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Happy Friday Fellow 88ers. Today is a big day. #WVCCRadio Officially hits 1 year of Streaming on TWITCH today. April 30th 2020, we finally gave the Twitch Service a chance after trying to live stream on FB Live and repeatedly getting blocked for playing Licensed Music for over 6 months, until FB permanently banned me from using FB Live. Haha…Fun Times. We tried a couple of other services, but none has treated us as good, given us the freedoms and been as audience friendly as Twitch. To celebrate, we hosted our first ever #BreakfastBarsBuffet Morning Mix provided by the big homie DJ GLIB STYLES from ALABAMA. We now officially have a 4 shows a week, Tuesday and Thursday Nights from 9pm – 11pm with your boii 8ch, Wednesday’s #LunchTimeFunkFromFrance with DJ Ronsha and G Zone from 11am – 1pm, and Friday Mornings #BreakfastBrunchBuffet with DJ Glib Styles from 8-10am. Make sure you rock with us at, give us a follow, support us with a Sub, and we will continue to bring you that Fuego. Speaking of Fuego…Time for THAT BAG!!!

Vinnie Paz – Burn Everything That Bears Your Name

What you are about to hear will drive you crazy. As crazy as the dude in the album intro.  The new VINNIE PAZ album BURN EVERYTHING THAT BEARS YOUR NAME surprisingly is a step up from last years AS ABOVE SO BELOW, that was a Top 10 Album of The Year in our books.  The one time leader of the ARMY OF THE PHAROAHS has compiled a new unit of Mercenaries, employing the sharp shooters BILLY DANZE, GORETEX, ILL BILL, CHINO XL, WILLIE THE KID, JAY ROYALE, CRIMEAPPLE, EAMON, ETO, & MAV, just to name a few.  He’s also got Explosives Experts C-LANCE, STU BANGAS, ESOTERIC, FARMA BEATS, OH NO and HOBGOBLIN on Beat Duty so you know this project packs a punch.  For the full album review head on over to our peoples UNDERGROUND HIP HOP BLOG.COM and get the song for song break down.  I know I know…No one fucks with Long LP’s anymore, but all 22 Tracks on this album are worth playing and replaying all weekend long.

KHRYSIS – The Hour of Khrysis

So I have been listening to this album and the Vinnie Paz album all week long, and I’m still not sure which one gets my vote for Album of the Week, but I can def say these are 2 of the Hottest Albums yet in 2021.  KHRYSIS, an original member of North Carolina’s JUSTUS LEAGUE with 9thWONDER, PHONTE, RAPPER POOH, CESAR COMANCHE and others, has released his 5th Solo Project, THE HOUR OF KHRYSIS and it is a modern classic.  Chock full of fantastic features from DE LA SOUL, EVIDENCE, NIKO IS, CHI ALI, BUSTA RHYMES, PHAROAH MONCH, RAPSODY, SA ROC, DEL THE FUNKY HOMOSAPIAN, and KHRYSIS himself blessing both Beats and Mics on the Solo Tip and with his group THE AWAY TEAM. As part of the SOUL COUNCEL, the Production Team for 9th WONDER’s JAMLA RECORDS, KHRYSIS has been responsible for some of the hottest hip hop in the past 10 years, now its time for him to get the full props he has worked so hard for.  Check the full review at

Revalation & GoD iLLa – “RevILLutionAries”

“RevILLutionAries” not only signifies a play on their respective aliases “Rev” & “ILLA,” but also as the concept of the album which focuses on inspiring a stagnant society through a barrage of in your face rhymes and eclectic beatscapes. The tracks range from inspirational anthems such as “Dreamchaser” which shows the duo’s versatility to “Keeping On ft. Kore (of EMS)” which touches on social issues & personal strife.

But the crew makes sure to feed their niche fanbase with braggadocio & punchline driven tunes such as “I Been ft. M-Dot” and “A Game” ft Mayhem (of EMS). Other highlights include “Sound of Love ft. Lou Sixx” which finds them sharing their personal vices for dealing with life’s daily hardships and the riveting “Dope City,” which takes the perspective of two addicts and paints a picture on the difficulties of fighting addiction. Overall the album is powerful & uplifting, carrying that feeling throughout as the emcees flex their lyrical muscle while also trying to inspire and give people hope in a troubling time when that’s all some people need.

Make sure you pick up your copy of “RevILLutionAries” on the groups Bandcamp and get yourself 2 Exclusive Tracks for Bandcamp Followers only.

