New Indie Hip Hop to Enjoy This Weekend

Happy Friday Fellow 88ers!! Have you seen that New Dave Chappell Special on Netflix? Holy Shit!! Let me stop before I get cancelled just for mentioning it. We had a fantastic week, Interviewing the Goddess INDIGO PHOENIX, and capping off the week with a dooooope interview with HOMEBOY SANDMAN, where I called ROB SONIC, Rob Zombie like 5 times. Classic 8ch. Got alot of good music in the bag today so let me shut my trap. Enjoy…..


SLUG & ANT are back at it again. Not used to getting ATMOSPHERE albums this close together. Usually have to wait a couple of years for a project, but here we are, on the heels of THE DAY BEFORE HALLOWEEN ep and WHENEVER. Hold Up…those were all a year apart. They why does it seem like we have had so much ATMOSHPHERE music in the atmosphere as of late? It might be because the guys seem to have figured out the Singles game and their playing it hard. Alot of the songs on the album are singles that have been released through 2021. I’ll be honest, upon first listen it was a bit slow for my taste, but maybe it will feel different later tonight with a whiskey in one hand and a blunt in the other. Even the albums prized gem, BARCADE (feat my hero AESOP ROCK & a Posthumous MFD DOOM) is a bit meh, with Aes reusing a style he flexed on FIELD GUIDE, and DOOM sounding like your drunk old uncle with the voice flips. It will def be one of the classic jams of the year with unreleased DOOM verses becoming rare, but it aint blow your mind shit either. Dont take my WORD for it tho. Peep it yourself.


WHICHCRAFT has returned to the game in regal fashion. Hitting the ground running with his last album FACE THE MASK. Then not letting up on his fans, old and new, as he hit us with back to back to back single drops. Now he is back with Cincinnati Ohio Emcee/Producer DRASTIC MEASUREZ, with a group LP named YEAR OF THE CICADA. WVCC Radio chopped it up with the two wordsmiths via IG Chat and got the following morsels of information regarding this banger of an album:

WVCC: YEAR OF THE CICADA, what’s behind the album name?

DRASTIC: I think it was just CICADA SEASON and those shits were everywhere so we named the album that as a little inside joke about the season the album was created in.

WHICHCRAFT: Nah, that’s just one part of it. It’s actually a metaphor for us as Indie Artist. The cicada lives most of its life underground, until it finally breaks through only to enjoy a short life span above ground, “In the limelight” if you will. We felt that was a pretty fitting example of us as artist, having dwelled in the Hip Hop Underground for so many years. Still working on breaking out, always hustling for more exposure.

WVCC: Being that CRAFT is from North Carolina and your From Ohio, how did you guys connect?

DRASTIC: I stumbled on CRAFT when I heard him, ODD PILOT and MIKE TITAN on the BEAST KING FLOW-LION track. I approached him about doing a small EP together and send him some beats. That pretty much started what is now a 11 track album that was only supposed to be a 3 track EP.

A multifaceted producer who is fond of the ROLAND SP303, AKAI MPK, MINI ATOM, and knows his way around a the live Drums, Guitar, and Bass (Some keys he modestly adds), DRASTIC MEASUREZ produced the entire project under his Production Imprint HILL TOP PRODUCTIONS. Boy do these beats knock and move a brother. Take for instance the 2nd track on the album, ESSENCE featuring MIKE TITAN. This beat literally sounds like what waking up fully motivated on a sunny, weekend morning feels like. WHICHCRAFT lends a soul wringing hook and verse that jerk on your spirit. WHERE THE WILD THINGS ARE kicks off with a layered Violin Loop that sounds like the Fox Hunt has begun and WHICH & DRAS combine their unique voices and writing styles to the chase, while TRIM MIX Master, DJ CUT SUPREME slices up the wax. ONE LOVE is a dope homage to the WHOODINI classic. DRASTIC gets busy on the pads over the METAMORPHESUS instrumental interlude, before the homie from the Mass Hip Hop Massive, J FLIZ, joins the party ROCK BOTTOM, a joint that made its way through the Indie Hip Hop outlets in the past few months. JFB is a fun Boom Bap interlude featuring JASON FAMOUS BEATS on the cuts, giving way to TIME FOR CHANGE, a posse cut feat. PETER SPARKER, DUBIOUS CONTENT, MICKEY KNUCKLES, & LOFIGO that tackles the tough topics of racism, sexism, ageism, radical religion and more that divide us as a society. The album ends with SUNDOWN, a dark, violent beat that Features British rhyme snipper RY WALKER, WHICHCRAFTs High Pitched Incantations, and DRASTICS soul scrambling, Vibrating Bass Vocals. The pair really make the 11 tracks (4 Instrumental tracks really make it 7 Full Songs) fly by like a swarm of CICADAs finally breaking out of the earth to fulfill their purpose, sowing their seeds in our minds and hearts, before they die.

