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Peace Peace Fellow 88ers. Hope you had as dope a weekend as we did in #SoFlow. Local Legend B-Dope opened for Hip Hop Legends ONYX and the MAD 100 family this past Friday and tore down the spot and Munchies Pizza. Really dope venue in Downtown Ft Lauderdale. Def recommended if you ever see their name on a Hip Hop Flyer. Big Salute to DJ HERON, DJ EXES, and the CLOCKWORK MUSIC family, who continue to provide South Florida with Top Quality Hip Hop shows with their Local Legends Series this year. Join them this Sunday, 9/25, as they host LORD FINESSE & DJ MASEO for the 1st LEGENDS ONLY: SELECTORS SESSIONS at THE JOINT of MIAMI. This Sunday Party starts at 6pm and is NO COVER, so come enjoy your Sunday Evening with EXES & HERON and some of Hip Hop’s Legendary Funk & Soul Selectors, just make sure to RSVP for your ticket.

If you love that Underground Vibe, you will def want to be in the building this Saturday, 9/25 as WVCC RADIO hosts ADVENTURES RHYMES at INVASIVE SPECIES BREWERY (726 NE 2ND AVE, FT LAUDERDALE 33304). 6 CARDINAL returns to South Florida and has rounded up some of the best in Broward to bless us with lots of Bars and Beer. Come enjoy Live sets by 6 CARDINAL, THE BENCWARMERS CLIQUE, GEORG SPITS THE LLAMA, Y.K. HAMILTON, & BAMBOON with a Live MPC Set. Also NO COVER, so come out and drink the night away with us at INVASIVE SPECIES‘ SWAMPTOBER FEST.

And last but not least, this might be your last chance to copp tickets to the NAS/WU-TANG “N.Y State Of Mind Tour” hitting West Pam Beach IThink Ampatheater this Tuesday 9/20. Make sure to bring a Lawn Chair and Poncho/Umbrella, it is out doors, on the Lawn, and If the weather is anything like this past week in South Florida, we may be watching the show from a muddy puddle, so dress accordingly. WVCC RADIO will be in the building come Hell or High Water. Crossing our fingers Busta Rhymes makes this leg of the tour.

Alright, Alright. Enough promoting of upcoming shows in South Florida. Just know if you are planning to travel down to the Bottom of the Map this year, you should reach out to us ahead of time to see what we can put you down with some good Hip Hop in South Florida. For now, let us focus our attention on all the new music in this weeks WEEKEND BAG.

#ThatNewNew – LPs & EPs that must be heard this week.


After roasting and putting the final fork in the SLAUGHTERHOUSE pork on their last album, JOELL & CROOK are back, creating a whole new world for you to visit. They made it clear on THE RISE AND FALL OF SLAUGHTERHOUSE that they were far from done working together and were working on the Next Chapter of their group story. What they have delivered is a Hip Hop screenplay worthy of being picked up by ROCKSTAR Games as a precursor to the upcoming GRAND THEFT AUTO 6 or a series on the reigning subscription-based streaming site. 

HARBOR CITY: SEASON ONE plays out like a Netflix Crime Drama (Intro Sample and All), which drops you right into a homicide investigation from the opening scene, and from the opening track, HEAT WAVE, Long Beach’s KXNG CROOKED & Brooklyn’s JOELL ORTIZ set off on an 18 track killing spree. Murdering every beat served to them by the HEAT MAKERS PRODUCTION team.

Other than the background vocalist and actors on the HARBOR CITY skits, the only feature on the album is AZ, who lays a strong 3rd verse on the inspirational VIBRATE HIGHER. The rest of the album is ruled by the Mayors of HARBOR CITY, JOELL & KXNG CROOKED who are at the zenith of their pen games, and somehow find a way of levitating higher still. 

Even though SEASON ONE is 24 episodes long (18 songs, 6 skits), this album is far from a chore to listen to. ORTIZ & CROOK’s bars and storytelling skills keep you listening through the entire album easily, like binge-watching “The Wire” on a weekend once you see it for the 1st time. Even their comic Relief Tracks/ Commercials (1-800-GET-HARD & NAHDEADASSYO) are expertly written and convey the great time these two had recording this album. 

