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Peace Fellow 88ers. Hope yall had a great Fathers Day/ Juneteenth weekend. We will be celebrating Fathers Day and Juneteenth all week over at WVCC RADIO, so make sure to tune in this week to get your flowers if you a Father or a Mother picking up the Dead Beat Dad slack, and to hear the best in Black Excellence as we celebrate not only the Freedom and “End To Slavery” in this country but stand together until Freedom is a reality experienced by all. Enough soapboxing, lets get to the Bag.


SoFlow’s Red Bearded Baron DASHIUS CLAY, is back outside with his latest party moving offering, NEW RELIGION. From the starting pistol album opener CITY OF VILLAINS, you can tell DASHIUS is revisiting planet Earth on God Mode.  He claims he is from the home of PICCALO  and DAMMIT MAN (as in Miami Rap Legend DESLOC PICCALO who makes a swag oozing appearance on LIFE IS BUT A DREAM later on the album, and the 1st Hit Single by Miami’s Most Famous Chico, PITBULL). CLAY has been putting on for the 305 Area Code for over a decade now, and on NEW RELIGION, he flaunts every aspect of the Dirty South way of life as World Changing Tenets he lives his life by. His activity in the South Florida Hip Hop Scene has definitely changed his world, as he explains on songs like SILVER CHAIN, where he is either flexing about how his fame, income, and sex appeal have grown or confessing how the music business has gradually changed him into someone not even his closest child hood friends relate with anymore. Just like the city of Miami offers a scene and vibe for every cultural taste, NEW RELIGION offers a slew of different flavors for Hip Hop lovers of all ages and regions. CLAY delivers the Boom Bap bragadocio on CITY OF VILLAINS & I GOT (Jooooooint, just wish it was a verse longer), gets the club crowd bouncing on MARCO POLO & NEW BITCH feat HOUSTIN VALOR, and sets the vibe for the After Party spot with joints like GO GO DANCER, LOST IN LOVE, LIFE IS BUT A DREAM w/ DESLOC PICCALO, and SHINING ARMOR. NEW RELIGION is the type of album your girl will keep on repeat (The Blood Red Beard seems to be a shorty magnet, and DASHIUS seems to be on the fence on if this is a blessing or curse). Explaining the title of the album, DASHIUS shared with WVCC that this project felt like a Rebirth for him, but he is being born again into a security that he can follow his gut, loving everyone(Not only those that a Religion says is ok to love) , experiencing everything that life brings his way (Not just what a Religion says is beneficial). Dont let the title scare you away, the album is not preachy at all, its actually pretty hilarious with its irreverent interludes. Art is the alter where DASHIUS prays and worships. Every song expertly written, mixed down and full of enough bars to have die hard lyricist giving it extra spins to unpack all the gems he has hidden within the pages of his latest Unholy book of rhymes. Enjoy NEW RELIGION on your favorite Streaming site, and if you a Dade County Local, come out and be part of the congregation as DASHIUS CLAY delivers his gospel live at HOUSE PARTY JUNE next Saturday 6/26. Shit gonna be a whole other type of CHUCH!!


Amazing, Amazing, Amazing. I’m at a loss for any other words to describe the 3rd and Latest release from French Multi-Instrumentalist FKJ, aka FRENCH KIWI JUICE.  This man has been on many radars since his viral collaboration with Soul Saxophonist and Vocalist MASAEGO on the addictive TADOW. An International Superstar, the One Man Band named VINCENT by his parents, now names his latest album by the same title, and describes it as a journey back to the time when he allowed himself to have fun playing and creating new music. Joined by a host of musical legends like CARLOS SANTANA who steals the show on GARDEN, TORO & MOI (A MOMENT OF MISTERY), LITTLE DRAGON (CAN’T STOP…Def one of my favorites off the album) and his wife, who he just recently married, the ever eclectic (((O))) on BRASS NECKLACE. The album flies by, swooping you off on its layered wings and never putting you down, until it comes to its peaceful dissent and lands on the xylophone and sax anchored STAY A CHILD. FKJ’s voice is as hypnotic as his playing of the many instruments he pulls out of his Felix The Cat bag of talents. Every time I hear FKJ, (which is weekly since I can’t got more then 3 days without listening to one of his instrumental albums or playlists) I am convinced we are witnissing a Jazz Legend in the making. Someone who will one day be spoken about in the same conversations as Miles Davis, Dizzy Gillespie, Thaloneous Monk or Herbie Hancock. If yoy haven’t had the chance to deep dive into his music yet, VINCENT will be a great introduction to the magic that this musician creates.


