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Happy Friday Fellow 88ers. Another Sad Week in Hip Hop as we spill some Liquor for the brother who “put that Satin on your Girls Panties”. From the formation of DIGITAL UNDERGROUND, to the production style whiched mixed the sounds of Parliament Funk with Prince with Bay Area Slang and the Care Free Spirit of De La Soul, to the conception of HUMPTY HUMP as possibly the first IMAGINARY CHARECTER in Hip Hop, to the discovery and introduction of 1 TUPAC SHAKURE, SHOCK G was a pioneer in the game. The news came last night at the start of our #WVCCRadio #ThursdayNightCypher show, so we had to hit the breaks real quick and give the brother his Well Earned Flowers. Make sure you enjoy some DIGITAL UNDERGROUND this weekend in memory of Shock G. While you’re at it, Enjoy some of the hottest New Hip Hop hot off the presses below. We packed this #WEEKENDBAG extra full for you.



Don’t let the “Feel Good Vibe” of the Album Intro fool you….This is “Punch a Fucker in the Face Music” here. The Tag Team of Detroit Michigan’s KING MICAH & Miami FL’s MIGHTYHEALTHY are back with a particle disrupting Sophomore Project.  KINGMIGHTY 2, the follow up to 2020’s dystopian score KINGMIGHTY, which introduced the world to this dangerous MC/Producer Duo.  This 2nd go around showcases a further developed chemistry between the two creators. KING MICAH rises out of the Great Lakes with an Albums worth of “THEME SONGS FOR A GIANT”, his Pen in Full Form, going toe to toe, verse for verse with such legends as Detroit’s ELZHI on KAIOKEN, and GUILTY SIMPSON on the Lead Single HOT OUT HERE.  The Albums sole pose cut, BABYLON 5, brings us JOSIAH THE GIFT, ACE CANNONS, ALEX LUDOVICO & Miami’s own KING TETRUS sounding like  “Seasoned Veterans, Ingredient wasn’t Penko”.   All participants are equally guilty of “The Body” as they thoroughly massacre the MIGHT HEALTHY instrumental. The album rides on the shoulders of MIGHTYHEALTHY’S production, Marching towards land in their evolved form, not only providing background sonic scenery to MICAH’s monologues, but also creating musical pieces out of samples like on UNO, which could perhaps be a production tribute to the late great MF DOOM. They both pay their respect on PEACE TO SCORCESE & DOOM, to both DANIEL “MF DOOM” DUMILE, & the late SCORCESE LORD JONES of THE MIDNIGHT EXPRESS with Producer JASON GRIFF who I just found out passed away a couple of weeks after we heard about Doom’s passing. May they both Rest In Peace and enjoy a cypher in Hip Hop Heaven with DMX, BLACK ROB & SHOCK G.  The album closer, TURTLES PACE II,  invites all listeners to keep up with these two boom bap purists who are on pace to break records in the underground.

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One of my favorite New School Artist, the young homie once known as YBN CORDAE, has dropped the YMF from his name, got himself a World Champion Tennis Player GF, and just hit us with a 4 Pack EP that is better then some full length albums in todays music industry. CORDAE follows up 2019’s Grammy Nominated THE LOST BOY with the 4 track JUST UNTIL, supposedly to give us something to enjoy as he finishes up his next full length project. The lead single, MORE LIFE, burned a whole in last nights #WVCCRadio Stream, getting so much love from the Chat Thread that we had to bring it back for an Encore play. Featuring A TRIBE CALLED QUEST legend Q-TIP on the hook, and includes a behind the scenes look at TIP giving the young spitter CORDAE some well deserved flowers. WASSUP featuring YOUNG THUG is just what Gen Next requests for their Tic Toc feed, while the other 2 joints on the album DREAM IN COLOR & THORNTON STREET are both tracks that any Hip Hop head can relate to, no matter what generation they claim. No matter if your Gen X, Millenial or Gen C (As they now call our current Generation of Youngens; the Covid Generation), You will find enough reasons to reply JUST UNTIL back several times until CORDAE blesses us with the next LP.


