The Hottest New Indie Hip Hop that Slaps Harder than Will Smith at the Oscars.

Happy Friday Fellow 88ers.  I apologize for the lack of a WEEKEND BAG last week.  I was wrapped up celebrating my Sons 21st BirthDay, Still celebrating my 45th Birthday, and falling over my electric scooter and fracturing my wrist like an asshole.  Needles to say, the WEEKEND BAG was put on hold, but we are back, full of great Hip Hop to slap the GI Jane Joke out yo mouf.  Now, turning more heads than a Clout Chasing Fresh Prince here is the WEEKEND BAG.


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Fort Wayne Indiana’s, SANKOFA, is a modern Hip Hop era Super Hero.  It’s as if the man was struck by a meteor that granted him a full White Beard and Bald Head (which makes him “look” old) along with a bottomless vocabulary and endless breath control (which has him burning most emcees or rapid rappers, no matter the age). On his latest release, LEGACY MATERIALS, KOFA takes off the Cape and Spandex Super Suit (but never the cross running sneakers) and bares his soul to give his audience a look at the man behind the Super MC Mask.

We caught up with KOFA and asked him about LEGACY MATERIALS. This was what he had to say about his most recent offering which broke 1000 listens on Bandcamp on its 1st week out.

WVCC: What’s behind the name LEGACY MATERIALS?

SANKOFA: “I named the album “Legacy Materials” because this release is my most personal work to date, and is made up of all the experiences that have crafted the legacy of the person that I am today.”

Produced entirely by South Oregon Producer, THE ILLUSTRATED ONE, KOFA shares on his Bandcamp page how they joined forces to create this introspective work of art.

“The Illustrated One reached out to me about the possibility of working on a project and Legacy Materials was the result. I tend to listen to beats for guidance and follow my feelings accordingly. As such, this work marked my turn into reflecting upon parts of my life (childhood, fatherhood) that have stuck with me and deeply impacted who I am. I suppose a lot of it is coming to grips with the knowledge I will only be here so long.”

Nowhere is this more evident on the album than on I APOLOGIZE, a throat squeezing recounting by KOFA of how he is constantly trying to juggle his Family, Career, and Passion, and truly regrets that his wife and kids have gotten the short end of that stick more often than not. He allows his sincerity to be documented as he breaks down crying while crooning the hook towards the end of the song, not for cool points, but just in case his Children play this back one day. He needs them to know these were much more than just words that rhymed.

The album’s not all “sappy sad songs”. It’s actually very well balanced between “Boom Bap” “Machine Gun Rap” (THE 8TH OF DECEMBER, THAT CLASSIC BACK AND FORTH feat JOHN DOE (Must Bump on Repeat), and SO CONSISTENTLY (My Favorite of His Sappy Songs {Not sappy at all}), and Street Journalism/Social-Political Critique (CALVIN SHOWERS, IF NOT NOW WHEN?).

WVCC RADIO: “Who is CALVIN SHOWERS? I tried to google him and couldn’t find any information on him.”

SANKOFA: “CALVIN SHOWERS” references those stickers, which are often seen on the trucks of the kind of good people Chuck and I wrote the song about. I know it’s kind of obscure, but I felt it fit perfectly”

He refers to CHUCK BROWN who absolutely murks his guest appearance on the “Far-Right” scolding stinger.

Another of my favorite joints on the album is “THOSE L.A. DAYS” where SANKO strings together a mosaic of road trip memories that is as entertaining as the BIG DADDY KANE set that KOFA recounts.

WVCC Radio: Let’s talk THOSE L.A. DAYS, such a dope track. I have to ask, Did you ever join that security guard on his “Corporate Espionage” mission?

SANKOFA:No, it was the after-party of the SPIT KICKERS TOUR. I know at least DE LA SOUL was there, I don’t know who else though. I was chilling outside and this Security Guard just started telling me about all this extra stuff that he did when he wasn’t doing security and I have no idea why he told me what he did.

SANKOFA wears a mild-mannered, everyday American Male disguise, but if you take the time to listen to his music, you will find an individual who is immensely interesting with a skill set that he has masterfully masoned as the materials on which he is building his Legacy. Make sure you give LEGACY MATERIAL the support and attention it deserves at the link below, and follow SANKOFA. He always has New Gifts in his utility belt for his followers to enjoy.