Through their passion for the written word and love for the art of Emceeing, JOELL & CROOK have not just written an album, they have created their own “metaverse”, where they combine the Coastal Cities of BROOKLYN & LONGBEACH into a new U.S. PORT named HARBOR CITY.  Blending not only the best in Hip Hop Lyricism from both coasts but also the dangerous side of the streets which these two cities are all too known for. This album sounds like HARD KNOCK LIFE & THE CHRONIC gave birth to a Two-Headed siamese twin who spits the street bars of Biggie with the Thug Passion & Knowledge of Pac. I would be typing til tomorrow if I detailed everything I like about his album. Each song deserves to be played, repeated, and studied. Favorite Songs? All of them. There isn’t a skippable track on the album, except maybe the skits, after the first listen you will be in a rush to hear the actual songs again. However, the attention to detail they displayed on the album theme as a whole doesn’t get taken for granted.  CROOK & JOEL knew exactly what they were doing, like screenwriters who purposefully leave loose ends and unanswered questions in the script, tipping the audience off to the sequel to come.  They have definitely set this album up to go in many directions, and whether it’s a Miniseries on HBO, a New VR game on the Oculus, or just a 2nd album, I am ready to take the trip to HARBOR CITY all over again. Doors Locked, Windows Up. 

Enjoy JOELL ORTIZ & KXNG CROOKED as they introduce the New Album at their most recent Press Confrence (Below), and get your limited press signed CD of HARBOR CITY: SEASON ONE before they sell out at


What time is it?!?!?!  According to the PRESIDENTIAL (Watch/Album Opener) that buddy is handing over to keep the gun in his face from going off, it’s GRIME Time. ENELS & FRANK WHITE of the GRIMEWAV camp are back on the block with that new work has underground Hip Hop Feens lining up from Boston to New York for THE FIX. The in-house production from HANZO BLADEZ keeps heads nodding and faces twisted as E and FRANK conduct an “Orch-estra” of back street instruments like duel Murder Music “MAESTROS”. They are accompanied by mob mate LACE FUEGZ on HEAR MY PRAYERS, where FUEGZ has a disturbing conversation with his maker, and from the sounds of it, that’s not “The Man Upstairs” on the other line. They keep their foot on your neck on PRESSURE, where HANZO BLADEZ laying down a hypnotizing piano loop for ENELS, FRANK DUTCH and BLADEZ to put the squeeze on your windpipe. You want More Piano, less drums? E and WHITE go “Planters” over the bare Ivory Keys loop of “757“. Jonesing for a bit More Drums, let “UNDERGROUND RAPPER” punch you in the face a couple of times. Want something smoother to get your shorty open while she rides shotgun? Let “CANT STAY AWAY” play in the whip and see what happens when FRANK & E profess their love for the game. Broads are suckers for a bad guy.  If gutter East Coast Block Bap is your proffered lane of Hip Hop, GRIMEWAV has an endless supply. Their latest zip THE FIX should hold you over for a while as they keep cooking up the GRIME in the MASTERMIND STUDIOS Kitchen. Copp the Limited Run CD of this masterpiece below.


Written by: Presha

Some of the most celebrated music throughout history has been hedonistic and created under the influence of mind altering drugs. We’ve had Jimmi Hendrix, The Doors, The Rolling Stones, The Grateful Dead, and more. In Hip Hop, we’ve snorted lines on the Purple Tape, burned ”The Chronic” with Dr. Dre, and did shrooms with Eminem. Debauchery drives many artists, pushing their imaginations into uncharted realms and inspiring artistic innovations. For the listener, their tales of intoxication become the soundtrack for our own indulgence, or in the very least allow us to enjoy their indulgence without the aftereffects.

