New Indie Hip Hop To Enjoy All Weekend

Happy Friday 88ers. Halfway through October and boy do we have some fire New Releases for you to digest. I am overjoyed to present to you the latest release from My camp, NATIVE SLANG – NATIVE SLANGUAGE, this weekend. This EP is a labor of love from myself and the homie EKYM1536 and features some of the dopest creatives from both New Mexico and So Flow Hip Hop (and Alabama, and Great Britain…More on that later). Lots of new music from the Home Team and Indie Hip Hop Nation and World Wide…Lets get to it.

Grafh – Stop Calling Art Content (New Album) (Prod. DJ Shay) 

One of my favorite Modern Era Emcees; South Jamaica, Queensbridge, New York emcee and Team Bang Dope Gang leader, GRAFH, puts his elite skills on display with the release of a new album, “Stop Calling Art Content.” After having 2 of the best Albums in the Underground last year, GRAFH is back with an album Produced entirely by the late, great DJ Shay (R.I.P) & Executive produced by Benny the Butcher. The 13-song project features Benny the Butcher, Ransom, Bun B, Sheek Louch, Styles P, Heem, Rick Hyde, CyHi The Prynce, 3D Na’Tee and ElCamino. GRAFH never comes short on any project, and with beats provided by SHAY, this album is going to be worth several spins this weekend and in the weeks to come. Stop treating art like disposable tissue and enjoy this thoroughly.

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Completely slept on this album last week. Luckily I’m a light sleeper. New BRONZE NAZERETH X ROC MARCIANO: EKPHRASIS pits the two MC/ Producers on the same project, MARCI handling the brunt of the Production Work, and BRONZE NAZERETH finally getting substantial minutes behind the mid. Usually happy playing the background while emcees like REC ALI, KING CROOKED (Just to name a few) massacre his beats. This time NAZ is in the Gunners Seat, letting off baby rhino size shells as MARCI pilots the plane. This project is full of dope features from SKYZOO, TERMINOLOGY, KILLAH PRIEST, FASHAWN, BOLDY JAMES, and BRIZZ RAWSTEEN from SMACK URL. Even ROC MARCI gets on a track and goes verse for verse with BRONZE and PRIEST. Whole album is slow burning blue flame. Watch your fingers when you press play.


For over a decade Brandon Toledo, aka MIAMI BEAT WAVE, has been working on solidifying his name as one of Miami’s premier Producer/Engineers. With a long list of accomplishments under his belt, and a who’s who of Top Shelf Artist he’s worked for in his Portfolio, the 3x Billboard Charter embarks on his first totally R&B album, UP CLOSE & PERSONAL. Always one to let the music speak for itself, we rarely get to hear BEAT WAVE on the mic, but we get a special treat on UP CLOSE as the album starts off with Brandon’s sexy bass register voice, welcoming us to ease drop on his conversation with some shorty, trying to navigate his trust issues and daring to take his relationship to the next level. This makes way to the JAY SANTANA singing the album opener and 1st single NONCHOLANT. We’ve been playing this single since Tuesday on WVCC Radio and by this morning’s Friday Morning Mix show, our audience was already posting “This Is My Jam” on the chat thread as JAY SANTANA got “Down…Down, Down Down”. Long time family of Vice City Cypher, The TAYkeOver surprises the hell out of us as he gets his Junior Gong Marley swag on with a fantastic vocal display on RISE ON. We are used to seeing TAY on his Crowd Rocking Rap shit, and never expected this type of vibe when we saw his name on the credits. This just further proves BRANDON TOLEDO’s ability to get the best out of his artist. His work with Female songstress KEILAH ROSE far exceeds our expectations on what is easily one of my favorite songs on the album after the 1st 3 spins. On LYE TO ME & WHAT WOULD YOU SAY, we are introduced to a new voice in the scene, that of DAVID CORREY, who has Pop Star etched into his vocal cords. His rendition on LYE TO ME is heart pulling, giving you all “The Feels” the young people are always posting memes about, while “WHAT WOULD YOU SAY” sounds like its ready for Power 96 or Y100. Our sister CHRISTY LOVE fills us with pride as she completely unloads her clip on BULLETS, a song she co-wrote with MIAMI BEAT WAVE. A featured background singer on many BEAT WAVE productions, it’s great to finally hear her front and center and getting the shine she has worked so hard for. The track is a whole reggae rhythmed bop and one of our faves that will be played for the rest of the month on CyphLyfe Radio. HABIT feat JAY SANTANA & Grammy Nominated, Latin Rock Super Star ITAWE, is pure audio crack. One listen and this will be your new guilty pleasure. 2 Listens and you will be officially addicted, in need of a support group. MIXED SIGNALS by Colombian American Star Boy in the making LEX FINE is another dope surprise. We have heard Lex Fine before on his “Rap Tip” before, but this right here sounds like a perfect fit for his skill set. It is not a far stretch of the imagination to picture hearing LEX FINE or any of these featured artist on FM Radio, topping the R&B Charts. This just seems to come naturally to them, or is it the unseen guidance of an experienced producer who has gotten them to this polished point? The album, UP CLOSE & PERSONAL is described by BEAT WAVE as an Audio and Musical detailing of his personal life journey. The topics of each song strumming a deep personal cord, giving you a glimpse into the private life of a gentleman who does most of his work behind the boards and closed doors. On LOSING IT, silk voiced angel SYLVIA BREMMER tells the story of an individual who is a victim of their own self destructive ways. Is this BEAT WAVE’s confession booth? If so, he finds forgiveness for his sins not from above, but in his hard work and final product, made evident by the singing of the million cherubim that escape the mouths of CHRISTY LOVE & HOLY GHOST on MAN GO CRAZY . I’m not a religious scholar or anything, but A sound and vibe like this must be ordained by the most high. If it isnt, no one has told that to BRANDON TOLEDO, as he works on getting his career to the next level, as if on a mission from God.


