#WVCCRadio Playlist – Best of A.F.R.O.

2 Weeks ago, during a Tuesday Night Stream of #WVCCRadio, after playing the new single by JOHN JIGG$ & A.F.R.O. “THE MADNESS” , I told our Audience that I was putting a request out into the Universe… “We will have A.F.R.O. on the show some day”. As of late I have been learning the reality behind the phrase, “Words Have Power”. I have been seeing the Positive and Negative Results of either being mindful and purposeful with what you say, or being careless and reckless with my words, as they have been yielding pretty quick results as of late. With that said, less then a week went by before I got the courage to reach out to “PROFESSOR FRO” personally, and he was all with the idea of an Interview on our Station. Come to find out, he is also opening up for R.A. THE RUGGED MAN, who will be performing live in WPB on 5/16. I got my VIP Tickets purchased and I have my questions for tonight’s Interview ready to go. If you do not understand why I am so Geeked for this interview, please do yourself a favor and press play on the Special #WVCCRadio Playlist below, dedicated to ALL FLOWS REACH OUT aka A.F.R.O, and Tune In tonight to get the full scoop on this young MC prodigy right from the source.

DONT MISS A.F.R.O. Live Tonight on #WVCCRadio

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