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Happy Friday Fellow 88ers. Thinking of changing the name of our Friday New Music Reviews to the #WVCCWeekendBag or just #WeekendBag, since the Music we share on Friday usually gets played all weekend long (Just too much good music to play all in one day). Let me know what you all think, Audience comes first. We had a great week at WVCCRadio, interviewing both Eddie Kaine, and AFRO last night, and hosting our first Lunch Time Mix with our new friends from Paris France, DJ RONSHA & G-ZON LAMEUTE and the RONSHA MIX BOOMBAP SHOW, or as we have titled our new Wednesday Midday Show from 11am – 1pm, The #CyphLyfeLunchFromParisWithLove. We are growing weekly here at Miami’s Modern Rap City, and we are proud to have you rocking with us and honored to bring you this New Music. Lets get started.

Mello Music Group – Bushido (LP)

I check this modern Classic out before going to bed last night and almost did the whole write up at 1am after last nights broadcast of WVCCRadio. Luckily, MELLO MUSIC has some master publicist who did a much better job on the write up than I could ever do….I let them tell the story of BOSHIDO.

In feudal Japan, the Bushido Code defined the way of the samurai. It was a blueprint to conduct warfare with honor: a system built upon the qualities of rectitude and courage, honor and loyalty. In the modern world, these historical tenets may seem antiquated, or sometimes even obsolete. But the power of tradition is resolute and unyielding. The art of the rugged drum and the razor tongued rap are timeless.

After a decade in the music business, Mello Music Group has witnessed the dealings and promises of the record industry. Running counter-clockwise to the mainstream ethic, Mello has settled on its own code of conduct and value system. Their catalogue is a Hagakare of hip-hop — a practical and spiritual guide to the essence. While the sounds are varied, an MMG release ensures that the art comes first, the artists are religiously devoted to the upholding of standards and values. The musicians swing fast blades and fly the Mello banner with speed and strength.

This is Bushido, the latest Mello Music compilation gathering the current roster and the label’s closest brethren. As always, the core shoguns are present: Apollo Brown, Oddisee, Quelle Chris, L’Orange, Joell Ortiz, Skyzoo, and Homeboy Sandman. The rated rookies brandish sharpened swords: Solemn Brigham, Namir Blade, and The Lasso. The legacy teammates with championship trophies are all present: Open Mike Eagle, Georgia Anne Muldrow, Elaquent, Kool Keith, and Mr. Lif. So are label affiliates, Murs, The Alchemist, RJ Payne, and B-Real. The veteran general rounds out the roster, Stalley, the newest member of the Mello family. This isn’t merely an anthology, it’s a fully formed vision of what hip-hop can be. A meticulously assembled arsenal of past, present, and future.  

For more on this release check out the Mello Music Bandcamp and get yourself a copy of this Modern Masterpiece from one of the best Labels In the Industry right now.


When WREK & SHARPSOUND connect, it causes changes in the weather.  The long time collaborators, having worked together for years before WREK signed his deal with STRANGE MUSIC, WREK and SHARP have a running series of EP’s which they now built atop with SUNNY WINTERS III.  An established DJ/Producer in the Miami Music scene, SHARPSOUND has a natural knack for soulful boom bap, that is Jazzy, Moody, but still knocks hard enough to warm you up on the coldest Miami day. On FREEZING IN THE SUN, Wrek takes you for a jog to get your blood flowing with his unique take on the Triple Time style many use, but have yet to perfect as masterfully as “BILLY BAGGINS“.  The Hooks and Message behind UP AT THE CEILING & WORDS IN THE WIND are both heartwarming and vibe setting.  The album Closer SPRING BACK HOME is a declaration of love to his Passion and Life’s Mission, and a stubborn statement of resilience  in the face of a laundry list of opposition and opportunist. As one fan on his Bandcamp said it best “This could be my favorite of the saga (so far). I simply don’t understand how this man keeps dropping track after track after track!”  Make sure you pick up SUNNY WINTER 3 on his Bandcamp and while your at it, join THE WREKING CREW on Wreks PATREON , all his Patreon followers have been bumping this gem for a week already.