Everyone, meet Ned Welberry, aka LEEDZ of LEEDZ EDUTAINMENT. The name may be unfamiliar for some, but as you will hear on the intro to the latest compilation album he curated, “A WORKER AMONG WORKERS“, he is well known and respected by Hip Hop Legends across the map. For the past 20 Years, LEEDZ has been responsible for bringing some of the biggest names in Hip Hop (Real Hip Hop That is) to perform in the state of Massachusetts. As I listened to A WORKER AMONG WORKERS, I reached out to LEEDZ and asked him how did he get started in the Promotion and Booking Business, since A: it is something I have personally been involved with in the Miami Hip Hop Scene, and B: It is a profession in Hip Hop that is usually not talked about, if not in a negative context. He explained to me, “I got involved in concerts when I graduated Northeastern and started interning for a guerrilla Marketing company named Metro Concepts. I then started throwing underground hip hop shows at the Middle East nightclub in Cambridge Ma. It was during this time that I got involved with the local hip hop scene, putting together mixtapes and albums. I eventually became the general manager of the Middle East Nightclub until Covid hit and I was laid off and all shows were canceled. Hip hop has changed a lot over the last two decades and I’ve seen a lot of artists come and go unfortunately. The balance between culture and business is a tricky one. Promoting shows is a turbulent business and it doesn’t necessarily care about culture. It’s more about how many fans the artist has that are gonna show up to the event and drink alcohol . It’s pretty cut and dry. By the time I was laid off I was ready for a change”. Needing to pivot into a new career path due to the “Covid Shutdown”, LEEDZ says he started compiling the singles for this project while looking for a new job, hence the title of the album, and the theme behind the album interludes. LEEDZ shared with me that he named the project “A WORKER AMONG WORKERS” cus thats how he felt once more, just a regular guy struggling to make a buck with the rest of the working class. “The title “ A Worker Among Workers “ means being equal with the people you work with and not being above or below them.” Very modest from a dude who is able to rangle up the likes of KRS ONE, TERMINOLOGY, MASTA ACE, EL DA SENSAI, AKROBATIC, A.F.R.O., SMIFF & WISSUN, LOCKSMITH, REKS, SKYZOO and other top tier Emcees to grace his latest offering to the Hip Hop Nation. A WORKER AMONG WORKERS is a 23 Track Collection of some of the best voices and pens in modern Hip Hop. 95% of the production work was handled by multi-instrument master, THE ARCITYPE, who is no stranger to working with the cream of Hip Hops crop at his multi-room, recording studio facility, The Bridge Sound & Stage in Cambridge, MA. which has won the Boston Music Awards “Recording Studio of The Year”award, twice. LEEDZ seems to have a nack for putting the right emcees over the perfect beats, take for example HEAVILY DECORATED, which puts Masta Ace, Edo. G, El Da Sensei, Akrobatik, Bugout, DJ Slipwax on display having a Golden Era True School Reunion over a classic Boom Bap banger by ARC. Or how about the faster paced MASSIVE feat Beantown Bully REKS, or THE RENTS DUE feat Spose, Jarv, & A-F-R-O displaying the double time skills to pay the bills. The album is full of so many great singles we could fill up a dozen paragraphs, but some of the best moments on the album are the skits, where you get a closer look at LEEDZ EDUTAINMENT and what makes him tick. One of my favorite skits is PARKER & LEEDZ where we hear the tale of a young LEEDZ who was bigger than his 6th grade peers, which resulted in him spending his first week in a new school getting pressed by the 8th grade bullys and fighting every day for his respect that first week. PARKER, a child hood friend of LEEDZ tells about how he watched NED stand up for himself all week long, and feeling sorry for him, finally sparked a conversation with him, putting him on to ICE CUBE‘s “PREDATOR” which he assumed LEEDZ might like since he wore a jean jacket with a Metalica patch to school every day. This conversation led LEEDZ to an interest in Hip Hop that grew into a passion and evolved into a Career. To hear this story recounted by a 3rd party, just adds valididity to the legacy of LEEDZ EDUTAINMENT. A brother who has faught the stacked oddz and opposition since his younger years, earned his respect the hard way, and found a way time after time to get the job done with quality results, when most of the work force are just waiting to clock out and collect a paycheck. Pick up your copy of A WORKER AMONG WORKERS or add it to your favorites on your preferred streaming site if this is this the kind of “Work Ethic” you can stand behind and support.