The Alchemist – This Thing Of Ours (Full EP)

Al The Chemist is not fucking around right now. He has been arguably one of the Top 5 Producers running the Indie Hip Hop scene in the past 5 Years.  Now with a Grammy Nomination under his belt for ALFREDO w/ FREDDY GIBBS, the L.A./ Bay Area Representative is back with his own record label (ALC RECORDS) , and a new compilation EP pushing some of his new shooters. Featuring the unique voices of EARL SWEATSHIRT, BOLDY JAMES, NAVY BLUE, SIDESHOW, PINK SIIFU, & MAXO, backed by the masterfully minimalistic productions that have made THE ALCHEMIST the most sought-after producer in the underground at the moment. Rumor has it AL & EARL got a new project in the works as well…. Now that I cannot wait for.  Enjoy an in-depth review from our good friends at HOTNEWHIPHOP.COM.

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We had the honor of being tagged for the Exclusive Release of WXTCH WXLVEZ BELEAF‘s latest single, TAKE DOWN GOALS feat. AGONY of COMMON GROUND. The two K Town Representatives use every inch of the mellow dark beat to optimal perfection. Both speaking their personal truths about their experience with paying dues in this South Florida Hip Hop scene, and in the real real business world. The rules are the same in both, list your goals, and work tirelessly til you achieve them. Never letting anyone or anything deter you…sometimes to your own detriment. We here at the #WVCCRadio Family would like to take this time to officially congratulate AGONY on busting his ass in his later years and getting his Masters Degree. He stayed up countless Tuesdays and Thursdays this past year, hitting the books while #CyphLyfe Radio played in the background. We are honored to have played the smallest part in your journey and are beyond proud of you AGO. May it open more doors, and bring you nothing but continued growth and success.

Mousey x Novacaine x T-Rock – Cap N’ Gown

MOUSEY is back with another heat rock right in time for the end of the Regular School Year and Spring Semester. The Miami Beach Trap Rapper links up with NOVACAINE & T-ROCK to bring us CAP N GOWN, the song that plays when you walk across the stage of life to get your Diploma from the School of Hard Knocks.  All 3 show out over this bass heavy banger and bring enough swag to fill the whole University of Miami Arena. Make sure you play this all graduation season long and celebrate those in your circle who put in that work and are leveling up in life.  


Oh Oh….LEO DAVINCCI is turning up the heat and applying the pressure on the Neck of the Miami Music Scene.  Having just released the official video to his New Single BACK IN THE DAY feat. Cali Allstar RAS KASS, The MC/Producer (known as “D” to his inner circle) is back with another release. This one off the 2nd installment of his upcoming 2 part EP series, “SUSPENDED ANIMATION 1 and 2”.  This time he’s joined on the mic by Miami’s  own “Rey De La Traperia”, SALAZAR EL TABAQUERO. On “TALKIN BOUT”, the two Latin American Spit Kickers talk about a number of topics including repping our city, our Latin Culture, our Cannabis Culture, and our Hip Hop Culture.  He most definitely reps The Kapital K and makes me proud to call Kendall my home.  Make sure you represent as well and play this joint at full volume this weekend.

Ambeeka- Break the Cycle ft. MC Wicks x Sir 7000

There’s a whole new movement forming out on the West Coast which has taken on the name of BAPS UNIVERSITY (Banging Ass Proper Shit). I caught wind of them during the height of the Corona Lock down last year, where SIR 7000 & AMBEEKA vowed to drop a mixtape a week as they focused their newly found free time into creating, producing, writing and recording.  Out of that camp of creativity came their New album GAIA which features this single BREAK THE CYCLE, a soulful bop co-staring West Coast Spit Boxer MC WICKS who has been making a name for himself in the Underground over the past couple of years. The song perspires a positive community building vibe that reflects the mission behind BAPS UNIVERSITY’s Music and showcases not only AMBEEKA’s Honey Sweet yet Healing vocals, but also SIR 7000’s mastery of the mic device.  This is music to feed the young ones and strengthen the older generation for the war to come, while giving you something to bob your head to.  Make sure you give them a follow on your favorite streaming site through this link BAPS UNIVERSITY.

