized hunter knives, this is the track for you.   Then come the soothing strings and melodious hook of LIVING IN THE STRUGGLE, one of the best produced songs off of BASTARDS BLADE. The various layers of string samples, and subtle percussions that comfortably pad the background of the song enough for GAMBLEZ to bounce around the padded room as he reflects on the life challenges he has been navigating all his life.  Vocalist DANIELLE DARPO does an excellent job of conveying  on the hook the pain and frustration that GAMZ expresses in his verses, tieing the song perfectly together. Def one of our Favorites off the album, and on High Rotation on WVCC Radio, ready for your request.
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Gamz and Hectik
Gamblez P-Ro Knucky

GAMBLEZ puts the Warrior Weapons down and continues with the real life story telling as he reads through his book of “HOOD STORIES”.  The tales he unravels over 3 verses are cold enough to freeze the blood in your vains and the tears of sympathy that run down your cheek as you listen.  These may be works of Fiction by the Warrior Author, but they are based on a reality that he has witnessed first hand, that is stranger and more unfair than fiction could ever be.

On the Album closer, GAMBLEZ invites his GOD DIVISION co-horts ERB, ERROL FLYNN aka EVIL, and Crew Founder AKUA THE GOD on the hook.  The styles the GOD DIVISION crew introduce on the album are a welcomed change up after an album that is heavily Northern East Coast influenced.  Especially ERB’s West Coast/Mid West Rappid Fire steeze which sets DIVISION OF THE GODS ablaze.  The album comes to a wrap with the Young Cut Master TONE SPLIFF lacing up the outro with some sick vocal sample splices reminding you who’s album you have just been empaled by.

THA BASTARDS BLADE is a deadly sharp 10 track LP that should be handled with care less you cut your own throat while listening.  HANZO BLADEZ provides some great instrumentals for GAMBLEZ to present his potential on, and all of the Guest Features add their own dash of attention grabbing violence to the album.  The highlights to me tho are the tracks where GAMBLEZ knows he is on his own and is ready to show he is not scared of writing whole, meaninful songs, up to 3 verses long, without any help or back up.  He only rolls this deep because he is not selfish, and  loves to share the spoils of battle with his circle of mercneraries, making this an album that is worth sharing with any Hip Hop lover or Sword Collector you may know.

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Written by 8ch2Owens

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