From the album opener featuring West Coast Allstar DJ RHETMATIC & Boston’s Dreaded Prince of the Underground MR. LIF, you can tell that STU BANGAS & Legendary Drummer for CYPRESS HILL, ERIC BOBO, have combined to create something special which represents both of their coasts and home towns to the fullest. Boston Born and Raised, producer STU BANGAS has been blessing us with nothing but “BANGAS” for the past 5 years, making himself one of the most sought after Producers in the Underground. ERIC BOBO already has an established legacy in the music industry, but isnt sitting back on his laurels, riding comfortably on his past accomplishments, he rather get his hands dirty, especially in an era which has giving us all so much to digest and Express. The two Producers join forces in recruiting some of the best talent from both coast and from Eras old and New to create an album full of No Fucks Given Social Commentary. Pairing artist like CYPRESS HILL’S B-REAL & ORGANIZED KONFUSIONS PHAROAHE MONCH on GET WITH THIS ONE, or VINNIE PAZ, RJ PAYNE & XZIBIT who lose their shit on CHEMTRAILS. They even bring back legends like PSYCHO LES of the Beatnuts (TOTAL KHAOS) to give us his recap of the Year of Corona 2020, and GOODIE MOB OG, KUJO who flexes along with LONNIE LYLE & THE WORDSMITH on MAKE WEIGHT. PASS THE FIRE is a smooth change of pace featuring the CAMP LO’esk verbals of DEMRIC and the silky vocals of BREVI. CALL IT LIKE I SEE IT shines the spot light on REVERIE, one of the Illest New FeMCees from the Fresh Coast. DARK MIND featuring LORD GOAT & KRAZY RACE gives us more of what we have grown to love about STU BANGAS, them beats that make you want to beat someone’s head into the sidewalk. CITY OF ANGELS blesses us with new verses from DIALATED PEOPLES Front Man RAKAA IRISCIENCE, and BLU representing the city the claim is “the Real Capital of CA.”. APATHY & CELPH TITLED do their ARMY OF THE PHAROAH Duty on ANOTHER ONE FOR THE BOOKS, while ILL BILL & OC combine to form the most insane Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup of all time on STREET SMARTS. The Album capper THE RESET, shows off some of Cali’s Latin Underground’s hardest hitters, SICK JACKEN, HUERO DIABLO, & the voice of MERCY COLLAZO lacing the hook. This whole album is a great pairing of what are supposed to be opposing sounds from opposite coasts which these two producers masterfully work together into a Socially Conscious & Hip Hop Honoring Masterpiece.

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Crawling out the Lazarus Pit comes one half of the Massachusetts Underground Duo known as the JUICE HEADZ, and cofounder of GENOSHA RECORDS, WEAPON E.S.P. Slapping us with the first single off his upcoming Solo LP “MR. AUTOMATIC“, BANE’S PHYSICAL FRAME displays WEP on his Comic Junkie shit on steroids. With bars like “OG Drip, Pimp Talk / These Simps Shocked/ Way Off Target / Dont Even Talk unless I hear the ring of deposits” , E.S.P. is a bull in a china shop produced by Philly’s REESE TANAKA. The song is a testament to the advantages of online networking, since the two were introduced by a mutual associate and WEP got a good sense of TANAKA’s work from his IG page. E.S.P says what started off as trying out some beats resulted in the 1st single off his album which is getting spins on a number of Underground Outlets, and 3 other cuts on the upcoming LP, which also boasts Production from fellow “SAVAGELANDer” RECKONIZE REAL, HOBGOBLIN, HANZO BLADES, CEE GEE, WILLIAM WALLACE, and Miami’s own DJ PROOF.