Miami’s Iron Man Mask wearing super spitter, EMYHR RHYMES has recently copped a New Mask and returned with a new EP to punch a whole through reality. FIST OF THE NORTH STAR is the latest project by EMYHR, produced by 90CULTURE, who provides the perfect audio dojo for RHYMES to practice his technique. On the album opener NANTO-SUICHO KEN, EMYHR lands a hundred punches with a lyrical Fist of the North Combo. He humble brags his way through CRACK ROCK and then performs an elegant Kata on SKETCHERS where he ends the track modestly admitting his “shit talking game” isn’t his strong suit. He doesn’t need to talk much shit tho. If you ever get the chance to meet him at a live show you will find, he is a man of few words who prefers to let his skills do the talking. He is joined on the 6 song EP by his team of fellow assassins, DROSKI & 56ACE CHINO on the Bill Killing BEATRIX KIDDO, and HIGHNOTE TAJ joins him on the tempo morphine ROLLING LOUD. EMYHR ends the album with VIDEO GAMES, a joint any melenial can relate to and sing along with the ISOSICK autotuned hook over and over again. As he leaves behind his teenage years and struggles with the hurdles of adulthood, EMYHR is happy that he still has a virtual world he can escape to for a quick retreat. FIST OFTHE NORTH STAR may be short at only 6 tracks, but it packs the power of a thousand short-range punches to the chest with its honesty, swag, delivery and collaborations. Make sure you follow EMYHR RHYMES on IG and Spotify to stay up to date with everything dropping out of the “AFRO-STARKS” laboratory, and to find out where you can see EMYHR RHYMES & his New Iron Mask Live.


The “Black White Boy” is back with yet another post retirement release.  LOGIC has been busy since he teased about his retirement in 2020, dropping last years BOBBY TARENTINO MIXTAPE and following that up with a 30 Track mamoth LP (by todays standards, this should be a Triple CD) titled VINYL DAYS.  It’s been received with mixed emotions by underground Hip Hop purist (Even the Lighter Skinned Hip Hop Heads are hating on dude).  I don’t know why tho.  So far it has been a solid album (Only a qtr of the way through this 1 hour & 12 min album), full of nead nodding beats and features from some of Hip Hop’s (Real Hip Hop that is) best, like ACTION BRONSON, CURREN$Y, RZA, BLUE & EXILE, AZ, RUSS, The Real Goat DJ PREMIER & ROYCE 5’9.  He even has a slew of interludes recorded by media legends, FUNK MASTER FLEX, MORGAN FREEMAN, JJ ABRAMS, GORILLA NEMS, & Canadian Youtube Sensation NARDWUAR. I guess I’ll have to listen to the whole project to find out why heads are casting shade this time, cuz when it comes to Young Light Skinned Spitters, LOGIC is def not the Greatest of All Time, but he is far from the worst.  Want some more info on the album, including the scoop behind the album closer SIONARA which deals with LOGIC saying goodbye to his former Label DEF JAM Records and going the Indie route? Check out this full review from the homie TIM HOFFMAN at RIFF MAGAZINE who did an amazing job with the coverage of this 30 track monster.


DRAGGUZ Season is in full effect with recent releases from G FAM BLACK & TALI RODRGIUEZ, G-FAM & GENERAL BACK PAIN, P-RO & I.N.F., and a slew of banging singles produced by CLOAKxDAGGER, UGLY JOHN and TALI ROD. Adding salt to the many wounds they have inflected thus far in 2022, the disgusting duo of G FAM BLACK & P-RO have finally teamed up to write and record an entire joint project, after having recorded over 30 songs together in the past 4 years. DOWN TIME is evidence that these 2 can do damage over any type of beat as it features a wild cast of beat makers from around the globe. France’s KHEYZINE lays the score for one of the illest songs about checking off your Sexual Bucket List, WHAT A NUT. ONAJE JORDAN provides the Production on my favorite joint on the album, HOT POTATO, where G & P go back and forth slapping the taste out of wack rappers mouths. The KNUCKS invite you to COME CATCH US over the MELLOW DEE concerto piano, and warn you bout them scheming skeezers on TRICKS AT DINO’S, laced by One Man German Production Company, BOFAAT . “The Illest Duo since me hitting you, you hitting the floor” don’t need any help disposing of the bodies they catch on DOWN TIME, but they don’t mind inviting friends to the party. This go around, GRIMM joins the fun on the smokey jazz club ditty, STAY SILENT produced by TALI RODRIGUEZ. Whether it’s running through Blunts and Beers, bullying clown rappers over beats or telling tales of bamboozled bitches, G & P keep the temp turned all the way up, even on thei DOWN TIME.  You pick up your Free DL at the Bandcamp Page, or drop a donation of your choice in the Pint Glass.


