New Hip Hop to set your Weekend Off Right.

Happy Friday Fellow 88ers. Christmas is a week away and we have had an epic Month in Miami Hip Hop. Our first joint venture as #SouthFloridaMediaGang #SFMG , #KENDALLvzHIALEAH was a huge Success and continues to get views. If you missed it please do yourself a favor and experience Miami Hip Hop History at #WVCCRadio ( Just search for the Kendall Vz Hialeah broadcast, you can still watch the stream for the next week). This week we interviewed Kendall Legends NORTHY & AGONY and we chopped it up with The Sniper of Murder Mountain, ART MORERA himself. You can catch both those episodes on the Twitch page also, and please take some time to Follow us and Subscribe if you feeling what we bring to the table. We are 5 Subs away from meeting our Sub Challenge Goal. Help us get there and we’ll bless you with some new Emotes. Enough Talking…You came here for new music….We got you covered.

Ransom & Nicholas Craven | Crime Scenes (Full EP)

As my friends and peers online complained about how weak the new Eminem is, I was ingesting this new EP by TRUST GANG member RANSOM and His Production partner for 2020, NICHOLAS CRAVEN. The two have worked together all year releasing EP after EP ( I think this is their 5th project together this year), and this new one is the furthest thing from an ep made up of throw away songs that didnt make the first cuts. This is actually their best work this year imo. GOOD TIME, The lead single featuring STOVE GOD COOKS & CHE’ NOIR became my favorite song of the week, and I guarantee its going to get stuck in your head. CRAVEN is a master/monster on the boards and makes this album glide like professional ice skaters showing off in front of Rockefeller Center, and of course RANSOM continues to prove why he is the most talked about MC in the circles of MCs we talk about the most. The last jam on the project, HELL OR HIGH WATER, is hard enough to crush Wolverines spinal cord. Featuring Underground Gawds ETO, FLEE LORD, RIGZ & ROME STREETS, the 5 take turns molly whopping the Nicholas Craven beat that refuses to stay hit and fights back ferociously. If you aint familiar with Ransom and Nick Craven yet, it just proves you need to check in with #WVCCRadio and #CyphLyfeBlog more often. Hopefully playing this album a couple of times will have you coming back to the Plug.


If you are unfamiliar with the name TOBE NWIGWE, I have completed my mission in life by introducing you to this brother now. The Houston TX Minister of Mouth Missiles that stole the show the first time he was featured on SWAY IN THE MORNING has been feeding us weekly for the past 2 years. First with his TWISTED SUNDAYS series on Youtube where he would spit Freestyle Remixes of recent hood hits, while his wife BABY PHAT braided his hair. His wife, who is not only his hair stylist, but also his choreographer, background vocalist, co-writer and Co Spitter at times, as she shows off on EAT , the first cut off of CINCORIGINALS, where Sister PHAT throws her hat in the ring of Female spitters and shows she is going to be a problem if she chooses to continue slapping the mic. The productions are all handled by Houston’s female Board Goddess, NELL, who has been providing TOBE with a sound that is all his own. The Features on this album are incredible, from BIG K.R.I.T, , OLU of EarthGang, DUCK WORTH, Netflix’s Rhythm + Flow Champion D SMOKE, to the stellar FATHER FIGURES which has TOBE keeping up bar for bar with God Tier MC’s ROYCE 5’9 and BLACK THOUGHT. Nwigwe has been building his brand from the ground up, without the help or need for a label. I hope this is the album that finally breaks um out to the lime light. He’s already gotten cosigns from Erykah Badu, Dave Chappelle, and President Obama. Now he and his Wife are looking to be on First Name Basis with the Carters. Jump on the Tobe train before it takes off.