Asun Eastwood, M.A.V. & Sibbs Roc – 98 Miles 

ASUN EASTWOOD & M.A.V. have been giving us ammunition to unload on our listeners for a good 2 years now.  A squad of singles and collab albums under their belt (Like last years BITE THE BULLET, the Collab with ASUN EASTWOOD, DANIEL SON AND FUTUREWAVE), ASUN & M.A.V. now join forces with GOLD ERA Producer SIBBS ROC who rolls out the Red Carpet of Instrumentals for the two to MoonWalk on. Its quickly evident that the carpet is actually soaked in blood and the two mc’s leave Bloody Footprints all over the 10 track LP featuring guest appearances by long time “Co-D” DANIEL SON on TABLE TALK, JAY ROYALE on TUG OF WAR over a SIBBS ROC Keyboard beat that’s going to stick with you for days, and SAIPHER SOZE on 50/50, a song that is hypnotic with its off kilter delayed keys sample and Saxaphone.  This is an Audio Work of Art as much as the Album cover should be hung up on Hip Hop Art Museum Wall. Special Shouts to SIBBS ROC, dropping this album on his BornDay.  Yall make sure you give this album a few plays and don’t even think of Fronting. This album is well worth your purchase, bless the brother for his birthday and let him know he produced a winner here.  

Frank White – Loyalty Over Royalty (EP)

On Tuesday we did a #HOTDROPS Article on the latest Wu-Esk movement coming out of the East Coast Subterrain, GRIMEWAV. I make the WU comparison not only because GRIMEWAV is an Army of trained Spit Assassins representing multiple areas, but it is also backed by a squad of Producers who are deadly spitters themselves and as you can hear on FRANK WHITES Debut LP, LOYALTY OVER ROYALTY, Cash Rules Everything Around GRIMEWAV.  So if we rolling with this “New Wu” comparison, FRANK WHITE would make a fantastic Puerto Rican RAEKWON.  His pen is precise with the Street Scriptures, his flow and vocal tone untouchable. Only 4 songs deep, the EP features the whole GRIMEWAV family and is produced entirely by shogun HANZO BLADE. Make sure you give this thorough play this weekend and get ready for our interview with MO RUKUZ and HANZO BLADEZ of GRIMEWAV this coming Tuesday on #WVCCRadio.

Jamal Gasol – Blackball EP (Prod. By ThatBlessedGirl)

“MR. PIFFHEAD” JAMAL GASOL is back with another banging EP, the 7 track BLACKBALL. Produced entirely by Fem Crate Digger THATBLESSEDGIRL who has this album lit with all types of flavors. You looking for smooth jazzy thump, they got you (FROM ME TO YOU feat L-BIZ).  You want club bounce, they got you (MONEY & POLITICS).  You want that Hard street shit, JAMAL & BLESSEDGIRL got you (FLAMBOYANT ft ETO & UNAPOLOGETIC).  Hold up…was that a diss at CRIMEAPPLE on Unapologetic at 12:15…hmmmm.  Listen for yourself and enjoy the ongoing rampage of JAMAL GASOL.


Producer/DJ NEF has dropped a bomb on the underground this morning. TEBULA ROSA is a fire Compilation album chuck full of stellar features. TERMINOLOGY, LIL FAME, RAS KASS, NEMS, TEK, ROME STREETZ, UFO FEV, G4 JAG & ISO INDIES are just some of the heavy hitters gracing this Project. NEF makes the job easy for them providing productions that make this album a great ride. Take your time on this album this weekend like taking a slow stroll through the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

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The man once known and feared by the name LMS is back to finish what he started at the beginning of the New Year. Inspired by the INFINITY GAUNTLET Mythos, L, who now chooses to go by his birthname ULYSSES, has released 5 singles in the past 4 months, all titled after one of the stones in the Thanos’s Glove of Power.  His latest and final edition to the Series is called SOUL, and it is the most intimate, honest, and heart felt cut out of the series. While the other 4 tracks finds L on his usual Kick Ass, Take Names, and Take their chicks in the process steeze, SOUL gives you a rare glimpse into ULYSSES personal private life.  This is Real Life Adult Rap here, talking about Dreams Shattered, Hopes and plans for the future ruined and how he has built himself back up from the rubble and assumed the responsibilities of a single father.  L takes the high road and refuses to throw any shade on the Mother of his child, referring to her with respect so that when his son is old enough to listen back and understand the words, he Will remember that you always respect Mah Dukes. The song ends with L making a vow to his son to always put him first, and gives way to Ulysses doing a fantastic remake of TUPAC’S “SHED SO MANY TEARS”. Clocking in at a little over 7min, the song is worth every second and worth keeping on repeat.  Make sure to support the whole GAUNTLET series and pick up the singles on ULYSSES’s BandCamp, give him a follow and congratulate him on being selected to rep Canada on the first ever BORDER SKIRMISH Record Battle where he is going verse for verse against the U.S’s DOC BABY (Pobresito…Que dios lo quide).


