Canada’s Super Emcee, Es, is back with a nostalgic ode to every hip hop heads favorite Trio of the 90s. TRIBUTE TO TRIBE, produced by MC TIL of EVERYBODYS HIP HOP.COM fame will be an insta-favorite for anyone who grew up on Q-TIP, PHIFE and ALI SHAHEED MOHAMMED, as Es is not satisfied in simply name dropping group members and hit titles. He gets in depth with historical references that anyone who has been on the Quest with TRIBE since the PEOPLES INSTINCTIVES TRAVELS days will deeply appreciate. Are you one of those Hip Hop Heads lucky enough to have been in Middle or Highschool when A TRIBE CALLED QUEST was everyones answer when asked, “Who is your favorite Hip Hop Group?” If so, this might very well be your favorite song of 2024.


Es shares with his followers the inspiration behind TRIBUTE TO TRIBE:

Inspired by the timeless sound of A Tribe Called Quest, I was approached in 2019 with the idea to create a song honouring the group. The instrumental, provided by producer MC Till, resonated deeply with me evoking the unmistakable essence of ATCQ’s musical legacy.
Fittingly titled “Tribute To Tribe,” the song captures the spirit and vibe of ATCQ, paying homage to their groundbreaking contributions to hip-hop culture.
          As a lifelong fan of A Tribe Called Quest, creating ‘Tribute To Tribe’ was a deeply personal endeavour for me. Their music has been a constant source of inspiration throughout my career, and this song is my way of paying homage to their legacy and the impact they’ve had on me.
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From his introduction to TRIBE (watching CHECK THE RHYME on Rap City), to the heart breaking Break Up which made the front page of The Source, to the final reunion album WE GOT IT FROM HERE…THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE, which we were so lucky to get after the passing of PHIFE DAWG, and which is grossely slept on, Es documents the legendary Quest of ATCQ thoroughly, creatively and with love and respect for the groups legacy, (some might argue he did a better job than Michael Rapaport, but thats neither here nor there).  The accompanying video transports me back to the hours of 5 – 7pm every afternoon after school, and countless hours watching the Video Jukebox. Laced with some rare performance clips, this video hits the spot for any TRIBE fan who starts salivating as Es starts to name drop all our favorite albums, videos and singles.

MC TIL’s love for A TRIBE CALLED QUEST and the NATIVE TONGUES movement as a whole is well documented on his self published THE NATIVE TONGUES REVIEW which can be found on his website, The beat was an easy AllyOop for Es to go savage on, but being the true QUESTER that he is, He kept it jazzy, and together they created a gem that I am personally making sure gets in the hands of Jarobi White who spins a resedency at Miami’s 1-800 LUCKY every Tuesday Night. A TRIBUTE TO TRIBE needs to be ATCQ cannon, an official part of their History. You can definetely find TRIBUTE TO TRIBE on Heavy Rotation this week on WVCC Radio.

ES – @HGmonsterEs (FB, IG, Tiktok and Twitter)
MC TIL – @mctil (FB & IG)
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