One of the highlights of #KendallvzHialeah was the birth of an antagonist. We witnessed in real time that scene where Arthur, in THE JOKER, finally snaps and shoots the dudes in the subway. Always a quite and introspective figure in the Miami Hip Hop Community ART MORERA was better known for his mellow, laid back, every man real rap, then for Braggadocio Bars. However, during his interview with #WVCCRadio, he explains how seeing local mc’s spitting un-memorized freestyles in to their phone cams made him cringe….to the point of snapping. Starting with a scathing, but soft spoken rant incinerating yours truley in TAP WATER, ART began dropping song after song, day after day for 6 days, all accompanied by visually satisfying videos. Each song attacking more and more members of the Kendall Hip Hop Community and even some members of the Hialeah Hip Hop Community. In a matter of days, ART MORERA, who left Miami for the west coast in his fully repurposed van with his road dog Morty, had gone from being one of the 305’s most likable, nice guy rappers, to Public Enemy Number 1. As MC’s lined up to return fire, you could see ART’s IG Story full of clips of him hearing the rebuttals and laughing hardily at the bars, out of honest entertainment and love for the sport. Art told me once that he feels he is the Best Lyricist in Miami, and it is now proven since no one was able to outdo him in the number of songs he released and quality of the material. He has compiled these Audio Bullets into a new project called MURDER MOUNTAIN, which is a fantastic documentation of this moment in history. Definitely worth the purchase if not for the memorabilia, for the magnitude of the writing. As one IG follower commented to art, “You should have been writing diss tracks all along.” to which Art replied, “I Hope I never have to again.”

Purchase the album here

And enjoy the new single MIAMI BOY


We got a new 305 Anthem yall.  Brought to us by none other then el Parcero MICHELANGELO with support from Dade County Raspy Rap Machine TRPL Z. This single pulls off the difficult feet of being both a bumping, club worthy bop, and a Bar Heavy Banger all at the same time.  We’ve heard a lot of new music from both of these artist in the past year, so we’ve grown accustomed to hearing Michaelangelo flip the Latin Lingo, and Z shit on MCs with the Raw Lyrics.  On SABROSURA 2, the two trade places and its Michaelangelo who proves his pen is not to be fucked with, and Z who makes non Spanish speakers open up their foreign language translation app, to see if the words he is spitting are as good as they sound.  The production on the beat is the embodiment of a good night out on the town in Miami, at least as much as I can recall in the Corona Era.  This song makes me yearn for the day when this shit will all be behind us and we will be able to congregate at a local club again, and hopefully see this performed live.  Isa Vibe.  


Off his recent album, THE BLIND OWL, the Canadian spitter of hell flames, DARKNESS, brings us new visuals for his single DARK TRAP. One of his few solo tracks on the album produced by NY native Sicario, who Darkness linked with through his manager JAY BIZZ. This is a match made in Hades, as Sicario lays a bed of eerie pianos for DARK to get slimy on. The visuals are brought to us by Darks local video crew from Edmonton, Alberta CA., giving us a glimpse into the dark alleys of the Northern Plains. While we wait for DARKNESS’s new album with 7th PRIEST titled “GRAVE DWELLAS” DA BLOODY WINTER EP” , make sure you take some time to enjoy the whole BLIND OWL project featuring great tracks with RUSTE JUX, AZIM THE BEAST, CONFUCIOUS, & GLORIOUS MISFIT .


This is fam to #WVCCRadio right here. Hailing from New Mexico, MARZ ONE has been building with such #SoFlow greats as SERUM and myself for some time now. So it is my pleasure to share his polished ep THE CURSE with my audience. A surprise solo release he leaked out as we await his next DRUNKEN MONKS Project with German Producer BO FAAT featuring Boston Legend and Hip Hop Vet ED OG. Check the first single DESTINY off the new album with E-DOG below, and make sure you give the MARZ ONE a sub on Youtube to stay up on all the banging hop this brother drops.


One of my favorite mic graplers from the 305, UNDERGROUND CYPHER’s own OSKEPTICAL is back with his latest single TONGUE FOO. Hitting you like a string of JET LEI’s Multi Kicks to the face, this track has everything a Hip Hop could ask for. Crazy Hook, Addictive Beat, and Bars on Bars on Bars. OSKEP keeps the energy on max through the whole track, challenging you to stay up with his pace. Not fast triple time rapping like Slim Shady…just punching you relentlessly, with the speed of Bruce Lee hitting the makiwara board. Representing his self made record label, BY THE MOON RECORDS, OSKEP once again gives you plenty of proof on why you should listen close when his name is mentioned. Catch him sharing a banger with Kendall Legend B DOPE, and Broward Hip Hop Monster TRAVESTY THE LAZY MC, produced by DJ PROOF on next weeks A WATERPROOF CHRISTMAS IN MIAMI.



