Halloween 2020 Edition: New Hip Hop to Haunt your Weekend

Happy Halloween Weekend Fellow 88ers. Yall aint got time to be reading a long intro. You probably still got Costumes to buy, Candy to stock up on, or maybe a body to chop up for disposal. Whatever it is your getting involved with this weekend, make sure you play these joints Loud and scare the shit out of your Neighbors.


When the intro to your album features Chris Rock, an Earth Rocking verse from the God Rakim Allah, and Pete Rock chanting WHO’s WORLD IS THIS over a jazzy Piano replay of the classic Nas sample, You know the album is going to be fucking ridiculous.  The Dragon has awoken from his slumber, and he says he wants all the Smoke.  He warned us this day was coming way back in 1998, when he released the 1st EXTINCTION LEVEL EVENT. Now 22 Years later, after a failed attempt at a record deal with Aftermath, 2 decades worth of features on Radio Singles, and a solid colab mixtape with QTip (THE ABSTRACT DRAGON), Busta Bust has returned from the Dungeon to fulfill his own prophecy. This album is practically flawless. From the lineup of stellar features ( CHRIS ROCK, MOP, RAKIM, PETE ROCK, VYBES KARTEL, BELL BIV DIVOE, Q TIP, KENDRICK LAMAR, MARIAH CAREY, ANDERSON PAAK, RAPSODY, MARY J BLIGE, NIKKI GRIER, And the Late ODB), to the Production (check out the spacy SLOW FLOW feat Ol Dirty on the Hook), to the Mastery of Flows and Cadences ( Did he really just rewrite Q-Tips verse from Award Tour and copy the cadence to the tee on DON’T GO?).  The highlight of the album is the content. Each verse is relevant to today’s tumultuous social climate and unapologetic with its critique. It is evident that this Leader of the Old School did not give a fuck about how many albums he was going to sell when he recorded this (even the Maria Carey Pop Single is solid lyrically), but it might just be his best, most impacting work to date.   Let us know what your favorite songs off the album are in the comments.

Common – A Beautiful Revolution Pt. 1

4 years ago COMMON dropped Black America Again, right before the 2016 election. On that album he had a song called THE DAY WOMEN TOOK OVER, which was supposed to be a Victory Anthem for the Hillary Clinton campaign and democrats voting for the 1st Woman President in the history of our country. Well, sadly that didn’t go the way he planned. I always wondered if Hillary would have won the election, would that album have gone gold or platinum? Unfortunately, she didn’t win, and the last 4 years have been an American Nightmare. On this new release, COMMON seems to be leaving the political pandering and Play Nice attitude behind and screaming out loud in attempts to wake us from this bad dream.

Most of BEAUTIFUL REVOLUTION plays out like NPR back-ground music laced with messages of Self Emancipation, Fighting to Protect our Inner Peace and Peace in our Communities, Loss of faith in our Political & Justice System, Brother / Sister Empowerment, and relationships on all levels. The album is soothing, yet catalyzing, like a solemn, serene war cry. The vibe is peaceful and relaxing, yet full of bitter truth. Comm is not mincing his words or holding his tongue on this one. As you can tell in the lyrics to FALLEN

“AMERICA’S MOST NEGLECTED AND ARRESTED/ that’s why your vaccine, I got to second-guess it / We don’t know what you’re injecting in black kings and black queens/ Plus YOUR health record and really that clean / We don’t forget like Nat King what happened in Tuskegee/ now we dealing high blood pressure and diabetes/ like trees we falling in the forest of America/ Is it that you don’t hear us or don’t care for us”.

A fantastic Feature from the GOAT, BLACK THOUGHT, and some great backing Vocals from PJ and Lenny Kravits make this whole album a super smooth listen, full of much needed messages for young and old to meditate on.


Okay…Enough of that Soft Hop….Let the Fright Fest Begin. Brand New Visuals from the Big Bros at Rhymesayers. Enjoy this while you smoke something goblin green out of that poisoned apple you went bobbing for.

Flee Lord & Eto – RocAmerikkka 2 

Last time these 2 joined forces they nearly shut down the entire game. Now the Hardest Working Shooter in the Underground, FLEE LORD, and the Boss in the Making known as ETO Brigante have teamed up again to bring you ROCK AMERIKKKA 2. The project is entirely produced by ETO and he proves he is as lethal on the boards and pads as he is with the pen or on the mic. Some solid features from JAI BLACK, WILLIE THE KID & G-4 JAG make this a must bump.  If that Busta was too Preachy, and that Common was too light….this might be right up your ally.  

