If you ain’t up on the name KING VIR2UE yet, you are missing out one of Modern Indie Hip Hop’s best producers. The New York native who now calls VA his home has been behind some of the dopest releases in the underground in the past 2 years. I’m personally a fan of his work with NY’s TONY DIMES & SOSOON, and New Jersey Whiskey God MICKEY BOURBON. This time around he blesses us with the 1st single off his upcoming full length with Bronx Bar Bomber, FRANCHEYEZ. VIR2UE hit us up with an air of excitement about the new Full Length collab project with FRANCHEYEZ, and hinted at some serious guest appearances that are sure to make this release one to remember. Their lead single, “UNDERDOGS” features New Jeruz shooter K-PREZ, and it gives us a good sense of what has got KING VIR2UE so excited.


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     Jersey’s K-PREZ sets off the rally call of UNDERDOG over a smooth piano loop layed down masterfully by VIR2UE. This whole joint is a fuck you finger in the face of those who aint believe in you. Those who “Didn’t stick around to watch you win the game”. The Puerto Rican puncher known around the BX as FRANCHEYES brings his charisma and “Come Up” bars on the 2nd verse as he grinds to earn “Enough Celery to last me a Century / You send a shot to me Ni**a, just know I’m sending 3/”. If FRANCHEYEZ is gonna do anything, he is going to do it right, and “Over Do It” til it sticks.  Some might call it doing the most, but that’s how UNDERDOGS get the job done.
     For more on what KING VIR2UE is cooking up, check out his latest release “UNDERGROUND VILLAINS” featuring UMBRELLA COLLECTIVE word wizard SUBSTANCE 810 & Arizona transplant YOURS TRULY THE POET.  The 2 word wielders weave some amazing verses over an eligant string arrangement by VIR2UE that will have you rooting for the Anti-Hero. Check it below….


     Make sure you follow KING VER2UE, & FRANCHEYES to be ready for the release of their first collab LP dropping soon.

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