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Happy Friday fellow 88ers. What a week it has been in #SOFlow. Kicked off the week with an SFMG Reunion Interview for BREWS BEATS N EATS (Interview was as crazy as always when we get together, click that hyper-link and hear for yourself). Then we had the pleasure of interviewing SHOTTIE on Tuesday, catching AGONY on CHI NATIVE RADIO right afterward, and then interviewed most of the GRIMEWAV Mob last night. Add to that, promoting for the NINE MM Show going down Nov 6th in Miami (Click that link for Tickets), Premiering New #SOFlow Music, and promoting our #PROFRESHPub Artist New Singles, this week has been busy as Jada and Will rumor mill. Well, it’s Friday, so you know what that means. Make sure you get your costumes ready for Trick Or Treating on Sunday and enjoy the Hop we packed for you in this Weekend Bag.


This is fucking insanity. How in the world could 38 SPESH allow this to happen. Doesn’t he realize a combination this deadly is liable to knock the planet off its axis? Are we not trying to stop Global Warming here? Nah…TRUST GANG goes ahead and pairs up 2 of the hottest on the streets during the Covid Era, ROME STREETS & RANSOM to release a new 11 track scorcher named “COUP DE GRACE”. Executive Produced by Mr. TRUST himself, 38 SPESH & COACH BOMBAY 3000, the album boasts great features by THE GAME (Fucking destroys his verse on PRAY FOR THE WEAK), The 1st Lady of TRUST, CHE NOIR, LOU FROM PARADISE and TYRANT. Production by NICHOLAS CRAVEN, WAVEY THE GOD, LORD SEAR and V DON (Just to name a few) make this album an easy replay if your itch is hard beats. If you about them lyrics, its ROME and RAN. They don’t fuck around, not one single bit. On Halloween Weekend these 2 have teamed up like Freddy Krueger and Jason to leave the Indie Hip Hop landscape bloody. Enjoy “COUP DE GRACE‘” this weekend and make sure to get the French pronounciation right.


Producer Extraordinaire HARRY FRAUD and master swagsmith CURREN$Y connect yet again to run some Audio Dope across international waters like a rap Willy & Sal. You know we all about it in #SoFlow. REGATTA is the 7th collaboration between HARRY and MR. JET LIFE, and FRAUD sets the weekend vibe from the intro 52 SUPER SERIES. He takes us flying with AIRSHIPS and the terribly modest CAR LOT (How many cars does this man own). There are a few strong features but it’s all about CURREN$Y tongue tap-dancing all over HARRY FRAUD’s soulful production. His use of sax sample flips, like on SELLING CEREAL, would make MASAEGO blush. FRUAD has been responsible for some of the hottest albums in the past 2 years, but there is something about his “Mixtapes” with CURREN$Y that makes them one of my favorite pairings. I dont know how he’s done it for so long. Successfully Independent and off the grid, like “Tabby Falcon”.

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Hands down my favorite release from out of #SOFlow this week. The Big Wxlf, WXTCH WXLVEZ’s MXNEY MXGLEY and YouTube Cult Leader NO EMOTION GOLD MASK join up to make the town proud as fuck!! MXGLEY, a rapper notorious for slapping cats for inviting him to collaborate over weak beats, paw picked 7 instrumentals cooked up by the GOLD MASK himself, (who has recently gotten the bug for Sample Alchemy), and wrote and recorded 7 joints in 2 days. Over these NO EMOTION Beats, MXGLEY delivers such delicious treats as CREPES, WIGGLES, SOMETHING VERY BAD BOUT TO HAPPEN VERY QUICKLY and the NO EMOTION blessed OLD DOMINION. One of my favorite tracks off the album, and probably a huge surprise to some is the ultra nerd rap BULLET DART SWORD, where DON LOBO shows everyone “He was supposed to be a Back Pack Rapper”. Enjoy DAT NOEMOGLY TAPE and make sure you purchase a copy at their bandcamp.