BUNDY GOODZ – The Lazaruz Effect

I’m not going to say much about this album. Not because there is not much to talk about, God Knows we could talk about every bar on THE LAZARUS EFFECT for hours (Bundy Goodz’s pen is just that good; no pun intended).  I could fill this write up with several paragraphs breaking down each of the 9 tracks on this first Official Solo Release by the New Jersey Born, South Florida Spitter some know as Chef Goodz, but I will let the music speak to you instead. Get familiar with it.  Then check with us On Monday as we drop our official Album Review of the whole LAZARUS EFFECT project along with some interesting insight into the Resurrection Story of Bundy Goodz.   

K Lejind – Mainstream

South Florida…We Have A Problem. He goes by the name of K Lejind. If you are one of the few that have had the chance to hear this brother’s music on #WVCCRadio or witnessed him spitting live at #CipherInTheCircle, you already know this “new comer” to our scene is not to be taken lightly. If you are one of the many that are still in the dark about the homie from Fountain Blue, allow us to enlighten you.  This new video for his single MAINSTREAM is a great place to start. Once you are done there check the damage he does along side Underground Vet DIABOLIC on the banger THE VACCINE, or his banger TRIPLE THREAT featuring TRUWERDZ & REN THOMAS.  Mark our words, this is going to be an MC your going to want to get behind. His trajectory is only showing an upward trend. 


While preparing the TETRUS: OUT OF TOKENS Album Review, I got my first taste of a Local Artist by the name of CASHE, that was unbenounced to me till that point.  As I have stated before, as a longtime member of our Hip Hop Scene, I pride myself in knowing everyone in the Tri-County area who is involved with Hip Hop in one way or another.  So when I heard the brother CASHE spitting on Tetrus’s BLACK BOY JOY, I was caught by surprise, and immediately expressed my intrigue.  Tet went on to tell me how he had connected with CASHE at a Video Shoot and was so impressed by his Bars and Professionalism that he asked him for a feature on his upcoming album. Thus Black Boy Joy was created, and a friendship was formed.  The new video above, BLACK MOGUL was actually the video shoot where Tet and Cashe met for the first time.  While Tet was describing their meeting to me he actually stopped halfway through the story to show me this single, and I noticed right away why he asked for the feature, This brother is SERIOUS!! Bars packed with Knowledge, Encouragement, Empowerment and Accountability and a flow that can’t be denied.  Another artist from the MIA that you want to keep your eye on. If you listen closely, you’ll notice leading you in the wrong is not on his agenda.  

DARKNESS – The Blind Owl EP

We had a great time last night on #WVCCRadio interviewing our special Guest, DARKNESS.  Although his music is the stuff Nightmares are made of, the brother was a blast to chop it up with, and dropped some fantastic gems for us to.  Look out for our full MEET THE ARTIST Write up on DarkNess this coming week on the #CyphLyfeBlog. For now, enjoy your Halloween Weekend festivities while playing his new EP, THE BLIND OWL, produced by NY Producer SICARIO who has laid down a stainless steel foundation for DARKNESS to build his Slaughter Pen on.  Guest appearances by RUSTE JUXX, CONFUCIOUS, and AZIM THE BEAST make this album just that much more gruesome.  Treat yourself to a copy of the album and some merch at https://darkplugink.com/home/  


The first time I got the chance to hear this, I literally didn’t feel right, or safe. Sitting in the BLVCK HVND CAVE, (the name we have given TRPL Z’s home studio) getting ready to record a new track I was colabing on with Z, he asked me if I wanted to hear some new shit. Mind you, this was back in the Summer, where the scariest thing I was worrying about was possible going back to work at the office because the Covid Numbers were starting to calm down. As Z pressed play, he sat back and took a micro dose of shrooms with a smile on my face as the first of the disturbing movie samples started to come through the speakers. What followed is a work of both Art and Occult Terror. The duo known as the BLVCK HVND KLVN, made up of Members TRPL Z & BRDEN have returned this Devils Day with a sequel to last years Halloween themed EP RITUAL. Produced entirely by South American Producer BEATSENT, this Musical Horror Flick takes HORROR CORE HIP HOP to the Next Level. If I am keeping it 100, TRPL Z sent me the album at the beginning of the week, and I only play it while I am walking outside as to not inadvertently invite any unwanted spirits into my home. Shit is THAT Spooky. Want an awesome soundtrack to play at your Haunted House this weekend. Press play on POSSESSION and leave it on repeat. Don’t blame us if it starts playing backwards tho….Take that up with BLVCK HVND RECORDS.

