The latest EP by the young South Florida Sage known as LOTUS HILL is a blueprint for the SOUL of authentic Hip Hop Music.  Not Cookie Cuter, Commercial Radio, Record Label Laboratory Formula Rap.  I’m talking Dope Beats, Dope Rhymes, Dope Styles and speaking from the heart no matter what your personal experiences have been. That is what you find on SOUL ARCHITECT.


Dominican/ Puerto Rican Next Gen Emcee LOTUS HILL was brought up correctly in this culture.  I’m not sure who raised him on Hip Hop, if it was his Parents, his siblings, A Coach, A Teacher or a Mentor on the block. Who ever it was, they had a good grasp of the building blocks of this artform and must have drilled the founding precepts of this culture into LOTUS’s subconcious, because he represents Hip Hop as if he grew up with it in the Bronx since 1975.  Not saying this album sounds dated or “Old School”. Far from that.  LOTUS HILL is a young artist who has a great sense for modern sounding production and knows how to lay flows over them that can attract younger listeners to be fans, gain the attention of his peers, and earn him the respect from the Older Generations who are still loyal to this music and movement.  As he shows on joints like RESULTS MAY VARY, (My personal favorite joint on the EP), he can also spit the throw back styles that his Uncles grew up on over dope Boom Bap drums and loops.  I asked him about what influences him to do throw back styles like the one on RESULTS MAY VARY and what Emcees push him to test his Story Telling skills which are full display on this track.

“Results may vary is one of my favs literally because of what you just said. Thank you for receiving that fr. I just wanted to have a boom bap track where I’m storytelling different perspectives. The first verse is a convo with a man that doesn’t seem like the wealthiest but is happy & wise in his ways of life. The second verse is a convo with another man that seems to have it all in life on the surface, but on a deeper level is empty inside & unfulfilled (soulless). I love tracks with storytelling because it shows a different side to an artist’s ability to structure songs. I’m inspired by OGs like Guru of Gang Starr, Lupe Fiasco, Mos Def, Nas, Eminem, & Lil Wayne to name a few”

His ability to flip through various styles and vibes from track to track lets his listners “Know he’s the Shhhh, Like we in the library”   as he declares on the catchy hook. Not only does he have the writing ability to entertain and teach a little something in the same token, and the studio experience to sound like a comfortable natural on record, he also take his craft serious enough to train in the dojo to hone his skills.  You can find him most Tuesdays on the corner of 2nd Ave N.W. 24th St in Wynwood, trading bars off the top of the dome with his fellow Gator Pit Emcees at the DIRTY FIVE 2nd Ave Cypher, and if you have seen him perform live,  you can tell he practices his written material constantly.  In a city where most of the New Generation of artists is used to performing over their own Vocals (A huge No No in the True Hip Hop Scene), LOTUS HILL refuses to take the easy road.  Eventhough a lot of his verses are high energy, uptempo raps, You can witness him performing them perfectly, with great projection, clear delivery and enough charisma and confidence to get the crowd moving on the dance floor.  Joints like ELITE and MIRROR from the SOUL ARCHITECT project can easily get a live audience bouncing.  I asked him what his favorite song off the album was and he replied…

“Though I feel really connected to all the songs on the EP, I feel the song I have a special connection to the most right now would be MIRROR because I wrote it during a time of feeling alone, misunderstood, & not heard. I felt I was able to express exactly what I wanted to express, which is that it’s ok to be authentically you, to know that believing in yourself is the ultimate key, & that it’s ok to fully feel your emotions before acting on them. I want to help people through my music the same way my favorite artists have helped me through their music. Seeds you water turn into a garden”

The Visuals for MIRROR are Top Quality as well, as you can see for yourself below. LOTUS HILL isn’t pulling any punches in his presentation.


It’s not only this high level of work ethic, and evident respect for Hip Hop that makes LOTUS HILL one my favorite young voices coming out of the 305.  It’s also his message.  In a day and age where most rappers are wasting their breath speaking nonsense, LOTUS HILL packs his music with relavent points and motivating Ideology. When he starts the album opener “BY DESIGN” saying

“They could never dim my light, Its Everlasting/ They told me that these dreams I chase could never happen/ Shout out to the ones who are in this for the Passion/ I achieve anything that my brain can imagine/”

That’s not the kind of messaging the mainstream media wants to sow into the Black and Brown community for some reason. LOTUS HILL doesn’t care about the status quo or the Music Industries expectations.  He isn’t out to sell his soul to blow up.  He is simply happy releasing music that is constructive for your soul and gives you something to build on. If thats the kind of vibe you are in the market for, follow the SOUL ARCHITECT. He is contantly drawing up new “Plans” for your enjoyment.

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Ms. Laura Michelle

Written by 8ch2Owens

Vice City Cypher, WVCC Radio, PROFRESH PUBlicty.  With over 20 Years in South Florida’s Hip Hop Scene 8ch2Owens has carved his name.