Happy Weekend Before Sangiving fellow 88rs. So yeah….I had surgery yesterday, and I’m submitting the FRIDAY FRESH PRODUCE article a whole day late because of it. I swore I was going to be able to do this write up yesterday after what was supposed to be a quick outpatient procedure. That definitely didn’t happen. The amount of pain meds in me had me seeing triple and I really didn’t wake up until around 7pm, when I noticed how much pain I was in and took a Perk to pass the fuck out (How do people party on that shit). So I sit here on Saturday, tired of laying down, tired of sleeping, feeling like I got jumped by the whole Hialeah Hip Hop Community for all the #KendallVzHialeah freestyles I dropped last week. But damnit…there’s new Hip Hop to share. I hope you enjoy this labor of love. Lot of great hip hop below to vibe to this weekend.

Rasheed Chappell & Buckwild – Sinners & Saints (Album)

From the album opener TOUR BUS you know this is TRUST GANG thang, as the Northern New York State squad is fully represented by RASHEED CHAPPELL, CHE’ NOIR, and Label CEO 38 SPESH Prophesying the Trust TakeOver. Working together with DIGGING IN THE CRATES Legendary Producer BUCKWILD, RASHEED CHAPPELL has created more than a hip hop album, they have created a work of art in SINNERS & SAINTS. I’ll let them say it in their own words because they put as much thought and soul into their Album Bio as they did into the Record itself. On their ambitious collaboration, New York rap heavyweights Rasheed Chappell & Buckwild have perfectly captured the stress and tension, but also faint sense of the hope, of what it means to be a sinner or a saint. In just 11 tracks, ‘Sinners & Saints’ plays like an audio documentary series filled with expertly crafted beats and rhymes.When the two sat down to work together, Rasheed says that they only knew that they “wanted to address the now, the past, and the potential future.” And upon receiving the first batch of beats from Buck—the D.I.T.C. producer with decades of acclaimed work to his name—the NY emcee used a majority of them and knew immediately what they were doing.“My goal was simple: don’t try to recreate anything they have done, just create something that no one else can do, which is to be me,” Rasheed says. Buck echoed that sentiment when he talked about the record in a documentary, in which he expressed his excitement to work with not just a talented rapper, but a skilled artist. “Being an artist is just as important as putting two words together to rhyme,” Buck explained.That high level of artistry, from everyone involved, is what makes ‘Sinners & Saints’ so impactful. Not just anyone could pull off a track as stirring as “The Blue Hood,” in which Rasheed plays the role of a racist, corrupt police officer over Buck’s harrowing production. The same goes for “Rock Bottom” where he and Ransom sound off about life’s low points, and “Bredren,” a speaker-knocking middle-finger in musical form featuring Planet Asia.There’s just so much to love about what these two have created with ‘Sinners & Saints,’ a project that sounds like if 2020 was a hip-hop album. And if things do truly get better as we move into 2021, there’s no better anthem than “Black Owned,” a powerful anthem for Rasheed, Buck, and everyone listening.

Ty Farris & Bozack Morris – Wired Different (Album)

Ty Farris made a name for himself in the same competitive battle scene that birthed Slim Shady and Royce the 5’9. One of the most respected names from the streets of Detroit, TY links up with beatsmith BOZACK MORRIS who has his foot on the gas. The beats are addictive and FARRIS is a master curve server, flipping modern street fables like the all too relevant SOCIAL MEDIA, or TREACHERY , The Colab with ROME STREETS . Play this during your weekend Work Out to get your blood running and find out for yourself why Mz Erica Badu gave this album her Personal Co-Sign on Twitter.


If you follow #WVCCRadio and the #CyphLyfeBlog you know we are huge Chuck N Lock fans over here. We got this sent to us directly by the Connecticut Duo (wierd flex I know). Featuring Swag Master LEFT LANE DIDON, the JLVSN Produced MONSTER MILE is a steady thumper where LOCK JAW & CHUCK do what they do best, juggle words like a classic vaudeville duo reincarnated in a pair of Nasty MC’s. This is the 2nd single off their upcoming release CENTRALIA which is due to drop Thanksgiving Night. #WVCCRADIO may or may not be streaming it in its entirety as an after Thanksgiving Feast Drink and Desert this Thursday. Join us if you’d like to find out, Covid Mask are Mandatory.

Apollo Brown & Che Noir – Worth Gold

6 Months after the release of their AOTY Nominated AS GOD INTENDED, Buffalo Bar Goddess CHE’ NOIR & Detroit Beat Lord APOLLO BROWN release their first official video WORTH GOLD. Although it’s only a Lyric Video, sometimes it’s the words that paint a thousand pictures. As we prepare for her next release, AFTER 12, Written & Produced entirely by CHE BUTTER QUEEN herself, set to drop on Dec 4th. Let us leave you also with a link to the entire AS GOD INTENDED album here just in case you havent had the pleasure of playing it yet. It hangs strong on our TOP 10 Albums of the Year List, and we can assure you it will be one of the best albums you have let play this year. If God Intends it.


