Fellow Hip Hop Lifer LERICS DA LYRICIST has blessed us with a banging EP on his Birthday Weekend. His latest record, BRUTAL LYRICEST, produced entirely by coveted Underground Beatsmith BRUTAL  CAESAR, is 5 Tracks of Neck Breaking Boom Bap filled with solid Bars to hold your head up after your neck bone has turned to mash potatoes. For all who might not be familiar with LERICS DA LYRICIST, he is a die hard Hip Hop Head/ Emcee from Quebec Canada who flips between his native language of French and his 2nd tongue (English) with the smoothness of a Formula One Driver switching gears. He invites fellow Candian Emcees, ES and P of GOOD SAMARITANS on the project, ES to open the album with him on DISCIPLINE, a BRUTAL CAESER banger which both use to execute an excellent terminology tumble routine over, like the Canadian Olympic Verbal Gymnastics Team, and P to drop the “serious talk bars” on INTEGRITY. Now I will admit, I do not “PARLER FRANCIAS”, but you can hear and feel the sincerity in these 2 spitters verses as they declare their vow to never sell out, cuz as LERICS proudly proclaims in the 1st verse “I am who I am, and I don’t give a fuck” (I understood that much). Another BRUTAL produced banger keeps your head nodding on this joint, even if you don’t speak the language. This is followed by HUMILITY (Fave Joint on the Album), where Rhode Islands A-GOD THE OLD SOUL & Boston’ JFLIZ join LERICS in force-feeding you a few slices of Humble Pie. I’ve been a huge fan of everything A-GOD THE OLD SOUL has dropped in the past 2 years, and the 1st verse he lays down in HUMILITY shows you why. The Beat is hard as they come with a lethal Base Line driving the track and each of the 3 Spitters drives home the point that Hard Work will always beat out cockyness, even if it is based on Raw Talent. 

LERICS makes his voice heard the most on SANITY where he admits he is constantly tip-toeing the line between Sane and Insane & RESILIENCE, a smooth soulful bop that gives you that spark to walk the extra mile. I love the feel provided by BRUTAL CAESAR throughout the 5 track EP, but even more, I love how LERICS titled his Tracks, DISCIPLINE, SANITY, INTEGRITY, HUMILITY, RESILIENCE. As if subtly declaring the 5 Precepts he leads his artistic life by, the 5 Points of the Emcee Code he has pledged allegiance to. I may not understand all his bars, but as a fan of LERICS who has listened and shared many of his past releases, I can hear the growth in his flows, and the product he and BRUTAL CAESAR have given us is most definitely a good Hip Hop listen. 

Check it for yourself and support the Artist directly at https://lrics.bandcamp.com/album/brutal-lyricist