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Happy Friday’s Fellow 88ers. 1st of all let me clarify, My girl and I did not have a baby yesterday.  She had surgery on an abdominal hernia we affectionately/jokingly referred to as “The Baby”.  The surgery went smoothly, and she is recovering as I type this. Thank you all for the well wishes and excitement over us bringing another baby into this world. False Alarm. Please DO NOT SEND Pampers. With that said, we had an exciting short week at WVCC Radio, Interviewing JUSTICE SYSTEM on Tuesday in what was our very first interview with a Human Fox, and releasing our interview with RHYME STYLE TROOP on our YouTube Channel, (Make sure to click that hyperlink, Sub to our channel, and check out the interview if you missed it live, it is full of gems from one of the illest spitters today, male or female). Now that you are all caught up, let’s get to this weekend’s newest Indie Hip Hop offerings. WHATS IN THE BAG?!?!


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My favorite New Group of 2022, O.R. THEY is back with a new dark comedy titled “LETS NOT MAKE THIS HARDER THAN IT HAS TO BE”. Chi Towns JAMES W. LIVEHARDER and JED SED are still in Character like life long method acters once more presenting us their Wes Anderson inspired audiologs. This time with Producer MIKE REDENZ handling the Score, J.W. and JED pick up where they left us hanging on WE HAVENT FOUND US YET, the exceptional album they started the year with, which made us instant fans at CyphLyfe Radio. Who Are They you ask?? O.R. THEY, we answer as we introduce you to bangers like IS THIS THE ADVENTURE, where JED has scheduled “a chance meeting witht the POPE, Not cuz he’s Catholic/ but for the Photo Op, but Who The Fuck Is Asking.” The funky THE VIEWS ARE BETTER ABOVE GROUND has J.W.LIVEHARDER apologizing for all their past projects having “More Delays than a French Dispatch” , while JED stays having “Full Fun, Funk Crusher Feel Like Punishing/ Run and Gun, Tongue in Tongue, Kiss the Cat, Cunniling /”. These gentlemen revel in the ability to look down at weaker emcees from atop their high horses, never taken themselves too serious (perfect example is the infectious THE CHESSBOARD REVOLUTION), but always taking their craft more serious than a Bill Murray Heart Attack (God Forbid). We have been playing the video for the lead single “THIS IS GONNA HURT” ever since its release and have been anticipating the latest project all month. It did not disappoint in the least, and if you give it a spin, you will see very quickly why these are some of our favorite New Voices in the Underground. We’ve included the Link to the official video for THIS IS GONNA HURT below, along with their BANDCAMP link so you can purchase this album. Don’t cheapen the value by simply streaming it. It’s worth supporting the artist for.

Daniel Son – “The Bush Doctor”

Holy 420 Smoke!!! Toronto’s DANIEL SON started 2022 with the hottest album of the 1st week of the New Year with SON TZU & THE WAV.GOD. Now he’s back in the 2nd qtr of 22 with “THE BUSH DOCTOR”.  A crazy brick with production by FUTUREWAVE, FINN, WINO WILLY, GIALLO POINT, VIC GRIMES, PHYBAOPTIKZ, BBS STEVE & GUM$.  Every single track on this 14 track problem is a bump of audio fentanyl, addictive and deadly as they come. Joints like CARTEL WHEEL feat ETO, or the pimped out RAG TOP PORCHES  are perfect marriages of street code colocualism and smooth grime production. 89 is a def standout track. On ICE CUBES Canada DAN is “diving into the river and stangling sharks” over a beat that brings to mind the Yakuza he seems so fond of mentioning. ESTEE NACK joins the “bush burning” on VOODOO LADY, a bouncy bop that the 2 are eager to jump all over with dirty timbs on. On HEEL KICK He spits bars over the jazzy xylophone, hot enough to “burn the summer down and make a big girl who plays this shit lose a couple of pounds”.  I’m telling you, there is not a weak point on this project.  DANIEL SON has done it again.  In a year full of great Hip Hop, he has managed to drop 2 albums that easily stand out of the pack.