CG MUSIC GROUP is back, the Buffet is open. Come and get it. Head Chef AGONY The Secret Weapon has cooked up a new EP from scratch for long time fans and new followers alike. The OPEN BUFFET is an 8 course meal, produced entirely by AGONY who wears his blood, sweat, and tear stained apron like a decorated Generals mess dress jacket. The Secret Weapon displays his 20+ years of experience from the album Intro to the closer CHORD PLAY where he, EAZIE, and original CG Manager and Booking Agent SOOPAMAN take turns using their vocal chords like Darryl’s crossbow in the Walking Dead. A master networker since his teenage years, AGONY isn’t capping when he claims he has assembled an “ARMY OF MONSTERS” on the projects self titled Intro. From LIQUID SHIELD’S Prince of Patois, VORTEX KAPONE, on the club banger WHAT ME WANT, to the trap anthem LOCKED & LOADED feat Kendall Killer EAZIE flexing some spanglish swag (EaziE actually kills 3 tracks on this album, proving this brother is hungry and present in the studio when its time to work). He’s even got NY Legend DJ DOO WOP blessing the mic on GRIND, a Miami meets New York bop that is sure to be spinning on street mixes for the rest of 2021. You know for a fact it aint an Offiical AGONY project without some fire verses from his “day 1”, Right Hand Shooter NORTH THE GENERAL. As always, NORTH shows he can ride any vibe, busting it down for the ladies on the baby maker “YOU CAN GET IT”, and leaving the Ops face scarred on the Kendall Klassic THIS IS HIP HOP, which also features a Kendall Hip Hop History lesson brought to you by yours truly (Salute AGONY for tagging me on this one. It was an honor to finally rock with 2 of the MC’s who I first built with in Kendall). OPEN BUFFET is a great listen from appetizer to punch heavy dessert. AGONY teased us last week with his video for the NICK FURY produced AGONY aka I DARE YOU, and the song isn’t even part of this album. Just goes to show, the CG Camp is fully loaded, and has extra clips to spare. Did someone order heat? The Buffet is Open.


NATIVE SLANGUAGE. This is the tale of the Hawk and the Iguana. The Majestic Hawk of the Hickory Apache tradition, who looks over the Apache people as a guide, protector, scout, and herald of good fortune. Traveling to and fro in a ceaseless hunt, but always returning home to his family, catch in tow for them to feast on. Then there is the cold blooded, resourceful, and ever-adapting Iguana, who found his way to the United States mainland from the Caribbean Islands and has made South Florida his home. It is said that Birds and Reptiles are rivals, but on a chance meeting in the Swamps of Miami Hip Hop, these two seemed to find common ground as they shared a smoke, and after years of parlaying, finally decided to break with traditions and show the world that at least in their case, the Sky Glider and the Ground Crawler could not only commune in peace, but could actually work together to build something that impacts families, communities, and our very own people. NATIVE SLANG is the union of Hickory Apache descendant EKYM1536 of Dolce, NM, and 1st Generation Cuban American 8ch2Owens of Miami FL. It is the setting aside of stereotypes, preconceived notions based on misinformation, and ignorance, for the real-life experiences that come with daring to share life with others who might not be of the same background, beliefs and traditions as you. NATIVE SLANG is not a gimmick, it is an┬áhonoring of our individual heritage and a celebration of our ancestors over the music of the HIP HOP Culture we have adopted. NATIVE SLANG is a call to unity for all “Minorities”. A reminder that we are only Minorities if we stay divided. If we unite, there will be no stopping us.

Thank you to everyone contributed. MUTE SPEAKER, your beats are a blessing. B2SAGITTARIUS, Your beat for YEA! was the one to set everything in motion. Thank you for the spark brother. Not to mention the fantastic Video Work for HOW YOU DO in White Sands. You’re one of a kind brother. ANGRY MONK murked the beat for INTROSPEKT, which brought me out of a 4 month writing slump. The Features by OSO NEGRO (NO SUBSTITUTES), LIPHE & CHARLIE FAST (4 COURSE MEAL aka PO10CEE meets VCC) DR.X, MIKE WIRD, SEVEN STAR (T.H.O.R, Wow…all I can say is Wow) and BRIAN MURILLO (HARD TO GET) all made the project much better than it would have been had it only been EK and I babbling for 8 songs. Thank you to DJ PROOF & DJ GLIBSTYLES for blessing the project with that official Hip Hop vibe. Your scratches were the cherry on top of every song you touched. Thank you LIPHE Design for the Artwork and most of all Thank you EKYM1536 for all the hard work and comradery while birthing this beauty. Thank you Tuffy family for letting borrow Dad for 2 Years. Thank you to my Family for putting up with me and recording all the crazy shit I asked you to say. Unfortunately, we are only getting started.

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Miami Emcee Legend SEVEN STAR blesses us with a morsel before bedtime. A Late Night snack of sorts. SEVEN explained in an IG Post that HYPNAGOGIA is the transitional state of consciousness between wakefulness and sleep. Producer LISTER ROSSEL concocts the perfect dream inducers that SEVEN glides through masterfully. dancing around the airy beats with unique cadance structure and poetic perfection. Only 3 songs deep, the other 4 being segway of SEV waking momentarily, only to drift back into another dream. The short project takes you through the twilight hours of a night. From 1:11am through 8:30am where the ep closes with SEVEN STAR waking from his night of astral projecting shaken, stating “those were some of the most vivid dreams I ever had…..Maybe I should right some of that shit down”. I for one am glad you did.