The Hottest New Hip Hop You Need to Check Out This Week.

Happy Tuesday Fellow 88ers. As you can tell, our Weekend Bag is dropping a bit late, but we couldn’t keep from sharing the latest releases in Underground Hip Hop with you. We have a great week of CyphLyfe Radio scheduled for you this week with JUSTICE SYSTEM coming on the show tonight at Special Guest. Make sure you tune in to tonight at 9pm for all the festivities. Now lets get into this bag.


The Big Mijo XP THE MARXMAN dropped a heat rock in my inbox on Friday and I have been bumping it on repeat all weekend.  Produced entirely by NEF, who’s TABULA RASA LP last year was one of my favorite albums of 2021, LATE NIGHT VIBES is 6 tracks of back to back explosiveness, like a Saigon Bombing run. The album is also stacked with dope features, including RX Partner in Rhyme RASHEED CHAPPELL, CAPITAL I-MAN, TERMANOLOGY, ILLWERD, SUGA HILL, EMILIO CRAIG, & FAST LIFE. But it’s XP‘s current tag team partner DOAM PEACE who really steals the show on the LATE NIGHT VIBES.  A long time accomplice of XP’s, Manhattan NY’s DOAM PEACE has been repping DXA crew for a hot minute.  Having done several joints with THE MARXMAN in the past, including FAMILY REUNION which included both XPs crew RHYME ADDICTS and DOAM‘s Crew DXA, Produced by DXA and NOMADS LP  producer ICE ROCKS. DOAM‘s hooks over MAKE DOE MAKE TIME, and NIGHTLY WISHES sound like the 2nd coming of NATE DOG, adding a soulful feel to tracks. His verses are top caliber, making the combination PEACE & THE MARXMAN a deadly one.

Whether dolo or on one of his many colab projects, XP keeps hiking up the Indie Mountain at a break neck speed, and has vowed not to stop until they bury him at the zeneth. You can count on WVCC Radio to keep you informed on his progress with every new drop.


The elusive GLORIOUS MISFIT has returned from his social media hiatus with K U S H TAPES VOL 1 “THE KUSHNESS”, a pack of burners louder than a dead body in hot a trunk in North Miami.

On the album opener, “COST”, His KUSHNESS kicks off the album with his list of demands: “Roll up that Wood, I don’t do Fontos/ Give me that Green, I need that Pronto/ Give me estates, I dont Do Condos/ I need a Steak, I dont do Combos”. His cadence over the drop kicking production is uncut crack and opens your appetite for the rest of the project. On FAST DAYS he teams up with Robby Rob, and runs circles around most talking that hustler’s gospel. He then slows it down and talks to your soul on the soulful BIG SAILS.  He then changes up the vibe, cadence, and complete steeze as he takes off into the CLOUDS on a mission, “Make Art Not War / Show um ways to love, we got more / Raise your mind to Top Floor / Got Knowlege, Need a lot more”. He stays surfing this modern wave on tracks like MY ENERGY, THE PRODUCT, & S A U C E which could be added to any “Young Headz” playlist with no complaints. On the BROKEN BOTTLE FREESTYLE, GLORIOUS MISFIT goes back to his Hard Boom Bap roots and makes us “Scared to Tango with a Psycho / Paraonoid cuz the Matrix trying to erase us like a Typo / Took my Dark Days and made them Light like Vetaligo / Cut the Dead Weight of my team and called it LYPO”.   No stranger to The VICE CITY CYPHER Family, MISFIT has been rocking with us for over 10 years whenever he is down in South Florida, his home away from home.  We have known him by many different names throughout the years and have seen him constantly evolve, whether artistically, musically, or career wise.  Now referring to himself as THE KUSHNESS (one listen to STRAINS will let you know why he has earned this title), the creative once known as ILL PHIL, or ROC SIRREAL, is an Artisan with a gift for making beautiful things out of discarded and forgotten objects and images. Just as he has never lost his love for grimey boom bap which was all but counted out. Instead of quiting on it, he just found ways to reshape and repurpose his gift for bars and art in a fashion that would appeal to a wider audience in this Modern Era of Hip Hop.

