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Peace Peace Fellow 88ers. Been a crazy weekend with Miami clocking in its first Tropical Storm of the year. We took the week off last week to celebrate my Step Son and Middle Son’s High School Graduation. Congratulations Kyle and Caleb!! You guys made Mom, Dad, and Steps super proud. We are back at it this week with upcoming interviews with MIGHTY CANNONS on Tuesday & YOUNG LORDZ on Thursday, so make sure you tap in to WVCC Radio this week. Now lets get to the heat in this WEEKEND BAG.


It’s officially Summer In Miami. With the 1st Tropical Storm of the year saturating our coast this weekend only to give way to the blazing Sun, clear blue skies, and a new COMMON GROUND release.  The Crew of Kendall OGs known as “CeGe!!,” have spent the last 2 years reestablishing their Solo and Family Brands, and are back on the audio block with a joint venture from AGONY THE SECRET WEAPON and Agent Moskivitch, SHOTTIE called TO KILL A CATAPILLAR. After serving yall the OPEN BUFFET EP and MOSKIVITCH 1-3 series since 2021, you already know the caliber of spitters your dealing with. SHOTTIE & AG’ waste no time reminding you on “TALK ABOUT IT”, a phrase made famous by Crewmate SOOPAMAN, and an invite the duo takes all too seriously. These dudes don’t waste words, but they Will “TALK” you to death. The bars alone cause “BLOODSHED“, even when the two are simply recounting the winding roads that have brought um to dropping this record.  I asked them why “TO KILL A CATERPILLAR” as an album title? to which SHOTTIE replied, “A caterpillar represents progress. They can’t kill our progress. But honestly, it just sounded cool.” These 2 sound cool over anything, but extra cool getting shit off their chest on the EP’s 1st single, SOUR & BARBANCOURT. SHOTTIE opens the song with a ice pick of a one liner “My man Brandon told me ‘we could either LIVE, or go Live/ and Noe aloe/ I though about deleting Instagram that whole night/” while AGONY shares “I’m just trying to form a collective endeavor/ with a family that loves to use their words as an Art/ As technology seems to have us more connected then ever/ when truthfully we couldn’t be further apart/”. As crew members who started making music together in the late 90s, learning under the tutelage of their Producer PROFILE (RIP), as members of 2 different Duos in the Crew, SHOTTIE & AGONY have experienced all the ups and downs, dramas, celebrations and fallouts that go into being a Family. They show on the 4 track EP they have no intentions of having CG Brand die out before it gets its full Shine. If your in Miami at the end of June, you might be lucky enough to see some of TO KILL A CATAPILLAR Performed Live as SHOTTIE takes the stage to open up for our special guest from Harlem NY, MANDELA ESKIA at HOUSE PARTY JUNE. Til then, enjoy the visuals for SOUR & BARBANCOURT.



[bandcamp width=350 height=721 album=4283609306 size=large bgcol=ffffff linkcol=0687f5 package=977238818]

With triumphant fanfare, JFLIZ & PEX ONE enter “RIGHT PLACE, WRONG TIME,” the latest release from our Boston Fam who has been putting in solid work in 2022. Changing up his formula from 2021’s flood of music which FLIZ released on his BANDCAMP PAGE, it seems he has decided to focus more on quality than quantity this year.  If THE GIRL EP, his earlier release this year,  was a focusing of his pen to write relatable stories that could be felt by listeners from all walks of life, not only “Hip Hop Heads”, then RIGHT PLACE, WRONG TIME is JFLIZ focusing on his beat selection and vibe creating skill to create something timeless with Italian Producer PEX ONE.  Know one knows where FLIZ finds these dudes, but its like he knows the smokey Jazz Club in Italy where all the illest unknown producers hang out. Whatever his methods, it has become evident, he knows what to do once he links with them.  As the Tiger King vocal sample says during the hook of the album opener “JOE EXOTIC“, “The Loudest Mouth Gets the Most Attention”, and JFLIZ attracts all types of attention with bars like “My whole style miles ahead of the curve/ Everything I ever spit shits better than yours/ Yall better get a grip, I’m a steadily purge/ this Game full of lames, leave them eating their words/”. JOE EXOTIC effortlessly gives way to THE TRIBE, J’s latest single making its rounds through the Underground.  Say what you will about JFliz, but we are constantly hearing his voice on all the mixes that count in the indie Hip Hop stream, and this latest joint is an instant ear catcher, getting spins by all the top DJ’s.  REAL AS THEY COME sneaks into your ear with some Jazz Piano Taps and sets the stage for the album’s only features,  yours truly, 8ch2Owens and DJ DECEPTA who completely murders the cuts on the PEX ONE head-nodder.  Had a blast writing and recording this one, and its an honor to hear us both killing the joint since I have been a persona fan of J’s work since I started spinning his music on CyphLyfe Radio.  Proud to have this burner with him as part of such a dope album in his discography.  What comes next is one of the nicest moments on the album, brought to us by a simple interlude beat by PEX which is anything but simple. What those Saxophones pull out of my soul is unexplainable.  This makes way for “WHATEVERS NEXT”, my personal favorite track on the album.  This just has that classic Hip Hop single feel to it. Type of joint I would gladly add to any playlist just cuz it gives it that familiar, “Yeah I Feel That” vibe.  As a father, I can relate to every word on WHATEVER’S NEXT, a track about not crying about how hard life is, but just getting ready to face whatever the next shit storm is, because there are those that are counting on us, that are worth smiling through the struggle. RIGHT TIME RIGHT PLACE is another album stand out and a hell of a way to end a perfect EP.  Only 6 songs long, 5 if you don’t count the interlude (whatever you do, do not count the interlude out), but the replay value of the project will have you spinning through this joint several times before moving on to the next album on your queue.  Make sure you support the artist directly on his Bandcamp here…


