New Hip Hop to set your Weekend Off Right.

Happy Friday Fellow 88ers. Had an awesome week. Manifested one our Original #WVCCRadio Secret Wishes. a Year ago, in the Month of October, I heard the duo known as CHUCK N LOCK for the first time. They have quickly become one of my new favorite groups of this New Golden Era of Hip Hop. Last night we had the honor of hosting them for a live interview, bringing to fruition a desire of my heart. It feels good when you put in the hard work and the universe opens the doors so that you manifest in the material world what you have only dreamed of. This whole Radio Station experience has been a living dream come true. Once again it fills us wit joy to give you dope hip hop to enjoy through-out the weekend. Thanks for being a part of our Dream Come True. Here is a gift from us to you.


The man known as KING CROOK is back, letting his Freedom FLAG Fly and he is banging for all of his people on this one. We recently heard Crook putting in work with his SLAUGHTER HOUSE brother JOELL ORTIZ on the H.A.R.D. EP, and in a host of singles released for the MITHRIL ORDER Bit Coin movement he is leading. Now he is has returned on his solo tip, but not with another collection of Freestyles. Nah, this time West Coast Bar God is giving us a full Solo EP Experience that is so well written and thought out that it can be considered an 9 Track Full Length Album. The subjects of unity, accountability, loyalty, and working together to keep our community safe are all symbolized in the FLAG title and album topic, as Crook walks us all into his GANG and shows us the ropes of a new BANGING Mindset.

“Say you ride for your culture, you better keep your word / Crooked’s the Shepard, these rappers are just sheep, ya heard” – FLAG

He covers all angles and shows he is an expert at all styles, new and old, but where he really delivers the goods is in the writing and thought behind songs like YOU WAS SUPPOSED TO, a heart squeezing story of the full life that Tamir Rice was supposed to Live. Or TEENAGED KILLER ( 1 JOHN 1:9) a story about the circumstances in urban communities that shape so many youth to go down the wrong path. It aint all Kumbaya on this side of the streets tho. You can still catch him flexin on tracks like OKAY YOU FEELING THAT where he chants in the hook,

“My Ops are the Thots that don’t know me trying to throw me the Box for popular props/ok / I hate it when I dime Peace, Zooms in on my Time Peace like it’s a Binocular Watch / If baby cant answer the questions I ask her, I’m an Anti-Vaxer, I’m Blocking her Shots/ OKAY YOU FEELING THAT?”  GOT_DAMN!!!

Another Fantastic project by one of Cali’s most underrated, but one of the Undergrounds most coveted Kings. Let this play several times like you ride for your GANG.


Long Time soldier in the war to bring Underground / Indie Hip Hop to the spot light, ILLOGIC has been providing us not only with great music, but also with great content for several years now on his #SuperDutyToughWork Podcast he co-host with Hip Hop Sage and Long Time friend BLUEPRINT. Now he has returned to bless us with his first full lenth SELF PRODUCED album titled AUTOPILOT. If you remember ILL from underground classics like Aesop Rock’s ONE BRICK off of the Def Jux released LABOR DAYS, you know that this brother speaks on a whole other wavelength. His Production matches his writing prowess perfectly and actually shows you great new sides of ILLOGIC that you may not have expected him to contain. Full of the Left Field Boom Bap that we grew accustomed to as Rawkus, Def Jux, RhymeSayers Fans, but also woven between are alot of great experimental moments ( SNOOZE, OUT OF THIS WORLD) that make the album complete and unique. We have been blessed to land an interview with the Big Bro ILL this coming Tuesday, LIVE on #WVCCRadio. So make sure you get familiar with this new album, his past work and his Podcast so you can be in the loop when we talk to this Indie Legend next week. Another Dream Come True.

Miami Hip Hop Legend DJ SLICE on WDDH Podcast – Dont Miss This Interview


The Beat Beast who brought us AUDIO MURALS w/ MAYHEM of EMS, SAVAGELAND w/ GHOST OF THE MACHINE & WEAPON ESP, and THE SMOKE w/ The BAD SEED, all in the past 10 months, has returned to bless us with his 4th fully Produced Album. This one is featuring MC JUNCLASSIC, who considers this his OPUS, 20 years in the making. Speaking about the project JUNCLASSIC says “The Hope Business album concept has sat in my brain for over 20 years. Initially inspired by the HBO film “Only in America” starring Ving Rhames as Don King, he clarifies his motives as a numbers runner, stating that he is providing the less fortunate with “hope” through their participation in the numbers. As a result, he is “in the hope business.” As i watched that scene it hit me; Hope. Hope is all we have. Especially when times are hard. Uncertain. Like right now. Like yesterday. Like tomorrow… The funny thing about hope is that it is not always viewed as a good thing. Hope can be very misleading. Hope can make the hopeless complacent. Hope is very self serving. If you peep “Only in America”, you get to see what “The Hope Business” did to Don King. Musically, Recognize Real gave me such a ill cinematic soundbed, I could have made a movie in my sleep. Them beats gave me insomnia. I tried to do something different. And the drums? Reck brought the thunder. This shit knock Bro. “The Hope Business” takes you on a conceptual ride. Get a token. Its gonna get bumpy.


Miami Renaissance Man ROC SOL is back with some more audio burners. This time he has dropped 2 of them for his fans on the same day. 2 for the Price of 1….Nobody is ever mad at that. The first one is called HIGH NOON. In talking with ROC about the single he explained: “High Noon is about a sequence of events that lead you take back control of yourself and being in control of your own destiny. It’s a chain reaction when you are free and realize you don’t need validation or a co-sign to know your own greatness so you can unleash the inner beast. It’s about planting the seed of success, and while people are assuming what’s going on or why things take time, you are being patient and letting the seeds grow into its pull potential. While people don’t understand or see the end result, you’ve already seen the future and the fruits of your labor and know the success is coming.”

