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Oh Happy Day!!! New Aesop Rock and Block Head. New Joel Ortiz. New No Emotion and The Godz!!! This Article might be a little slim, but the albums that dropped today will take you all month to really appreciate. Had a really great interview with WORDSWORTH & DJ JAY EF this past week, and looking forward to interviewing The Gold Mask and his Legion of Godz this Tuesday on WVCC Radio. Now to the Newsick.


This is a Work of Art. Long-time collaborators BLOCK & AES, have combined the colors on their easels to offer us their first full album together. GARBOLOGY, defined as the use of discarded Items to create an artistic piece, is AES and BLOCKHEAD using all the shit that life has thrown at them in the last 2 years, and trying to make something that resembles a Chocolate Shake out of the fecal matter. AESOP ROCK shares that he wrote this album in the middle of the Quarantine where he was losing his mind a bit over the loss of a close friend. AES has suffered a lot at the hands of the untimely passing of loved ones. It has also shaped some of his best work. On this album you find him going from “Chased ( He wrote his last 2 albums from the secluded safety of a cabin in the woods in some unknown forest, needing to escape people for a while), To Playing Chicken“, as he is on the offensive attack on this latest scuff on the sneakers which are his Discography. BLOCKHEAD‘S Baseline on “LEGERDEMAIN” lures you down into a dingy basement that turns into a dark forest where AES leaps around the branches of the bass guitar like a psycho glider squirrel, showing you around the thick underbrush as if it was his living room. “Today a Mall Cop told me to get a Life“…the pregnant silence that follows drives home the dagger-sharp irony that those who have never attempted to fulfill their dreams have the gall to tell him not to follow his, no matter how dark and bat shit crazy they might be. This album is full of gems, The french horn-driven DIFFICULT leaves “the whole place in a tizzy” with its thumping boom-bap break, and peace inducing hook. OH FUDGE is my favorite jon off the album. I haven’t seen AES go THIS Savage since TUFF on THE IMPOSSIBLE KID or ZZZ TOP on SKELLETHON. No one degrades themselves as fresh as AES ROCK. Jump into the Garbage Can with BLOCK, AES and even HOMEBOY SANDMAN joins the party on ALL DAY BREAKFAST, to make this artistic journey into Oscar The Grouches world the furthest thing from trash.

Get Your GARBOLOGY Wax, CD, and Merch here. I Did.


New Fire from “Mr. YAOWA”, JOEL ORTIZ.Autograph” is the album for everyone who agrees with Joel when he says on the album opener, “You should want a baseball signed by me.” This album is better than an Autographed Mickey Mantel (at least to me it is, cuz I’m not much of a baseball fan, but I am a huge fan of JOEL ORTIZ). Joell is 1/4 of the supergroup Slaughterhouse along with Joe Budden, Royce Da 5’9, and KXNG Crooked, who wigs out on HOUSING AUTHORITY. His career started on Dr. Dre’s Aftermath and then lead to Eminem‘s Shady Records, before joining the Mello Music Squad. He appears on Lin-Manuel Miranda’s Hamilton soundtrack, as well as Eminem‘s most recent album “Music To Be Murdered By.” “Autograph” features production from 9x Grammy Nominee Salaam Remi, the Grammy Winning Heatmakerz, Hesami, and Detroit legend Apollo Brown whose beat on “ONE DAY” brings back all the feels of their classic colab album MONA LISA, which was my favorite Ortiz album. Until I heard AUTOGRAPH today that is. The album features Sheek Louch, Marc Scibilia, KXNG Crooked, Pastor LBS, and CyHi the Prynce, but it’s JOEL ORTIZ who owns the listeners’ full attention on songs like UNCLE CHRIS CAR where he takes you through his life story over a crazy nice Mediterranean sample, OG where he earns respect for all of us Emcees and Hip Hop Heads getting hit with the “OLD HEAD” label, or the APOLLO BROWN produced THERAPEUTICS which is one of the highlights of an album full of great moments. This might be JOEL‘S best album to date, definitely capable of autographing his name on our minds permanently, and he doesn’t show any signs of slowing down. God have mercy on us if SLAUGHTERHOUSE ever reunites.

