Introducing OSKEP-TICAL of the Underground Cypher

Growing up in a hip hop scene like #SoFlow (South Florida Hip Hop Community) for the past 20 years you would think you already knew, or at least met everybody there is to know in the scene. Lucky for us this is Miami, not Tallahassee, so everybody doesn’t automatically know everybody. There’s just too many people in this city for that. This became evident to me this past Monday when we hosted our “Welcome Back Cipher in the Circle” event at IMA305 Studios. The Usual #CITC reps rolled out, but we had a good quarter of the crowd that were new faces. One of those faces rocks a thick beard with gray patches, and he goes by the name of OSKEP-TICAL.

Just because you may not have seen or heard of the brother personally, dont get it twisted. OSKEP is the furthest thing from a Nuub or New Jack. I could tell as soon as he spit his first bars in the circle, this dude knows his way around a beat and is super comfortable rocking in front of a crowd. Maybe its the fact he is been writing rhymes since he was 13 Years old. Or maybe its the various groups and crews he is a part of that have kept him so sharp. Whatever it may be, OSKEP came ready to make an impression. He did that an then some. #WVCCRadio connected with the homie and got the inside scoop so that South Florida can get a taste of what left us so impressed.

WVCCRadio: So tell us brother, how did you get active in the Culture and Miami Hip Hop?

OSKEP: I first got active back in my high school days. Doing talent shows and such. So I wanna say early 90’s . And writing raps was my first element for sure, I started writing when I was around 13. I might have tried to backspin and pop and lock as a kid lol you know but not something i took as serious as MCing.

WVCCRadio: You made it pretty clear in the Cipher that you are Colombian and proud. Are you 100% Colombian? Born and Raised or 2nd Generation? Where did you grow up in Miami?

OSKEP: I was born in Barranquilla Colombia , then moved to NYC when I was like 11 months. Stayed there for a couple years , returned to Colombia and went to school for a couple years there . Later went back to NYC with my aunt and uncle to continue my education in the U.S. I later Reunited wit my Parents in Miami Springs, then lived in North Miami for a few. Went to North Miami elementary until 5th grade (moved again lol) to Miami Lakes and went to Middle School in Carol City -Lake Stevens Middle . Did my middle school years there till we moved to Fountainbleu where I met the UGC family at Coral Park Senior High.


By the UGC Family, of course he is referring to one of MIAMI’s OG Rap Crews, THE UNDERGROUND CYPHER, composed of MC’s MANAWAR, RAW J, OMEN, OSKEPTICAL, DJ DE LA & Miami BBoy/Graffiti Legend and Universal Zulu Nation Rep ALMIGHTY CHILLSKI. The homies have been making noise in South Florida as a collective since 1992, and have kept growing into the roll of respected Leaders and Teachers in the Scene. Don’t let their Age fool you, they are neither SLOW, WEAK, or Out of Touch, as you can tell by their video for “E PLURIBUS UNUM”


Far from being satisfied with only a supporting character role, OSKEP-TICAL has always had his own message to share with the world, and a passion to say whats on his mind. This has led to a treasure trove of solo releases since the age of 20, and collaborative work with many producers, including UK Born/ Canadian Resident Beat Chef KLUBBA LANG who he met online. After working on a couple of singles together, it was evident the two had chemistry so they formed the group “SOULSIK SOCIETY” and went on two release 2 EP’s.


He is also a Member of the International MC / Producer Crew FIRE TEAM ALPHA. Made up of 8 MC’s and 2 Producers, all hailing from different cities in the U.S., Canada, and the U.K. Connected by the miracle of the internet, this super team has been collabing on tracks for several years now and is preparing to drop their first Crew Album, LIT, on their SONS OF BOOMBAP BANDCAMP Page. Click on that link and reserve your copy now. Here is AMBROSIA, a small sample of what they got in store for us on the upcoming album.


With all that said, we have just recently discovered OSKEP here at #WVCCRadio. Being that we pride ourselves in having our ears pressed to the Underground to make everyone in South Florida aware of the great, new Hip Hop that is still circulating outside of the “mainstream”, we are disappointed in ourselves, we apologize to you the listener. Luckily, O is not the type of Artist to wait around for someone to notice him. He is an Entrepreneur and self motivated enough to make sure people know his name and recognize his talent. That’s why one night while setting up for our broadcast of #CyphLyfe Radio, tuning into DJ De La’s show “THE SURVIVAL BROADCAST” on Twitch, Oskep Tical sparked the conversation with me and asked me where he could send some music for us to consider adding to our playlist. What I got in my inbox was surprising to say the least. As an MC he can meld to any beat whether Boom Bap, Commercial, or Trap, but always brings substance that is good for the Ear and the Spirit. You can tell with one listen to any of his verses that OSKEP vibrates at a higher wavelength and is not ashamed of sharing a message that can change lives rather than a message that can imprison the listener. In the past year he has been working hard building his Self Established BY DA MOON RECORDS LLC and pushing his new Solo Music under this umbrella.

When we asked Oskep about the meaning behind his name he proved just how many levels there are to this creative.

OSKEP: I came up wit the name when I first read this book by author Don Miguel Ruiz “The Voice of Knowledge” . The book teaches us to be skeptical of the lies we believe about ourselves, the Lies and Doubts that limit our experience. This stuck with me and I have lived my life as being Skeptical of the lies ever sense. Also my first name is Oscar so I added the O. Lol.

NO LIE, this dude gets more & more impressive the more you dig into his catalog and message. After playing his music, and videos on our Tuesday and Thursday night shows, and seeing him rock at Cypher in the Circle like he’s all so trained, we are honored to share this MC’s story and music with our Audience. We hope that you take some time to dive deeper into his music or Sub to his Spotify and that his songs inspire to start Doubting all that Bull Shit bout Hip Hop in Miami is Dead. OSKEP TICAL will help make you a believer yet. #WVCCRadio will make sure to keep him in front of your ears and eyes.