Miami’s Renascence Man, ROC SOL blesses us with another banger as he builds up a buzz for his upcoming ART THEMED Solo Album. This new single features the hiomie JAKX, DIRTY 5IVE Ent. Front Man and the mind behind the Instagram @Dirty5ive #STR8BARS series (that was actually the inspiration behind the the #KendallVzHialeah IG Battle Videos). It isn’t these two’s first time blessing a beat together, and this cut is just as good if not better than their first single together BANSKY. Both of these brothers are not only dope mc’s but community builders. Whenever you see a flyer with either of their name on it, believe me, its a party you want to be at. See for yourself every Tuesday at The Spot Wynwood where JAKX hosts DAPS & SOUNDS, a weekly open mic where he invites MCs /Rappers/ Singers from all over South Florida to come test their material on the crowd. Do you got what it takes to get Daps for your Sounds? Come out and prove it.


South Miami’s own WARLOCK is back with a whole ass BOP. COMIN UP sliiiiiiiides!!! I regret not having found this before #KendallVzHialeah, Not only because it would have smoked any song that Orion put up against it, but I think even the Hialeah Audience would fuck with this heavy. WARLOCK is consistently putting out solid material, backed by none other than Kendall’s own Miami Beat Wave, so make sure you subscribe to his Youtube Channel and follow him on your favorite Streaming Platform to stay up to date with all his latest releases.


LATE ADDITION to the Blog, but worth Adding to the List. BRAND NEW EVAIZE featuring the homie GODBOY from down South. JOE ROBBIE is the perfect song that everyone from South Florida can get behind. A barfest over a riding production by Kendall’s New beast behind the boards DR. BOWZER. EVAIZE transports us back to a time when the MIAMI DOLPHINS reigned supreme in the NFL. Still the only team in League History to go a whole season undefeated, and the AWAKENED BEING ENT front man uses this metaphor geniusly to describe the current scene of champions that we have in South Florida Hip Hop community. As EVAIZE gets ready to release his next Solo Project “DESTRUCTION IS A FORM OF CREATION“, We invite you to get behind this team like we do every winning sports team in Miami…these boys are winning and have their eyes set on the Championship Ring.


It aint all about Christmas in December. Happy Hanukkah to all our Jewish audience. Our favorite New Jew MC, YOUR OLD DROOG, is back with yet another release, PLEASE LISTEN TO MY JEW TAPE. Featuring his partner in rhyme THE GOD FAHIM, and MACH HOMMIE, this album is smooth as a shot of spiked eggnog, or whatever the yeddish comparable holiday drink might be. Enjoy.

NEIGHT LARCEN – DE NADA Prod by O.G. Willikers

Another member of our extended family, NEIGHT LARCEN ( Pronounced NATE) from out of TAOS, New Mexico invites us to boogie with him on the vibrant DE NADA produced by O.G.WILIKERS . Long Time Crew Member of my brother from another EKYM 1536, NEIGHT LARCEN is not only a master mic handler, but also a nasty producer in his own right. Check out his latest album FRESH AIR and pick up DE NADA as a Free Download on his bandcamp page below. The brother tuned in to watch #KendallVzHialeah on Sunday, having absolutely NO IDEA what or where Kendall & Hialeah are, but stayed through the whole stream giving props to our music. Any brother who supports Miami Hip Hop like that from across the contenent will def get #WVCCRadio’s support. Show the brother some love and let him know the #CyphLyfeBlog put you on to his music.

Well there you have it folks. Enough Music to get you through the weekend. Dont forget to follow my Bandcamp so you can be notified when A WATERPROOF CHRISTMAS IN MIAMI drops next week. While your at it get your friends, family and yourself some #SFMG gear for Christmas at & WVCCRadio MERCH. See you Tuesday and Thursday on 9- 12 Midnight for the hottest New Indie, Underground, and South Florida Hip Hop. Good Luck with your Christmas Shopping.