New Hip Hop to set your Weekend Off Right.

Happy Friday the 13th fellow 88ers. Hopefully you dodging all them bad luck bullets like Neo. We had a crazy week setting off the marketing campaign for #SFMG ( South Florida Media Groups) first official joint production, the #KendallVzHialeah Verzuz Battle. Orion and Myself will be bring 20 of the hottest bangers from each of our hoods history and going to war to see who has the hottest Hip Hop, The Leah, or The K. You can follow all the fun on IG by following #KendallVzHialeah . We are dropping Freestyles going at eachothers Throats, and we invite you to join in on the fun and drop your hottest 16 Repping who you riding for, Kendall or Hialeah. Aside from that, a Friday the 13th where we get a New Aesop Rock album cant be all that bad, even if it is the last Friday the 13th of 2020 ( Sign of the Evil Eye Warding Off all juju….Todo la malo dale pa ya). With that said …..take a trip with me to the other side.


I journeyed their…I am not allowed to tell you what I saw. I can only tell you I will be taking a trip back their tonight…this time with supplies.  A Microdose of something or other, several fat ones rolled up and a 6 Pack of Trippy Flavored strong IPA’s. I left a piece of myself I the Spirit World this morning, and I am returning to see if I can find said piece, or at least lose the rest of myself in the journey.  Take the trip with me…but on your own.  This is a personal experience. Disclaimer….You are Not Ready for this…None of us are. But the journey is well worth the risk.

Seba Kaapstad | Konke

Mello Music Group has released a shower of blessings in this new album by Multi National Neo Soul Quartet SEBA KAAPSTAD. Comprised of a member from South Africa, a Swazi and 2 German members, this group has all the right elements to be a musical fountain for years to come. Jump on the bandwagon early.  They have some features from label mates Quelle Chris, ODDISEE, & GEORGIA ANNE MULDROW to make your first time seem like a nice welcome home.  This is the one that you want to play while you hang out with your shorty this weekend.

Kingdom Kome – “Save Their Souls” (feat. Lazarus Child & Luey the 4th)

Weather it’s the unconventional Picasso Art style of LAZARUS CHILDS  1st Verse, or the Sacred Gems being dropped by KINDOM KOME on the 2nd, or the Automatic Uzi Spit of LUEY THE 4TH’s 3rd verse, or the soulful Jazz Sax soaked instrumental, you going to find something you like on this joint. Plenty of jewelery dropped in these bars to assist you in Saving Your Own Soul during these last days.

Ransom & Nicholas Craven – Deleted Scenes 

RANSOM & NICHOLAS CRAVEN have fed us all year with one of the hottest series of releases in the Underground. THE DIRECTORS CUT 1, 2, 3 put RANSOM’S Serial Killing Pen on full display, and NICK CRAVEN’s Beats have been everything but Horror-ble. The come back with their Deleted Scenes Ep and show us that they have enough in the tank to keep this franchise going into the new year. Ransom just got signed to TRUST GANG and was featured on Kay Slays 50 MC’s joint. He is one of the most respected and feared spitters in the game right now. Take a listen and find out why.

Evaize & Mic Sessionz are: DUST 2 DIRT

Mic Sessionz has just upped the anti. The North Miami Music Machine has been pumping out records at an astounding rate since he took over the multiple duties of MC, Producer, and Engineer. Amongst the flood of solo EP’s and LP’s, Sessionz has never been one to shy away from collaborative projects. This time he has hooked up with Westchester Horror Hop Director EVAIZE, who has been in a bit of roll himself , releasing the PROLOGUE EP at the end of 2019, making his presence felt all over the RAW DOG SEWEGE RAP EP with Kendall Producer/MC Baked Plissken, and the 2nd act of his current EP series ready for release any day now.  The two combine like Sodium and Chlorine to form a whole new substance, and the Chemistry between the two is an amazing thing to witness.  Sessionz seems to really have hit his stride on the production tip as he paints the perfect canvas for the End of Days Desolation theme DUST 2 DIRT. IMO these beats brought something different out of EVAIZE & Sessionz, both displaying a much sharper pen and flow over “The Audio Theatrics” productions then I have heard from them before.  Newcomer MCKXNNA shines on his guest appearance on HEAVY ARTILLARY.  In the midst of the dark moody vibes and gems about secret societies, mans fall from grace, and our inevitable return to dirt, you know you can count on Sessionz to add some of his signature funk.  STEP IN TO MY ZONE is that joint play to get hype on the way to a cypher, BBoy Jam, or on a bombing mission.  However, it’s the album closer, WHUT A DAY, where MIC loses his mind on the sampler, chopping up classic heavy metal guitar loops and blending them with the soultry voice of a Neo Soul/ Hip Hop Icon on the hook. MIC serves up a dark dish where he and EVAIZE vomit up a couple of verses worthy of being your final meal before execution.  DUST 2 DIRT is every bit as grimey as the name suggests and worthy of getting your dirty hands on.

