IMA305’s D’SHON EL VILLANO has dropped some Chum In the #SoFlow Waters. Is he going Shark Hunting?

1st Generation Colombian American D’SHON EL VILLANO has been putting in work in the Miami Hip Hop Scene for over 20 years. As a huge promoter of Latin Hip Hop in Miami, D’SHON has gotten involved in moving the music forward as an Emcee, an Activist, the C.E.O. of VMI Enterprises, and an On-Air Personality on THE GR8T FM Latin Hip Hop Radio. Known for creating a wide variety of vibes, from club friendly crowd movers to hard hitting Spanglish Head Nodders, EL VILLANO has experience cooking up what the audience is asking for, no matter what the circumstance. His latest release however, might be going against public consencus, as he sets his aim on the 305’s Top Shooter, SHOTTIE.

On ‘BODYCOUNT’, a dark banger produced by Grammy Winning producer IMA305 with programing by VIBRENT, D’SHON comes directly at MR. MOSKVITCH, with a diss track directly referring to SHOTTIE’s latest Music Video. With a hook that boasts “How can I wake up, when your shit puts me to sleep / Aint nobody counting shit, cuz I slaughtered all your Sheep/” EL VILLANO takes direct shots at “WHILE YOU WERE COUNTING SHEEP” a single from SHOTTIE’s GOD SPEED EP produced by TeV95, which was released more than 10 years ago. So why the beef now, when the South Florida Hip Hop Scene seems to be the most united it has ever been. What would make this established artist in the Miami Hip Hop Community come after one of our most active & reputed Emcees? It seems EL VILLANO doesn’t agree with the current concensus that SHOTTIE has earned the spot of #1 Emcee in Miami’s Indie Hop Hop Scene for 2022. A placement 1st suggested by Miami Hip Hop Veteran and OG Orgnaizer UBI THE APEX of T.H.C. Crew, on his Instagram Feed for the @thehometeamchannel, and quickly aggreed upon by the majority of #SoFlow’s Active Community. All but D’SHON EL VILLANO it seems.

For the record, I would like to state that I have always agreed with UBI on this topic. I too feel SHOTTIE has done more than enough in the past 2 years (3 EPs, 22 Videos, Features by CRIMEAPPLE, & SKYZOO, and Spins from out of state DJs both Nationally and Internationally) to warrant the title of Miami’s #1 MC for 2022. Though I might not agree with Villano’s opinion, I can def give credit where credit is due. Atleast he didnt waste his time arguing the case online using only “Twitter Fingers”. He actually kept it Hip Hop and voiced his position on a record. Flexing in both English and his Native Language of Spanish (which he claims to be at Nas & Jada Kiss level when rapping in Espaniol), he calls SHOTTIE everything from boring and monotone to a BaseHead. VILLANO makes it clear at the end of BODYCOUNT, “It aint about being #1 to me, Its like, Rap is a Gladiator Sport. If you the Champ, you have to defend your title. If you the underdog, you got to go for yours.” As a Hip Hop Head and Journalist, I cannot hate on that or ignore it. I will not Black Ball an artist cuz He doesnt rock with Artist who I rock with. Even if I may personally feel like D’SHON is the last person who should be contesting SHOTTIE’s postion, It’s my responsiblity as a neutral platform to report on it and give his record the same exposure I would give any local artist.

I reached out to SHOTTIE to get his perspective on the whole situation, and he was surprised that D’SHON felt like he had to take it this far, but wouldn’t comment further on the matter.

Even though I respect D’SHON EL VILLANO for keeping it “Hip Hop”, I can’t help but feel like he is foolishly underestimating SHOTTIE’s talent, experience, and reputation in the 305 Hip Hop scene. To challenge the Great-White-Shark-Goat, he’s gonna need a much bigger boat than this.

You can be sure we are going to keep the convo going next week on WVCC Radio. Tune in to voice your opinion on the matter, and look out for D’SHONs new mixtape dropping Mid November, hosted by DJ EPPS. You can find the New Mixtape, The BODYCOUNT Single, and more on El Villano’s website,