My people, this is why I do what I do. Finding gems like the album I’m about to present to you makes this passion I pursue worth the heartache and stress that accompany it. This is Emcee ERIC JUNIOR, of Miami’s Liberty City/Downtown community. I asked EJR where he repped and he just listed the places he’s moved around (Lib City, Biscayne Park, Downtown), and admitted he doesn’t really “REP” a place. “Never had a real neighborhood, you know?”. “I always joke around that I was raised by the Internet more than anything.” At 22, ERJ has been repping #SoFlow Hip Hop, know it or not And he has been repping it correctly. Following him on IG @ejr305 , you find a young hustler who is about his creativity and isn’t afraid of the exposure. He has been holding it down at the weekly Open Mic at ROOTS MIAMI KAVA BAR for a hot minute now, and after months of captivating promotion (I’ve been peeping this kids game for weeks now, and taking notes), he finally blesses us this week with CRAZY DREAMER. An album he describes as a project for anyone who has ever been frustrated with yourself cuz you KNOW you’re meant for greatness but constantly get in your own way. He explains that The album is based on a day in the life of a CRAZY DREAMER. Because we all have the ability to dream. He says you don’t have to be a Super Star, or “meant for this” to chase your dream.’ EJR opens up and admits to me during a chat, “I’m just like everybody else. We all start from the same point. I’m a lazy mother fucker who does not work nearly as hard as he should. This album was the first time I really buckled down and gave it my all at creating something.” Call it beginners luck, but this kid dreams big and delivers. He goes on to explain that the albums first 2 songs “DREAM A LITTLE DREAM” and the jumping “EVERY MAN…” are meant to be his dream state, then on the 3rd song “I WOKE UP”. “The rest of the album is me awake, maneuvring the real world in current times.” He talks about finally realizing that whatever he wants to be in life, he just has to “Play That Roll”, his life, after all, is HIS movie. He invites a couple of co-stars on set with him on DREAMER. Roots Miami Favorite GOLD MIND REX and the surprisingly talented KHALIL COLLINS are both welcomed additions to the dreamscape. Like it so often happens in dreams, ERIC JUNIOR swims scenes, tempos, cadences, and vibes throughout the album. Going from spacey southern bop OBSIDIAN, to the J-Dilla-ish THIS ONE’S FOR… where he swings around on the beat like a young JOEY BADASS. On the album closer, the soulful “ON THE SHORE”, he looks himself in the mirror, admitting he sometimes hates what he sees, He tackles the tough topics of battling bad habits and addiction. Isn’t that the best thing to do after a night of dreams? Face them, write them down and do something about it? EJR claims he doesn’t really “rep anywhere”, but on CRAZY DREAMER he Reps his Mom, “who played more roles than Madia”, he Reps Nerds and Skateboarders everywhere, He Reps his generation and what many of them are feeling but don’ t know how to express, and as a long time member of the South Florida Hip Hop community, I can tell you he is repping #SoFlowHipHop correctly on this album. This is only his first album, what else awaits? As ERIC JUNIOR says “who knows what might happen, the only limit is what a n***a imagines. “

Mick Jenkins – Elephant in the Room (Official Full Album Stream)

Big MICK JENKINS, one of my favorite voice from the New Go (Chicago Next Gen) is back with ELEPHENT IN THE ROOM. Completely missed this one earlier and had to come back and add it at 11:54pm. I couldn’t let this WEEKEND BAG ride without this in it. Listening to it now so I might add my 2 cents later, but for now just know I am speaking my wish of having MICK JENKINS as a guest on WVCC Radio into existence. You know we have had a good track record so far. Lets go universe. Let us talk to MICK.