Oh Yeahhhh…What a Treat. Our Big Brother from the O-ZONE (Orlando FL Hip Hop), SWAMBURGER has dropped a new collection of audio art titled TENFOLD. As the front man for the legendary SOULILOQUISTS OF SOUND, SWAM has been on the cutting edge of lyricism and vibe riding for over 2 decades. On TENFOLD he flexes his full artistic depths as he unravels thoughts over the decomposing production of HEARTLESS, or dropping precious stones on TALK IS CHEAP WHEN TIME IS MONEY. Let SWAM welcome you to The O on ALL HAIL OPEN DOOR, at least his side of Orlando, where Hip Hop has been done correctly since the 90s from what I found out about down in Miami. The joint goes from Super Emcee Break to Groovy House gem and back without a fuss. TIME TO MAKE THE DOUGHNUTS is a little morsel adding a hint of boombap flave, but nothing compared to the 60’s Protest Rock Inspired “INNOCENT“, which gives you a full taste of what SWAMBURGER brings to the Kitchen that makes this album so delicious. The S.O.S. Family has always been about genre melding sounds and SWAM presents this masterfully to loyal fans and new listeners on joints like THIS IS MY ART. This project is a great musical journey for entire 13 tracks and will give back in inspiration the time you invest in it, TENFOLD.


[bandcamp width=350 height=786 album=2893773495 size=large bgcol=ffffff linkcol=0687f5]

From the House of the Mouse, we fly out to the Land of Sage and Sand, New Mexico, where my brothers THE SOOTHSAYERS are busy creating life-changing art, music and apparel at the ARROW SOUL TRADING POST up in the town of TAOS, NM. Multiple international beat battle champion, World Renown Indie Producer NEIGHT LARCEN (Pronounced NATE), and TAOS HIP HOP OG, LIPHE THE EMCEE (PO-10-Cee Crew) have joined their talents and insatiable work ethics to not only open one of the Illest Locally Sourced Hip Hop Apparel Stores in the whole state of New Mexico (ARROWSOUL TRADING), but to rock stages as THE SOOTHSAYERS, who now give you the open arm invite INTO EXISTENCE. The 10 track debut album from LIPHE & LARCEN is a healing and invigorating remedy brewed from years of experience on the Mic, on the Road, on the battle fields of life, on the Res, and on the back of the Turtle. They take all these life molding memories and Grind them down into fine lines of lyric work, that when added to the steaming hot production of NEIGHT LARCEN, become potions potent enough to send you SUPER NOVA with the certainty that we are made of the same star stuff. Kick It up in the CLOUDED SKYS over the soulful loop chops of PH8, the only guest Producer on the album, then descend back to the dirt on NOBODY LOSING, where the SAYERS remind us to be more down to earth with your neighbors, after all “When it comes down to it, we’re all Human”. Track #4, PHOENIX FLIGHT is one of my personal favorites off the project, a motivating head nodder where NEIGHT walks the tightrope between Confidence and Concieted, “Crazy and Genius, making moves so I can Graze where the grass is the greenest.” He drops gems like “Play Hard Work Harder, I was Voted Most Likely/ To stay Humble with My Ws and take my Ls politely/”. Take your shorty out for a ride and play the ultra groovy UNDER THE SHEETS, and see the smile spread over her face. Yall be careful you don’t go growing your tribe on the side of the road now. Talking to homie NEIGHT, I learned this song is not really about knocking boots but a Metaphor for song writing, “making music our baby mama”. Now I want to go listen to the joint over again. The Funk beat alone makes it worth the 2nd spin. On GRATUITY, LIPHE does what he does sooooo nicely, layering knowledge with smooth styling and reminds us to be grateful for what we got instead of being bitter over what others have. “I’m grateful, that’s the difference between a fool and me/ There ain’t No Fooling Me / My People Choose Gratuity/”. Hooks and messages like this are what separate SOOTHSAYERS from so much of today’s Hip Hop. Perfect Example, HER OVER ANYTHING, where THE NATRULIST join the Pow Wow as the brothers unite their focus on Earth Healing and honoring our Mother Earth. Call me corney, but this got me feeling alot better than the Crack Rap albums that are flooding the underground right now. I’m not saying everyone got start writing Tree Hugger Hop. Not everyone in the Tribe can be the Medicine Man. Dont get it twisted tho, both these emcees carry daggers sharp as Hawk Talons. NEIGHT LARCEN being a member of MC Super Family HECATOMB, and LIPHE is a local legend in New Mex Hip Hop with a rep for owning any Cypher he is a part of. THE SOOTHSAYERS know their calling, to use Art to Heal, and they welcome you INTO EXISTENCE, through the doors of their store, their IG Page, Their Beats, and Their Music. Enjoy the hospitality and pick something up on the way out.

