New Hip Hop to set your Weekend Off Right.

Happy Weekend Fellow 88ers. Too Much New HIP HOP to be talking shit. Make sure you give each album a good listen this weekend. They are all worth multiple spins.


This isn’t Jimmy Fallon’s, Universal Studio Smiling, Front man of the Tonight Show Band, Black Thought…this is Legendary Roots Crew, General of the Illa 5th Malitia, Funk Master Flex Freestyle Phenom, Top 5 Dead Or Alive, BLACK THOUGHT. The MC known as Tariq Trotter was once seen as unworthy of top 10 MC’s conversation because he was part of a band and never released a solo album. In 2019 he made sure that ignorant argument would never be used again. First releasing STREAMS OF THOUGHT 1 produced by 9th Wonder, then following that a few months later with STREAMS OF THOUGHT 2 Produced by South Florida Native SALAM REMI. Now, after a 4 month Delay, THOUGHT has returned to “Clear the Confusion & Any Rumors the Artist You’re currently hearing is Human” with the SEAN C Produced, STREAMS OF THOUGHT 3: CAIN VS ABLE.  Tariq says about the album

“This collection is on par with previous volumes and later volumes of ‘Streams of Thought’ as to what I talk about, what I speak to… I cover a broad range of subject matter, but it’s always coming from the same place. It’s reflective of the moment, but not solely in the moment,” Black Thought said before stating that the goal is to make music that isn’t impacted by time.  “It might sound ambitious to want to create a timeless classic, but that is always in my muscle memory, a challenge I rise to with different producers every time out,” he continued. “Some of this stuff was recorded before March and since that time become more timely.”  Features from KILLER MIKE, PUSHA T, SCHOOL BOY Q, & CS ARMSTRONG only strengthen a super solid project that was worth the extra months of waiting after the passing of Malik B ( RIP M.Ilatant)


A couple of months ago, If you would of asked who is the Producer of the Year, most people would have said Alchemist.  However, over the summer, a young beatsmith by the name of HIT BOY has snatched up all the attention. With the release of NAS’s KINGS DESEASE, HIT BOY made sure his name was in the conversation for hottest beats of 2020.  If you would have ask a week ago who had the Album of the Year, you most likely would have heard West Side Gun or Conway ( Both Released albums this year that are definitely Top 10 of the year if not Top 5 ( LULU / From King To God, Pray For Paris/ Who Made The Sunshine), but after today, you may have to give that slot to BENNY THE BUTCHER. The 3rd Member of the Griselda Family once again proves to me that he is the real talent in the crew. Penwork, Cadences, Substance, Benny has all the bases covered.  Some great features from FREDDIE GIBBS & RICK ROSS, and of course the whole GFRX get loose on WAR PAINT.  HIT-BOY has proven he is able to produce for any type of MC, and Benny continues to earn his top tier status. The Proof is in the pudding.


One of my favorite Artist / MC / Thinkers of this modern era, HOMEBOY SANDMAN delivers a serious, introspective album with DON’T FEED THE MONSTER that is as transparent as it is fresh and new.  On EXTINCTION, Sand proposes “Perhaps we ought to have a Contest / As a way to help me put it into context/ Can anybody Rap bout some new Content? / Can Anybody Rap bout 1 New Concept?” Sandman excepts his own challenge and not only rhymes about uncommon topics like being molested as child, Stress manifesting into Physical Ailments, and the Amount of Patience we practice as men when we are WAITING FOR OUR GIRLS. Not only does he push the envelope on content but is a stickler for not sounding like anyone else, not even himself on past rhymes. So every song is a new style that still seems uniquely HOMEBOY SANDMAN.  MELLO MUSIC GROUP Label Mate QUELLE CHRIS handles all the production, and if your familiar with Quelle Chris’s work, you know the album sounds anything but average.  Don’t Feed the Monster, but feast on his bare body of work all weekend.


I have had a love hate relationship with Open Mike Eagle since I started checking for him.  I must say though, this is by far my favorite album of his.  Not because it is Super Lyrical, Bar Heavy, Rhyme Scheme Supreme (Which is what I always expected from a dude who calls himself Open Mic Eagle), because it is not that at all. ANIME, TRAUMA, & DIVORCE is the first time that from the beginning of the album, Open Mike’s comfort in his own skin finally becomes evident.  An Album full of slow rhyme poetry, singing melodies and harmonies and just pure Folk Hop Vibes, this album had a great flow even when it got weird (THE BLACK MIRROR EPISODE).   This won’t be for everybody, but if you appreciate MUSIC, honesty, and not taking shit to seriously, Press Play, and enjoy the trip.