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The mixtape King DJ Drama has been making a come back as of late.  We heard him last year, hosting what WVCC RADIO considered 2021 Album of The Year, TYLER THE CREATOR’S “CALL ME IF YOU GET LOST”. He recently hosted JIM JONES new mixtape and now he is giving the GANGSTA GRILLS Treatment to DREAMVILLE‘S newest release, D-DAY.  Enjoy this new mix of unreleased DREAMVILLE Bangers featuring COLE, JID, EARTHGANG, BASS, LUTE, COZ, ARI LENOX (That remake of Mary J’s I’M GOING DOWN is everythinggg)  and the rest of the NC Based crew and some special guest who all bring their A Game to D-DAY.


You are now in the presence of time tested Veterans. Whether you’re familiar with the name JUSTICE SYSTEM or not is not important. The band of brothers, partly made up of JAHBAZZ & FOLEX have been putting in work since 1990. They made a name for themselves in NY, as party rocking Jazz Rap Band that could liven any function. Singed to MCA Records in 93/94 and opening their own label, ILL RIVER RECORDS in 98, JUSTICE SYSTEM has seen all sides of the music business. As a group of grown family Men, they have also seen every thing that this life can throw at you, and their back to help us find some balance in the midst of the chaos.

QUANTUM FIELD CREW” is the groups latest outing. According to FOLEX, “the name stems from the healing practice called Quantum Field Clearing – This is an energy healing that helps people integrate their spiritual, mental and physical selves to raise their overall consciousness. We started off as a very political group like Public Enemy, BDP, etc. And with the pandemic we saw George Floyd, Ahmad Aurbery – we saw that live – so we returned to our roots to raise the consciousness because it was time“.

They do just that on joints like CALL UP MY COUSIN, where JAHBAZZ aka MR. FOX and FOLEX aka SAM JONES round up the posse to “Steel the Wheel and the Fortune from  Pat Sajak”. On DECAPITATED STATUES The SYSTEM gives a detailed report on everything that overtook us during and after the Corona LockDown. “Post Pandemic, Pneumatic Apocalyptic, First its Cryptic and Sadistic now we’re being ruled by total Dip Shits” are the bars JAHBAZZ spits to kick off this call to action. Or how about SAM JONES “dropping the intel on how Brickell and Downtown Miami were really bankrolled” on MR. BARZ OF DETH (One of my favorite cuts on the project, sure to be on replay).

This go around, the JUSTICE SYSTEM Outfit sends out a recon Unit of only JAHBAZZ & FOLEX, but FOLEX assured us “the whole crew is represented and present on the album in Spirit and Message”. QUANTUM FORCE CREW was actually supposed to be a spin-off duo from the larger J.S. CREW, but MR. JONES explained “We just kept it JUSTICE SYSTEM. We thought at the end of the day this is who we are, who we have always been, so we have to be true to ourselves. They didn’t show up without any back up though. They are joined on the album by StrongHold Crews battle tested Barbarian, the Big Bro BREEZE EVAHFLOWIN on CRYSTAL CLEAR, and Miami’s own ROOKIE OF YEAR contender, KING TETRUS, on ARYA STARKS (this would have been my least favorite track on the album due to the beat selection and direction of the hook, but TETRUS‘s verse really saves the song and makes it worth the listen.) My absolute favorite track of the album is “THEY ALREADY KNOW” with the snip of Jada Kiss on the Hook, and it’s addictive break loop. Kind of joint I would love to jump around to in the crowd at a Live Show. It’s evident throughout Q.F.C., that rallying the crowd to their feet is something these brothers have years of experiencing producing and haven’t lost a single step at. Add JUSTICE SYSTEM – QUANTUM FORCE CREW to your Favorites on your preferred DSP and join the movement that is 100 for the People.

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Josiah The Gift – Mightier Than The Sword (LP)

Dirty Jersey Rep JOSIAH THE GIFT is back with an LP that is sharper than a Home Shopping Network Pairing Knife, and “MIGHTIER THAN THE SWORD“.  JOSIAH has been putting in the heavy work since his 2018 release THE JACK JOHNSON EP, and has been gaining recognition and growing his fan base release after release.  On MIGHTER THAN THE SWORD, JOS shows he can flip multiple styles and cadences over multiple production styles from multiple beat murderers. Through out the album He goes apeshit over bangers produced by LEVEL 13, Cyph Lyfe Favorite CHUCK CHAN, 88BLESSED, IMPERITIV, WORD STRATEGY, MALLORY KNOX, STINKY J, and #SoFlow’s own MIGHTY HEALTHY. On the MIGHTY HEALTHY produced LIBERTAD, JOSIAH is joined by WVCC RADIO Alumni KING MICAH THE INFAMOUS to assassinate your eardrums like Tony and Manny in a 1980’s Cuban Detention Camp under a Miami Expressway.  The only other features is a guest verse by GNATEE DOE on THE PEN IS THE POWER,  and PRO DILLINGER who warned you to “Stay On THAT Side” on the album’s lead single, “THAT SIDE“, which got plenty of play on our weekly streaming show in the weeks leading up to the LP release.  If you are constantly hunting for next-level bars, delivered with a unique flow, JOSIAH has what you’re looking for and then some.  Pick up a copy of “MIGHTIER THAN THE SWORD” and something else from THE GIFT‘s Bandcamp Discography on this BANDCAMP FRIDAY.


