New Hip Hop to set your Weekend Off Right.

Happy First Friday of Dec Fellow 88ers. Been an exciting week in Miami as the #KendallVZHiealeah Battle Bars heat up on IG. Follow #KendallVZHialeah to stay up to date with all the Bars, Memes and the Main Event on Dec 13th, the 1st ever #BattleOfTheHoodz in Miami. First of many to come. We will be streaming it live on #WVCCRadio and the whole #SFMG Family will be Live and In the Building hosting the event. Make sure you get the Twitch App ahead of time (its Free), so you can be ready to join the part on the 13th. More on that later….for now lets get to the New Music.

Che Noir | After 12 (EP)

This sister will forever hold a special place in our Hearts and will always have a spot on our Blog and #WVCCRadio Playlist. Ever since Che’ Butter graced our Live Stream with her Presence as our very first Live Guest Interview, she secured her spot on our Charts, and keeps putting out music that proves she deserves that spot. Not only does she have an album we hold as Top 5 Albums of 2020 with AS GOD INTENDED w/ Apollo Brown, but now she gets behind the boards herself and proves she could hang with the Big Boys on the Beats too. Her latest album, AFTER 12, is fully produced and written by Che. She hinted on the fact that she was actually producing before she started rapping, but we never thought she was this good. Some heavy features on this project including TRUST GANG Comrades, 38 SPESH, RANSOM, The Musalini, along with JINX, RJ PAIN & SA ROCK of Rhyme Sayers Entertainment who had another solid release this year. The LP is full of bangers like HUNGER GAMES featuring Ransom & 38, and REASON where the Beat is the real star, outshining a couple of fantastic verses by CHE and JINX. Only 7 tracks Deep make this an EP thats worth keeping on Repeat. When you talking Rawest Female in the game next time, ask which of them writes their own rhymes and produced their own album?

STATIK SELEKTAH – The Balancing Act

Before NAS Dropped the KINGS DISEASE Project with HIT BOY this year, Who was able to bless us with a New NASSIR JONES and JOEY BADASS Colab?? Who was able to bring EVIDENCE & BLU together on a track or CONWAY + TWO CHAINZ + KILLER MIKE on a collaboration?? STATIK SELECTAH thats who. Featuring appearances from Nas, 2 Chainz, Killer Mike, Jack Harlow, Benny the Butcher, Conway the Machine, Method Man, Black Thought, Joey Badass, Bun B, and Dave East, among many others, The Balancing Act sees Statik team-up with both rising rappers and legends. “Getting through this year ended up being The Balancing Act for the whole world,” Statik said of the new album. “I think there’s something for everyone on this album to mark this moment in time, reminding us how hip-hop is powerful and can serve as an escape through some of our toughest times.”

Chuck N Lock – Centralia (Album)

New Chuck N Lock….You already know the Bars and Wordplay are going to be heavy. The surpise on this one is the great production and features. I played this the other night on #WVCCRadio in its entirety and was amazed by how many times I brought the song back or back up on a certain bar….remember verses worthy of rewinding? This that type of shit. Press play and see why this is My Rookie of the Year Group right here.


Press That Link Above, and come back to the article once the music starts punching you in the face. From out of the Graffiti Tagged Alleys and Train Yards of the 305 and 954, a New Duo has emerged. On their own they have both earned the respect of their individual scenes through hard work and grit to match their talent. Were talking bout non other than MC/Graph Gawd SERUM and Punk Hop Growler TRPL-Z. Backed by the production of Miami Secret Weapon PILLJAR, the two CIPHER IN THE CIRCLE regulars tackle topics like Racism (KKK – Keep Killing Klansman), the pitfalls of fucking with “shady chicks” ( DELUSION OF HATHOR), or just bully culture vultures to death on the rest of the Album. Their masterful back and forth over the minimalist DIECIDE goes great with the Vocal Sample they chose for the closer of the album where SERUM shouts out Fallen Brother SOLOMAN SPECTRUM saying ” HOLY SOUL OF SOLOMAN / HOVERING OVER JOHOVA / ON THE RIGHT SIDE OF MY THROWN / DISPOSING OF THEM COBRAS. The album is a spit in the face of anything organized and restricting, and a celebration of their mastery of self. Serum says it best when he states “Dont call me an Athiest, I believe in Me, I believe in Us, I believe We are Diety”. I believe you will be banging this over and over again over the weekend. Copp it tonight on Bandcamp so the Artist can get 100% of the Proceeds.

Tones – Follow [produced by DJ MattyLite]

DJ MattyLite is a late comer to the underground, as far as 2020 is concerned. But he is making up ground quick. With his 3rd release in 2 Months, 2nd with Mic Vet TONES, MattyLite shows that he isnt fucking around. FOLLOW is Push Up, Pull Up, Bench Press music. The warped Piano Sample LITE flips provides the perfect track for TONES to take off on. With a dope Christopher Watkins sample to pad up the hook, the whole production of FOLLOW is hard from start to finish, showcasing an MC and Producer who have developed a great chemistry, and further solidifying MattyLites presence in the game.

Your Old Droog | Dump YOD: Krutoy Edition (Full Album)


RJ Payne – Beautiful Payne 2 

I left some extra albums for you to peep above. New Currensy, Your Old Droog and RJ Payne. I’ll be back through out the weekend dropping my review on these. Till then…Dont forget to follow the madness on IG at #KendallVzHialeah as me an Orion try to take our heads off and get everyone in Kendall and Hialeah bloodied up in the process. The Battle of the Hoodz goes down Dec 13th Live on #WVCCRadio on Twitch. Get the Free App today so you can join in on all the phone the night of the event.

Till Next Week….Peace.