EVAIZE – 976 ep (Produced by BAKED PLISSKEN)

[bandcamp width=350 height=621 album=2954735884 size=large bgcol=333333 linkcol=0f91ff]

The lower case “e” is back to take us on a ride through the expressways of his mind. On the “967 EP”, the Westchester word lord that blessed us with DUSTY RAPS, GALAXY, and THESE DAYS in 2021, returns with 5 new joints, all produced by his ACID BARRELS accomplice BAKED PLISSKEN. Each beat hits with the force of The Juggernaut running through a barrier, while EVAIZE spits sharper than a Logan fist to the face. Just take the album opener ADAMANTIUM for example, where E describes how he “Came to Earth on a comet, mutation in his double helix/ Everyone you know has died or will die with Secrets/”. Do you know what a “Hemlock Potion” is? Neither did I until I heard THIS project, full of the type of strong writing that makes you run to the dictionary and google for points of reference. NOW I know its the poison made from the Hemlock Weed, which was used to kill Socrates the Greek Philosopher, and the same concoction EVAIZE is willing to drink before compromising his art. Did someone mention “Secrets You are willing to take the grave”? Check out my favorite joint on the album, YOU NEVER KNOW, which shows off EVAIZE’s twisted storytelling skills. Not only a writer of rhymes and hooks, E has penned a number of short stories and screenplays for short films in the Horror/Suspense genre, so he knows his way around plot building, and shows it off on a pair of verses that would have definitely got “quoted by the Source if this was 1995”.  This is followed by the only guest feature on the project, MXNEY MXGLY of the WXTCH WXLVZ pack “conjures spirits through the speakers” on ARCHITECTS over a spooky PLISSKEN slapper. EVAIZE rounds the bases, and brings the record home stating “You might see me kind of Calm, on a Farm like a Don, but always with 1 eye open cuz the Vultures are near/ It’s cuz of me and those like me that the cultures still here/” (Facts), and “You stay begging for change, I might flick you a dime/ when I aint dropping shit, that’s me just giving you space to shine”.  How generous of him.  All jokes aside, this is a serious EP with serious bars and production that will make you a fan of EVAIZE and BAKED PLISSKEN if you aren’t already.  Seriously.

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Derelict Division – Plan Of Attack (EP)

One of the Illest voices of the South West has teamed up with one of the deadliest voices of the North East to cover the map with audio mustard gas. I’m talking Murder Mass’s G FAM BLACK and Inglewood CA’s GENERAL BACK PAIN.  The duo demands to be address as the DERELICT DIVISION, a two man demolition team that is “Nastier than raw dogging street walkers”.  This isnt their first bombing raid together. They dropped napalm on us in 2020 with THE PREQUEL EP.  Now they are back after spending the past 2 years collecting bodies and growing in emphamy, to blow a hole in the Earth with PLAN OF ATTAK. A 10 track Atomic Bomb engineered by some of the madest scientist in todays underground. Check out BANG ON THE DRUMS produced by ONAJE JORDAN feat DYSTRACKTED where the DERELICTS bang on “Broke Jokes whose flows are unrecordable”. Or the use of pots, pans, bottles, and automatic fire percussions CRACK SIZZLACK cooks up on KEEP THE PIECE. How about TALI RODRIGUEZ’s super smooth THUNDERCLAP where G FAM‘s “Fist leave you layed out like chlothes on first day of school/ Joy Riding in my city, you aint gone make it through/ Moms doing their best out here raising fools/ . RODRIGUEZ is also responsible for the banger THE INFENTRY, where the motley crew of Jae Hussle, P-Ro, Vic Monroe & Killy Shoot join the DIVISION in losing their minds, and killing the entire village, opps, women and children, to close out the album. PLAN OF ATTACK is slated as an EP, but at 10 earth scorching tracks, it is an entire flick thats worth rewatching over and over again.