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MIC SESSIONZ & B DOPE are relentless with their output of music. They return with another DOPE SESSIONZ EP, AMONGST THE SHADOWS, where they use their bars to shine light what some are trying to keep us blind to. Sessionz uses a classic GEORGE CARLIN monolog to open the 6 track album and sets the scene for the word players to get Makavelian on. They are joined by GRIDLOCK soldier VERBALIST who lays down a nasty opening verse on THE RAW 2.  By this time you should know that when it’s a DOPE SESSION Project, you going to hear alot of classic sample flips, like the HALLOWEEN piano flip on BUTCHER KNIFE the JOURNEY Piano Loop on BLOOD, SWEAT, AND TEARS or the MISSING YOU sample chop shop on the nostalgic ON MY MIND. The only joint not produced by B DOPE & SESSIONZ is the MS. MELZ BANGERZ produced NO WAVES which was a hit over the Memorial Day Holiday.  Honestly, AMONGST THE SHADOWS isn’t the strongest offering from the 2 established Vets, but still has a number of solid joints to enjoy. They already have the reputation for quantity. Now maybe it’s time to start focusing on the quality of the complete project to further strengthen their legacy. Just my opinion as a SOFLOW & DOPE SESSIONZ Fan.


Written by: Presha

Imagine what it must feel like to have a near death experience. In an instant, your idols become meaningless, and your most precious treasure becomes breath. Human beings are builders, and surviving death presents an opportunity to build anew. Time becomes a gift and life–open land.

Conway the Machine’s near death experience is no secret. In 2012, he was shot in the shoulder and neck causing his face to be partially paralyzed. Two years later, Westside Gunn (his half-brother) founded Griselda Records. The duo, along with their cousin Benny the Butcher, went on to resurrect a lost sound and put Buffalo Hip Hop on the map. Conway once referred to Griselda’s growth by spitting, ”Listen, we built the whole Griselda house with our own hands/ we did it from nothing/ I mean, West owned the land, but I did the construction.” I’m sure building Griselda must’ve given his life purpose after being shot, but inflation is a mf’er.

On a Bootleg Kev Podcast episode, Conway broke down his current legal status as part of Griselda Records. He described meeting all his contractual obligations and said, ”It’s free agency now.” During his interview, he implied that if the numbers were right, he’d sign a new deal and remain in the house he helped build. However, he made it clear that he was looking for that ”Giannis bag.” As of this writing, he’s still not signed to Griselda Records. For his newest collaboration with producer Big Ghost Ltd, Conway is back wearing his hard hat. ”What Has Been Blessed Cannot Be Cursed” is a flag planted in new land–land that Conway owns. On the opening track, Conway declares ”Drum Work Bitch!” He speaks of the ”D W stamp on all the slabs.” Then, he unloads the clip for ten tracks while presenting his Drum Work roster. There’s also another fire feature with Method Man. His cover art, a praying skeleton with two swords protruding from its back, seems to symbolize two betrayals or two deaths. It’s clear Conway has once again faced a death of sorts but intends on breathing life into something new.

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Kil Ripkin x Jah Freedom ft. Big Supreme – TRAIN

All Aboooooard!!! Conductor JAH FREEDOM invites you to jump on the KIL RIPKIN line out of NORTH CAROLINA on their latest Visuals for the horn laden head nodder TRAIN. “The Godian” KIL RIPKIN is no stranger to dropping gems over tracks and uses the JAH FREEDOM 70s Blacksploitation Anthem to transport self mastery lessons to the listeners. He is joined by BIG SUPREME who boasts being a Full Time Father, Part Time Artist with the same pride as the Trap Rappers claiming to be the plug. This is Black Excellence rap that is great for the Father’s Day/ Juneteenth weekend celebration.  Enjoy the TRAIN ride on the New Video and follow JAH FREEDOM to stay up on all his coming releases. He seems to have a lot of good eats basting in the Oven.