The Chief Voodoo Docta from out the Netherlands SKINNY BONES THE GODFATHA has been killing shit as of late. Dropping weekly releases with some of the hottest underground spitters from out of 2 different continents. Last Month he blessed #WVCCRadio with his crew album THE VOODOO DOCTERZ: VOODOOLOGY, this month he Tags in the BLACK MASK FROM MASS, hitman for hire G FAM BLACK to man the gatling gun on G-OMETRY. They invite some other killers to the gang bang on GODZ OF WAR 2, I.N.F. LUHGZ, OBLIVIOUS & ECLYSE bring the pain over the hard hitting rock guitar head nodder. Its only 6 Joints deep, so its a quick listen, but anything by G FAM BLACK is good enough to play on repeat.


The brother TONY GALVIN continues to bless us with his music from the other side. Before his passing he laced this banger for SPOT RUSHERS Family L CITY’s New Single FORGOT TO BREATH. The beat is everything you would expect from TONY GALVIN and L rides it genuinely , spitting real life rhymes that any Miami hustler can relate to. But the most important message of the song comes in the intro and hook, where L CITY reminds his listeners that we can get so wrapped up in the grind that we forget to take care of ourselves. As I sit here typing this review, recovering from surgery, every breath not coming as easily as before the procedure, this song hits different. As we build our careers, our families and our community, lets not forget to build ourselves up correctly, taking care of our health both physically and mentally. Like L City says, we aint going to be no good to anyone else if we aint making sure we Good first. RIP Tony Galvin, and Salute to L CITY for supporting WVCC Radio and for speaking to this man’s soul.


Monster Wolf MOGLY DOES NOT STOP!!! He dropped another pack on us this week, all 4 are worth playing over and over, but this is the one I chose to break you off with to get your weekend crunk. The Wolf of 152 invites Kendall Wave Runner DU IVAN and Lo Life DJ EXCESS to tear up the PAC PARTY produced by 7ink. They each take their turn waxing that beats ass in their own style and the end product is a joint any DJ can confidently play at any house party or club. You know I got these killers all over the #KendallyAF Playlist for the #KendallVzHialeah Battle of the Hoods on December 13th streaming live on #WVCCRADIO. For now…Let the song play and you’ll probably get some more MONEY MOGLY munchies.

AJ Suede & Wazasnics – Time Immemorial (LP)

One of my favorite cats to come out of the underground this year. Everytime I see the name AJ SUEDE I jump on it quick fast. After listening to his new LP TIME IMMEMORIAL, you might start doing the same. Produced by WAZASNICS, the homie SUEDE slides over each beat with ease. His swag and word mastery make the creation of a great song seem a simple thing. But to be at AJ SUEDE’s caliber is far from an easy task. This is his 3rd Album so far in 2020, and they are all top quality. THE BEST OF ME, PEOPLE OVER PROPERTY, & SHINE IN THE DARK are some stand out tracks that are worthy of being added to any playlist. Let us know if AJ Suede grows on you in the comments.


Hialeah’s Golden Boy DIVINE DON JULIO (ok ok…Golden Brown), is back with another Weekly Freestyle, this time he serving up that Donald Kanye…..Whats that? Thats that ORANGE SODA & HENESSY. You serve that with a plate of Pan Con Pinga quando se acava el Pan. The HIGH GUYS MUSIC Affiliate has been dropping them weekly bangers for minute now and he doesn’t show any sign of slowing down. You can be sure DIVINE DON JULIO is going to be part of that #KENDALLvzHIALEAH Playlist ORION is putting together to rep The LEAH on December 13th, streaming Live on #WVCCRADIO. If not, Orion needs to get his head checked.


If you click the link above, you will be transported to the next chapter in the DOPE SESSIONZ Saga. That’s right, MC’s B DOPE and MIC SESSIONZ are back with the second installment of their collaboration series, joining North Miami and Kendall in boom bap harmony. Once again MIC SESSIONZ takes the helm on the beats and provides a crazy blend of classic 80’s samples and hard 90’s drums. B DOPE lays down the pro pen work as he’s been doing since repping Kendall in the mid 90’s. Bangers like PEN PUSHERS, DONT TRY TO FIGHT IT, I KNOW WHO I AM, & TIL THE WARS OVER make this another solid collaborative project from the two Miami vets. Have fun playing name that sample as you let this illy ride.