I recently stumbled upon Republic of Georgia Producer PROFFENY while reviewing JOSIAH THE GIFT‘s “MIGHTIER THAN THE SWORD-SIDE B” project. PROFF laced one of my favorite tracks on the album, RAP PHENOMENON, which has been on heavy rotation on WVCC RADIO. So when PROFFENY hit me up in the comments on PAKA THE PLUGS page, we connected on IG and he sent me his latest collaboration with East Side Chicago’s ESC DEEZ. An EP by the name of PIRATES that feels more like a complete album at 10 tracks. DEEZ masterfuly weaves street stories with a pimp drawl that would earn him a membership card at any Players Ball. Over the Marci’esk minimalist thump of the “PIRATES” title track, with its mysterious horn chops or “DIRTY MUNEY” with its foggy xylophone and slow riding baseline, DEEZ runs encrypted game that takes multiple listens to decipher.  THE FILTHY GUAP CARTEL rep slows things down to give PROFFENY his flowers before they combine the best of the gifts each brings to the table over “VIRGINIA“, a smoooooth vibe about mixing business with pleasure as DEEZ makes move to grow his rep and bank account. Beats like RONNIE FIELD show you why PROFFENY has been tagged in to produce for BENNY THE BUTCHER’s BLACK SOPRANO FAMILY, 38 SPESH, and Actor/Rapper WOOD HARRIS. There’s a vibe for every Hip Hop Fan. You like Boom Bap, DEEZ & PROFF got you, Looking for No Drum-Sample Loop-Low BPM Bar Rap, DEEZ & PROFF got you, Looking for that Drill Shit, PROFF & DEEZ got you.  They are tapped in with the streets on TRAPLINE, & MUNEY GOALS where DEEZ drops gem after gem about growing your financial literacy. Check out that hook.  My only gripe is that its only 1 verse long. That shit deserves a 2nd verse, even a 3rd.  Maybe there could be a remix in the future.  That hook and topic are just too raw to only run it once (I got this shit on repeat at home, and I dont even fuck with Trap like that).  DA MAN is a fire back and forth routine between ESC DEEZ & PROFF, as DEEZ shapes his verses perfectly around the “What Can You Say About The Man” vocal sample flip every 4th bar (I see the creativity fellas, and I fux with it).  This gives way to my 2nd favorite joint on the album HEY MON, a joint so banging that it could have been produced by HIT BOY, it sounds that good. But its actually produced by a 24-year-old Hip Hop head who has been honing his skills for the past 8 years in a European country that borders  Ukraine and Russia, and is living the reality of the war that is being waged on the other side of the world. DEEZ is also no stranger to the wars going on outside of his front door in Chiraq.  After connecting over the Gram and taking a liking to each other’s musical styles,  together they have created an album that speaks the language of soldiers worldwide, defending their home towns, and surviving by any means necessary.

Be on the look out for PROFFENYS‘ upcoming beat tape SCAREFACE RUN set to drop soon. If you follow PROF and ESC DEEZ in the IG Links below, they will keep you up to date with what they got cooking up next. PROFFENY DEEZ

Recognize Ali – Best Of Recognize Ali Vol. 2

The Bandcamp discription just says its a collection of formerly released and unreleased singles and colabs by REC ALI. But when one of the Top Spitters of the Modern Hip Hop Reneisance drops some new heat, it doesnt require much explaining.  You just need to press play and enjoy.  The Bandcamp also promises a completely New RECONIZE ALI album getting ready to drop, so make sure you follow him on his Bandamp Page so you can support the Artist Directly. For now play THE BEST OF REC ALI VOL 2 on repeat and get your fix of one of the Cultures Newest Kings.


Last week we reported on THIRDY BATTLE RAP DOCUMENTARY by RETRO1920. For all my readers who follow Battle Rap, you may be familiar with the name JUS DAZE or as he has dubbed himself ROBERT DINERBOW aka QUINTEN TARENTINBOW aka…You’ll hear for yourself on RAPS & RANTS. The latest full release from the Bow Legged Bull who bullied cats in front of many a camera on Battle Rap Platforms nation wide is 12 tracks of pure magma, with different flavors for hip hop tastes. He can do the Trap/Drill/Club vibe (LAUGHING WHILE THEY BRAGGING, JIMMY TWO TIMEZ {this shit is Hard as Fuh}). He does the Knowledge, Punch Heavy, Boom Bap Bars (INSECURITY (stand out track), WARNING, THE WICKED, STILL OLD NEW YORK feat MONEY BAGZ (Another Stand Out)). He’s got you covered on the Soulful, Grown Man, Substance Rap (MAKES NO DIFFERENCE, COLD HEARTED, ).  He’s even got some official as fuh International flavor in there with the Reggeaton Vibe COQUITO and the “Baby Maker” YOU MAKE ME WANNA which will let your shorty know exactly what you want when the hook comes in. The Queens NY Veteran has paid his dues on the block, in front of judges, in front of hostile crowds with a hometown favorite opposing him face to face, and he’s paid his dues in the booth.  You can hear the experience in each of the 12 joints on RAPS & RANTS. He says now adays you will find him Hosting and Guest Judging Battles rather than going to war himself, but he says he is always ready to get his hands dirty catching a body if the Price is Right.  For now, he is pushing this new project hard so you can get to know the multiple sides of JUS DAZE.  Check out the Visuals for his 1st single INSECURITY below, and catch it spinning in rotation on WVCC Radio this week.