Today, South Florida Master Emcee WREKONIZE announced his departure from STRANGE MUSIC as a label mate and his embarking on a new Indie Career under the MAYDAY MUSIC Brand, which will insure he and his family get the Lion Share of the profits of his records and merch sales from here on out. This also means he and his team are now completely responsible, musicly, visually, and financially, for every release they drop. So in an effort to spread the word of his new venture as an INDIE ARTIST, WREKONIZE drops PLANET WORTH, a soul studying story about humanities endless search for self worth, and all the different things we count on to make us feel validated, most of them pointless and hollow.  One thing is for sure. WREKO has found his purpose in life and he is diving in head first with no safety harness. It’s only right that we rally behind him as his hometown and Hip Hop Nation to show him We See You Wrek. Make sure to join THE WREKING CREW via his IG page so you are aware of all the upcoming announcements from the MAYDAY MUSIC Label.

Thee Sacred Souls -“Easier Said Than Done”

New THE SACRED SOULS. EASIER SAID THAN DONE has been one of my favorite singles this weekend and puts a smile on my face as soon as the guitar start strumming. They have just announced the release of their first official LP on PENROSE RECORDS. So make sure you follow them on IG and check the link in their bio to pre-order yours if you enjoy this vibe as much as I do.


Written by: Presha

People experience all kinds of challenges in life. Everyday someone faces illness, death, abuse, bullying, poverty, injustice, etc. Then, we turn on the television and we see terrorist attacks, mass shootings, overdoses, and divisiveness. Despite these challenges, people learn to cope and even thrive. People persevere. Perseverance appears to be the message of King Tetrus‘ newest single ”Proud.” The MOMOWARD produced track sounds victorious. Tetrus‘ flow feels like an MVP trophy is hoisted above his head and confetti is falling from the ceiling. During this Father’s Day weekend, Tetrus‘ line ”…I’m starting to love it/ My pops finally claiming his crazy son in public….” resonates with me. I think of my daughter and all she’s overcome, and I’m proud. But Tetrus‘ main message is that we can all be proud of ourselves for persevering despite the shit show.

PHIL ISRAEL – ”Costra Nostra” Feat RAY SWOOP – Prod by 9th Wonder

Written by: Presha

Hip Hop has had a longtime fascination with the Sicilian Mafia. Kool G Rap mentioned John Gotti in his ’89 release ”Road to the Riches;” Biggie called his crew the Junior Mafia; and Wutang transformed into the Wu Gambinos on the legendary Purple Tape. Rappers have rocked suits, tilted Fedoras, and even adopted the ”Don” title. Lauryn Hill once criticized this appropriation of mobster images when she said, ”…while you imitating Al Capone/ I’ll be Nina Simone/ and defecating on your microphone.” But whether we like it or not, America reveres its rebels. It’s not a surprise that Hip Hop, born in American streets, sees itself reflected in the underworld arc of Mafia tales. Phill Israel’s newest single ”Costra Nostra,” featuring Ray Swoop, also gives reverence to The Mob, but not solely for its criminal connotations. Released under the imprint ”Family Over Everything Records,” Costra Nostra (produced by 9th Wonder) has the feel of a family reunion. It’s what it would sound like if gangsters discussed business and beatings over mom’s sweet potato pie. Phil and Ray twist linguine with their forks, sip anisette, and spit fire over 9th’s soulful marinara. It’s a family affair, a moment to celebrate ”this thing of ours.”


Our next Artist comes by way of TORONTO, ONTARIO, where he plays professional Football in the CFL, and reps Trinidad and real hip hop to the fullest. AKEEL LENDOR aka LEN-DOR has been putting in work since 2020 with the releases of his “THE REBIRTH EP“, “THE MENU” Mixtape, and his latest single / posse cut, DOPAMINE, which has been scorching turn tables world wide. Now he returns with the visuals to DOPAMINE to promote his upcoming project THE CODEX EP. Witness the solid camera work as he is joined by fellow Canadian Emcee and Cyph Lyfe Family, ES, Trinidad & Tobago transplant MIC WISE, and Zimbabwe Africa spitter MCWAYS. All 4 Emcees bring the ruckus on the highly addictive RHOOK production, further proving that the power of Hip Hop crosses oceans and moves creatives in all countries. You can catch the DOPAMINE video on Rotation on WVCC Radio on Tuesday and Thursdays and on the Weekend Bag Spotify Playlist ( Link provided at the bottom of the Bag). For now, make sure you follow LEN-DOOR to stay up to date with the music he has cooking up when he is off the field.