DRASTIC: My Favorite song on the album is ESSENCE. I Feel like that song goes a little deeper than the other tracks without being too heavy. I represent Creativity and Positive energy in all I do, and I feel that song does a good job of spreading that Positive Vibe.

Like a Cicada, creating a way up and out, spreading its wings and finding a partner, spreading its seed to secure its future. Death inevitable, but making the most of the time we are given. Great Job Fellas. This is definitly worth the support at

Catch WHICHCRAFT & DRASTIC MEASUREZ on WVCC Radio this Thursday 10/14 as we chop it up and go a little deeper into YEAR OF THE CICADA.


First of all, Salute to Anthony L’Italian on FB’s HIP HOP LIFERS Private Group. He suggested we cover this album today, and it was a jewel of a find. GUILTY SIMPSON has been putting it down for the Motor City for a hot minute. GUILTY has long engraved his name into the Detroit Hall of Hip Hop Fame, but he aint satisfied with just sitting back as his peers drop projects, He is after all a Word Lord with a swag that screams “chip on my shoulder”. Smooth as ever over the bulletproof silk productions of GINSU DEAN, SIMPSON flexes on all 12 songs of his new album EGO. The features are just as impressive with MARV WON, BLACK MILK, SKYZOO, GEORGIA ANNE MULDROW & YARBROUGH all contributing great verses and vocal work. DONT PULL, BREAK UM OFF, DEEP BREATH, TALK TO ME, HATING, DEAD BREATHING, YOU’RE THE ONE, COHIBA SMOKE are all stand outs. This project is just thick, wall to wall, pure product.

Flee Lord x Roc Marciano – Delgado (Deluxe Edition)

Flee Lord x Roc Marciano – Delgado (Deluxe Edition) (5 New Songs) Ft. Eto, Bun B, G4 Jag As promised LordMobb boss Flee Lord and Roc Marciano come through with the deluxe edition of their collaborative album, “Delgado.” It boasts 5 new songs with features from Eto, Bun B, T.F., Knowledge the Pirate and G4 Jag. Available on all streaming platforms: The entire project is produced by Roc Marciano


This ones for all my writers. RICKS.73 drops the YARD, a short EP that is jammed pack with dope features, including Broward County’s own Y.K. HAMILTON. Give this a spin and witness WVCC Faves SEAN P, SADAT X, NEMS, POUNDS, MASON GRAVES, and RICKS himself all get busy over the walls of RICKS73 Production.

The Musalini x 38 Spesh – In God We Trust

Its TRUST FAM. Need I say more? THE MUSALINI & 38 SPESH drop IN GOD WE TRUST and it is flaming hot. Let this shit ride all weekend.

“In God We Trust” by The Musalini & 38 Spesh Available on Bandcamp! ▶️… Limited edition Vinyl available ▶️ Merch & Music available ▶️ Tracklist 1. Satellite 2. Pray 4 America (feat. Rasheed Chappell & Izzy Hot) 3. Another One 4. Trust Is Key (feat. Izzy Hot) 5. What It Look Like (feat. Planet Asia) 6. Paint & Sip 7. We Ride 8. Doctrine (feat. O Finess) 9. Soul Not 4 Sale (feat. G4 Jag) Written by The Musalini Produced by 38 Spesh Artwork by Huey P Distributed by Tuff Kong Records

Body Bag Ben & J Scienide – Enough To Plague A Saint (Album)

Cali Producer BODY BEG BEN is a beast on the beats and mic, and visuals, and business end. This dude is a machine. He now joins forces with J SCIENIDE to deliver ENOUGH TO PLAGUE A SAINT. Check out the track list and tell me you dont want to take this for a spin. Tracklist 01. Intro 02. Elephant In The Room 03. Stepping Stone 04. 5 Star Generals 05. Fold They Hand 06. Set The Stage (Feat. Rome Streetz) 07. Interlude 08. Double Draggon (Feat. Wordsworth) 09. Blood Roots 10. Square Iris (Feat. Ill Conscious) 11. Despicable (Feat. Napoleon Da Legend & Rasheed Chappell) 12. All City (Ben Sent Me The Beat) 13. Outro

Body Bag Ben & J Scienide new project “Enough To Plague A Saint”. Produced by Body Bag Ben. Purchase:……

#CyphLyfe #SingleFiles

Choco Valens – Born Killers (feat. Serum, D.U. Ivan, 8ch2owins, K Lejind & King Tetrus)

All I’m going to say is Im Proud as fuck of my scene right now. The #SoFlow Machine is pumping on all Cylinders, and cranking out heaters week after week. One of our most dangerous pen wielders, CHOCO VALENS has returned with BORN KILLERS, Da cyphers worth of assassins. Miami Heavy weights SERUM, D.U.IVAN, KING TETRUS, 8CH2OWENS, & K-LEJIND join CHOCO as they hold nothing back, unleashing their wrath over this head nodder. If you aint checking for South Florida Hip Hop weekly when you’re searching for new bangers, you are way to familiar with deaths cousin. Wakey Wakey.