Qwazaar & Batsauce – Sas-Fras (Official Lyric Video)

New visuals for QWAZAAR & BATSAUCE‘s SAS-FRAS, one of my favorite joints off of one of the most slept on Classics of 2021, their 3rd joint release STONED GIANT. You can stream the whole album at​​​ …Trust me…You want to revisit that album. The video is Animated by Batsauce (Is there nothing this man cant do). Once you stream the album and fall in love with it, Pre-Order the STONE GIANT stone gray vinyl + the Stoned Giant Action Figure at

Skyzoo – Bed-Stuy is Burning | Official Video

Skyzoo’s new video “Bed-Stuy is Burning” featuring the Hypnotic Brass Ensemble is a nostalgic Rashid Hadee produced boom-bap ode to Brooklyn that serves as a warning to other cities around the U.S. facing the reality of gentrification. Check out SKYZOO‘s new album ALL THE BEAUTIFUL THINGS here.

OfficialHeir – Point Of No Return (Official Music Video)

Just got this New Promo piece from the THC Family of Hialeah.  It seems like they got something savory cooking on the grill over on the North side of town since the young shooter OFFICIAL HEIR has been dropping Mini Single after Mini Single.  A Couple of weeks ago he hit us with SUMMER TIME, and now OFFICIAL HEIR is back with the “Freestyle” inspired POINT OF NO RETURN, a catchy remake of the EXPOSE classic from the 80s. If you were raised in Miami or New York, this shit is going to take you back to bus rides to and from school and skating rink sessions.  HEIR knows the market he’s shooting for and is putting in the work to get past the “POINT OF NO RETURN”. Check out his A BUNCH OF FREESTYLE mixtape for more throwback flavor with a New School twist. Be on the look out for his next single HOT BOX due to drop sooner than you think.

KING DOCIOUS – In The Morning (feat. Keilah Rose)

305 Hip Hop/ Reggae Shotta KING DOCIOUS is making noise out in these streets and dropping heat worthy of the air waves. He blesses us this week with IN THE MORNING. A Caribbean Swing that is waiting for the Clubs in Miami to open back up to get sexy South Florida women on the floor hip juggling. DOCIOUS, once known for his savage presence in Cyphers and Rap Battles shows off his full musical range, as he keeps the bars on hold this time in order to speak to the ladies on a deeper sensual level. Make sure you got this joint in your arsenal this weekend to play while you hanging with your boo thang and want to practice your “dutty whine”.

Hanzo Bladez x G Fam Black – Violenta [prod. by Kheyzine]

YO!! Who is this KHEYZINE?!? Who is this dude who is literally flexing like the FLEE LORD of the Production Game right now, dropping a project a week on motherfuckers.  When the Homie HANZO BLADES hit me up with this head basher of a single “VIOLENTA” starring him and the knuckle draggen G FAM BLACK, I offered to do a write up on the whole CRIME PARTNERS Project I was hearing a lot about. I thought it was just 1 album.  Nah!! This dude went and dropped a 4 ep project on us in April, 1 ep a week, featuring some of the craziest new shooters from the “Sewers” of hip hop including CHE UNO, FALCON OUTLAW, G FAM BLACK, MO RUKUZ (GrimeWav), HANZO BLADEZ, JULIUS SLEAZER, MEPH LUCIANO, & M DOC DIEGO, just to name a few.   In the words of the Samurai Poet HANZO BLADES “These Grimlins Are Hungry, They About to raid your cabinets / My Pet Cemetery got graves to put all you cats in it”.  KHEYZINE produces Murder Movie Scores for these street script writers to get busy on and they all create some gory works of art together.  Make sure you hit up KHEYZINE’s Bandcamp and take in the whole 4 EP Experience.

XP The Marxman – Zooted Shooters (Official Video)

Its the Dusty Voiced Salamander King, XP THE MARXMAN, back with another Visual Machete. ZOOTED SHOOTERS is off of XP’s latest release titled MAKE THE DEVIL PRAY out now everywhere .. Video shot and edited by @newvegasfilms for @mijo_music_records prod by #40sandbluntsproductions . The Big Mijo is making nonstop moves. Either get on board or get out the way….or get run the fuck over.



Watch Out!!! Massachusetts Madman SPEAK THE REBEL is running around slapping cats in the face with a severed warthog’s huff he affectionately calls “SLOB ROSS”.  This 5 track EP is for the lovers of Raw, Non-Apologetic, Left Field Boom Bap. Starting off with a swine song sample that would defile the ears of any strict Muslim or Jew, SPEAK puts his vocal and lyrical range on full display on WIERDO RAP, where he is accompanied by fellow Mass. Bone Collector G FAM BLACK as they take turns kicking holes in your speaker. On RILEY REID FOR PRESIDENT, The REBEL feeds you a Bar Fest over an enthusiastic Horn Break that makes you feel like you can conquer the world. The ep fluctuates well with its tempos and vibes, making great use of the 5 cuts. The Ras vibe on BURY ME A G really shows of SPEAKS dexterity as he rides a Caribbean WAVE of conscious thoughts that connect with the listener no matter what coast or border they reside near. Make sure you pick up a copy of SLOB ROSS on his Bandcamp and add him on your favorite streaming platform. You’re going to want to hear more of what SPEAK THE REBEL has to say in the future. Even if it is a bit filthy. 