The Duo known as DOPE SESSIONZ takes another spin around the block, to spray a new full clip of bars at the #SoFlowHipHopAudience, and Hip Hop lovers everywhere.

On BEYOND REASON, MIC SESSIONZ & B DOPE add to their 7 album Discography with another strong collection of Nostalgic Loop Beats and hard rhymes. Both artists dare you to test their years of experience and stand confidently on the hill of dues they’ve paid.

Stand Out Joints are LIES, WHAT I SAID (Love how they play off of the classic R.E.O. Speedwagon sample), PHYSICS, SIN (Would love to see this joint live), WHISPERS and RHYMEZ NOW featuring the only guest appearance on the album, GRIDLOCK’S BENNY KNUCKLES, who murders the first verse with a first hand account of a life turned around, to “Doing Rhymes Now, Fuck doing Crimes Now”, like the Biggie sample echoes.

With no sign of slowing down, DOPE SESSIONZ add another layer to their legacy and invite you to take a trip with them to an era where the music was varied, the Drums hit hard, and the Rhymes earned you respect.

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THE GODZ come in many different shapes and sizes. One of those sizes is 6 Foot-Holy Fuck, as in the height of Venice California’s BOSS HANDS, who came out of nowhere and dropped his latest LP, PAY RAI$E, on his Bandcamp followers. No Cap, this is one of my favorite releases this weekend. Not only is BOSS HANDS a consistent provider of fire beats to NO EMOTION & THE GODZ, he is also one of their most agile lyricists, as he exhibits over 8 different tracks produced by himself, TAKECAREBABY (FKA Interweb_Persona), YAMATO on KANPAI (One of my Stand Outs songs from the project), MALIK HOFF on the minimilisticly exquisite “TELL SOZZY” (Shortest song on the album, as well as my personal favorite), & fellow God CC aka Cerebral Cortex brings a dope guest appearance verse, along with some Heavy Metal Guitar to complete USE MUSICACIANS. BOSS flips flavors for all Hip Hop taste buds. Like you some Trap vibes? Check out “SHOW IT”, featuring a crazy hook by DON MURDA of THE GODZ, or CHARLESTON RIGHT where HANDS drops a bottomless bag of Anti-Gentrification gems over the triple High Hats. How about Boom Bap, more your lane? Enjoy JULIA FOX, PAY RAI$E, & KANPAI. Matter of fact, just press play and let the whole album play several times. Make sure to support the Emcee/ Producer financially on his Bandcamp, the quality of his work alone has earned him the PAY RAI$E.

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Massachusetts has multiple Underground Hip Hop Scenes and Camps putting out a scary amount of good Hop. One of its most active members, JFLIZ, has been dropping either a Single, EP or Album every few months for the past 2 years, solidifying his presence not only in MA, but in the Global Indie Hip Hop conversation. He returns this month with a BioHazardous Banger produced by Boston native DJ MATTY LITE, who has made a name for himself in a similar fashion. Relentlesly flooding DJ’s with lethal single after lethal single. On their 1st collaboration together, they release the “MONSTER WITHIN” on their growing fanbase. A burner with a “Horrorcore Aura” full of bars that expose the dark side of humanity at all levels of society. The beat produced and lyrics delivered with a ferocity that hints at the personal “monsters” FLIZ and LITE struggle to keep tamed within themselves. This one is sure to get play on every Indie Hip Hop platform and you’ll be hearing it on Rotation at WVCC RADIO this week. Make sure you pick up a copy at

Choco Valens – Free Country Music Video

CHOCO VALENS and DIRTY LEN5 went out to MIAMI INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT to welcome all the Spring Breakers flying into town to enjoy our beautiful beaches in the last couple of weeks. Of course, they killed two birds with one stone and used the opportunity to film the visuals for CHOCO’S latest single, “FREE COUNTRY”. Laced over an EVIDENCE beat tape banger ( DILATED PEOPLES, RHYMESAYERS, yeah…that EVIDENCE) that has been making its rounds through all the active Indie Hip Hop Platforms worldwide. Don’t get scared off by CHOCO’S barking grill in your face. Thats just how he says “Hi. Welcome To Miami”.

