New Music to Kick Off Your Weekend Right

Happy Friday after the Election Fellow 88ers….So who’s our President again? Did we really expect anything less from an Election held in the dreadful Year Of Our Lord 2020? Well as Miami braces for the first “Boomeranging Hurricane” in our recent history (another great gift from the ever generous 2020), I’ve compiled another playlist to get you through the wet weekend. Let these gems play as you tidy up your lawn furniture, do some house cleaning, or drive around one last time with your Really Big Trump Flags. With music this good coming out in the last months of the year, we are bound to get through this together.


Miami’s Bar King “Benny Baggins” aka WREKONIZE, has had a fantastic 2020 Music wise and carrier wise. Not only did he launch his own Podcast, THE GTFOH PODCAST, and start his own Twitch Channel (, but he also released 3 EP’s throughout the year that we have covered in depth individually. Now Wrek brings all 3 Meridians together to give us the full PRESSURE POINT Experience in one journey. The marketing experiment seems to have worked since I find myself singing along to most of the songs as I listen, already a fan of the material, and was pleasantly surprised by the interludes and bonus tracks featuring So Flo Production Wizard, Numonics (SEDENTRY MOMENTS), BE ME and STILL AROUND (DOWN) a touching verse about our late friend and Crew Member, Sake The Great (RIP Brother). Whether this your first time up the face of Mount Pressure Point, or you are a return visitor, we assure you the experience gets better every time.

Ras Kass | I’m Not Clearing Shxt

Some new RAS KASS caught us by surprise today. Features Casual, Cortez, Terminology and Masta Ace make this EP just that much better. You know Ras Kass dont need any help though. He makes 16 Minutes seem like a lifetime, but when you reach the end, you want to live it all over again. It aint SOUL ON ICE 2, but we aint mad at that at all. Still raw a.f.


First of all….Click that Link right above…. Now that the music is playing…Welcome to the sewers of the 305. We may not have a Subway in Miami, but the underground is as alive and as grimey in The Bottom as it is in The Big Apple. Any doubts you have will be crushed under the weight of the Beats and Lyrics that storm out of your speakers. Some of Miami’s most prolific Left Field Spitters have joined together under the umbrella of BEAT MAKER/ MC BAKED PLISSKEN’s productions. The small special forces team of BAKED PLISSKEN, SERUM, EVAIZE, ORION, & TRPL Z put a punishing on Plisskens beats, which fight back to the last breath. The production on the project is superb, further solidifying Baked as one of Miami’s most coveted Indie Producers. 7 Songs is just a tease to leave you wanting more from the RDSR Squad. That’s if you aint scared to take the ladder down to the Sewer.


UFO Fev is quickly becoming someone I’m checking for on a regular basis. After dropping his last project produced by STATIC SELECTAH, FEV has been popping up on track after track, killing every Feature he slides on. Now he teamed up with producer Big Ghost LTD for a new album titled “The Ghost of Albizu” . He has gathered an Army of Assassins to join in the ear invasion, including Fat Joe, Gorilla Nems, Mooch, Zandra Kaye, Jose Santiago, Ty Farris, RIM and Eddie Kaine. This is one of them albums that will make you slap your kids for talking over the music. Listen at your own risk.


A couple of weeks ago we premiered the new banger from PRYME PROLIFIC, BEATING HEART, Produced by Mid West Producer MATTYLYTE. Now the beatsmith is back with long time NY Vet TONES on the Mic, and they sound amazing together on NEVER FRONTIN. Hypnotizing Violin Strings give way to hard drums and give the feel of a dark night when the snow starts to fall, ominous. Talking about connecting with Tones, Matt explains: “I linked up with Tones through social media.  He is based out of New York, and been in the game for 25 years.  I’m a long time fan of producer Stoupe, who produced a whole project with Tones.  I had messaged Tones, went back and forth for a while, and eventually got the nerve to ask if he wanted to hear some of my music.  We hit it off pretty easy after that, and he definitely elevated the beat I had sent him.” Not sure who elevated who, but it looks like MattyIce is batting 100 so far with his 1st releases. We are excited to hear what else he has in the chamber.


Last month the Hialeah Hitter who is known as DIVINE DON JULIO blessed us with a little EP featuring his brother OCHY OCH called SUPER OCHOA BROS. As a long time fan of Divine, I was pleased to hear him killing tracks with his Bro, and was impressed that the skills ran so strongly in the family. Now he is back with another Family Member. Cousin and fellow Hialeah MC, CAVEMAN BLESS, seems to have “blessed” Julio with a pack of beats which Don Julio quickly turned into a fantastic little EP. 6 Tracks long, but filled to the brim with that vibe. HIEROGLYPHICS is a perfect vehicle for Divine Don’s maturing message of Family Over Everything. This is a great play for any day this weekend. Hope you save it and keep it on repeat during your Family Gathering this Saturday or Sunday.

FRANK DE’AMATO – The Shadow Gallery Part IV 

One of my Favorite Indie Bar Jugglers of 2020, The Black Punisher: FRANK DE’AMATO, is back with another EP. What is this? Number 5? 6?….I lost count, but I haven’t forgotten how banging each project is, and how they just keep getting better. This time slides with Producer STEEZILLA and has some help on the mic from fellow spitter SYNATO WATTS. FRANK is as informative, militant, and relevant as ever with his V is for Vendetta themed EP. Put on your Anonymous mask and join our Hip Hop Super Vigilante as we oppose the powers that be.

ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT – Don’t Fight Your Demons

NEW ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT??? WHATTTTT???? Don’t even sleep and think this is going to sound dated. One of the best produced albums I have heard all year. The message sounds a little coffee shop, but with the past couple of weeks of Political Party Feuding, I think we in need of some Positive Messages and Music that challenges us to be better. Let us know what you think of the album in the Comments below.

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REG | The Inhuman Hurculoids

This album is fire. Never heard of the group, REG, before, but this gives me that Saturday Morning Cartoon with a Bowl of Cereal nostalgia. Dope Beats, Dope Sample Flips, and Bars are all on point. Play this during your Saturday Wake Up routine and see if you don’t feel like a kid again.

EABS – Discipline of Sun Ra

Decided to end it with a little Jazz for yall who just need to tune out after a week of maddening Media coverage, Social Media misinformation, Big Trump Flag waiving Trucks and the Fear of a Communist Democracy. Sometimes we just need to shut the fuck up and let Nature have its way….nothing exemplifies that as good as jazz in my opinion. Press play, Spark Something and Wooooooosaaaaaaa….

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