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JOSIAH THE GIFT is back for the 2nd time in a month “for his ni**as living with weight on their shoulders, poisonous venom from Cobras that seep in their blood stream, fangs sinking deep until it’s Over” .  If you follow the WEEKEND BAG you know we covered his MIGHTIER THAN THE SWORD (Side A) a couple of weeks ago, and gave it rave reviews.  The production and unique rhyme style executed by JOSIAH made us instant fans, and kept the album spinning throughout the past 2 weeks. Now THE GIFT returns with “A Million Dollars in Game” for us to deposit in our mental banks. This time he is whipping around in the latest space ships produced by Krazyfingaz, Onaje Jordan, Jamil Honesty, Proffeny, SB11, Word Strategy, Fiqqouw, Mos Beats, & Clyptobeatz. “I’M HERE”, produced by ONAJE JORDAN has already been in heavy rotation on WVCC Radio, garnering great reviews from our audience with every spin.  “RAP PHENOMENON” produced by PROFFENY is the one you will probably be hearing over and over again this week on CYPH LYFE radio, the beat is just too addictive not to feed the people.  But you could really say that about any cut on the album.  The vocal sample that carries EL DORADO (prod by SB11) stays stuck to your memory like Peanut Butter, making JOSIAH’S run on sentences all the more repeatable.  THE MAGNIFICIENT RUFFIENS is another joint that is sure to burn up playlists around the underground, featuring the likes of SUPREME CEREBRAL, Squeegie-O, Substance810,Ace 6 Cannons& P.U.R.E, All causing mayhem on the JAMIL HONESTY produced banger. 

When JOSIAH told me MIGHTIER THAN THE SWORD was going to be a double disk album, I had my reservations.  Especially in today’s era of short attention spans and 9 song LPs.  However, to my surprise “SIDE B” is even hotter than “SIDE A” which has been one of my favorite albums of the Spring of 2022, making this a hell of an achievement and an album not to be missed by any true Hip Hop Head. You can support both Side A and Side B by copping the Double LP Physicals at the Bandcamp Link below

Midaz The Beast – 87 (EP)

One of the most respected voices out of Florida’s Underground is that of MIDAZ THE BEAST. With over 2 decades in the game holding down the OZONE (Orlando FL Hip Hop Scene), MIDAZ‘s rep has grown nationally and overseas. Having recently rocked a live set with NICO IS at the legendary BLUE NOTES Jazz Club in NYC, alongside TALIB KWELI, PUNCH AND WORDS for NICO‘s latest single LIVE AT THE BLUE NOTE, it is undeniable that MIDAZ is a Florida Vet that all FL Hip Hop Heads need to be getting behind. Need further proof? I present to you his latest EP 87, produced by DELLE DIGGA. At 10 joints long, it is still considered an EP cuz most of the cuts are a single verse’s worth which slowly fade out and make way for the next face slapper. Each joint is masterfully produced and MIDAZ does an amazing job of juggling his flaming, encrypted lingo all over the DIGGA productions. My only complaint is that some of these joints deserve a 2nd or 3rd verse even, the beats are so good you hate to hear them fading out. Either way, MIDAZ is showing no signs of slowing down. With a new Collaboration Album with Mr. Gold Chain Medalions himself, PLANET ASIA, in the final stages, we are bound to be hearing a lot more from MIDAZ in the near future and beyond. For now, make sure you leave 87 on repeat for a minute and soak in some great hop, like my favorites DOO DOO BROWN, SHAKERS, And DICK TRACY which will be on heavy rotation on WVCC Radio this week.

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This one came highly recommended. Its a bit Trappy, but JON CONNOR is doing his thing on every track. Check it out for yourself.