For Sonnyjim, an emcee from Birmingham, UK (not Alabama), debauchery serves as the central thesis for his EP ”White Girl Wasted” produced by The Purist. The Purist’s sample-heavy production provides the psychedelic punch for us to digest the Brit’s bars. The punch is spiked further with features from MF Doom and Jay Electronica, and they also lace the EP with Primo and Madlib contributions. The debauchery is top shelf and at times funny, like when Sonnyjim spits, ”…in the Benz zig zaggin/ dispatching/ wildin out with the white girl–Nick Cannon….” His accent is clearly the Queen’s English. His delivery–nonchalant but menacing. The snippets from Paris Hilton’s court confession, Jordan Telfort’s quaaludes sales pitch from The Wolf of Wall Street, and Joey Diaz’s piece about scraping cocaine from a hotel toilet bowl make the entire EP seamless, like a straight line of uncut raw. Sonnyjim injects his bars with a stoned, guiltless flow that’s addicting. Each track leaves its mark. The result is a twenty one minute drug binge that won’t have you selling the sofa.


The Bowlegged King of Queens, JUS DAZE is preparing to drop his sequel to April’s RAPS & RANTS. His latest pack of “SUPERSONIC” smoke titled RUNTZ & RANTZ is stuffed with the Highest Grade Audio Exotics, and trust us, you want all this smoke.  

The album opener WOKEVI22 hits you with that stench that automatically makes you screw your face and start thinking on another level. Full of the type of gems you can find DAZE dropping daily on his IG page. WOKEVID22 is conveniently followed by NO SLEEP ft. JAMES JAY EAZY, who is also behind the boards, making RUNTZ & RANTS sound as LOUD as it does.  Both spitters claim to show no emotion on the hook, but JIMMY JAY slides all over the 1st verse with enough passion to lead an army into battle and JD closes NO SLEEP with a verse hard enough to wake those snoozing on him the fuck up. Now that you’re fully awake, ride around with DAZE on BREAKING BUD, a chopped and screwed bop you can drive around town bumping LOUD, you just gotta keep it on repeat cuz it’s as short as it is addictive. DAZE keeps that same energy on PURP SMOKE, a fully packed Raw Cone produced by Bulgarian producer YOUNG BORKSI, that is just sitting on the ashtray waiting to be lit. This shit will get the mood right in any setting, lacing excellently penned bars with a layed back drill vibe that can get any party bouncing. The party vibe continues on the club friendly YDGAF IDGAF, produced by our UK Brethren, 6th FLOOR which also features “Drill N B” artist TREV MULAH on the hook. This joint is a straight 2 minutes of ratchet ignorance! Or is it? Don’t be turned off by the “trappy beat,” Daze always finds a way of taking the subject matter deeper than most, no matter the style.    

The EP closes with JUS pulling up in front of the neighborhood bodega, kicking a classic NY freestyle-type verse over POSITIVELYDGAF. He spits “Crazy, people think being positive is obnoxiousness/ But I’m not bothered by being the talk of Topics/ that’s being spoke by other people who lack in confidence/ I don’t acknowledge it/ but low key they could swallow it/ they remind me of emojis that look like a pile of shit/”. Another joint I recommend you leave on repeat since it is just toooo good to only be 1:09 min long.   

 The RUNTZ & RAPS pack is potent enough to lay you out and get you activated all in the same blunt. DAZE admits that he wanted to record an ep that heads could just chill, vibe, and puff some good chronic to. He definitely delivers that in air tight “SUPERSONIC” stamped packaging for your enjoyment.  Jus smoke responsibly. 


The German Boom Bap factory known as BOFAAT BEATZ has blessed us with a new collection of battle born bangersz that is worth copping physically and saving to your favorites list, wherever you stream music. DEADLY DUOS is a treasure trove of rare mash ups of Indie Emcees you’ve never heard on record together, that are as valuable as Limited Edition Collectables. 1st of all BOFAAT has been blending his brand of European Boom Bap with American Underground artists for a number of years now, growing his reputation amongst Hip Hop’s Underground stateside. Now he gathers all the Western Hemisphere spitters he has built with in the past few years, and splits the congregation into smaller groups of 2, resulting in 14 tracks of pure 1,2, Punch, Kick combination that will knock more than a couple of teeth out. Pair ups like Veterans ED O.G. & THURST OG on OG’S IN THE GAME, JUXX-DIAMONDZ & BAD SEED on FROM THE BOTTOM, JUICE CREW Legend CRAIG G & KENNETH MASTERS on DIFFERENT (Joooooint), Brockton Bully G FAM BLACK w/ OUTSIDERZ Founding Member YOUNG ZEE on RAP OR DIE or the pairing of New Underground Noise Makers RECOGNIZE ALI & HANZO BLADEZ of GRIMEWAV, and P-RO of the KNUCKLE DRAGGUZ teamed up with MO RUKUZ, the GRIMEWAV SkumKing are all Tag Teams we never knew we needed but evidently, BOFAAT knew we did. Most of the above named are Long time collaborators of BOFAAT’s, including TEYAMO DENKU, MARZ ONE, and RAMBUNXIOUS who all beat you within an inch of your life on DEADLY DUOS. Physical copies for the album, including a crazy fresh Limited Press Vinyl are available now through the SNOWGOONS Bandcamp page which is a huge look in of itself. If BOFAAT BEATZ isnt on your Radar of Top Modern Underground Producers, you need to play DEADLY DUOS and let him beat some sense into you.