Support the Artist and buy your copy of AUTOGRAPH here


Our favorite Cult of magic mushroom consuming Spitters, Producers, Graphic Designers, Writters and Vintage Toy Collectors is back with another banging hymnal. NOEMOTION AND THE GODZ have been doing their thing consistently for 2 years now, producing, writing and recording a song a day live in Youtube, while growing their numbers monthly. PSALMS of the GODZ VOL 7 is the latest collection from the Gold Masked Mob and it is one of their hottest releases to date. Get your copy at the link below and Tune In Tuesday when we will have NO E and All Of the GODZ on WVCC RADIO for a talk about the New Project.

Bruno Mars, Anderson .Paak, Silk Sonic – An Evening With Silk Sonic (Full Album)

2 of the best to ever do it, out of any generation, and definitely leading the pack of New Gen R&B Artists, BRUNO MARS & ANDERSON PAAK have combined to form SONIC SILK and help with the reproduction of the Human Race. Both are responsible for some of the funkiest singles, and biggest POP Hits of the past 2 decades, and together they offer a record that is part R&B Album, part Time Machine. This is album is a whole Vibe and worthy of whole 70’s Themed Costume parties being thrown in its honor. Press play on AN EVENING WITH SILK SONIC and take the trip through this portal of funk and soul.

#CyphLyfe #SingleFiles


CHOCO VALENS is on the warpath and you don’t want to be in his path in the midst of his RAGE. Last month he owned the internet with his Miami Mob Anthem BORN KILLERS, hitting over 17,000 views on Spotify alone, and getting spins on most Underground Hip Hop platforms. This month he is back with RAGE, an uptempo bop where CHOCO puts his timbs to the pedal and floors the gas in order to run over as many racists and sheeple as he can with his flow. Never one to bite his tongue, CHOCO lets everyone have it on this one. In like fashion, we will be letting all our Indie Hip Hop Plugs have this joint by the end of tonight so all our fellow Hip Hop heads world wide can RAGE along with us in So Flow.


This right here is Morning Motivation/ Positive Affirmation Music…from hell. It’s actually coming to us from Netic MA (close enough), from the mouth of SPEAK THE REBEL the Dart Delivering Demon who spazes on MF GORGEOUS. This banger produced by VHERBAL is full of tongue and cheek compliments and satirical sarcasm. SPEAK flows and fluctuates over the haughty horns and funky flute-fueled drum break that threatens to snap your neck from uncontrollable head nodding. If the Beat don’t break your vertebrae, SPEAK is ready, willing, and able to finish the job with his bars. There is no mincing of words here, this song will shred through sensitive skin. So toughen up buttercup, press play and enjoy some real Hip Hop that’ll put some hair on your chest. This is the first single to SPEAK’s next project, DOOM POETRY due to drop Jan 2022, and if you caught him on his last release, SLOB ROSS, you know the homie has a wide range of styles he can hit you with and the ability to deliver them at an elite level. Make sure you follow him and his music on your favorite streaming site, conveniently found on his Link Tree – , and have yourself a MF GORGEOUS Weekend.


4 Singles and Counting. AYNT is on full Production Line mode, putting out quality joints consistently for the past month. Here is his latest Frestyle, “4”, over the classic Kanye “Everything I Am” beat. AYNT was included in the latest DJ GLIBSTYLES Boom Bap Soul Mix which you can find at the end of this Article. When it came on I had about 3 Different DJ’s thank me for sending this to them, telling me that they had it on repeat in their crib, and one of them sharing that his family all loved the joint during a cook out this past weekend. That brings a smile to my heart. I hope “4” hits yall just as hard.

