This Weekends Newest Hip Hop all in one Spot

Happy End of Summer and Beginning of Fall fellow 88ers. The Holidays are quickly approaching and so is the End of 2021. What a year it has been so far. Things are finally starting to open up again (With the Covid Numbers even higher than they were when this whole mess started, smh), and Artist are touring again. Just last week WVCC RADIO & The SO FLOW MEDIA GANG (#SFMNG) had the honor of hosting HOMEBOY SANDMAN in Miami out of the blue. We got the call on a Wednesday Morning, and managed to lock down a venue (Thank you BEAT CULTURE BREWERY), book a great opening line up, and rustle up a descent crowd with 2 days of Promotion. HOMEBOY SAND was pleased with the turnaround and turnout and we are in talks to have him back down with more time to promote properly. Last night J Cole opened his US Tour in Miami and brought Drake out at the end of the show (My Stepsons first concert ever and he gets to see J COLE, 21 SAVAGE, BAS, DRAKE & FUTURE…Kids head exploded.). And tonight The Teacher, K.R.S.ONE graces the stage in Wynwood, you already know that show is going to be ridiculous. With the Quarantine seemingly behind us, will we be getting as much New Music as we were before when Artist were stuck at home recording new material? As always, Performing and Touring inspire creativity and New Material, so lets see what comes of this post Lock Up “We Outside Again” move artist are making. For now…Lets enjoy all the New Hip Hop that dropped this week.

Blu – The Color Blu(e) (Full Album)

Big BLU from the L.A. Underground is back again with an album dedicated to his favorite color called “THE COLOR BLU(e)“. Every track on the album has the aquatic hue mixed in the song title and lyrics in one way or the other and BLU takes it there with the fluid like flow. The Production on the album is sooo smooth and jazzy however, that it is impossible to stay Blue (as in melancholy) listening to the record. Producers J57, SIRPLUS, & long time beat plug EXILE dig up the best collection of samples all with a tint of Blue. This album is BLU at his purest, no features, just B.L.U speaking his truth and singing his blues.

Solemn Brigham – South Sinner Street (Album)

Since first encountering this funk spitter as 1/2 of the Emcee/Producer Duo MARLOW, I became an instant fan of SOLEMN BRIGHAM and his upbeat unique cadence choices and voice. Now back to prove that what made us a fan was more than just L’ORANGE‘s production, SOLEMN offers us his first Solo Album on MELLO MUSIC GROUP, “SOUTH SINNER STREET“. The North Carolina slang slinger makes great use of the production provided by Supa K, L’Orange, The Lasso, Krum, Scud One, Kuartz, & Frank Drake, as evident on standout tracks KEEP THE HOPE, DIRTY WHIP, KINGVILLE, THE LORE, NOTHING LEFT, and the spacey album closer, LEFT FEET. For more insight on the Artist and making of this funk filled album, check out the Album Info on the Mello Music Bandcamp Page and make sure you support the album. Its worth every penny.


“Don Pan”, The Colombian Soul Assassin is back with his 2nd album under DJ Muggs‘s Production and Label. “CARTAGENA”, the follow up to 2019’s MEDALLO, brings us a CRIMEAPPLE in full Boss Mode, beard growing and glowing like a Super Saiyan. DJ Muggs is in top form on the drum pads, and actually adds thick drums to alot of the beats on this record, something that was sorely missed on the last album, as he was shooting for that minimalist, “Roc Marci Production” feel. On this 2nd spin around the block, the beatsmith who drove us INSANE IN THE MAMBRANE, as he lead us through the TEMPLE OF BOOM is back with the hard slapping drums and eerie samples that set him apart from all the producers he calls peers. Lets not forget, he is Mentor to possibly the Producer of the Year, ALCHEMIST and is in the middle of a career renaissance that has made him as relevant in this modern era as he was in the 90’s Golden Era. Not sold on CRIME yet? Let this spin a couple of times. You’ll find out “Who Got the Potatoes”.


There is a new Masked Avenger in So Flow Hip Hop. The scene that spawned The Golden Masked Gawd NOEMOTION, has now given birth to a young spitter with an Atlantic Oceans worth of vocabulary and flows behind his “Iron Man” mask. The young verbal vigilante goes by EMYHR RYMES, who you might recall from M.I.YAYO RADIO’s Tribute to MF DOOM after the passing of our beloved Hip Hop Hero. That was the first time I heard EMYHR, and was immediately impressed. There’s something different about his kid that doesn’t allow him to follow masses. He is on his own trajectory with his style and cadence choices. You can hear this clearly on his latest release IRONHEART, an album that, as EMYHR describes, is 1 half catharsis ( He bares his soul as he shares his relationship struggles and heartbreak on record), and 1 half “BARing” the listener to death. This is not a painful or bad thing if you are a fan of fire lyrics and punches. Emyhr delivers death as a sweat desert that the listener consumes with delight. Joined by some colleagues I am unfamiliar with, but enjoyed listening to LIMBOCHILD, NELZ GET LIVE, & JUST 10. Plus the production from long time friends and collaborators CAVEMAN, THUGS BUNNY & 90CULTURE from West Palm Beach, SYPOODA, & PLANIT EARF help this project fly by and make it worth several replays. The Broward County Emcee wants to make sure you know the Voice, the Mind and the Arch Reactor he calls a heart which he hides behind his Iron Man Mask at live shows. Listen to IRONHEART and his past releases in the Linktree below and get familiar with an artist who has a bright future in South Florida and beyond.