Written by: Presha

We’re all on a flight aboard the third planet from the sun. Life is a trip, and it takes off at birth towards an unknown destination. If we’re lucky, we experience very little turbulence. Hopefully we’re seated next to a positive passenger and we land safely to retrieve all the luggage we left with. But not all flights are good flights. Unexpected storms shake the plane, passengers get unruly, and our luggage comes up missing. No matter how bad it gets, we can only hope our journey doesn’t end in a disastrous crash.

Pink Siifu (Siifu means ”teacher” in Cantonese) grew up taking flights from Cincinnati, Ohio to Birmingham, Alabama. He was raised in Cincinnati but would return south to connect with his southern roots. His flights helped to form his borderless musical taste. Now, based in LA, his talents are cultured–both caviar and southern soul food. For his newest project, he’s seated next to the LA clothing crew and production pilots, Real Bad Man.

”Real Bad Flights” is a mixed drink aboard an overall smooth flight with minor turbulence. Its nine track itinerary consists of majestic ascents and nervous descents. Track one, ”Real Negro Life,” takes off without any complications. But for track two, ”Looking For Water,” Real Bad Man’s production gets too big for Siifu. Fortunately, Boldy James saves the song and hugs the track like an awaiting family member at the LAX. ”Tokyo Blunts,” the third track, is bananas! Real Bad Man gets real creative with the rubbery kicks and the extraterrestrial flutes. The listening experience is certainly Asian. The maximum elevation of Real Bad Flights is reached on track four, ”Afro Russian,” where Real Bad Man captains a jumbo Boom Bap banger for Pink Siifu and Amani to murk. ”Po Drama,” the eighth track, is also a high point with its cinematic lament. The turbulence comes on tracks like ”View of Paris” and ”Off the Plane” that have a nice dinner coat and Louis loafer vibe, but just come across a little too lazy for my taste. Real Bad Flights isn’t really bad. It takes off and lands safely. However, I’m uncertain if Real Bad Man and Pink Siifu are the best match for each other. Their individual talents are unquestionable, but the combination on this project was generally a comfortable ride in coach rather than an elegant ride in first class.


New Jerus’s JOSIAH THE GIFT gave us a blazing hot 2 part album by the name of MIGHTIER THAN THE SWORD earlier this year. Now he has returned with Production Team TRUE CIPHER on his right and left like a group of Hired Muscle. The Smooth Talking JOSIAH and Finger Breaking Goons O THE BEAT SMITH & TONES move through out “TOGO” with the ease of made men walking around a neighborhood that depends on them for protection. Joints like the Album Titled TOGO and REMEARKABLE, featuring Detroit’s KING MICAH are instant favorites of mine with their uptempo swing loops. ALLAH PREME snaps on the head knocking WOLF BLITZER, and NAPOLEON DA LEGEND continues to grow his mythos on UNTITLED, where JOSIAH talks playing the cards you are dealt in life wisely. His goal: building Generational Wealth and preparing a Table big enough for his future Generations to eat here. JOSIAH rides the minimalistic vibes TRUE CIPHER lays down on tracks like ACTION SCENE & MATILDA with the grace of an acrobat and the aim of a High Priced assassin, murdering each one effortlessly with clean headshots. The TOGO title and project theme are aptly borrowed from the Japanese Manga Anime GOLGO 13, and fit the vibe of an album where each of the 12 tracks hit their mark. Bullseye. Stream TOGO where ever you stream good Hip Hop or buy the album at BANDCAMP and Support this squad of Hitmen for Hire.


