New Indie Hip Hop for your Weekend.

Happy 1st Day of October Fellow 88ers. Yall ready for that cold weather? Yall picking out your Halloween Costumes yet? Yall search up New Hip Hop this weekend? Its pretty light pickens out there, unless you know where to look, or your tapped in to WVCC RADIO & THE WEEKEND BAG. We got you covered on some Raw New Hip Hop and alot of artist worth your support on BANDCAMP before 12 Midnight today, Friday. Quick second to wish DARKNESS a Happy Birthday and thank him and The Real CEO for being great guests last night on Cyph Lyfe Radio. This coming week we got INDIGO PHEONIX on Tuesday and HOMEBOY SANDMAN on Thursday!!! What!!!!!….Enough Geeking Out…On to the New Indie Hop of the week.


First day of October and Fall is here. No better time for that BLACK HOODIE/BLACK MASK music. The KNUCKLE DRAGGUZ crew got us covered. G FAM BLACK is back with Producer/Illustrator/Emcee/Lion Tamer extraordinaire, P-RO on production, and Mad Scientist TALI RODRIGUEZ behind the boards. DRAW is G FAM’s latest donation to us poor lovers of Grimey Hip Hop. But this is far from Charity, this is a Stick Up. BLACK works the listener “OVER” with bangers like SHOCKER and OVER UNDER where he is overjoyed to overkill you with the wordplay scheme. Special guest SKANKS the RAP MARTYR, JAE HUSSLE, DYSTRAKTED, & VIC MONROE do their thing on DONT TRY US, HUSSLE TALK, WHAT YOU GONNA DO, AND PACIFIC HALIBUT. But its BLACK’s face breaking bars and Rusty Snub Nose 9mm Voice that demands your attention and has you reaching for your wallet. He demands that you reach into your bank account and make a transaction of $20 on his Bandcamp, in return you will receive this banger of an album in digital and collectable physical form, along with a limited addition collectable comic book staring G Fam Black, illustrated by P-RO himself. Make sure you copp it today on BANDCAMP DAY so the artist can get all the profits off his music and art.

Gavlyn & DJ Hoppa – Say Less, Love More Full Album [2021]

San Fernando Valley FEmcee GAVLIN is back with her latest release with DJ HOPPA, SAY LESS < LOVE MORE. The 13th track album might seem long per todays standards but don’t let the number of tracks scare you away. They fly by as she displays her dominance of cadences and wordplay. Each beat a different Production Playground for her to show off her gymnastics as she flips bars off the tongue with gold medal ease. I’m loving every track as I sit here writing this, but I found a much more indepth right up from our good friends at UNDERGROUND HIP HOP BLOG aka . Check out what they have to say about the new album and get familiar with GAVLIN if you havent yet.

UGHHBlog Review –


This ain’t New New, but its brand new to me, and in a week with such a small offering of new releases from the Indie Hip Hop scene, it was a great find. I present to you DAMO THE GREAT. For all of yall who may be as oblivious as I was to this emcees existence, you’re in for a treat. DAMO aka JOHN STONE is an Emcees MC. Hailing from the outskirts of Detroit Michigan, DAMO is no “Noob” in the Indie circuit . On his 2019 release SACRED GEOMETRY, DAMO was trading blows with the likes of GUILTY SIMPSON & AZTEK THE BARFLY on the banger VALERIAN STEEL. DAMO is “a blast from the past, like Chernobyl”, while GUILTY kills the smooth horn chopped beat softly with his D-Town Swag, followed by AZTEK swinging more swords than a fencing octopus. EVIL KANEVAL features DZK, & THE GREEN CHILDREN (MCNIGHT & INVECTRUM who also handles production on the album), crashing the party and bringing grenades to gunfights. DIABOLIC & ARRON TAYLOR join the fun on the erie MURDERS ROW, a track that sounds perfect to play while kids come knock on your door looking for candy at the end of the month. DAMO brings the ruckus in numbers or on his lonesome, he also drops gems for those who still listen for good writing and story telling, check ELOISE, SACRED GEOMOTRY, & INTRO TO GEOMETRY 101 if you need proof. He even features one of our WVCC Radio favorites SANKOFA on the Asian String driven DREAM. SACRED GEOMETRY has everything an Underground Hip Hop fan could ask for; Hard Beats, Dope Features, and a Lead Emcee who pulls no punches. For more on DAMO THE GREAT, Check his latest self produced instrumental album FROM THE MOUTH OF WOLVES, and follow him on all Social Media platforms at @damothegreat

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Lucky Seven – Lucky & The Laser Gun [Full Album]

This shit right here is craaaazy. Supposedly this is the 7th album by emcee LUCKY 7. Seems like I got alot of homework to do cuz this is the first time I’ve heard of him. That’s what I love about my job. I don’t have to act like I know it all. I just search and find new, rare hip hop and share it with Hip Hop Lovers. After one play through LUCKY & THE LAZER GUN, LUCKY SEVEN is going to be a new addition to your list of names to look out for. Riddled with samples from Anime classic AKIRA, LUCKY & THE LAZER also features strong appearances by FLEE LORD, EL CAMINO, & JAE SKEESE. Take this motorcycle out for a neon colored spin and let me know how you feel it in the comments. Make sure you follow LUCKY SEVEN on all socials.