 Earlier this year ( was it really only Feb 2020? I could have sworn it was over a year ago) the homie from Boston, MAYHEM OF EMS, blessed us with the AUDIO MURALS LP produced by none other than Recognize Real, the man responsible for THE SAVAGELAND project, The BAD SEED LP, and several more Underground gems this year. I’m sure when MAYHEM dropped that project he had no idea what kind of year was awaiting him. Rather than be beat by the year of Covid 19, MAYHEM decided to document and channel it, and has released what might be his best work to date. JOHN SINGLETON WITH A PEN is a work of Audio Cinematography. The score layed down by Producer THE SOLUTION (who also assisted with the Album Cover), provides the perfect scenery for Mayhem’s to paint the Picture as Script Writer and Dialect Director. He has gathered a fantastic Supporting Cast, like the man challenging Corona for the Crown of King Give No Fucks, GFAM BLACK who gets to “The Root of the Problem Like a Black Thought” on SMACKED YOU FO YO MAGA HAT, or the highly addictive TO ME where ½ of the JUICE HEADS, fellow Mass MC WEAPON ESP proclaims that he “Drowns in his thoughts, tying ankles to cinder blocks, I Sin a lot, aint gon stop, the Evil Attaches like the Symbiot on Eddy Brock.”  Just like John Singleton brought our everyday life stories to the big screen, impacting a whole generation of “Movie-Goers”, MAYHEM and THE SOLUTION have performed some Musical Movie Magic that will hopefully impact this new gen of rappers and producers to step their game way up.


“With Hemoglobin graffiti / I cote the City, it attracts the Piggies / They like the smell of Angst, Anguish and Pleas for Pity / they see N****s in Akhenaten & Nefertiti / But still worship them secretly in their Masonic Meetings” … so begins the latest offering from South Florida’s SEVEN STAR. BATTLEGROUNDS, the new single produced by BLACKSMITH SUNDAYS, is a moving call to action, urging us to Stand Up, Raise Our Voice, Hit the Streets and stop sitting by idly while the rich get away with far worst then murder.  It’s a reminder that the fight for Social Justice and Civil Rights for all Humans is not over just because the Media has stopped pushing that narrative. The young Sister who Seven has invited on the track, MISTEREE SAKA, is a mystery to us at #WVCCRadio, but after hearing this verse from her, we are def looking forward to hearing a lot more from this young Queen. This song is a beautiful example of the unity between not only different races and sexes, but also different age groups /generations that will be needed in order to overcome our common enemy.  


Opening with an audible sample from one of the greatest movies of all time, SPACE FOR GREATNESS welcomes Miami Hip Hop “Monstro”, CHOCO VALENS, back to earth from what ever galaxy he took off to on his last single HOUSE OF 1000 CORPSES. After orbiting the universe a bit, he has returned to us with words of warning from the Cosmos. Whatever CHOCO has been experiencing while on Covid Lock Down, it has elevated his style and pen to yet another stratosphere. One listen and you will agree, this man is not from this Planet. Press play and witness him ride the TANK10500 Production like a Space Ship. Hop aboard if you if you think you bout that life.


North Miami Hip Hop machine MIC SESSIONZ has continued his monthly killing spree with another album in 2020.  AUDIO AUDIBLE is another solid offering from the Producer / MC who handles all beats, and engineering for his projects. There are some fantastic gems on this album, like BACK ALLEY where MIC shows off his evolution as a beatsmith, TERMINAL featuring a silky smooth beat only made better by an A+ verse by Miami Veteran SEVEN STAR who says he “only Praises LORD Finesse/ Hip Hop is his Religion”, or the Piano heavy PLAY 4 KEEPS where SESSIONZ and Westchester/Awakened Being Music Rep, EVAIZE go verse for verse on a track that’s reminiscent of something out of the Killa Army catalogue from back in the days. Say what you will about the brother, you must give MIC SESSIONZ his props for the amount of work he puts in, and amount of material he puts out.


Sounds like someone sacrificed all the suckers to bring back the Spirit of Sean Price.

Dom Dirtee is a Brooklyn-based artist and designer specializing in dark, striking, and often satirical collage and illustration. Dom has created official artwork for hip-hop’s most well-respected artists such as Redman, Mobb Deep/Prodigy, Gang Starr, Sean Price, The Alchemist, Statik Selektah, and Roc Marciano, and has exhibited his personal work in solo and group shows. Now in 2020 he makes his production debut with The Hardcore Composer on the legendary Duck Down Records, featuring Paul Wall, Lil Fame (of M.O.P.), Termanology, Nems, Planet Asia, Illa Ghee, UFO Fev, and more…

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