GUERILLA GROOVES RADIO Host and Bronx MC RHINOCEROUS FUNK teams up with the Bronx beat sculptor SILENT SOMEONE to hit you with a massive dose of nostralgia. They say nostalgia, the feeling of an extremely vivid memory where you are almost transported to that certain time and space, is triggered largely by the sense of smell. So it makes sense that RHINO and SILENT would cook up a record so funky that it takes you back to a time when Hip Hop was pure and fresh.Tethered together by snippets of old school live Performances that give the record a WILD STYLE throw back feel, every beat on SILENT FUNK induces nausea, SILENT SOMEONE being a tested provider of pungent Productions. RHINO knows just what to do with the 70sfunk and Blacksploitation Sample Drivin instrumentals and holds college course on constructive ass kicking. “WALK ON WATER”, “LETS GET IT STRAIGHT” “HALF ASS CREWS” and “RHINOCEROS FUNK pt 2” will leave you feending for a cypher, and doubting your skills all at the same time. His Colab with crew mate YAHZEED on CLAP YOUR HANDS (WVCC Fave) is a thing of scientific beauty as their natural chemistry shines on an excellent back & forth on the 3rd verse. But not before YAHZEED steals the show with a disciplined 2nd Verse where he carries a catchy cadence perfectly for 24 bars (Trying to type some of it wouldnt do it justice. Listen to that joint). RHINO has been rocking Mics and giving Indie Hip Hop a Platform long enough for us to know he’s 100% with the shits. He even destroys the set in Spanglish on “COLD CHILLIN” which sounds like a BBoy Jam inside of A Puerto Rican remake of TRON. However, it’s tracks like “OLD HABITS”, “BRICKWALLS”, “INDUSTRY RULE #”, and “CRUEL LIES” where you hear the knowledge, wisdom and conviction of the leader that is RHINOCEROS FUNK. Any follower of George Carlin and ATCQ will add “TURN OFF” to their favorite playlist immediately. I know I did. Actually the whole album got added to my Favorite Albums of 2022 Playlist pretty quickly. “SILENT FUNK” is just as addictive as smelling your finger after you pick your belly button, making your face screw tiggghtt, just like when you hear SILENT SOMEONES “ENDTRO”, or any other song on the album. SILENT FUNK is just that potent and def worth your attention. Nostralgia included with every listen.

Symba X DJ Drama ”Results Take Time”

Written by: Presha

”…You my homie; you my dawg/ I knew you was mine before we even got involved/ Put you in the front seat of that Benz to show you off/ took you out ya loft/ You got an LLC instead of Louis V to floss….” (From: Soul Ties)

My queen is an entrepreneur and a visionary. Her heart is gold. Her beauty–undeniable. And yet she chose a relationship with me, a convict. While the circumstances aren’t ideal, we find creative ways to express ourselves and strengthen our connection, but it’s not easy. No matter how hard we try, the distance and lack of physical presence is painful. Words have their limits, and couples sometimes need to draw from each other’s physical energy to feel safe and find calm in chaotic moments. During a recent bout of chaos, she found herself overwhelmed and in need of my calming energy. In that moment, it wasn’t so much about what was there, but what wasn’t there, and I felt helpless. The following day she saw a Bible scripture which referred to a farmer planting seeds after an early rain in the fall and reaping the grain after a late rain in the spring. (Mark 4:28) The message: Be patient. At the same time she shared this message with me, I happened to be listening to the first track off Symba’s new mixtape with DJ Drama, appropriately titled ”Results Take Time,” and God’s message was clear. Needless to say, Symba now had my undivided attention.