Don’t forget to check MIC SESSIONZ other recent release SUNSHINE & ANGELS where he steps back from the Productions and flexes his scripts over THE DISCIPLE’s beat selection.  Its more of a 3 Pack Single than an EP, but The DISCIPLE’s beats and MIC’s flow make it easy to keep the piece on repeat.


Out from the depths of some god forsaken, man made lake in a Lenar Complex in Cutler Bay, the monster once known as DUBP MOGLY aka “The WXLF of 152”, has arisen riding a 3 Headed Dragon. This week the big Woe dropped a 3 Pack on us the likes of no one has ever seen before in Miami. Featuring some of #SoFlow’s most deadliest Mic Pro’s , ORION aka BRASS BALLS, MANIFESTO, JOEY DE SILVA, SERUM, and even yours truly on on FACE TOUCH , Mogly continues his reign on the SoundCloud Platform. I have included the link to his page below so you can enjoy everything he has dropped this year.  Back to Back Very Big Gun Sounds!!!

Deuce Ellis – Midnight Ouroboros

Buffalo born, Brooklyn raised MC/producer Deuce Ellis is about to drop his second offering of 2020. At the end of May he gave listeners “Camo Ellis,” a well-received instrumental EP that he co-produced with longtime friend Camoflauge Monk. However, what he’s serving up fans on Friday the 13th in November is his opus, “Midnight Ouroboros.” This 10-track LP features Deuce on production and mic duties with some assistance from some of the game’s most sought after artists. On the emcee tip, he invited along Rome Streetz, Estee Nack, Hus Kingpin, G4Jag, Napoleon Da Legend, Billie Essco, Ty Farris, Jae Skeese, and Lxve The Genius. While on the boards he collaborated with Camo Monk on three joints once again, and did one with another Buffalo beatmaker, CeeGee. They also released a dope Comic Book with their Vinyl Bundle. If you are a Hip Hop Head and Vintage Collector, you are going to want to own a copy of this banging ass album.

Make sure you tune into WDDH RADIO PODCAST this week for the SFMG Episode where we break down KENDALL VZ HIALEAH and the Secrets to the 2nd Nut.

Bennie Knuckz: Just Me

There’s a crew of MCs hailing from the North Miami area that have grown tired of watching everyone else in the scene release music while they wait for their turn.  Originally formed in the 90s, the DOOMSDAY clique, which later evolved into the group known as GRIDLOCK, which grew into GRIDLOCK RADIO 103.1FM, Miami’s only Underground Hip Hop Radio Station on the FM dial.  As the #CipherInTheCircle movement began to grow in 2019, the Grid rolled out d’d up one night, and have cemented their spots as the “Cypher Bullies”, a valued branch of the CITC Family ever sense.  Part of the reason the Music was slow coming from the crew was one of their members, Benny Knuckles, was serving a bid.  After 15 Years behind bars, the Bald Bull known as Benny Knucks has hit the streets with an unmatched hunger. Ironically when I saw him for the first time after his release at the CITC gathering he told me he hadn’t been able to write a single verse since he got out.  Well luckily (or unlucky) for us, Benny is way over his Writers Block. He has written, recorded and engineered his first solo album JUST ME, (On his I Phone no less), but I dare you to tell me this project sounds like amateur hour.  These dudes know their sound, they have something to say, and they are committed to delivering it without compromise. I’m looking forward to what the rest of the crew has cooking for the future. Give it a few spins this weekend and come tell Benny how you really feel this Monday at Cipher In The Circle.


So you might of heard there is a serious battle brewing between the hoods of Kendall and Hialeah. No real beef, just our own local version of the Verzuz Battles. The 20 Baddest Bangers from Kendall vs the 20 Best from the Leah, Streaming Live Dec 13th on #WVCCRadio.  We got more info on that later…for now I’m trying to see if I can talk Orion into adding something from this project to his Playlist.  The homies BERETTA BIZ & IVAN L have stepped out in their PPE’s to run THE HIALEAH EXPERIMENT 2.  A smooth, swag dripping display of staying upbeat during a year that has tried to bring many to the floor. Production on this one is handled by GHOST of SAGECRAFT STUDIOS, giving it that authentic Hialeah flavor the High Guys Family made hood famous.  I don’t know what that new Pfizer Vaccine is going to have in it, but I know this album got me feeling like a million bucks while the number of Covid cases continue to rise. Get some of the Hialeah Experiment 2 in your system. I can’t promise it will boost your immune system, but it sure wont bring it down.

All Hail Y.T. & Yosonova – V​-​12 Soul

This is ride out music for the Weekend. If you are not familiar with All Hail Y.T. he is like the second coming of NAS. Not a cheap imitation, not just a voice that sounds alike (Your Old Droog), nah…this is dude is the real deal. Pen work is at the same caliber of a Nas Esco and the flow and swag are addictive. Play this shit on loud as you run your missions this weekend.

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8ch – Vice City Cypher