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Peace Peace Fellow 88ers. Ooooweeee…What a week a crazy 2 weeks behind the scene at WVCC Radio. We almost hit an unmovable roadblock, but it seems the “unstoppable force” which is CYPH LYFE RADIO overcame the hurdle and we will be back on the air on Monday Morning 9/13 at 8am for our 1st MONDAY MORNING MASS show, with our Newest Partners NO REQUEST RADIO out of Boston Mass with DJ’s UNK11 AND D-NAPP. We also have rescheduled our Interview with MICKEY FACTZ for this Tuesday Night and have MC WICKS from Cali on Thursday Night. Big Big things on the horizon so make sure to stay tuned to WVCC Radio on Twitch and share it with some of your Hip Hop Peers. Enough about that…lets GET THIS BAG!!!


Anyone who is cursed enough to know me personally knows COMMON is my #1 Emcee. Always has been, since I started keeping such rankings back in the late 90’s. Without a doubt he has broken my heart on several occasions, but just like that life long commitment between a husband and a wife, I have loved the music of Lonnie Lynn unconditionally through thick an thin ( that U.M.C. Album produced by Pharrell Williams being one of the Thinnest…shit was horrible). As I told my life partner, I know things might be rough for a bit, but it will get better, and in the case of our relationship with COMM, things sure have gotten better. His last 2 albums, A BEAUTIFUL REVOLUTION pt 1 & 2 have been a great return to the smooth stylistic bar juggler from the GO that we all fell in love with at one time or another. Accompanied by some great Features including Bar Gawd BLACK THOUGHT who destroys his verse on WHEN WE MOVE which also features SEUN KUTI, son of the great FELA KUTI, who injects as much Afro Funk Soul into the track as his late father ever did on his classics. The beautiful voice of PJ graces many hooks on an album that gives you equal parts Funk and Foot Shuffling jams, and Soul Searching/ Meditation melodies. Both albums can be found in a limited addition Double LP Vinyl Set for those who are interested in collecting one of COMMON’s greatest pieces of work. Many people claim that he has lost his touch, but this album further proves to me that COMMON has just been one of the Best Artist to allow his music to evolve and mature with him. At this point of our life, as the world & circumstances force us to evolve, this album might be just what we need to focus our Mind and Soul on getting through this time of change.

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AZ – DOE OR DIE 2 (Full Album)

AZ is back to prove NAS isnt the only FIRM member who can still put out quality Hip Hop in this New Era. On the long away DOE OR DIE 2 the Queens Bridge legend is back with a slew of dope features, including R&B crooner JAHIEM who blesses the hook on summer anthem THE WHEEL and makes it a hook that just wont leave your memory. Miami’s own RICK ROSS the Boss flexes over the smooth sax sample on NEVER ENOUGH where AZ drops some gems of encouragement, and CONWAY THE MACHINE & LIL WAYNE take shots at RITUAL (Is it me, or is WEEZY effortlessly hanging with every Hip Hop great inviting him on features this year? Even taking the spotlight in most cases.) Even DAVE EAST & Auto Tune Lord T-PAIN join the party on the later half of the album, but make no mistake, AZ is in the drivers seat and doesn’t take his foot off the peddle for one minute. Although the album name might make it seem like the Queens Rapper is still on the same Get Money By Any Means tip he was in the mid 90’s when he dropped his 1st album, if you listen to his writings, he is pointing the listener towards a deeper source, the universal force which has given him the will and drive to come back and claim his rightful place in the Hip Hop pantheon.