Make sure you add this to all your Digital Streaming playlist this weekend and share it with someone you care about. Awwwww.


This man can make a 3 point shot in the dark, blind folded, from half court. SHOTTIE just doesn’t miss. This week he drops the Lyric Video for the MOSKVITCH2.3 closer INSIDE BASEBALL. One of my favorite tracks on the album, and not only cuz I get a little shout out in the second verse. Its the jazzy beat TEV95 cooks up for capper of the 2nd volume of the MOSKVITCH Trilogy. I like jazzy TEV. Real talk, there is nothing TEV95 has produced that I haven’t fucked with, but jazzy TEV is nasty, and SHOTTIE uses the beat masterfully, giving you another quick glimpse into his real life. If you haven’t picked up MOSKVITCH 1 & 2 on TEV95’s bandcamp yet, you got to stop everything you’re doing and click this link.

Hanzo Bladez x Frank White – The Greats

The GRIMEWAV mob has been hard at work in the past months. Opening up a new studio with ENEL’s MASTERMINDS STUDIOS, staying sharp on regular features, and traveling to rock shows with other heavy weights in the Indie Circuit. Now they are teasing their next release, LEGENDS DIE, dropping at the end of the month. To get the saliva glands running, the’ve laced this disgusssssting Hispanic Horn seasoned gem “THE GREATS”. Produced by HANZO BLADES who not only laces the lovely backdrop, but also kills the hook, and first verse as he tells his tale of maturing, making money the smart way instead of the hard way. BX’s FRANK WHITE Beats the 2nd verse with louisville slugger, “Till its black and blue, with heavy metal, Motley Crew”. This single is def getting played everywhere they play that real shit, so you know you going to hear it on Cyph Lyfe Radio all month long til “GRIMEWAV – LEGENDS DIE” drops 10/29.


I’m building with Britain’s FRISCO BOOGEY, an MC, Writer, Locker who has decades of paid dues under his belt. A Couple of weeks ago I shared his latest Covid Era album THE CIRCUS with you. Now take a whiff of RAISING THE STAKES. This dude is pushing 50 and flexing “young head” styles like its nobodies business. An expert at riding the beat, owning the pocket and full song construction. Thoroughly enjoyed this new single and cant wait for the official video to drop next week. Til then you can catch this on rotation on WVCC Radio. Be on the look out for some FRISCO BOOGEY ft 8ch2Owens coming soon.


I know what your thinking. Christmas song in October. Trust me, this song has a scary twist and touches on a haunting reality. There is a large population of our society that have been scared physically and psychologically in the name of “patriotisms and freedom”. I want to thank J Fliz for being brave enough to try to tackle this topic when his friend who is a veteran shared his personal story with J, and asked him if he would put it into rhyme form and be a voice for those who are suffering from PTSD. To all of our Veterans, Old and Young, Thank you for your service. Your Loyalty to our country is admirable, inspiring, and you deserve better. We pray you the strength and peace as the year comes to an end.


SunIzOut – Lyrics & Libations [Full]

Stumbled upon this and you might like it. Shit is smooth as It rides.

LuGhz x Paranormal Productions – Once Again It’s On [Full EP]… Tracklist: 1. ONCE AGAIN IT’S ON (INTRO) 00:00 2. SECRET INDICTMENT 00:55 3. MAD HATER (I CAUGHT A BODY) 04:08 4. WALK THROUGH THE SLUMS 07:30 5. KILLER THEME FEAT. GHOST THE ILL-FIGURE 11:17 6. MEET YOUR MAKER FEAT. GHOST THE ILL-FIGURE 14:54


Another banging Friday Morning Mix today by @DJGlybstyles. For all yall who slept on our Friday Morning show, enjoy the mix on his Mixcloud channel. And make sure you give him a follow and Sub. Once more, Happy Birthday to SGMJ Donnie Knight Sr. You raised one hell of a human being. Honest, Stand Up, and talented to boot. As we say around these parts, Salute.