New Hip Hop to set your Weekend Off Right.

Peace Peace Fellow 88ers. There’s a wind of change a blowing. One of the big changes is we dropping the #FridayFreshProduce Name for the New Music Review and officially changing it to the #WVCCRadio #WeekendBag, since we provide way too much new music to take in on a single Friday. Here’s a some of the rawest Hip Hop released today for yall to enjoy all weekend.


After a quite 1st Qtr of 2021, it looks like the Griselda squad is on the march again. With BENNY & HARRY FRAUD dropping PLUGS I MET 2 last month, and WSG hitting us with back to back singles in preparation for his new album SINCERELY ADOLF #HWH8, now CONWAY “EL PADRINO” comes out with LA MAQUINA.  11 Tracks of fire with some fueg features, including 2 CHAINZ on the silky 200 PIES,  EL CAMINO & SHOTS on HAD TO HUSTLE, Southern Legend LUDACRIS & Legend in the Making JID on lose their shit on the DON CANNON produced SCATTER BRAIN, and a brand new GRISELDA CREW Colab on S.E. GANG. However, on this album CONWAY has the spot light shining on his New Label DRUM WORK MUSIC GROUP and his new shootas 7XVETHEGENIUS who slides all over SISTER ABIGAIL & JAE SKEESE who makes multiple stellar appearances all over the project.  After a couple of drama filled seasons marked by the shooting of BENNY THE BUTCHER, rumors of the GXFR family infighting, beef with the SHADY AFTERMATH Label, and a possible breakup, THE MACHINE is still as focused as ever on “Spitting more than a bum missing teeth” and proving he is not only the Top Spitter in Griselda, but in all of current Hip Hop.

Bronze Nazareth & Recognize Ali – Season Of The Seven (Album)

Mello Music Group is on fuego right now. Having some of the dopest artist in Indie Hip Hop under their banner, they have been hitting us with a number of stellar releases so far this year. Last year they released 2 projects by the DUELING EXPERTS (VERBAL KENT & RECOGNIZE ALI) which sent waves through the underground. This year RECOGNIZE ALI is continuing his reign of terror on MELLO MUSIC with Producer BRONZE NAZARETH behind the boards on SEASON OF THE SEVEN.  This is Boom Bap Rap at its rawest with guest appearances by some of the sharpest shooters in the underground. Hit play and make sure you follow the label at to stay up to date with all of their releases.

Ty Farris x Machacha – Dark Nights & D Fitteds (EP)

After last years critically acclaimed WIRED DIFFERENT, The Motor City Metaphor Mechanic known as TY FARRIS is back with producer MACHACHA laying down suppressive fire on DARK NIGHTS & D FITTED’S.  The two rep their home town of DETROIT to the fullest on this 9 track EP that will help your weekend nights smoke smoother than an expertly rolled Dutch Master.

#WVCCRadio #SingleFiles

8ch2Owens – High Standards (Prod. DJ MattyLite & Cuts DJ Proof)

We have been featuring DJ MATTYLITE’s music on our Weekly New Music Articles since last year since he has been consistently dropping fire singles in the underground since his first single with Boston Spitter PRYME PROLIFIC. Now Chicago’s DJ MattyLite teams up with your boi, South Florida’s 8ch2Owens & combine to #RaiseTheBars​ with HIGH STANDARD, the new single soaking in that Brand New Old School steeze that 8ch2 is becoming known for. Featuring Miami’s own DJ Proof on the Cuts & Ekym1536 behind the boards. I’m proud to say this single and my latest album THE WATERPROOF with DJ PROOF have been getting alot of spins by Underground DJ’s across the country and even over seas, helping us to meet our goal of dropping music that will reach further than just the local scene. Follow us as we keep repping #SoFlow world wide. Support the Artist at…

Mo Rukuz – Skully (Prod. Shaolin Luciano)

Damn Damn Damn!!…GRIME WAV. General MO RUKUZ hits us with SKULLY. A slimey neck breaker produced by SHAOLIN LUCIANO with a grimey video to boot, brought to us by Cinematic Cartel. This dude has his own gravitational pull and seems to be drawing attention from all of underground Hip Hop. Be on the look out for our #WVCCRadio Interview with MO RUKUZ and HANZO BLADES of GRIME WAV. dropping next week, and make sure you tap in to all things GRIME WAV. Dont make me tell you “I TOLD YOU SO” a year from now.

