Word on the block is there’s a new “Take Out” joint in the hood. It’s been getting some horrible reviews on Yelp, but word is one of the dudes working in the kitchen, a “Line Cook” by the name SHAW CALHOUNE, is pretty nice with the Bars. Just one of the many things you can get over the counter at “CARRY OUT (ON SHAW)” where CALHOUNE and an ensemble of Beat Chefs serve up everything from Chopped Beef Sandwiches to Viagra and Magnums. Luckily they got the debut album from SHAW CALHOUNE playing out the speakers on repeat, and it’s worth multiple listens, cuz you gonna be waiting a while for your order.


The Debut Album from SHAW CALHOUNE on BIG ELEANOR RECORDS is a well thought out full length. Full of the soulful, jazztastic production and the “Mature Man Raps” we have come to enjoy hearing SHAW spit on his earlier EPs. The Silver Springs, MD orator knows how to pick great backdrops to lay his poetry over. Producers Chillonn Daviz, 3rd eye, Magnus Andretti, Brooks XY, AJK, Ahj Adams, No Pulp, and Benji Socrates provide the gas to keep the grills ready for SHAW to cook on. 3RD EYE provides a smooth thumper for CALHOUN to describe what an average day is like for him on NO VOICEMAILS with DJ SKRUFF providing some Dope Evidence scratches to deliver the message that no matter how stressful the hood is, making this music is SHAW’s Therapy. He’s on his Big Brag Energy over the choppy wood claps of WHOS IN CHARGE HERE programmed by MAGNUS ANDRETTI. Then he describes the many  different angles of our relationship with the opposite sex over FOOD POISONING (prod BROOKS XY), HEAD CHEF (AJK flipped a sample that JUST BLAZE & KWELI made infamous, but SHAW still does justice to), and ANONYMUS COMPLAINT where vocalist PINK I lays a gorgeous hook over the smooth AHJ ADAMS production, reminding us to take sometime to love ourselves as well as our partners.
     Speaking of partners, SHAW partners up with some long time family to make some of the dopest options on the CARRY OUT (ON SHAW) menu. Cynical Minded, Goldie The Natural, Ty Law and DJ Scruff join SHAW in the Kitchen on the synth xylophone driven WALK OUT. The beat and bar heavy verses make this one of the project stand outs. Then we are re-introduced to BARRY MARZ by way of a phone call which CALHOUNE takes on his SMOKE BREAK. The nature loving Emcee we first met in 2023 on SHAWs classic A HOUSE SPARROW’S FEATHER goes back and forth in a refreshing conversation with SHAW over a bop produced by AHJ ADAMS, that comes off so natural and easy it makes this song one of the anchors of the album. This joint low key makes me wish for a whole BARRY MARZ / SHAW CALHOUNE project in the future, just to hear these two spitters going back and forth, bar for bar, more often.
carryout main dish
carryout main Trash

The other anchor of the album, without a doubt is the genius acting on all the skits that are spread out throughout the LP.  SHAW recruited the perfect cast to play disgruntled customers who find out the hard way that just cuz the beats and verses playing at the new spot on the corner are slapping, it don’t mean you gonna be pleased with the service. Luckily by the end of the project, SHAW recognizes what all of his patrons come to find out. He’s meant for much more than working behind the grill or counter.  SHAW was born to be in front of the Mic and Cameras.

He hangs a TEMPORARILY CLOSED sign on the door (A banging project closer produced by BENJI SOCRATES), and sets off to fulfill his life mission of feeding his audience some food for their Souls. Thankfully SHAW CALHOUNE and BIG ELENOR RECORDS take less time to deliver their music than they do to deliver their food.

Written by 8ch2Owens

Founder of Vice City Cypher, WVCC Radio, PROFRESH Publicty. With over 20 Years in South Florida’s Hip Hop Scene 8ch2Owens has carved his name into the Miami Hip Hop history books, and now uses his talents to promote the best in South Florida Indie Hip Hop and Underground Hip Hop from around the globe.

Ms. Laura Michelle