FTM Records Presents Faces of Death HELL​-​O​-​WEEN v​.​11

The big Homie Wil E Haze and his Indie Label FTM Records are back again with the 11th volume of their HELL-O-WEEN Series.  For the past 11 years FTM have put together a compilation of some of the grimiest Halloween Themed Singles from some of the US’s most eclectic indie Artist.  This year he has served up a cauldron of which contains some of our Local Favorites including NO EMOTION GOLD MASK (Blood Covered Apples) , NORTH X AGONY X SALAZAR EL TABAQUERO (Thriller CGMix), and BLVCK HVND KLVN (Book Of the Dead Remix).  Another banger of a project to play on full volume while kids come to your door asking for candy this weekend.  Give them a little more than they bargained for, and scare some parents in the process.  Sounds like a Ghoulish good time to me.    Get your free Download Here –


Check the Latest Episode Featuring Miami Legend and Kendall Hip Hop God Father DJ EFN.


PiFF/ Penneywise JR is set to release one of the dopest EP’s of the year on 10/31. “Hoodie Season” is the beginning of a series based off of PiFF’s hoodie collection. PiFF collects exclusive merch and with it getting cold, PiFF decided to go thru his collection and pick out 5 classics. The first entry up is El Camino “Last Shot” hoodie.

Hoodie Season is entirely produced by Adwerdz. Adwerdz is a strait up beat smith and ya’ll better get familiar because this EP showcases some of his best work to date. PiFF also hooked up with a dope distribution label Cocareef Records. All physicals and merch will be provided by Cocareef Records/Distribution. Go check out Cocareef website below and also check out the other artist on the label, cause PiFF said so! Get your hoodies ready because PiFF about to rise to the occasion.. Reserve your copy right here – cocareef1.bandcamp.com/album/hoodie-season 


One of our new #WVCCRadio followers, MARC SCORN, not only showed us mad love on last nights show, but he blessed us with this grimey, dark, mind fuck of an album by the name of PSYCHO THERAPY vol 1. SCORN ventures into all the grey-area’s of modern society and mirrors the atmosphere which is created by the ‘Councillor’, a character which reflects on social issues. The Horror Core vibe is amplified by the MC’s British accent which conjures images of black and white Vampire Flicks, and the Maddeningly Hypnotic productions that Marc has a ball slaughtering. Take a seat or recline on this Psyco Therapist’s couch, close your eyes, and pray that you wake better then when you fell asleep….or that you wake up at all.

WARLOCK – Don’t Forget Me

Rapper/Singer/Songwriter WARLOCK is on a mission to make his mark in the Hip-Hop game by staying true to his roots while embracing the evolving tastes of music. Whether it be Miami Bass, Dub Step, Drum and Bass, Hip-Hop or Electronica the overall sound is quintessentially Warlok. No matter what. On his latest EP, DON’T FORGET ME, masterfully Produced & Engineered by the big homie MIAMI BEAT WAVE, WARLOCK allows you a rare look into his personal life and family upbringing that made him the Man and Artist that he is today.  He dedicates the album to the memory of his late Grand Father. The Title DON’T FORGET ME is his promise to “El Biejo” to always work hard to make him proud and honor his Memory.  Its only 4 songs long, but once you get through it the first time, it will be very easy to keep it on repeat.

Art Morera – “Driftin” 

Finally, we present to you the latest video by MC/ Videographer / Producer/ and self-proclaimed Drifter, ART MORERA.  The video was shot by ART himself, and the level of artistry in the cinematography is only overshadowed by his level of mastery of the pen and delivery.  The Song is a poignant reminder that sometimes we have to let go of the things we love the most, lose almost everything we have, including ourselves, in order to eventually Find our true self. Morera continues to offer us more magic from his travels and we gladly put our trick or treat bags out and accept his offering.  I hope you enjoy this one as much as we do.