Written by 8ch2Owens:

GUERILLA GROOVE RADIO Host and Bronx MC RHINOCEROUS FUNK teams up with the Bronx beat sculptor SILENT SOMEONE to hit you with a massive dose of nostralgia. They say nostalgia, the feeling of an extremely vivid memory where you are almost transported to that certain time and space, is triggered largely by the sense of smell. So it makes sense that RHINO and SILENT would cook up a record so funky that it takes you back to a time when Hip Hop was pure and fresh. Tethered together by snippets of old school live Performances that give the record a WILD STYLE throwback feel, every beat on SILENT FUNK induces nausea, SILENT SOMEONE being a tested provider of pungent Productions.

RHINO knows just what to do with the 70sfunk and Blacksploitation Sample Drivin instrumentals and holds a college course on constructive ass kicking. “WALK ON WATER”, “LET’S GET IT STRAIGHT” “HALF ASS CREWS” and “RHINOCEROS FUNK pt 2” will leave you fiending for a cypher, and doubting your skills all at the same time. His Colab with crew mate YAHZEED on CLAP YOUR HANDS (WVCC Fave) is a thing of scientific beauty as their natural chemistry shines on an excellent back & forth on the 3rd verse. But not before YAHZEED steals the show with a disciplined 2nd Verse where he carries a catchy cadence perfectly for 24 bars (Trying to type some of it wouldn’t do it justice. Listen to that joint). RHINO has been rocking Mics and giving Indie Hip Hop a Platform long enough for us to know he’s 100% with the shits. He even destroys the set in Spanglish on “COLD CHILLIN” which sounds like a BBoy Jam inside of A Puerto Rican remake of TRON. However, it’s tracks like “OLD HABITS”, “BRICKWALLS”, “INDUSTRY RULE #”, and “CRUEL LIES” where you hear the knowledge, wisdom, and conviction of the leader that is RHINOCEROS FUNK. Any follower of George Carlin and ATCQ will add TURN OFF to their favorite playlist immediately. I know I did. Actually, the whole album got added pretty quickly. SILENT FUNK is addictive like smelling your finger after you pick your belly button, making your face screw tiggghtt.. just like when you hear SILENT SOMEONES ENDTRO. SILENT FUNK is def worth your attention. Enjoy their latest video for “LETS GET IT STRAIGHT” below, and get your copy of “SILENT FUNK” at the Bandcamp Link above. Nostralgia included with every purchase.

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