We got blessed with a New Burner from Oversees. Netherlands Vinyl Collector/Crate Digger/Producer ELGEE DA BEATDETONATOR is getting ready to unleash his new album “LOST WORLD” on the globe.

To get your ears ready for the soundtrack to dystopia ELGEE has been cooking up, he’s released the first single off the album, ROCKET SCIENCE, feat Roterdam, Netherlands MC JINNAHCIDE. This spitter wastes no time in putting a hurting on the ELGEE production, shooting “Darts that leave marks like Seal with the Scars”. The Bars strike you in the face back to back to back, without rest, like getting 40 Flash Kicks in a row from Jet Li to the dome. DA BEATDETONATOR laces a Haunting instrumental which sounds like 1/3 Alien Tractor Beam, 1/3 Live Drums, & 1/3 Horror Movie Keys, and JINNAHCIDE rides it like the Headless Horseman slinging flaming jack-o-lanterns at the listener. ELGEE has been honing his skills since 2009, and with 12 Years of Experience under his belt (along with the experience of having survived a Global Pandemic), he is set to deliver his best work to date to this “LOST WORLD”. Make sure you hit up his FRESH MESS MUSIC site to copp the record directly from the Artist, and check out his back catalog on his Bandcamp Page. For all you MC’s looking to work with a dope producer from across the pond, check out ELGEE’s Beat Page, he’s got something for whatever vibe you looking for. In the meantime enjoy ROCKET SCIENCE below and catch us spinning it live tomorrow night on #WVCCRadio.

WEBSITE: www.freshmessmusic.nl

BEAT STORE: www.elgee-beats.com

BANDCAMP: https://elgeedabeatdetonator.bandcamp.com/

IG: @freshmessmusic

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