”…You gotta believe in you before people believe it first/ You never put in the work and you’ll never know what it’s worth….” (From: Overnight)

From his high school years, where he found his voice, to signing a deal with Columbia Records that soured, Symba is no stranger to the time value of persistence. The Bay Area emcee, now signed with Atlantic Records, teams up with DJ Drama, who is also a student from the school of hustle and dedication. Let’s not ever forget that Drama had over 80,000 mixtapes, 4 vehicles, and recording equipment seized by the Fulton County pigs and was never found guilty of any wrong doing. Symba and DJ Drama’s collaboration offers sixteen tracks that motivate and inspire. With the exception of two tracks that kill the positive momentum of their project (”No Sleep” and ”Pop Out”), ”Results Take Time” has a consistent theme of hard work, sacrifice, faith, and perseverance. ”Overnight” teaches us that success doesn’t come over night. ”Never Change” speaks on remaining real no matter the circumstances. ”Never End Up Broke” tells us that ”…money can’t buy back time.” And on ”GOAT” Symba doesn’t just offer a self-aggrandizing argument for his greatness, he suggests that we’re all the GOAT in our own ways. Because of where I’m at mentally and spiritually at the moment, ”Blessings” and ”Better Days” moved me most. In ”Better Days” Symba spits, ”…Nothing happens over night/ Everything in life requires a sacrifice/ Time’s the only thing that doesn’t come with a price/ You can’t make it to the top by having a fear of heights….” Indeed nothing happens over night. We must put in the work. My queen and I understand the ”Sacrifices” involved, and soon she and I will be able to reap the results. We will always ”Find a Way.” We will thank God for our ”Blessings.” We will build ”Soul Ties.” And we will remain focused on the ”Better Days” ahead.

#CyphLyfe #SingleFiles


The other day I walked in on my stepson and his girlfriend watching “SCARFACE” for the 1st time. In this age of short attention spans, I was surprised that they sat intently through the whole movie and even engaged me in conversation regarding the history of the film and the Mariel Boat Lift of 1980 when Fidel Castro allowed more than 125,000 Cubans to migrate to the U.S. to escape communism. It made me proud to see my half Cuban stepson interested in his heritage, and Cuban/ Miami History and having his interest sparked by a movie that captured so many of our imaginations and attentions when we were young &, growing up in Miami. Ironically, SCARFACE was first taken as an insult by the Cuban Community that was in exodus in Miami in the 80s, who took offense to be painted as crooks and criminals (Sound Familiar). However, the children of this generation, us Cubans who grew up in Miami during the 90s, and Early 2000s saw SCARFACE as our own Hispanic Al Capone. Our own Bad Ass Anti Hero who earned his success by any means necessary, played by the baddest On Screen Gangster of all time, Al Pacino. So many classic quotes came out of that movie. I stood there reciting the dialogue word for word while my Steps and his GF stared at me in wonder. Definitely a PROUD moment for me.

It is with equal pride that I present to my audience the latest visuals from my brother B-DOPE. The Kendall, Miami FL Veteran has already solidified his name in the Miami Hip Hop History books, but he doesn’t stay active for the fame. He was just booked this past Friday to open up for ONYX, based on his genuine love of the craft of Emceeing and passion for Hip Hop Culture. No one is as Proud as BOBBY to be one of the loud voices making noise for #SoFlow and drawing national attention to Kendall, FL. His latest visuals for his SO PROUD RMX were shot by local Emcee/Videographer MR. BELEAF, and features a cameo from another one of our #SoF.ow Community Leaders, The Hialeah General ORION aka BRASS BALLS. These brothers have done a lot to keep the South Florida Hip Hop scene relevant in the bigger picture and we are SO PROUD to claim them as Home Team.

Enjoy the visuals and audio for “SO PROUD”, and give B-DOPE a follow so you can be in the loop as he gets ready to release his next LP, “THAT 88 SHIT” Produced entirely by wifey MZ. MELZ BANGAZ, is hard at work promoting her BDay Jam and B-DOPE Album Listening Party on Saturday, OCT 22ND (Flyer Below). If you are in South Florida, we expect you to be there for this #SoFlowFamily Celebration. Also be on the lookout for PASS THE TORCH, the 1st single off of “THAT 88 SHIT”, due to drop in the coming weeks.