C-LANCE – The Undying Flame

I’ve heard nothing but great things about this album and decided to give the homie STILL PRESHA a shot covering the latest gem by Mass. Producer C-LANCE

Written by: Presha

C-Lance, humble Hip Hop producer from Massachusetts, embarks on a journey to learn the way of the flame. First, he visits a temple where the ancestral drums and sample offerings invoke visions. He sees a mountain and a map marked with the names of emcees from his native country and abroad. Bars, intonation, and alliteration echo in his ears. He grabs his katana and the journey begins. To possess the flame, C-Lance must climb a musical mountain. He builds fire beats for warmth. He’s careful not to wander too far from the fire, for if he does he risks freezing. So, in order to achieve his goal, he travels camp to camp and builds new fire beats along the way–eighteen in total. His adversaries mount attacks. He parries their missiles. He takes blows to his armor. Each nick leaves a lesson. With a grappling hook, he climbs past the pessimists and dodges doubt. He swings his katana and duels until he’s on the brink of breathlessness, slumped and knelt to one knee. Suddenly, an army of emcees unite with his collection of fire beats. His katana blade ignites. He’s discovered the way! After winning the war, the unbreakable beatsmith descends the musical mountain and returns to share with his listeners a tale of collaboration and triumph: ”The Undying Flame.”



The latest visuals from CHOCO VALENS & DIRTY LEN5 are a screaming good time. Tap in with the Wynwood Chainsaw Massacre and witness how he cuts out all the bullshit from the local SOFlow Hip Hop Scene in attempts to stand out amongst the clones that plague the city. Make sure you are in attendence on Saturday June 25th as CHOCO will be ready to kill the STR8BARS Cypher hosted and Filmed by DIRTY 5IVE JAKX, for DIRTY LEN5 Productions.


Written by: Presha

Since the 1970’s, sightings of a mysterious creature have been reported in Puerto Rico, South America, and even places outside of the Americas. Herders of livestock, specifically goats, have found their herds violently attacked and drained of their blood. The attacker, a reptile-like creature dubbed ”The Chupacabra,” has never been captured, but its legend lives.

Today, the blood trail leads us from agriculture to the angry culture of Hip Hop. Emcees across the world claim to be the greatest of all time–or the ”G.O.A.T.” Use of this term, which was first used in a 1996 sports article and was made popular by L.L. Cool J, saturates our landscape as self-proclaimed G.O.A.T’s aimlessly graze in a crowded Hip Hop field.

For Miami’s K-Lejind, this field looks like lunch. His newest single, ”The Chupacabra,” attacks the G.O.A.T concept, pokes holes in it, and drains it of its vigor. For any emcee thinking they’re the G.O.A.T, think again. The Chupacabra lurks, and he looks hungry. Stay tuned for K-Lejind’s album, ”Brown Recluse” coming soon.

Nejma Nefertiti ft. Indigo Phoenyx – Vice Grip

A couple of weeks ago we caught wind that our Sisters NEJMA NEFERTITI & INDIGO PHOENYX were working on a follow up joint Video. Over the weekend they blessed us with the visuals for VICE GRIP. NEJMA describes the song as follows; “This track is about karma, how it can skip generations, and how there’s no escaping it.” Shot, edited, and directed by Nor Kin4life/Nortography for Social Distancing Productions, this video shot in the undisclosed Jungles of Hip Hop is a banger and will def be spinning all week on WVCC Radio.


DIRTY DOE is doing his part to spread love and awareness about the SO FLOW Hip Hop Scene, so you know we going to support him and shed light on his weekly Freestyle Series. The latest video comes from the Homie BIAS who is also hella interested in helping to buld up this community and WVCC Radio. Salute BIAS, we see you with the skills, swag and passion for this community. We look forward to working with these brothers alot more in the weeks to come. If you are interested in filming your own M.I.YAYO FREESTYLE hit up DIRTY DOE on IG and make that connect.


You should never let the week go by without checking out DJ GLIBSTYLEZ latest mix. Here is his latest Underground Bangerz mix. Make sure you check out his Mixcloud for the rest of the New Gems he has dropped over the weekend.