M Doc Diego & Manzu Beatz – Tango N Cash ft. Crotona P

Rochester, NY emcee M Doc Diego and Italian production crew ManZu BeatZ have dropped a new video/single this morning. “Tango –N- Cash”(Ft. Crotona P) is a re-introduction to the stark and grimy boom-bap formula that the duo crafted on last year’s Universal Tongues project. makes it such a potent pairing. With this single is the announcement of the release of Universal Tongues Vol 2 for April 23rd.

Speaking on it, Diego said “Universal Tongues is really what I would consider the true definition of hip-hop. That is people who come from different cultures and separated by language or geographical barriers coming together and relating through this music. ManZu and I connected at the start of the pandemic and within the past year have built a partnership on respect and creativity that has been received well from people around the globe.”

Shot by Cartel Films, the visuals for “Tango –N- Cash” show Diego and P spitting in what looks like the graph-covered train-yards of the South Bronx from the dawn of hip-hop. “It’s actually these abandoned water towers close to the reservoir over here. I’ve been wanting to film there for a minute but you literally have to hike over some terrain that makes it difficult to get to. Crotona and I have been friends for a few years, he’s been putting it down for the city and he’s been very supportive of my work as well.”


U.S. Publicity Contact: Jerry Graham,

OfficialHeir – Summer Time!!! (Official Music Video)

Miami has a rich History of Hip Hop that goes back several generations. We’ve been putting in work in The Bottom so long that some of us have kids that are joining us in the booth now. One such Family is the THC Family of HIALEAH, where UB the Underboss aka APEX has been putting in work for 20+ years in this scene. Now the heir to the THC Thrown, UB’s son OFFICIAL HEIR is ready to take his place as the new mouth piece of the THC Dynasty. Today he blesses us with SUMMER TIME. A new jammie that fits the Miami Weather like a wet suit off Key Biscayne. This jam is steaming hot from the Productions to the bars to the effortless flow that OFFICIAL HEIR uses to paint a picture of the vibe our city naturally exudes. Spring may have just started, but lets be serious, its Summer 10 Months out of the Year in the 305. This is the first video from HEIR‘s A Bunch of Freestyle album which is currently streaming everywhere along with The Stimulus Package. Give the young prodigy a follow on your favorite streaming service and Bump this shit at top volume as you sip something cool by the Pool this weekend.


New WXTCH WXLVES Single & Visuals by MOGLY, ART MORERA & BELEAF called 258 shows the pack prowling the night by moon light. Each speaks their truth over a tuff 808 heavy bop that that gives way to some solemn piano keys. As the crew grows, recently adding Miami Hip Hop Centurion SERUM to their fold, so does their portfolio and reputation as Miami’s hottest New Super Crew. Aaaaoooooooo!!!


Last year Miami MC/Graff Monster SERUM BRAINSTORM was featured on several MOGLY classics, including FACE TOUCH with yours truley. No one knew he was laying the foundation for what would be his introduction into the WXTCH WXLVES PACK. Last week as we played his feature on CATACOMBS with WXLVES member BELEAF, Beleaf dropped a comment on the #WVCCRadio Chat Thread that SERUM was now an official WXLVES member. Well today we have facts on record. SERUM has officially been Walked In to the WXLVES, and their first line of business is serving you some BIG GREY POUPON. Smear this on your Breakfast Bagel and make sure you share this with everyone you know.

Choco Valens -Riot

New visuals for CHOCO VALENS single RIOT off of his WOLFENSTEIN Project. Fitting subject matter for the week we are having with Police Brutality once again in the spotlight. Let this shit play loud around a pig this weekend.

Barbaric The Foul Mouth Jedi – Barbaric The Destroyer (EP)

Last but not least, we got a new EP from BARBARIC THE FOUL MOUTH JEDI. Last month we were hit with the lead single, DEATH WISH feat. our GENOSHA Records family WEAPON ESP, along with ALVEREZ MASTERMIND, & MAGNUS. Little did we know that was just a small sample of the Verbal Violence to come on BARBARIC THE DETROYER the EP. Get familiar with BARBARIC and his A-Alike ALVEREZ MASTERMIND as they tear through 6 savage tracks on this ep.