This album dropped last week, but I was out on Vacation with wifey and not allowed to do any Hip Hop related activities. Hey, a break to rest and relax is necessary every once and awhile and I am thankful for a partner who forces me to take it easy and not burn myself out. With that said, all weekend long and in the beginning of the week, the most talked about Indie release was this one right here. THE BAD SEED made a splash in 2019 with the RECOGNIZE REAL produced THE SMOKE , and dropped a few singles and EPs to keep his name bubbling in the streets. Now he has returned with ALPHA

DarkNess & The Real CEO – Taking Out Targets (EP)

Our boy from Edmonton Alberta, Canada is back at it with another banging colab EP. This time the Emcee known as DARKNESS joins forces with Indiana Emcee “THE REAL CEO“, and producer ALO MUSIC to bring his fans TAKING OUT TARGETS. His latest offering of hard beats and dark verses has more of a boom bap feel then his previous Horror Core releases. 7 Tracks of consistent fire on production and verses full of hidden gems make this an ep which is easy to keep on repeat. Tune in on Thursday 9/30 when WVCC Radio will be sitting down with DARKNESS & THE REAL CEO to talk about they linked and the making of TAKING OUT TARGETS.

Rasheed Chappell & 38 Spesh – Checks & Balances

RASHEED CHAPPELL & 38 SPESH join forces once more to further establish the TRUST GANG brand. Arguably one of the most respected voices on the mic of this Modern Era, and one of the most respected Producer/Emcee/Moguls of this New Wave, CHAPPELL & SPESH work together magnificently to put together a project that feels like more than just a bunch of singles lumped together. This album has soul and a vibe that isn’t lost in the shuffle. Only few guest appearances by THE MUSSELINI, and M.A.V x B.A.BAAD, but RASHEED don’t need much back up. He and SPESH make sure CHECKS & BALANCES can stand strong all on its own.


I slept on this album long enough. A couple of weeks ago I got a DM from a British emcee by the name of FRISCO BOOGIE. He was extremely professional in his communication, asking me if I would give his album a spin and get him some feedback. I had every intention to listen to it during one of my breaks, but it slipped through the cracks. Finally, this week I pressed play on C.I.R.C.U.S. and was immediately impressed by the intelligent writing, and intriguing metaphors the artist was using to describe the current state of our globe in the grips of a world wide pandemic. The Nottingham UK spitter uses the imagery of a CIRCUS (and the acronym C.I.R.C.U.S) to describe how CONDITIONS IN REALITY CAUSE US STRESS. At no time has that been more true then in the last 2 years. FRISCO says the album is about the last year of Lock Down and how the way you view makes it good or bad, its all about perspective. Just like you can fall for the painted smile on the clowns face and either believe everything magical and funny, or you can see it as just a painted façade, covering up alot of pain and sadness. This album is full of Gems that tickle the brain, generate deep consideration and conversation, keep your head bobbin with the production that is 100% handled by FRISCO BOOGIE himself. Take a min to enjoy the first Video/Single “100” below, and make sure to follow FRISCO BOOGIE on your favorite streaming site.


When I first heard of MATTY LITE, It was this man right here who was beating MATT‘s beat to death. PRYME PROLIFIC and his classic raspy voice and no nonsense rhymes are the perfect pairing to LITE‘s face snuffing drums and samples, as is once again evident on WALK BY. A bit of different lane here from MATTY LITE, choosing some synth organ keys that are a bit more melancholy then the end of days productions on THE FLOODGATE with SANKOFA, but PRYME uses the audio canvas to tell a stirring tale of persistence. Yeah the road is tough and full of obstacles and dream crushing potholes, but PRYME PROLIFIC and MATTY LITE seem to both be on a mission to WALK BY all of these distractions on their way to the next level in this game.

Support the single on the artist Bandcamp.


New WXTCH WXLVES….Aoooooooo!!! “Don Lobo” MXNEY MXGLEY and his Pack of Hungry Lupins are back in “Morera Vision” to tell their tales of sowing seeds of good in a cold world, hoping to reap some Good Karma in return. All 3 wordsmiths shine on the song, as Mogley takes you down to where theres no Basements, and Big G spits of line of Southern Winter. But the 2nd verse is my favorite with all of its Underwater References (I’m bias, what can I say). Enjoy this joint this weekend and make sure you treat others right so it can come back to you 10 fold.

Pryme Prolifik x G Fam Black x D.R.E. Colombian Raw – The Dirt (Prod By Drill Kid)

This shit set the audience on fire last night on WVCC RADIO. The latest release, THE DIRT, from up and coming Producer DRILL KID features PRYME PROLIFIK, G FAM BLACK and D.R.E. COLOMBIAN RAW pass the beat around like a hockey puck and dare anyone to cross them, so they can hard check you with “The Stick” (NHL BARS…Deal With It). Everyone goes off on this one, def keeping it in rotation for the next month.

Kinetic 9 & BoFaat – Roll Dolo (Album)

German Monster Producer BO FAAT, and KILLER ARMY General KINETIC 9 have teamed up ironically, to ROLL DOLO. Here is what they have to say about the project.

Kinetic 9 formerly known as Berretta 9 is one part of the Wu affiliate crew Killarmy. Him and BoFaat started working together in 2019 and made a lot of tracks together now all these tracks over worked, remixed and remastered making a part of this album but also a couple of new tracks are added to this. Some dope features like canadian rap legend Thrust OG or Toronto´s secret weapon Chief Reckah.. the whole KIllarmy crew is on this too. Taiyamo Denku is on 2 tracks featured as you know him and BoFaat have several albums together so he had to be on this. Cool Peepz are also family as well as Elementree. Kinetic´s lyrics and flow are blending perfectly with BoFaat´s beats. This will bring you back to the 90s golden era hip hop days …enjoy!

Lord Juco – Raised Right (Album)

Lord Juco is always worth the listen. This for all my grimeys. Enjoy.