POET – Scummy Eastwood

I pressed play and lighting stuck down the street, thunder shook the crib. True Story. Did It mean I was in for an enlightening, Earth shaking album? Let’s find out. Welcome to SCUMMY EASTWOOD, the latest release from the Puerto Rican pen pusher from Duval County known as POET. As the songs flew by on the 8 track ep it was quickly evident that POET isn’t overly concerned with portraying a clean, polished sound. He’s quite happy producing a sound that captures the creative space he’s in when he’s concocting his “songs”.  Not many hooks on this tape, which is more a collection of Long Verses over some gritty loops chopped together by producer DREW from Joplin Missouri On the Koala Sampler App (Words from the Artist Himself).  Don’t sleep tho, VIVIR ES SUFRIR is a hype lil bop where “PO” employs his Espanglish Ripiado. MO THAN SAUCY is a warped reshaping of soul & funk, like baby making music in a Salvador Dali painting.  HURT WRIST is a beautiful flip off of the KANSAS CITY EXPRESS classic where POET ties his 1 liners together effortlessly, and CHOSEN ONE just feels like walking backwards through a sunny day with its reversed drums.  This gives me that early ODD FUTURE, DOOM feel, that sense of “Not Giving a Single Fuck” about how things are supposed to be done, and just spitting and recording for the sake of creating and documenting. This sentiment is embodied perfectly in the album closer LIKE ME OR NOT where he admits Its hard to explain How I Do This/ Split the Sea Like Moses/ Give Me My Roses/ Don’t cry about me when Im Dead / Morn Less / My Soul Rest , then he pays his respect to the late DMX, showing just how recent this was recorded and released.  The project sounds like it was Freestyled all in one sitting, and if that’s the case, this is a dangerous dude. He warns on the album Outro, “Those Who Don’t Like Me I Suggest / Send me something your on / So I can kill you on your own Shit”.  Boasting a release a month, my interest is peaked. I think we’ll be checking for more from POET in the months to come.  

phonkdoctor sloth – A SLOTHWORK ORANGE

*Excerpt from Album Info* – In this chapter we find our phonklordian in a continuous cycle of resentment to the very same artform he somewhat got obsessed with, leading him to simultaneously appreciate and adapt to its cultural impact, whilst realizing its current obsolete state of utter futility. Opposed to the usual ‘contemplative’ writing process, this project strictly consists of subconsciously derived mind boggles and rhyme patterns over the past 4 years. Fair to say it serves no purpose except for either getting your ears laid or confuse them to an irreversible extent conceptually. It displays the uselessness of any given talent, ability or skill without the will to exploit it for greater purpose (whether for personal growth, commerce, social construct or the bare necessity of survival). Among many ways to interpret this album, the most accurate would be to reflect on its many contradictions. Hence the reference to Kubrick’s 1971 masterpiece besides obvious brain damage, this may be the dumbest piece of work I’ve released up to date. Expect fusion of phonk, ranging from 90’s flavored boombap to jungle, jazz, metal and so forth may it reach out to the ears of the resonant. All tracks produced & written by Phonkdoctor Sloth, Mixed & Mastered by Absolutely NoOne.

Nowaah The Flood & Giallo Point – Right Over Left (EP)

From Nowaah The Flood new project “Right Over Left”. Produced by Giallo Point. Purchase:…

Nowaah The Flood & Giallo Point – Right Over Left

Tracklist 01. Oasis Flow 02. Texas Toast 03. Falling Starz 04. Cookie Crew 05. Exile 06. Flash Flood 07. Right Over Left 08. Goofy 09. Willie D 10. Hung 11. Dear Umi

Bloo & Spanish Ran – Nowhere Bloo (Album)

I first heard of Bloo and Spanish Ran with their MM Bloo album with the cover drawn to look like the MM FOOD album. Love the fact that they pay tribute to DOOM on the cover art for their new project NOWHERE BLOO. These dudes always put some raw Hop. Enjoy this shit like a 6 back of IPA’s on the front stoop.

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