“I’m looking at the Custy like “give me your money this gon be your favorite Album”/ If not I grab um by the Ankles and Shake it Out um” . With these words Kendall Killer SHOTTIE touches back down on planet Earth, driving a “4 door Moskvitch from Moscow” which looks like it has been pimped out by Doc Brown himself. Instead of Christopher Lloyd, SHOTTIE is once more found riding around with 95LABS Producer TeV95 who utilizes his secret stash of Eastern European Records to concoct this 2nd installment to the MOSKVITCH series. When SHOTTIE & TeV95 announce that this would be a 3 Part Project, we were doubtful that they would be able to top part 1 of the series, which is already considered a South Florida Classic. We’ll they did it, and not only did they outdo part 1, but they raised all the stakes on this one, like Bond bluffing at a poker table in Monti Carlo. Where MOSKVITCH 1.3 only featured the rapper once known DEADSHOT’s triumphant return to the mic, Pt 2.3 opens the Cypher up to some New voices and some of Miami’s most Legendary Emcees. SHOTTIE proves he can play nice with others in the Sandbox from the EP opener RANDOM ACTS OF HORROR where OHENE CORNELIOUS makes sure who ever hadn’t heard about him before will remember his name and voice. He then has long time accomplice and his “Favorite Spanish Rapper in Hip Hop, all time, Hands Down” SALAZAR EL TABAQUERO suit up in a tux for the BOND themed FROM RUSSIA WITH LOVE (This needs a Video like the U.S. needs a Vaccine that actually works). In the middle of the Bar Fest which takes you from Miami all the way to Barcelona Spain and back (Check the video for BARCELONA HEIR below, one of my favorite tracks off the album), SHOTTIE brings us back for a second spin around his hood in the 2nd rendition of KENDALL DRIVE which keeps the same piano driven beat from MOSK 1.3, but welcomes KENDALL HIP HOP Veterans B DOPE & GARCIA who paints a nostalgic picture as vivid as any of his award winning films or music videos. The features all shine brightly, but none takes the attention away from the Mr. MOTIVATION himself who practically outshines every South Florida release of 2021 on his 4 Solo Joints on the EP. CHARGED UP is my favorite cut off the project as it shows off SHOTTIE finally flexing over some hard drums (Not that Roc Marci Minimilist shit…lol). The homie drops gems, speaks Facts, speaks Fiction and speaks to your soul on MOSKVITCH 2.3. Click the link below, pick up your copy and hear for yourself. Trust…the interior of this whip is kush as fuh.

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This year we lost a Lyrical Marvel. The Super Emcee known as GIFT OF GAB was inspired by many of the greats he grew up with, and ended up inspiring countless others to hold up the standard he lived his life raising. One of the nastiest Style Masters to ever grace a microphone, there was little that G.O.G could not do vocally. He proves that point on his final donation to his fans, FINDING INSPIRATION SOMEHOW, tackling a plethora of cadences, vibes and topics with ease. It is amazing to think GAB was still spitting at this caliber in the last years of his life as his health betrayed him. Tracks like SLAUGHTAH DUM, VICE GRIP, ALCHEMY, & ENTER THE DRAGON display GAB on Furious Attack mode. While gems like GOING FARTHER, BREATH IN, YOU GOING TO MAKE IT IN THE END, & A WEEKEND IN VENICE just set their own mood and feed your soul as you listen. GIFT OF GAB had the ability to make you mosh it out in the Pit or sit with a group of friends in deep discussion, such as on joints like THE GENTRIFICATION SONG, THIS IDEA OF AMERICA, & A WORLD WITHOUT MONEY. We can only hope that there is more unreleased GAB material out there, but as a goodbye album, F.I.S is proof that even in the passing of our Hero’s we can FIND INSPIRATION SOMEHOW.


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NATIVE SLANG – HARD 2 GET ft Brian Murillo

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With the release of their Debut EP “NATIVE SLANGUAGE” quickly approaching, the New Mexico to Miami connection known as NATIVE SLANG are back with a Summer bop dedicated to those trying to pull a baddie or those who went through hell and high water to win over their better half. British Producer MUTE SPEAKER makes it impossible to keep your toes from tapping to this joint that 8CH2OWENS & EKYM 1536 have a field day flirting with. Long time collaborator BRIAN MURILLO lays some smooth vocals over a hook that should stay stuck in your head for a while. Share this with that next shorty when you try to take your shot


If I wasn’t on Vacation this week this Video would have gotten played multiple times on every one of our shows. SANKOFA & MATTY LITE are not only considered family at WVCC RADIO, they are also some of our favorite Emcees and Producers of the New Gen. Check their New Video DALI ROLEX off of their latest joint effort FLOODGATES and see for yourself why we hold them both in such high esteem. Congratulations to both LITE and KOFA on the selling out of all their FLOODGATE CD’s, it makes me happy to see the album getting so much support. If the video doesnt convince you, see the lyrical break down provided by RAP SEMINAR to see just how intricate KOFA is with the pen.