The GENOSHA REC’s Representative also told #WVCCRadio to stay tuned for fellow JUICE HEAD, and 1/2 of HERO’S FOR HIRE, GHOST OF THE MACHINE‘s New Single dropping next Tuesday, to be followed by the next single off of MR. AUTOMATIC, “BULLSEYE SCORES” feat. GHOST OF THE MACHINE, LOGUN, & ESTEE NACK…..What The FUCK!!!

MR. AUTOMATIC is due to drop on 5/11/21. Head over to and get your Pre-Order of the Vinyl or Digi. Trust me….this is one you are going to want to own on Wax. Make sure you give the GENOSHA RECS fam a follow, they got a flood of great Hip Hop coming soon that you don’t want to miss.


SIR CHARLES‘s ON THE OUTSIDE LOOKING IN has been the Gift that Keeps On Giving. Only an ep, 7 songs deep, but CHARLES THOUSAND is making sure those 7 tracks pack a lasting punch. Dropping his 4th video off the ep, 1K employees the magic of MORERAVISION once more to take us through a night in the life of SIR CHARLES the LEGENDARY. He makes it clear over the SENZU BEATS gem, “I’m nobody to You, but I’m a Legend in the making / If you don’t believe that, then we shouldn’t be conversating”. There’s a reoccurring theme on OUTSIDE LOOKING IN, dealing with SIR CHARLES‘s shedding of his past to make way for his future, and you through these videos, we can actually get a glimpse of the metamorphosis. Join the MC once known as THOUSAND THOUGHTS as he goes on a late night bombing run, in and endless quest to immortalize his name and be LEGENDARY.

Orion: Correct Technics Prod. by Draz for Citation Sounds Cuts by Dj Slice

CHEF D chopping samples on his MP Device / Learned from a DJ who taught him to SLICE. The opening bar of the 2nd verse of Hialeah General, ORION aka BRASS BALLS‘ latest single, “CORRECT TECHNICS” is a perfect place to start this write up. To start, CHEF DRAZ is behind the production of this #SoFlow Banger which has been years in the making. I remember O performing this track over a couple of other beats in the past, and to finally here it completed over a CITATION SOUNDS knocker brings me joy as a #SoFlow Head and fan of SMOKE N MIRAS crew. The fact that he got Miami Hip Hop Legend DJ SLICE (who really did mentor DRAZ when he started producing) to lay down the cuts is just the 3rd layer of what is already a banging cake. 4 Verses full of double entendres and coded Salutes, Props, and Flowers to the illest Producers and DJ’s from Florida and Hip Hop’s History. Give it a few listens and see how many Producers and DJ’s names you recognize in the song, like a game of hip hop Eye Spy. The Merengue icing on the biscocho is brought to us once again by ART MORERA who worked a wonderful “one take” shot of ORION Setting up his Doomsday Hip Hop Listening station. Check out that Vintage gear tho. Take a minute and head on over to Orion and One Takes Bandcamp Page to get your copy of DOMESTIC ANIMALS ATTACK and pre-order the vinyl coming soon.

DELLIKS: Motivation (feat. Jae Santana)

New New from DELLIKS, 1/3rd of YOUR MOMS FAVORITE and everyone’s worst nightmare in a Fantasy League. MOTIVATION is just that, Motivation Music. You can dedicate this one to your Wife, Your Daughter, Your Sister or anybody you want to give flowers to and let them know you see them busting their ass, and it inspires you. Master Instrumentalist CHRIS DEAN on the Beat and Roger Izaguirre of Earplay Studio behind the boards on this one, making it sound like a 305 Hit. JAE SANTANA on the hook gives it that catchy melody that is bound to stay playing over and over in your mind. Keep this one handy as Mothers Day quickly approaches & Graduation Time looms closer for our Seniors.

