Miami’s Hip Hop scene has shooters dispursed through out the map like legendary players from the University of Miami are scattered throughout the NFL. We bread Barbarians down in the bottom. One such Word Warrior is BOGEY “THE BLACK BOGART”, who has carved out his own lane in the modern Hip Hop Underground. Currently holding it down up in the Mountains of Colorado, BOGEY makes it clear that he still lives by the street codes that raised him on the Self Produced “UNWRITTEN RULE”. Soon as the high pitched organs start playing and that drum kick and snare slap you, your face screws up in anticipation of the impact. BOGEYs production is as formidable as his Pen, at times even more lethal. “The Black Bogart” as he has been known since his younger days in the county of Dade, doesnt do the Lyrical Miracle shit. He kicks straight froward, Corner Store Hustle talk. Keeping it poignant and to the point.


Bogey The Black BogartBOGEY never says more than is required cuz he knows “Some People you can’t trust, and Certain Things you don’t discuss.” His cadence is as constant as the Hundred punch practice by Master Bruce, his flow and smokey voice hitting all the right frequencies to get you in that zone to do dirt. “UNWRITTEN RULE” is block music, and the streets understand the message BOGEY is delivering, loud and clear.

Written by 8ch2Owens

With over 20 Years in South Florida’s Hip Hop Scene, Rudy “8ch2Owens” Barro has carved his name into the South Florida Hip Hop History books. As an Emcee, and Community Organizer with VICE CITY CYPHER Productions, he does his part in keeping Hip Hop Culture thriving in South Florida. As Founder and Host of WVCC Radio, Miami’s New Home for Underground & Indie Hip Hop streaming 24/7 on, 8ch provides journalistic services to help shine light on Indie Hip Hop Artists whose music isn’t getting the Media Coverage it deserves. His team’s thorough and insightful WriteUps help provide Web Visibility to these artists to help them compete in the Indie Hip Hop Market, and grow their fanbase organically. Along with all he does with WVCC RADIO, 8ch2Owens also runs PROFRESH PUBLICITY, providing PR services to Indie Hip Hop artists so that their music can be heard throughout the Nation and overseas.

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