NY’s TONES and Chicago’s DJ MATT LYTE already have a good number of burners under their belt, but now they flexing flexing. They dropped DISRESPECTFUL on us yesterday and burned up the Chat Thread on #WVCCRadio when I played the new joint featuring Queens Bridge Legend TRAGIDY KHADAFI, who dropped one of the nastiest albums in the Underground earlier this year with HIDDEN FILES. On DISREPECTFUL, KHADAFI and TONES hold a clinic to bring these rookies up to speed with how they supposed to move in these streets and in the rap game. Its great to see our Vets working with the hottest up and comers in Indie Hip Hop, proving there aint no Old Head/ Young Head Feud…Its actually a Dope vs Wack Shit Feud, and on that topic we do not compromise.

Mic Mountain x Domingo – Gandules

My Twin from the DMV is on fire in 2021.  Releasing banger after banger in the first 3 months of 2021, MIC MOUNTAIN is getting the people ready for his upcoming Project dropping later this year.  For now he hits us with another Latin Hip Hop jam showing off his unique Spanglish steeze. Produced by long time Hip Hop Beat Lord DOMINGO, GANDULES take the classic MIAMI SOUND MACHINE Sample and gives MIC a platform to get at the crowd quicker then the rhythm Gloria Estefan warned us about. His new album is full of Miami Vets such as THIRSTEN HOWL III, C-TRAFFIC, SERUM, LMS aka ULYSSES, and your’s truly 8ch2Owens. Make sure you got your chavos ready to support the homie when the album drops.

Dope Sessionz feat. b-dope – Till The Wars Won / The Moment

Kendall Hip Hop OG B-DOPE has been going H.A.M.Burgler since his return to the #SoFlowScene. Droppping mulitple Singles, IG Freestyles, TikTok Freestyle Clips, Music Videos, and Colab albums, including the DOPE SESSIONZ tapes, the recent series with North Miami Beach MC/Producer MIC SESSIONZ. BOB is getting ready to release his full solo project THE MOST HATED this Summer, and the official release of his long awaited SCHOOL DAYZ album with Original Group Member SIM-E. Check the latest visuals for his verses on the DOPE SESSIONZ cuts TILL THE WARS WON & THE MOMENT and make sure you check out BOBBY’s Website at for all his Music, Vids and Merch. He has shown nothing but respect and support for the New Generation of So Flow MC’s, so make sure you show him the same support. He’s earned that shit the hard way.

Choco Valens-Murder is Kool

New video from CHOCO VALENS stand out single from 2020 off his  WOLFENSTIEN LP, MURDER IS COOL.  Ever wonder where Choco got that sample for the beginning of the song with Billy explaining how to cut the Carotid Artery?  Now you can see for yourself.  The video which CHOCO edited himself is a cool blend of imagery from live shows, b roll, and a lot of classic horror gore. VALENS has been on a Murder Spree for the past 2 years and his body count continues to grow.  Get on his team now before you become the next victim.


South Miami Spitter WARLOCK drops another thumper with RETURN OF THE PIMP.  The Miami Beat Wave afíliate has been putting out quality single after quality single in the past year. On RETURN OF THE PIMP, produced by JOHN AUSTIN, He claims to be returning to the grind, but considering his consistency in the current Miami Music Scene, he aint really taken any time off.  Make sure you ride around your block bumping this out the window loud this weekend. Let the streets know we got some heat cooking in the MIA.


I have literally been waiting on this Project for years.  One of my favorite MC’s to rep this beautifully grimy city, REZSIN, aka REZsidue aka RAPs R.E.Z, aka Mr. 9ddddddddzRadio, who has had “the Beacon Up” constantly for over a year, inviting all in the scene brave enough to come and build with him on his new album.  WHAT FELL OUT THE NUCLEAR is more tan an 8 course meal. Its a Week Long Feast, like those thrown to celebrate Weddings in India.  According to REZ this is only a portion of what he has in store for us this year, promising releases from FOUL PLAGUE ( his duo with NOD member Vicious Void),  another  side Project, COUNCEL OF OWLS and an album he is supposedly working with a secret So Flow Producer. Hmmmmm??? For now there is plenty here to unpack, break down and enjoy since a verse from REZSIN is never something you can completely appreciate in only one listen.  Some great guest appearances by NOD soldiers VOID & LEGACY, and other Miami shootas like NFA, CHICO DELUXE, ALI B NICE, MATH KLUB and the beautiful voiced VARONA.  The album plays half like Epic Debut LP, Half like satiricle Mixtape as REZ gives you his twisted remolded versions of some classic Hip Hop Hits.  WHAT FELL OUT THE NUCLEAR is the perfect tape for those who are nauseated by the normal, status quo, and have an insatiable hunger for the abstract, bizarre, and otherworldly.