Written by: 8ch2Owens

The Two Slang Soldiers that bring us “A LONG TIME COMING”, 1st met down in South Florida in the early 90s, and after linking with several other NY transplants in Miami, they started making noise throughout “The Bottom” as the UNKOWN FLEET. Now, almost 30 years later, DEESOULOPEZ & BOGEY The BLACK BOGART join forces once more for a project that literally A LONG TIME COMING.

BOGEY handles the Production work throughout the entire project, setting the stage with the rugged street moods that he has come to be known for. From the opening track, “INTRO….BOLD FACE”, he starts to unravel the tale of “A LONG TIME COMING” with intriguing, vintage mob film samples that give you a sense of where these two are taking the Project. They are out for the Power and Respect, and as the sample says “Real Power isn’t given, it’s Taken” before the first beat swoops at your head, carried on the wings of some slick flutes and a grimey bassline. This gives way to COKE ON A PLATE, where DEESOUL and BOGEY break down the work over BOGEY’s Piano driven thumper. On the 1st verse you find LOPEZ “Keeping Score/ Kicking In Doors / Snow White Winter Wars / Cocains on the Mirror and spilling on the Floors/ Polo Sport Outdoors / Have You shitting in your Drawers / Gawzed Up / You want the Raw? / Have You going through withdrawals /”.

The only feature on the album is from long time crew member, FLO-LIFE Representative and 1 half of GERMAN REGIME, DJ EXES. He compliments BOGEY & DEESOUL’s verses perfectly on both ROOT OF IT ALL & GUNRANGE, making it noticeable that this isn’t the 1st time these 3 have done dirt together. But these 2 don’t need much back up. They hold down the 9 track project like its their place of business on the corner and no one comes in without getting properly served. HARDBODY & WHO WANT WHAT have already done damage on WVCC RADIO and throughout the Underground. Now its time for yall to get the rest of the clip. Press Play and enjoy that East Coast Meets South Coast Street Shit that DEESOULOPEZ & BOGEY have been perfecting for a time such as this.

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