The 2nd gem is a banger called THE CALLING. A great motivational track that could easily be played at any Training Camp or Gym to get the Adrenalin pumping. SOUL says about this single, “Calling” is the The byproduct of years of hard work finally coming to fruition. Being able to have faith in yourself and believe that success can be built on honesty and integrity and the pressure of having to be a real person in this day and age where people can just fabricate who they are to get views and likes and a quick 15 minutes of fame“. The homie ROC SOL is picking up the output of music as he gets ready to release his official LP. He’s got his eyes on the prize, and I would advise you join team Roc Soul rather than try to get in his way. He is not Slowing Down.


The New Jersy Mic Monster PRYME PROLIFIK, longtime supporter of #WVCCRadio and Group Mate of our family DJ Ben Worken (MC Rich Madina) has joined forces with a new producer coming out of Chicago. DJ MATTYLITE has blessed us with a banger of track called BEATING HEART that is the perfect background music for the falling Temps of Autumn and the Winter that is to come. Introduced to each other by a mutual friend, Producer IRON MIKE SHARP, MATT LYTE and PRYME make their collaboration look as natural as water freezing in below zero degree weather.  Look out for more music from MATTYLYTE as he has upcoming releases with TONES which should be dropping soon, and hopefully an EP Project between Matt and PRYME…They sound great together so far.

Make sure you give MATTYLYTE a follow on IG @dj_mattylite. He says he has a lot of beats up on that page and is hungry to work with new artist.

New Episdoe featuring Producer MIGHTY HEALTHY Out Now


Written on a dare, I finally had the pleasure of colabing with one of my favorite artist from out of West Kendall, the Great DUBP MOGLY. So the Woe hits me up one night and says I sent you a beat.  I rebuttled with, I will write a verse in 30 min if you promise to ride out to the next Cipher In the Circle with the whole DubP.  30 minutes later I called him with a verse that he said was toooo deep (as he tried to control his laughter…mind you the verse is about me and my wife splitting up over my passion for my music.  That’s Mogly for you) .  He told me this track was just to be us fucking around and making fun of the Pop Single sounding beat.  So I went back to the drawing board and turned around this verse in another 10 min.  Let be known, MOGLY did not keep his end of the bargain. Hopefully the Wxlves will show up to the next CITC…For now at least you got this banger to bum. #SCARSxSCABS #AAAOOOooo

D’shon El Villano, LUK$ – Qu/Eso

From off the latest project out of IMA305 Studios and Villano Muzik Internacional , MIAMI LIFE vol 1, the homies D’SHON EL VILLANO & LUK$ are taking their listeners to La Coscina to give you a taste of the many flavors they have cooking up.  This is a Latin American Blend of BoomBap Hip Hop and Reggaeton so you know its going to be Spicy and good for your Soul. As soon as you smell what they got cooking you gonna be asking…QUE ESO?  Even if you don’t speak Spanish.  While we are on the topic, BIG SALUTE to D’SHON EL VILLANO and IMA305 Studios for giving #CipherInTheCircle a spot to congregate this month.  They opened their doors to us, kept the area clean and the social distancing in place, and allowed us to get down like we like to with no hassle or stress.  Holla at them for all your Professional Studio Needs.  @ima305studios

Nolan the Ninja | TALK SOON

Nolan The Ninja has been dropping albums on MELLO MUSIC GROUP which is how we first heard of him.  This is his first release on his very own, “SPORTS CAST” Label. 

Nolan writes about his latest project: With the release of TALK SOON, Detroit artist NOLAN (a/k/a Nolan The Ninja) is finally trusting instincts. He has a renewed focus on taking full artistic liberties and believing in his art. And now that he’s grown and proudly doing what he truly feels, we’re getting the real NOLAN on TALK SOON, a sonically vivid project that pairs banging minimalist beats with some of his sharpest raps to date.

NOLAN immediately embraces and showcases his new sound on opening track “GLOW,” a slapper boasting double-time flows and barebones production. And he uses that momentum to move through the entirety of the album, which flows perfectly from one track to the next. That is, of course, one of the many benefits of him producing the majority of TALK SOON, which features additional production from VIBSNDS and NYSA BRUX, and keys by Ronald Pikes.

As for the lo-fi, boom-bap-leaning music NOLAN released previously, don’t worry, because the “ninja death” doesn’t mean no more hip-hop. “That’s gonna be with me forever. I can do that sound with two hands tied behind my back,” he says with a laugh. “But NOLAN is gonna give you more, stuff that the ninja couldn’t. That’s why TALK SOON is special!”
Give it a couple of spins and let us know how you feel it in the Comments.

LMNO X MADLIB – 10:20.

West Coast Indie Spitter L.M.N.O caught us by surprise and released a whole album with MADLIB. The link below only gives you a 5 Track sample, but you get 23 Tracks for your purchase. The VISIONARY’s Member shows he hasnt missed a day of training in the Pen Gym, and you already know what to expect with MADLIB. Enjoy the 5 free joints and support these Veterans of the culture we love so much.

There you go…enough Hip Hop to get you through til Monday. Dont forget to get the TWITCH APP (Its Free, and worth it if you love Hip Hop…Mad DJ’s and Producers host shows on there), and give us a follow at Then Tune in ever Tuesday and Thursday 9 -12 Midnight Eastern for the best in Indie and Underground Hip Hop.

Peace Peace