What Up Fellow 88ers. Bitter Sweet Week in Hip Hop alot of great music this week, but we lost one of the greatest voices of my hip hop Generation. After a long battle for his life, today EARL DMX SIMMONS was officially pronounced dead. Our prayers go out to his family and we send him all of our collective energy to help him Transend to whatever awaits him. Thank you for all the motivation, music and teaching us how to pray X. Here’s some new music for your weekend.


The self proclaimed “Hip Hop Boy Band” known as BROCKHAMPTON has gotten cosigns from such Hip Hop Pioneers as The RZA, and RICK RUBEN, for their off the wall style, youthful soul and swag, and creative group think they bring to the game. The mob have finally released what they claim is their final album, ROADRUNNER: NEW LIGHT NEW MACHINE. A beautiful display of sonics and different flavors as BROCKHAMTON has become infamous for delivering over the past couple of years. Unfortunately, it seems the past year has been full of drama for the 13 man crew, having had to kick a member out the group over SEXUAL HARRASSEMENT ALLEGATIONS, almost breaking up and then regrouping to record their final 2 albums. I’ve read a couple of reviews hating on this 2nd to last project, but all I am hearing as I play ROADRUNNER is a great album that can appeal to a wide range of ages and Hip Hop tastes.

Blizz From Juice – War Trophies (Album)

From Blizz From Juice new project “War Trophies” with Eto, Recognize Ali, Ill Bill, Rob Gates, Lord Goat, Truck Jewels. Purchase:…​ –…​ Blizz From Juice – War Trophies Tracklist 01. Riley 02. Knishes 03. Brazzers 04. Schism feat. Eto & Lord Goat 05. Haunted feat. Truck Jewels 06. Pinata Face feat. Recognize Ali 07. Agony Bag feat. Eto & Ill Bill 08. Gary Busey feat. Rob Gates & Lord Goat 09. No Danish For Belle 10. Scorpio’s Theme 11. War Trophies

Vic Spencer – Psychological Cheat Sheet 2 (Album)

Question: What is the result when you mix the wit of Sean Price, the comedic delivery of DOOM, the unorthodox approach of the late ODB, the lungs of B-Real, and the life experience of a group home resident hailing from the streets of Chicago’s gritty East Side? Answer: Vic Spencer aka The Rapping Bastard. Enjoy his follow up to last years critically acclaimed PSCYHOLOGICAL SHEET CHEAT.

Divine Rhyme Syndicate – 96 Jewelz (EP)

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Beleaf feat. Serum – Catacombs [prod. by Orion] (Official Video)

New Visuals and Single from WXTCH WXLVES BELEAF and Miami’s MC/Graff Gawd SERUM. The two Kendall Vets flex their master penmenship over a banger by ORION AKA BRASS BALLS. #WVCCRadio had the honor of being tagged to break this record last night and we were blown away when BELEAF made it official, SERUM is now considered Official DUB P ( DUB P is dead Woe), my bad…Official WXTCH WXLVES Member. Another dope video by fellow Wxlf ART MORERA, adding another burner to his growing portfolio. Keep this video on repeat this weekend and keep an eye on them WXLVES.

Wrekonize – The Coldest Dish

Some powerful visuals from Hometown Hero WREKONIZE for one of his darkest songs off his PRESSURE POINT LP. THE COLDEST DISH, a song of revenge served frozen cold on those who trespassed the songs antagonist through out his life. The Video directed by Miami Video Boss MICHAEL GARCIA takes a fantastic song and turns it into a classic that will now be burned in the minds eye of all who see it. The Acting matches the writing to a tee….Painfully perfect. Come have your fill of THE COLDEST DISH, and join WREKONIZES Patreon today so you can get his latest WREKING CREW shirt (Below) commemorating his 2019 Wrek Wednesday Weekly Freestyle Run.


Miaim Hip Hop Veteran BOGEY has been busy in the lab as of late and blessed us with this letter from the Heart. TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN… is a reality check to all Rap Star Wannabees from someone who has walked the road, put in the work and paid the dues, and has the experience to share with those up and coming what the game really has in store for them. The MC once known as D RHYTHM from Miami Super Group LAST STRAWS speaks from a place of wisdom, having suffered through the ups and downs of trying to break in to the music industry, and still pursuing his passion on an independent level which is three times as hard. Pay ear and mind to the gems BOGEY is dropping and keep an eye out for his upcoming release.


CIPHER IN THE CIRCLE Alumni PURP GORILLA blesses us with a gem that feels and sounds like Miami Beach Vibe. RECKLESS is a fantastic Caribbean bop just in time for Spring where Lust/Love starts to bloom in the most random places. PURP not only flexes the vocal cords with his Yardy steeze, but he also flexes the Flow Skills that made him a welcomed addition to the CITC family. This song brings back memories of falling in love at first sight, You cant help human nature, but just dont be RECKLESS.

Raheem DeVaughn & Apollo Brown – When A Man

Played this last night on #WVCCRadio and we all lost our fucking minds. RAHEEM DEVAUGHN over an APOLLO BROWN reimagining of TRIBE CALLED QUEST’s LUCK OF LUCIEN Sample. The way APOLLO BROWN flips the sample is simple but masterful. Not too overdone in order to give RAHEEM DEVAUGHN the Spotlight as he works his voice box to the peak of funk. Just when I had been thinking that R&B and NEO SOUL are taking the L in todays musical climate, here comes Mello Music Group to save the day once again.


Cornerstore Connoisseurs – No Stunt Doubles

One last one for all my Boom Bap heads who love that hard MC Shit!!. Enjoy the Cornerstore Connoisseurs.

From Cornerstore Connoisseurs new project “No Stunt Doubles”. Purchase:…​ Collectively known as the Cornerstore Connoisseurs, veteran MC’s Grand Scheme & Buddy Leezle serve up an illustrious soundscape for listeners to pound the pavement to. The production & lyrics on this project craft a true to form representation of the gritty essence in Philadelphia culture & capture the hustlers mentality of turning nothing into something. The debut album “No Stunt Doubles” layers it’s depths the same way the duo of wordsmiths prefer to rock their Ralph Lauren garments. The Connoisseurs bring with them a roster of heavy spitters that include Jon Murdock & Lex Starwind (Foundation/LCOB), & Da Buze Bruvaz (Lo Life Philadelphia/Grilchy Party). Stretch The Mad Scientist, DistantStarr, & MistaMaff are just a few included on the line up for production & DJ TMB laces the tracks cuts with masterful displays of turntablism.Tap in to get your fix!