Not only does South Florida have a rich Hip Hop History (Literally Every Element has been represented to the fullest in #SoFlow), but it also has a respected Battle Rap History. From the old days of Freestyle Battles over Beats, when Miami’s Battle Scene was run by MR. MIC RIPPA, B DOPE, INFINITE, J PURE, JIN, PARABLE, SERUM & WREKONIZE, to the beginning of the Acapella Battles for Youtube formula that we copied from GRIND TIME and launched locally with Vice City Cypher‘s own league, “STREET WARS”, that eventually grew into Miami’s Largest and Most Recognized Rap Battle League, “ART OF WAR”. South Florida MC’s have never been scared to go toe to toe with opponents to prove who is the better spitter, but in doing so throughout the years, we established an amazing history which has been documented by one RETRO1920 in his documentary “THIRDY ( A BATTLE RAP DOCUMENTARY)”. A one time member of Fountain Bleu’s infamous JUST THIS CREW, RETRO1920 started documenting the growth of ART OF WAR as a League and Brand, and the rise of one of it’s brightest stars, DROP 30. Take the journey with RETRO as he not only gives you a behind the scenes look on the scouting and booking of talent by League Owners, The preparation that goes behind getting ready to go to war in a battle, and the business side of the subculture, but also shows you how some Battle Rappers have used their platforms for much more than just spreading their own name. I was personally inspired by the story of OOOPS, A battle rapper who went from dissing his opponents in front of large crowds, to inspiring large crowds of citizens to stand up for their rights and use their votes to make a change in his current role as State Representative. Or the story of LOSO, one of the most feared battle rappers in the game, who is also a Pastor at his local church and uses matches as a way of sharing the Gospel of Jesus. The documentary is full of familiar faces (If you follow Florida Battle Rap), superstar appearances (If you watch the bigger National Platforms), and a lot of different looks at the Art and Community of Battle Rap, from several different perspectives. If you are a Fan of the SMACK/URL, King Of the Dot, RBE Battle Leagues, or involved in your own local Battle Scene at all, or are just a fan of Dope Punchlines that make your face screw up like you just smelled a dead body, I guarantee you will enjoy this professionally produced documentary by a brother who loves this culture enough to document it seriously.

#CYPHLYFE #SingleFiles

School Dayze – Rokk Dis feat. Bogey

SoFlow Hip Hop Veterans B-DOPE, SIM-E, & BOGEY are back in their original Voltron Form as the OG Crew SCHOOL DAYZE. In the Mid to Late 90’s, the SCHOOL DAYZE clique was a feared trio in Miami Hip Hop, being that B-DOPE was reigning 2 times Source Magazine Freestyle Battle Champ at the time, and there weren’t many who could match the energy of this group of young hungry spitters. Fast Forward 3 Decades, and the band has gotten back together. As each member has branched off on their own Solo Career Journeys, all 3 of them dropping a number of dope solo projects, they have come around full circle to where it all started. On their latest single, “ROCK DIS” off their upcoming SCHOOL DAYZE LP, set to release on DOPE FOLKS RECORDS, B-DOPE, SIM-E AUTO, & BOGEY THE BLACK BOGART return in full force and sound like they never took a day off. All 3 display an expert level of wordplay and topic flipping as they “Rock” the fuh out of the subject matter. Rock this single on repeat with the volume all the way up, and tell the Haters to Kick Rocks. SCHOOL DAYZE is back.

Zaza God – Heard You Feat. Pro Dillinger & Grea8Gawd (Prod. Irie-1)

ZAZA GOD, PRO DILLINGER, & GREA8GAWD are 3 names you need to commit to memory if you are an Indie Hip Hop hunter. These beasts have been terrorizing beats for the past couple of years, and WVCC Radio plays anything they drop automatically, never doubting that they are going to deliver with the goods. This week they team up to jump the latest production by IRIE-1 on “HEARD YOU” and leave the beat a bloody mess. The production from IRIE-1 doesn’t go out without a fight tho. Hard hitting drums, driving bass groove, off kilter keys along with a drunken sax make this an automatic head nodder. If you tune in to WVCC Radio this week, you are guaranteed to hear this sizzler bumping loud on each one of our 4 weekly streams.

Deca & Blu – “Shelter”

One of my favorite singles to drop last week. New DECA featuring BLU. Been playing it all week and it just doesn’t get old. Currently working on getting DECA on the show as a special guest. Fingers crossed.


AJ Suede & Small Professor – Hundred Year Darkness (EP)

Stu Bangas x Goon Union – Temples Of Goon (2022)