JFliz x Mayhem (of EMS) x DJ Decepta – Grind [prod. by Tali Rodriguez]

Here’s a new name for you to do the math on. JFLIZ, repping Boston MASS has been on the GRIND to make his name known outside of his Local Scene for a minute now. On the heals of his 2020 release GROWN , JFLIZ now grants us access to GRIND, a Flute and Violin driven banger produced by TALI RODRIGUEZ who is also featured further down the article, being responsible for all productions on G FAM BLACK’s new EP NO SAFETY. He is accompanied by a beast who needs no introduction round these parts, MAYHEM OF EMS. Both go Berzerker on this TALI RODRIGUEZ gem of an instrumental and give us a record that instantly gives you that feeling to get off your ass and on your GRIND.

RJ Payne – Teflon Melanin Ft. Fashawn x L Biz (Prod. By PA Dre) 

New RJ PAYNE & FASHAWN!!! What The Fluck!!! New FASHAWN would have been a blessing, but this is more than we could have thought to pray for. “BLACK JESUS, BEEN RAPPING LIKE THE MESSIAH / RISE OF THE PHOENIX, BEEN BAPTIZED IN THE FIRE”, the Philly Mic Monster spits as he lays welds another sword to the Iron Thrown he is constructing song by song, mixtape by mixtape, feature by feature. Arguably one of the hottest shooters in Hip Hop right now, if not MVP of the year so far, RJ PAYNE shows and proves that “HE’S WICKED , KNOWN OF THOSE COVID VICTIMS IS SICK AS HIM”.

Vinnie Paz feat. Chino XL “Warhead” produced by @Stu Bangas

Told you todays article was going to be ridiculous. Off VINNIE PAZ New Album BURN EVERYTHING THAT BEARS YOUR NAME, comes another Bar Fight Starter by STU BANGAS, WARHEAD featuring Bar Gawd CHINO XL. “CATHOLIC CHURCH TRIED CANCELING & TARGETNIG CHI / RAPPERS SAY THEIR PRAYERS AND REALIZE THEY JUST TALKING TO ME” spits the Puerto Rocking Nephilim. This shit right here is bananas, and has me amped for the new product from BOXCUTTA PAZ. Purchase Hard Copies and Merch at:


G Fam Black & Tali Rodriguez – No Safety (EP)

The Black Mask from Mass, G FAM BLACK is circling around the block one more gain. This time He’s pulling the drive by over the productions of TALI RODRIGUEZ and the choppa got NO SAFETY. “This shit sound like High School, 20 Deep, Lunch Room Brawl” , Courtyard Rumble Music right here. G FAM BLACK said on a post that this is his best pen work yet, and that’s in a year where he has been dropping EP’s at least once every 2 weeks. I’m not all the way through the album yet and I can say this shit is top tier Grime. We are working hard on locking down an Interview with the BLACK SKI MASK on #WVCCRadio. Hope to have that for you in the weeks to come. For now let NO SAFETY play until the clip is empty, then reload and replay.


Kooley High’s Lazy Sunday EP is the groups first offering since their 9th Wonder executive-produced album ‘Never Come Down”. Released to critical acclaim, ‘Never Come Down’ featured an appearance from Grammy-nominated Emcee Rapsody. A lot has happened in the world since then… Amidst the trials and tribulations of life in 2021, this EP’s luscious soundscapes will transport you to your own personal Lazy Sunday. Take a moment to relax and reflect, then get back to the good fight. Features production by Grammy-nominated producer Eric G, Sinopsis, and a Remix from Statik Selektah. Instrumentals included.


All-Star Games are fun for the loyal fans of any sport. They gather the best of the best and allow them to shine. NYC Turntablist Jay-Ef’s “Believe it or Not” is like a Hip Hop All-Star game. Masta Ace, Torae, Planet Asia, Wordsworth, Rob Swift and Total Eclipse of the X-ecutioners are the Hall of Famers. Pearl Gates and producer J. Depina represent the steady, productive newcomers and with the Brolicarmy’s own Jay-Ef calling the shots, “Believe it or Not” is certain to be an instant classic.

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