MIKE TITAN x KILLER CRAB MEN: The Anti-Trash Equation ft A7MC

MIKE TITAN & KILLER CRAB MEN are back with the 3rd piece (Really the 4th) of their FROM APOKOLIPS TO NEW GENESIS series. With KILLER CRAB MEN behind the boards and pads this team has compiled a 4 EP series together that is chuck full of that Spacey Boom Bap lovers of DELTRON 3030, CO FLOW, CANIBAL OX, MF DOOM and MICRONAUTS will feel familiar with and gravitate to naturally. MIKE TITAN will satisfy any die hard head who’s been hungry for a new voice with the skills worth listening to. THE ANTI-TRASH EQUATION is the first single off of FROM APOKOLIPS Part 3, but the way MIKE TITAN and long time partner in rhyme A7MC skate over the LUCK OF LUCIAN sample flip, it will have you checking out the previous projects just to make sure this isnt a one and done fluke. You’ll see for yourself, these dudes are in it for the Alpha to Omega long haul.


The “Leather Face” masked rebel known as CHOCO VALENS has been in the kitchen cooking up a pot of god knows what after the release of his WOLFENSTEIN LP. The way he was collecting heads on his last project, I rather not ask him what’s stewing in the Pot, but before I could even wonder he hits us with GREY SKIES. A smooth break beat that goes through a really dope metamorphosis, which CHOCO uses to its fullest potential, molting through multiple forms as the beat grows. Relentless with his BARS FOR THE WORLD Freestyles, CHOCO has kept his name relevant in the conversation of any scene he joins, but now it seems like he is back to work on something bigger than just weekly Freestyle verses. That’s when VALENS is at his most dangerous. Look out for a posse cut that CHOCO VALENS invited me on along with a host of other So Flow killers dropping really soon. Shit should be bloody.

Zaza God – Omni Potent (Album)

Zaza God new project “Omni Potent”. Purchase:…

This started playing while I was finishing a review and I just couldnt change it. Never heard of ZAZA GOD before, but that’s why I am Subbed to PAKA THE PLUG on Youtube. He blesses us with all that dope shit we never heard before, but need to hear Right Now!! You can bet your next paycheck I’ll be playing joints off this OMNI POTENT album through out the Month on WVCC Radio. This dude is sick.


I had to take the week off from hosting the Radio Show this week to focus on the family a bit more. If Family isn’t right, all the hip hop in the world aint going to make the day better. At least that’s how it is at Casa De 8ch. Even though I missed hanging with you guys during the week, it was nice to take some time off and just relax. I was able to be really productive at home and in our new branch of Vice City Cypher, PROFRESH PUBLICITY which is helping to spread #SoFlowHipHop around the world. So I can’t complain about the time of R&R. The one thing I missed most of all was the Friday Morning Breakfast Buffet with Our WVCC RADIO Network Partner from Alabama, DJ GLIBSTYLES. If you haven’t tuned in to one of our Friday Morning Mixes yet, you sleeping on some great Boom Bap and Soul. For all of yalls who missed THE SOULD KEEPERS mix as much as I did this week, here you go. This was the Mix that was supposed to have been streamed today, and it features some SO FLOW Heat from EVAIZE & DR. BOWSER that has been played in Britian, France, Germany, New Mexico, Boston, Chicago and beyond this week. Thank you to all the DJ’s and Blog Hosts showing South Florida Hip Hop Love, and special shouts to DJ GLIBSTYLES for being a great friend and even better Selector. Give him a follow and Sign up for a Monthly Sub on his Mix Cloud above.