Another gem of a find. Check out THOUGHT PROVOKAH’s latest ep, LOSE OR GAIN OUR SOULS. The Queens NY Emcee is a welcomed audio fragrance in my ears, like the sound/smell of morning coffee. He name drops SOUL 2 SOUL, NAS, and COMMON in the first 3 songs of the album, so I already know this dude is my type of vibe. PROVOKAH mixes the “conscious” with the “cool” effortlessly. His voice sounding like a smooth jazz instrument. His words, poignant and direct, even when coded. His style borders Camp Lo abstract swag and Rasheed Lonnie Lynn transparency. He describes the album as a study on how we carry behaviors learned at an early age into our adulthood. He loosely bases it on John Locke and the Tabula Rasa Theory that believes we are all born as clean slates, and only learn and are formed through our experiences and our perception of what we live through. He shares with me “Things I learned from ages 4 through 9, I still replicate those behaviors; more so through trauma then by learning whats right or wrong. At those ages you basically Lose or Gain your innocense.” He shares with me about a period in his life where he had to get his in a haste and be deliberate about it. A Go and Get It Mentality that led to the inspiration behind his favorite cut off the album, “IT’Z YOURZ”. He pays homage to the NY greats on 96 AND FOREVER & FIND YOUR TRIBE as he rocks over a reprising of both Hova’s I’M FEELING IT, and ATCQ’s BONITA APPLEBAUM. My personal favorite is SHELF LIFE where he warns the listener about “judging a book by its cover” in an expert manner of wordplay. A 5 track ep that flys by satisfyingly, making you want to replay just to recapture what you might have missed. He calls this his preview to his upcoming full length project “I’LL LET MY TAPE ROCK TIL MY TAPE POPS”. Off the strength of this EP, WVCC Radio is gladly locked in to hear what comes next from THOUGHT PROVOKAH.

Supprt THOUGHT PROVOKAH and pick up a copy of LOSE OR GAIN OUR SOUL at

P Ro & Crack Sizzlack – ’98 Proof (Album)

One of the nastiest crews running the tunnels of underground hip hop has to be KNUCKLE DRAGGUZ. Out of this crew of assassins, only one person makes my stomach hurt worst than G FAM BLACK. That Draggu is P-RO, the Head of Visual Marketing, Arm of Musical Direction, and Forman in the Ass Whoop Canning dept. at KD INC. There’s little that P-RO doesn’t do in the crew, but on 98 PROOF he does something many emcees won’t dare do. He opens up and gives you a non-apologetic look at his real life. It is far from glamourous. It is actually quite painful to look at. Personal stories about a failed marriage, his dying alcoholic Grandfather (RIP), his tough heart heart with his Mom. He didn’t release this album for your pitty tho. Sometimes you just have to release the pressure before it busts the pipes in your attic. KNUCKLE DRAGGUZ Producer and one half of CLOAQ & DAGGER, CRACK SIZZLAK is on his 151 Proof shit on ’98 PROOF. You can light these beats on fire and the flame will not go out. RO & a host of knuckle heads make good use of the Molotov cocktails on tracks like REFOCUS ft MORONEY & OBLIVIOUS, BUS STOP CHAPTERS ft G FAM BLACK & LUGHZ, BAD DAY ft I.N.F (One of my favorite New Voices, new to me…I know. That hook tho), LONG WEEKEND with EMS’s MAYHEM & CM aka CREATIVE vomiting all over the minimalist organ and guitar riff. The album is a full dose of raw beats and heart-gripping lyrics at 18 tracks. The joints at the end of the album, INS & OUTS ft JUDGE THE DISCIPLE and GOOD DAY ft TALI RODRIGUEZ are well worth bumping it all the way to the end. GOOD DAY is such a great , good hearted, happy ending to such a dark album. The Silver Lining in the Hurricane Cloud. Oh yeah….theres one last song on the album. BAD RELIGION slaps the smile off your face quicker than it appeared there and puts the perfect rotten cherry on the top of this latest KNUCKLE DRAGGUZ klassik.

Pick up your copy of this new cult classic at the link below.


This is our New Album. NATIVE SLANG is 8ch2Owens and Ekym1586….You know what? I’ll let our peoples at UGHHBLOG.COM tell you (click that hyperlink). They do a much better job anyway. Make sure you sub to them and drop a comment. Let um know #SoFlow rolls deep.

