ROME MALLORY, The Poughkeepsie, New York Emcee who now calls Charlotte, North Carolina home is back with a new soothing gem to transport you out of the every day rut, and prepare you for his upcoming album with his latest single “OTHER REALMS Rmx”.


Produced by the team at SAMPLE GODS, the Jazzy backdrop gives ROME plenty of room for the “Universe to speak through him, Use him as a Vessel” as he shares the wisdom he has earned by bumping his head several times in his Decade long music career.  He explains that “Other Realms” are like “Elders he wish he would have went” to for advice and direction at a time when “The AC’s were broken, I had No Fans to vent to” (BARS!!!).

We have all been there. Dropped the Ball. Mishandled the play. Screwed the Pooch.  Hindsight is 2020, and wisdom only comes from learning the hardway sometimes. But as we apply what we learn, we make less mistakes. Knowledge is power, but it is worthless unless applied. Once we apply what we’ve learned through trial an error, our regrets become less, and our successess begin to multiply.  This is how ROME MALLORY has broken through to the OTHER REALM.

You can enjoy the Original Single above, or the Remix version below. Both produced by Sample Gods, and both are jazzily delicous. ROME MALLORY’s advisory tale only enhances the listening experience.  Find the Remix on High Rotation on #TheNewWVCCRadio


Rome Mallory Pic 1

Stay tapped in with ROME MALLORY as he gets ready to release his next LP, BREAKTHROUGH 2, the Sequel to his highly praised 2023 classic. His Spotify is full of music for you to catch up on, and everything he releases is worthy of the purchase.


Spotify – Rome Mallory

Written by 8ch2Owens

Founder of Vice City Cypher, WVCC Radio, PROFRESH Publicty. With over 20 Years in South Florida’s Hip Hop Scene 8ch2Owens has carved his name into the Miami Hip Hop history books, and now uses his talents to promote the best in South Florida Indie Hip Hop and Underground Hip Hop from around the globe.

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