#WVCCRadio Artist Of The Week: SHOTTIE

It’s been 8 Years since we have been graced by new music from one of Miami’s most lethal Hip Hop Hitmen. In 2013 SHOTTIE (once known as DEADSHOT of IDEE4 & COMMON GROUND MUSIC GROUP) dropped LIFE AFTER LOVE (Written and Produced by SHOTTIE) & later that year THE BLACKEST ROSE on 95 LABS records, produced by NY Producer with MIA ties, TEV95. After having left to L.A. California to pursue a career in Film Directing and Script Writing, SHOTTIE ended up in Brooklyn NY where he worked with TEV95 on what would become the Miami Classic DELOREAN. The following year they would drop 2 More albums and a Video Album named GOD SPEED. Then, just like Batman after a smoke bomb is dispersed from his utility belt, Poooof….He Disapeared. We didn’t hear anything else from SHOTTIE the MC. Fast Forward to 2018/2019 and we meet DRE & RENE of the HUMAN SUSHI PODCAST, a couple of fun loving guys who like to talk Hip Hop, Sports, Movies, TV and Conspiracy Theories. Was half the duo one of the most feared MC’s in Miami’s History, maybe, but dont ask him to to talk to much about it, and dont ever ask him to spit a rhyme….He doesn’t do that anymore…that was old SHOTTIE, this is New Dre. That is until Now.

After the now famous #KendallVzHialeah Verzuz organized and Hosted by the #SouthFloridaMediaGang, it seems SHOTTIE has gotten bitten by the rap bug again and has been working hard in the lab again with TEV95, under the cover a spy level secrecy. Not much is known about the new project other than its name: MOSKVITCH. I tried to do some research on the name and album and got met with some scary opposition from some very shady characters. It seems like someone is working really hard to keep this release a mystery until its day of release. For know we will just have to enjoy the latest collaboration singles dropped by SHOTTIE in the past couple of years on our new #WVCCRadio #ShottiePlaylist.