#CYPHLYFE #SingleFiles


Will the Madness Ever Stop?? Not if Miami’s CHOCO VALENS has anything to say about it. The Colombian Leatherfaced Vigilante is back on HEART OF EVIL to exact revenge on all sinister scum cowardly enough to take advantage of the weak and less fortunate. Never one to use conventional methods, Choco lets his DJ cover the hooks with Death Metal Growls, cuz only Evil can Fight Evil and win right? Another fantastic lyrical delivery by CHOCO who has just been booked to open for STOVE GOD COOKS and ROME STREETS for their first show in Miami ever. Make sure you save HEART OF EVIL to your favorite playlist and copp yourself a ticket to the STOVE GOD COOKS show so we can be in the crowd when CHOCO pulls out the chainsaw and showers the audience with blood.


The YOUNG LORDZ are back with their 2nd single off their upcoming debut album. J.DOT & KNOWLEDGE MEDINA go back and forth on another REI ELEM sizzler that makes you want to jump in the trenches with them on some “Lordz Shit”. It already got played last night on CUT SUPREMES TRIM MIX PARTY out of Long Island NY. With every single this new album is shaping out to be a problem for the system and a call to arms to all fellow street soldiers. Its time get our hands dirty.

Terror Van Poo – Things Done Changed [scratches by Tone Spliff]

On Tuesday, 4/20/22, we got smoked out to this new pack of exotics called TERROR VAN PURPLE. Produced by VINNY IDOL, This new smoke from TERROR VAN POO is loud enough to crush your lungs. The 2nd single, THINGS DONE CHANGE shows TERROR welcoming all the hate. He knows the real have him on heavy rotation. The ever present TONE SPLIFF laces the classic Frank White cuts to wrap the joint up. Think you ready for that smoke, press play on the Full Album link below and toke away.

[bandcamp width=350 height=786 album=3768745939 size=large bgcol=ffffff linkcol=0687f5]


CEE DA CUBAN produces a banger for WHICHCRAFT to paint his shapeshifting portraits on thier latest single CUBAN SANDWICH. JASON FAMOUS BEATS provides some inspiring cuts which lift the spirit. This song is more about waking up your slumbering spirit than waking up your appetite, but as a full blooded Cuban, I co-sign the track even if it has nothing to do with Turkey, Pork, Swiss Cheese, Mustard and Pickles on Cuban Bread. WHICHCRAFT & CEE DA CUBAN, if you read this, I promise if you allow me to bless the Remix I will make my verse entirely about Cuban Cafeteria Food so that the name makes more sense. Until the remix is approved, keep CUBAN SANDWICH on rotation and feed your soul.

#BottomOfTheBag #RareFinds #ForgottenGems


THE SOLOIST & A DUSTY CINIMA, Emcee / Producer Duo, all inside of one mans head. He calls the duo FILTHY HEIR, and since we had him on the WVCC Radio as a special guest a couple of weeks ago, our admiration and love for his music and passion have grown exponentially. Where FILTHY HEIR was content dropping 2 or 3 singles a week for the past year, he know drops a whole project that could actually be a double disk. It has no title, but all the songs have a season after them. So I collected them all on a Playlist, randomly organized the playlist by season, and I present to you the 3 SEASONS mix. Disclaimer, I do not know if this was the artist’s intended order of tracks, if this was his idea behind the title of the album or anything more than the fact that everyone of these songs had my head nodding and my fandom growing as played each one when they dropped at 1am. I hope you enjoy the changing of THE SEASONS as much as I did.


So I guess the New PUSHA T is the album everyone else is talking about today. Not us, as you see this is wayyyy at the bottom of the bag for us. He’s got enough marketing behind him. However I will not refuse my audience the opportunity to let this album stream over the weekned. From what everyones been posting, it seems to be a pretty flawless album. But those are the same cats who post about Young Roddy and the Baby being the future of hip hop. Grains of Salt Ready.


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