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I’m currently playing this new banger from Miami’s BOGEY. This is an exclusive due to drop on all platforms on Halloween Day on all DSP’s. You want to follow BOGEY on your favorite streaming service and make sure you pre-save this joint. It’s a banger. Reggae Dance Hall Chant vibe in the hook gives way to BOGEY releasing his inner beast on fake characters. This latest single off his upcoming LESS TALK MORE ACTION LP, THE LAWS OF NATURE is BOGEYjust talking my shit,but loosely not compromising, letting things happen naturally. Do you, and not some man-made law that was made to hold you short“. We will def be playing this on WVCC RADIO in the weeks to come.

GREA8GAWD – GEM STAR ( Official Video)

GREEEEEEAAAAA888 GAWWWWD!!!! This shit right here goes haaaaaaaaard. #Skip. GREA8 GAWD has been supporting WVCC RADIO solid in the past months, blessing us with several exclusive joints, including this flaming cannon ball “GEM STAR”. Following up his last heater L.I.F.E., GEM STAR is a prayer of sorts, Allah, free him from these lower level life forms, before he set their souls free. Welcome to the world of Grea8Gawd GEM STAR Produced by Thanos beats is the first single off the Gawd Tawk ep that drops Dec.1st The Ep features Benny the Butcher, Stove God cooks, Eto, & Joey Majors. With production from Thanos Beats, Sypooda, and 38 Spesh, The Gawd Tawk ep has all the right ingredients to be a hip hop classic. The B roll shots in this video are cuts from the tv series Younggawdz coming soon on Tiger Tv. Follow Grea8Gawd on all Social media @GREA8GAWD…


Who fucked around and pissed TONES off? He is on a tirade. Last month he smacked us with 32 ft Ohio Legend COPYWRITE. He ends the month of October challenging anyone who calls themselves an MC to put up or shut up. I don’t know if TONES heard someone diss him on a track, or said they didn’t like the SACRED album he released with MATTY LITE earlier this year, or someone said MATTY LITE is wayyyyyy to white to be producing the fire he is producing ( I mean Waaaaaayyyyyy toooooo Whhhhhite!!). I could see how that would piss TONES off and send him on Battle Bot mode. We over on this side of the internet like it. As long as TONES is out there smashing these wack rap actors’ skulls, the culture will be in better shape. We need enforcers like TONES to keep the scene respectable. The Jada Kiss Verzuz sample at the end. Pure Genius. Bravo fellas. You have yet another one. You already know I’ve been playing this for my listeners for weeks.

AYNT – No Greater Love (Freestyle)

The modern-day caveman, the M.I.Animal known as AYNT (pronounced A.N.T). A child prodigy of the #SoFlowHipHop Scene circa 2008, when he made his presence felt with the legendary JUST THIS CREW, or JTC as they were known in the indie scene. These kids did shit the right way, earning their stripes in cyphers, staying unique and innovative with the flows, song creation, and live performance. At only 14/15, AYNT was wowing crowds with his stage presence, rhyme circle awareness (always willing to provide the Ill beatbox to keep the rhymes going when the beats stopped), and he was beginning to table in his 2nd passion, production. Fast forward 13 years and AYNT is one of our finest beatsmiths out of South Florida, and an emcee who is unmatched on the mic. He’s been in the lab cooking as of late, making himself seldom seen or heard after his FRIENDS OF MONSTERS release with Miami’s LLAMA BEATS. Now AYNT blesses us with a pair of freestyles over some beloved instrumentals, BLU & EXILES “NO GREATER LOVE & ONE FOR MICK over the FLY LO instro. Such a classic feel on these two. All the DJ’s we network with are asking me for them. Hell Yeah…gladley…its about time the rest of the world meets Fountain Blu’s AYNT.