Hands down my favorite single of the past 2 weeks. The latest YOUNGLORDZ single, A THOUSAND MILES produced by REI ELEM is audio heroin that makes you nod your head uncontrollably as KNOWLEDGE MEDINA & J DOT reminisce on the good old days of Hip Hip. This joint is getting played world wide, on multiple DJ mixtapes, Online Mixes and YouTube Channels. Make sure you add it to your favorite Playlist on Spotify or wherever it is you stream your music. You’ll be the 1st to know when the YOUNGLORDZ drop their new album.

Azariah Yasharahla- She Was A (lyric Video)

Written by: Presha

The book of Revelations speaks of the fall of rich and powerful Babylon. The apostle John writes of an angel whose brilliance lights up the earth and whose booming voice warns of an hour when Babylon’s riches will be reduced to nothing. Many believe a modern day Babylon, perhaps the rich and powerful United States of America, will soon fall. Inspired by this Biblical prophecy, Azariah Yasharahla aka DESOUZA fka KAP K of the Gridlock family suggests that Babylon’s end is near. His newest single ‘‘SHE WAS” runs down the gamut of Babylon’s immorality: slavery, prison profiteering, war mongering, human trafficking, and corporate corruption. He speaks of the fall of a credit-based system, and with America’s soaring national debt, a collapse is not hard to imagine. Azariah Yasharahla also mentions the proliferation of artificial intelligence and warns, ”…if y’all don’t stop her, she gon’ push it much further.” How far is too far when it comes to technological progress? How long before humans fuse with artificial intelligence and become cyborgs? Neuralink and its CEO, Elon Musk, hope to soon offer the ability to link our brains directly to the internet via a chip implant. Perhaps Azariah is on to something. According to Azariah Yasharahla, these signs are not surprising to the people of the Book. In his haunting hook he says, ”She was clothed in fine linen/ purple and scarlet/ but alas, nothing more than a harlot/ for in one hour, she is made desolate/ we’re not surprised/ those who searched the scriptures expected it.” I expect that with this prophecy comes pain. I expect that Azariah Yasharahla is prepared for what happens after the fall. But I think I need to pray more.

SOLOMANIC JOURNEY- ”Tongue is a Fire” & ”Word4Life”

Written by: Presha

When legislators pass laws, those laws are essentially compilations of words representing ideas of what constitute illegal acts. When judges condemn criminals to calendars, they do it through an oral pronouncement. We call the punishment a ”sentence.” The fate of every defendant literally lies in the tongue of a judge. The Bible says, ”The tongue can bring life or death,” and from my experience with the justice system, I find this to be factual. Jonah Nathan’s single ”Tongue is a Fire” speaks about our most powerful muscle. He acknowledges the challenge of speaking peace when surrounded by war, but reminds us that we have a duty to use our words to build rather than destroy. As his chorus proclaims, ”Forget about the punk with the gun/ cuz the power of life and death is in the tongue.” The tongue is no doubt an effective weapon. Jonah’s second single ”Word 4 Life” expounds on his message of word power. Now that we understand the tongue’s importance, Jonah asserts that what’s in our hearts will poor from our mouths. Furthermore, if God is in our hearts, our words will confess our faith and we will truly live. Again, from my experience with justice, I know this to be true. Decades ago, a judge sentenced me to a quarter century in prison. His words punched me in the gut and brought me to my knees. I died a civic death. While on my knees, I prayed. Since then, life-giving words have poured from the mouths of family, friends, and even complete strangers. I’m grateful that God placed love in their hearts and for the words that resurrected me. Indeed, words can give life and take it away.

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RJ Payne – Raheem Porter

Dom Dirtee “Take It To War” feat. Teflon, Lil Fame of M.O.P.

THE WEEKEND BAG Spotify Playlist – ISSUE 46

Enjoy many of the songs and singles off of the albums featured on this weeks WEEKEND BAG on our New Spotify Playlist. Dont forget to tune in TUESDAY & THURSDAY for WVCC Radio on Twitch.