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Terror Van Poo – Well Defined (prod & scratches by Tone Spliff)

My fellow Aries TERROR VAN POO just celebrated a birthday and flung a new flaming dart at us produced by the incredible TONE SPLIFF. Continuing his run of “a Single a Month for 2022”, TONE SPLIFF has paired the perfect beat with the perfect spitter all through the beginning of the year, and doesn’t miss a beat on “WELL DEFINED“. This week He tags in TERROR VAN Riffle, who reloads while the Words Knife You”. VAN POO is a deadly sniper, who collects headshots atop the TONE SPLIFF chopped Piano Riff and Drums, as he makes clear what you are “dealing with” here. He spits “When your dealing with the Streets, your Dealing with all Things / When your dealing with the Music, your Dealing with all Themes/ When your dealing with a woman, you got to pick out a Queen/ Cuz my Queen made me better, That’s why I’m killing the scene”. Def one of my favorite singles to drop this weekend, getting multiple plays all weekend long, you are guarenteed to hear WELL DEFINED on all Indie Hip Hop Platforms and in heavy rotation at WVCC RADIO this week. Make sure you add it to your Favorite DSP Playlist today at

FLANNEL GANG PLAID CLICK – WANNA KNOW (feat. CeeJay Hyde, Real Young Juice & Mark Kent)

I’m going to keep it 100. I slept on this joint when the young shooter REAL YOUNG JUICE shared it with me. After spending the weekend bumping “WANNA KNOW“, I am positive this is a joint our Cyph Lyfe Audience will WANNA KNOW about. The latest single from 305 Next Gen Representatives REAL YOUNG JUICE & HYDE is actually the first single off their upcoming FLANNEL GANG PLAID CLICK Posse Album called “FAMILY”. An interstate collective of 10 Spitters and Producers, FGPC met up and started building online, first as fans of each other’s music, then as collaborators in building something bigger and stronger than the sum of its parts. The first offering features REAL YOUNG JUICE, HYDE, and MARK KENT who all do their thing slapping around the beat over the ear snatching baseline. This debut single definitely has us interested in the FAMILY album from FLANNEL GANG PLAID CLICK due to drop later this year. In the meantime check out the latest FLANNEL GANG FRIDAY FREESTYLE (below) and Sub to REAL YOUNG JUICE‘s Youtube Page so you can stay up to date with all their drops.

CHINO XL & STU BANGAS – “Miracles Opposite” feat. Violent Revenge

On the heels of his recent KINGDOM OF CRIMINALITY release with NOVOTORE & EARLY MORNING A.M., STU BANGAS is back with Supreme Puncher CHINO X.L. to make it clear, he plans on having is foot on the undergrounds neck all year long. Slated as the 1st single off their upcoming collaborative album, “GODS CARPENTER”, “MIRACLES OPPOSITE” has everything a die-hard CHINO fan has been waiting for, BAR AFTER BAR AFTER BAR, EVERY FUCKING LINE. Listen as CHINO draws up “Mathematical patterns that could shatter that of the pyramids” and gives death “a near CHINO experience”. He ain’t just “punching down” on Young Head/Mumble Rappers either. He owns up to our generation’s mishandling of the torch, both in the game and global matters, with lines like “My generation could have done something important We had the chance to change the world and still we opted for the newest Jordans” When the onslaught of lava finally stops, you will be “Madder than a Mosquito in a Mannequin shop”, but the good news is you can replay the single here all you want, or tune in to WVCC Radio this week where we will have it on constant rotation. We’ll keep you well fed while we wait for GOD’s CARPENTER to drop.

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Ty Farris & Slim One – Moments Of Mayhem (EP)

Ty Farris always worth the listen. Give this some spins and let us know how you feeling it in the comments or on IG.

MichaelAngelo & Eto – Table For One (EP)

MichaelAngelo & Eto new project “Table For One”. Produced by MichaelAngelo. Featuring CrimeApple, Estee Nack, Primo Profit & Chronic Tone. Stream/Buy : https://prodbymichaelangelo.bandcamp….