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John Creasy & Serious Beats – The Departed (EP)

JOHN CREASY & SERIOUS BEATS lay down a barfest on THE DEPARTED. This album rides from start to finish and has the perfect balance of street grime, and street smarts. SERIOUS BEATS is automatic with every production and JOHN CREASY knows what to do with the ball when SERIOUS tosses it up. Another surprise find that will get plenty of play this month on WVCC Radio.

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SHOTTIE has been slapping us silly with singles off of his MOSKVITCH series. The latest Lyric Video is for the only track on MOSKVITCH 2.3 with drums on it. CHARGED UP has SHOTTIE flexing in full IDEE4 Fashion as he tells the opps to either run the fade or go running to fates door, and while they at it, get your Bars Up. You want Bars? Enjoy the Lyric Video and see why we hold SHOTTIE as one of So Flow Hip Hops Top Shooters.

Make sure you copp both MOSKVITCH 1 & 2 on Bandcamp today so SHOTTIE gets his just deserves from this fantastic project.

Copywrite & Tones – XXXII (Prod. DJ MattyLite)

I’ve had the privilege of getting this joint early to spin on CyphLyfe radio as an exclusive, and have been spinning it on everyone of our shows. It only gets better every spin. One of my heroes as a young aspiring emcee, COPY WRITE, trading verses with one of my New Favorite Indie Hop Finds, TONE, over one of my favorite New Producers beats. MATTY LITE works magic with a piano and flute sample and COPY and TONE do what they do best, TALK THAT SHIT!!! You like Bars? Hit Play, again and again.

Pick a copy up on BANDCAMP and support the artist directly

8ch2Owens – ESCAPE FROM ROSWELL ft G Fam Black, Weapon ESP, Ghost Of The Machine, Serum, Wrekonzie

This is what happens when you put 6 Extraterrestrial Emcees on a BoFaat Beat. South Florida HipHop Vets 8ch2Owens, Serum, & Wrekonize (Strange Music) meet Massachusetts monsters G Fam Black, Weapon ESP & Ghost of The Machine (Juice Headz/Genosha), and all hell breaks loose. You can’t contain them. Just bow the knee and pray for mercy. I was uploading this single and it uploaded as an album instead, and I didnt know how to undo this, so I ended up uploading 5 of my singles, including another unreleased solo tracks. If you support the album on BANDCAMP DAY, it might become 8 Tracks Total by he end of the weekend, 5 of them being unreleased. Show your boy some love, it will be worth it.

KING TETRUS – Undefeated (feat. Shottie)

CIPHER IN THE CIRCLE Alumni & BLACK HAND RECORDS shooter KING TETRUS is back with his first single off his upcoming Mixtape paving the way for his Sophomore album ROOKIE OF THE YEAR. UNDEFEATED shows TET sparring with Miami Bar Boxer SHOTTIE as they both unleash the punches on the listener. This the kind of joint to get your heart pumping on the treadmill. PROFRESH PUBs will make sure you hear this joint on several mixes by your favorite DJs ( You can already find it on DJ GLIBSTYLES #BOOMBAPSOULMix on Mixcloud), but for now make sure you let this ride on repeat a couple of times and get your Undefeated on this weekend. Oh Yeah, come out and cipher with CIPHER IN THE CIRCLE Tomorrow at the LATIN HIPHOP VIBES Show if you want to get down with the camp that trained such artist as TETRUS, 8CH2OWENS, TRPL-Z and more. Cameras will be rolling so bring your A-Game… Flyer Below.


Big “Don Lobo” MXNEY MXGLEY is back on the block after a little time off. Shit man, after spending a whole season dropping about 3 songs a week, people get use to it. They get spoiled. Then they say stupid shit like after a little time off. I’m People. Alot of artist take years off and are never even missed. MXGLEY takes a month off and Miami Underground Hip Hop starts to feel uncomfortable. Then he jumps back on the mic with a track like CROOK COOK BOOK and we all get even more uncomfortable, cuz we know there is a Big Bad Wolf like MXGLEY prowling the streets. Enjoy CROOK COOK BOOK, CUBAN CIGAR ft KING TETRUS below, and whatever you do, don’t break eye contact. WXTCH WXLVES.

Star & Lyphe – “God’s Material” ft. Chris Rivers and FLAMM (Official Music Video)

Dope motivational joint by spitters STAR & LYPHE. They brought savages CHRIS RIVERS and FLAMM to join on dropping gems over the calming instrumental of GODS MATERIAL. You could tell the crew had fun filming the video, and the contrast between HARD BODY BARS and the light hearted video are dope. This will def be played on WVCC Radio this coming week.


I leave you with the mix that made our Friday Morning Fantastic on WVCC Radio today. The big homie DJ GLIBSTYLES out does himself over and over again, week after week. If you aren’t a fan and follower already, stop playing yourself. Press play on this playlist and give him a sub on his MIXCLOUD page. He is worth getting the app too. Thank you for all you do for the show DJ GLIBSTYLES. Look out for new music coming from GLIBSTYLES Featuring your boy 8ch, alot sooner than you think.