Written by: Presha

There is currently a bidding war for the talents of RJ Payne, and rightfully so. A battle tested emcee with intricate bars and DMX energy is a rare and marvelous thing to witness. He’s definitely one of my favorites in the game right now. Every time I listen to RJ Payne, my face crinkles up like I just smelled a corpse. He bodies everything! His newest single ”Bring the Payne” is yet another murder added to his rap sheet. The song begins with a Steve Harvey PSA where the Family Feud host cosigns RJ as a torch bearer for real Hip Hop and lets all the ”Lil Ass, Lil Head, Lil Foot, Lil Face, Lil Talent” rappers out there know that Payne is coming. Then, Cartune Beatz’s eerie production begins and RJ brings ”the Payne.”

”Sick and disgusted/ let’s quit the discussion/ see, I don’t rap/ I tap dance on a beat/ and I rip through percussion…” Payne proceeds to rip through 16 bars and tags it with his trademark exclamation ”PAYNE!” at the end. Then, it’s only right that Method Man make an appearance on a song called ”Bring the Payne,” so Mef slides the second verse to let everyone know that his fangs are still sharp. ”See my agenda/ like Enter the Ninja/ End a pretender/ hit you with the 31st by the end of December/ the coldest winter/ my sister soldiers don’t go against us….” Method is followed by a second Payne casualty, and the menacing three and a half minutes concludes with Inspectah Deck doing a drive by with bars like, ”Shottie on the lap riding passenger/ Battle Star Galactica/ I got ya back, Payne, like sciatica…” Back to back bars and back to back bodies! I freakin’ love it! Guess that makes me a Payne freak.


KINGDOME KOME is one of our Break Out #SoFlowArtists who has managed to be successful as an Indie Artist beyond our State Lines. Having taking his brand nation wide, rocking crowds around the country and internationally, KINGDOME KOME has become somewhat of big bro to look up to, whose example I study and follow. One of the things I have learned from El Gaucho is Networking is paramount to growing your brand recognition. On his latest release he has teamed up with Toronto Canada’s Argentinian axe wielder CHE UNO, to combine as LOS CHICOS CRIOLLO. If you know anything about Argentinians, you know they are Proud, Brash, and they serve up some of the best fare in South America. CHE & KINGDOM wear these attributes like custome made CHICOS CRIOLLO Sweaters, and strut around the DOT ONE production like thier shit dont stink, while they serve up some Top Tier Lyricism sprinkled with that Spanish Flavor. Their latest single/Video – “SHOOTOUTS IN ROSARIO” is just a free sample of the Parrillada (Open Grill BBQ) that they have cooked up for you on the LOS CHICOS CRIOLLO album.

Once you’ve enjoyed your fill of the Argentinian Fare, head over to the new ALCHEMY album by KINGDOM KOME and ONAJE JORDAN (see what I told you about his networking skills). This album features many prominent names in todays underground, including fellow #SoFlow Soldiers, ELOHIM THE ANAMOLY and SUPREME SORCERER Partner, LAZARUZ CHILD. WVCC RADIO is going to need a little more time to sit with these complete albums and digest the material thoroughly. Check back with us next week for our full reviews of both the LOS CHICOS CRIOLLO, & ALCHEMY album. By clicking on the hyper links above you check the albums for yourselves and be ready for my review next week. Til then, pass me “el Chimichurri”. I’m about to go in on these plates.


FOLEX & MR. FOX are back on a flaming hot New Single called CORVETTE, off their recent QUANTUM FIELD CREW project. The 2 members of the legendary JUSTICE SYSTEM, have been staying active with their QFC Spin Off Project, releasing several vidoes for the album in the past year to keep their old fans and new followers of JUSTICE SYSTEM revisiting an album that is worth plenty of extra spins. Take a couple of spins around the block on the New CORVETTE as MR. JONES and DJ JAHBAZZ weigh out the benefits of Material vs Soul. In their own words, CORVETTE is “A play on words, this video presents a look at the money over everything take and what happens to society when that’s the motto. Hard-hitting 808’s fill the speakers and Sam Jones aka Folex and Mr. Fox deliver the vocals. make sure to follow on IG @justicesystemband and on your favorite streaming platform.”

We couldnt have said it better ourselves. Enjoy the ride on the QUANTUM FIELD CORVETTE.