I’m proud as fuh to share this with everyone I talk to. The CG Admiral AGONY premiered his latest single off of his OPEN BUFFET EP on WVCC RADIO to rave reviews. On a night with more than 40 heads in the chatroom, the crowd got a history lesson on the humble beginnings of 2 legendary rap crews (COMMON GROUND & PROFRESH) from Miami’s Kendall area, a hood that is quickly getting noticed around the globe. We started off as rivals and now here we are, repping our town across the map. This video was a blast to film and working with AGONY, NORTH, SOOP and the whole COMMON GROUND Family has been a blessing. The fact that this song where we talk about keeping it #KendallyAF and being “Proud to rep that KENDALL” is playing in France, Germany, Britain, Boston, Utah …. Do You Know How HYPE THAT MAKES ME!!!! Point Kendall.


Let him get this off his chest, and beg your pardon…cuz he’s far from Dolly Pardon. This is Miami, Not Nashville. This is the Gunshine State. Where you vacation is where we duck overzealous law enforcement. KING TETRUS would like to take you on a tour of our “Magic City” down one of our most notorious roads, US 1. You can actually drive from the southernmost point of Key West all the way up North to Maine on US 1. Before KING TET takes his show on the road, he wants to make sure to earn that ROOKIE OF THE YEAR Award. He is preparing the release of his DRAFT DAY Mixtape, along with performing all over South Florida with his band GARAGE SOUNDS. He is in full training mode to make sure when the big lights are on him, he is ready to deliver a prime performance. Take the ride to stardom with KING TETRUS and don’t forget to greet him with a #CheckCheck.

EKYM1536 -The Feddies (Bricolage LP)

My NATIVE SLANG brother and Engineer of all my releases, EKYM1536 is building momentum for the release of his solo project BRICOLAGE, due to drop Mid November. THE FEDDIES is a smooth bluesy bop that gives EK plenty of room to flex his style wings. Catch him dribbling drool with his North West Drawl, speeding the tempo up Dirty South Standards, only to slow it back down for the landing. All of this to some fantastic visuals provided by the UNM Film Students. Stay tuned for more heat coming off the BRICOLAGE in the weeks leading up the release.

KON – The Jab ft Guilty Simpson

Los Angeles transplant who now calls #SoFlow / Miami home. O.G. KON FIDENT aka KON is back with the 3rd single off of his upcoming KON VOL 1 EP due to drop 11/5. The Jab featuring Detroit bar brawler GUILTY SIMPSON is a head-nodder filled with nuggets of information. Information is something we are in desperate need of, but in short supply in this so called “Information Age”. Follow KON on IG: Spotify:… Soundcloud: LESS

B-DOPE – Friendzone

Another Kendall banger. This one from Mr. 88, B DOPE, himself. FRIEND ZONE, the latest single/video off of his recent MOOD WINGS Album, filmed by WXTCH WXLVEZ own MR. B-LEAF. You can catch BOBBY DRAKE turning the tables on a chica trying to place him on the bench during game time. DOPE is an old-school player who is about getting his minutes on the court and wont be put in the penalty box by nobody. With cameos from his son, young spitter B GLIZZY, and wifey / Producer MZ MELS, this video is a good time and a recent favorite on WVCC RADIO. Make sure you check B-DOPE MOOD SWINGZ on all Streaming Platforms. Its an album about the ups and downs of relationships we can all relate with. And when it comes from B Dope, you know it’s nothing but authentic Hip Hop.

Bottom Of The Bag


I’ve Written enough this Article, but trust me. You want to press play on this. Sounds Like Blu meets Lord Jamar over Apollo Brown productions…but its not, its TALK BLACK GUY & OZAY MOORE, and if you are familiar with these names, you will be talking about them after a couple of listens to this. Enjoy OF PROCESS & PROGRESSION and let me know how it moves you in a DM.


Do yourself a favor and enjoy this latest Mix by DJ Glibstyles and make sure you follow him and sub to his channel on Mixcloud for his latest blends. This man is a master of the mix and is making Miami Hip Hop sound great. Make sure you catch him every Friday Morning on WVCC Radio on Twitch 8am through 12 Noon EST.