G Fam Black & Mello Dee – Checkmate Feat. Lateb & Blaq Poet

This some of the Illest Excrement you have ever listened to here. G Fam Black & Heddshotts producer Mello Dee release their single ‘Checkmate’ feat. Lateb & Blaq Poet from their upcoming project ‘Paint It Black’. G FAM comes out “spitting enough razors to skin a bear and make a new Fur Coat” (Paraphrasing like a mofo). All of the emcees kill it over this lethal MELLO DEE beat, and give us a good preview of what to expect on PAINT IT BLACK when it drops later this month.


New ELZHI single Produced by international producer MEECO, with classic cuts by DJ ACCESS. “BACK IN THE DAYS” gives you the true school vibe, while displaying ELZHI’s pen which has always been way ahead of its time. This one will be stuck in Rotation on WVCC Radio all month.


Dios Santisimo!!! DITO SEA EL SENOR!!! This shit is insane. Off of Super Star A.& R. Supreme, M-80‘s upcoming THE ACADEMY 3 Compilation Album featuring new music from WU-TANG, LUPE FIASCO, ROYCE THE 5’9, RASS KASS, CHE NOIR, 38 SPESH and many more, including ETO & CHINO XL who slaughter the BODY BAG BEN sizzler on GREY DISCIPLINE. Both Emcees make me proud to be from an island that neighbors Puerto Rico, and the 2nd verse is worth a hundred rewinds. I can’t wait for a whole album from CHINO, and after hearing this single, I’m looking forward to THE ACADEMY 3 as well. Pre-Order your Copy of THE ACADEMY 3 from FatBeats below:

King Tetrus – Black Boy Joy Feat. Ca$he

Last month TETRUS showed you the music he is making is “TIMELESS“, while taking you on a tour of Miami, up and down “US 1“.  He returns in November with some backup to show you Miami don’t play when it comes to these bars. “BLACK BOY JOY” feat South Miami “rap-resentative” CA$HE is a window cracking, 808 heavy thumper engineered by Grammy Nominee MIAMI BEAT WAVE, that will shake the frame of any ride with a legit booming system.  KING TET and CA$HE drop bars that shine light on our current war with Police brutality, and the unjust Justice System that seems hell-bent on stripping minorities of their opportunities and as an end result, their joy, and even their lives. TETRUS gives voice to the anxiety that many of our inner-city youth feel when asked the question “What do you want to be when you grow up?”. He answers with an extremely honest 1-word response, “ALIVE”.  Let “BLACK BOY JOY” play loud, and let No One steal your joy, no matter the color of your skin. 


Stik Figa x Conductor Williams – Joyland

Stik Figa
 is the alias of John Westbrook, Jr., a cool-headed, no-nonsense rapper whose rhymes amalgamate Southern and Midwest roots and inspirations with an easygoing demeanor. Kentucky-born, he claims Topeka, Kansas as his hometown and has also lived in Memphis, Tennessee. Active since the late 2000s, he released Looking Good, an EP produced by Miles Bonny and released on the beatmaker’s INnatesounds label, in 2007. After Westbrook released As Himself, an album produced entirely by Michael “Seven” Summers, the rapper signed to Mello Music Group, an independent label that re-released the concise set for wider distribution. A full-length collaboration with L’OrangeThe City Under the City, followed in 2013. For Central Standard Time, a proper solo effort issued four years later, Westbrook worked with beats from producers such as NottzBlack Milk, and Apollo Brown, and sought guest verses from the likes of Rappin’ 4-TayHomeboy Sandman, and Quelle Chris. ~ Andy Kellman


Another fantastic mix by our brother DJ Glibstyles who holds us down every Friday Morning on WVCC Radio. He is now streaming on TWITCH.TV to so make sure to search DJ_Glibstyles and give him a follow. His shows are well worth tuning in to and vibe with. Enoy his latest volume of the Boom Bap Soul Mix featuring some of teh hottest new voices in the Underground including KING TETRUS, KON, PRINCE DIVINE, AYNT and more.