If WVCCRadio is going to claim KENDALLY AF!!! we gotta rep it all the way. Even though the K was where many of my peers and I found a haven for East Coast/ Boom Bap Hip Hop in South Florida, we were still surrounded by the Dirty South, 808 Booty Base Rap wave that is considered the regional sound of Miami Rap Music. You know, “Dat Hood Shit”. Even though his lane isnt what we are used to playing on CYPH LYFE Radio, few in the New Generation of Miami Artist have been repping Kendall as hard as the young bull NICK GARCIA aka MR. DEPINGA. From humble beginnings as a Sound Cloud Rapper, NICK has invested his Time, Energy and Money into building his brand to the point that DEPINGA ENT. is a growing monster in Kendall. Cosigned by KENDALL OG’S CRAZY HOOD PRODUCTIONS and DJ EFN himself, NICK has people saying “LA COSA ESTAN “DE PINGAAAA” from Miami to Washington DC and beyond. Now he has dropped what smells like a Miami Rap Classic with @BorisCHP aka BEATS IN THE HOOD titled THROW DA D, featuring Miam Rap Icon JT MONEY. The song is meant to be a homage to UNCLE LUKE, 2 LIVE CREW, UNCLE AL, and the BOOTY BASE sound that put Miami on the Hip Hop Map nation wide in the 80s. I asked NICK GARCIA, who called himself the KING OF KENDALL for awhile in an attempt to garner hate and attention from the Kendall Hip Hop scene and get his name out there more, what his vision was for the sound he was creating to represent Kendall in the future. He replied, “My Vision for the sound that I’m creating in Kendall is to embody where you come from & be yourself. You don’t need to follow what the next man is doing just to have a quote on quote successful career. You can get far being your self & that’s all I’ve done my whole career. I’ve embodied my Cuban culture and the fact that I was born & raised in Kendall. I’m just trying to show people you can go far with music or whatever you put your heart into, without faking it.”

Wise words from the Young Hustler. In an era where all of us Gen X’ers constatnly accusse Melanials of being lazy, having it eazy and acting intitled, I have seen NICK GARCIA out on the corner of 137th and Bird Road selling his CD’s until he completely Sold Out. He doesnt care if you think he is dope or wack. He beleives in himself, His team beleives in him, and its time for the rest of us to get on board. Give NICK GARCIA a follow and add him to your DSP Favorites. This kid has totally kept it KENDALLY AF!!!.

Marlowe (L’Orange & Solemn Brigham) – Past Life

OLD HEAD ED of BREWS BEATS & EATS and I have special place in our hearts for MARLOWE. The Emcee + Producer Duo of SOLEMN BRIGHAM & L’ORANGE have been releasing some of the dopest High Energy albums on the MELLO MUSIC emprint, and in the 4th qtr of 2022, they have unvelied plans for the 3rd upcoming release from these two party rockers. Their latest single PAST LIFE off of the upcoming MARLOWE 3 gives us just what we would expect from L’ORANGE & BRIGHAM. Twisted, Warped Samples over dope Breaks and SOLEMN Ice Skating over L’ORANGE’s Molten Lava production. The Video is fun, as the two have been making it a habit of bribing us with trippy visuals for the last 2 projects. MARLOW 2 was def a step up from an already fantastic debut album. I’m looking forward to hearing if they continue the uphill progress with an even better 3rd Outing. Fingers Crossed. For Now, enjoy PAST LIFE and head over to MELLO MUSIC GROUP to secure your Pre-Order of the MARLOWE 3 LIMITED ADDITION WAX.


DJ Glibstyles and 8ch2Owens got both their families together for this BAR-B-Q over this Reese Tanaka banger. Grab yourself a plate as Device Trax, Joka Wild and Travesty of The Benchwarmers Clique, Dre The Archetype, J.Roots, J5 of A1phaNum3ric5 and Ekym1536 of Native Slang all get busy giving you a taste of the “Nu Souf”.

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Big Band Live Music Hip Hop with a really Dope Lyricist as a front man. This is my time hearing of them, but it seems like they have been making noise in VA for awhile. Get to know BUSTER BROWN and TRIPLE TREY.


Added a couple of singles off this to our Play List this week. Everything I hear from it is pretty dope so I left in the bag for us to check out later. Enjoy.