The Hottest New Indie Hip Hop to Warm Up Your Weekend

Happy Friday Fellow 88ers. We had a great week at WVCC Radio with Special Guest’s SHAWN J PERIOD coming by the Cypher to talk @DRUMSTACKS, and VIC MONROE & TONE SPLIFF blessing the Cypher last night with insight on their latest release, WORDS TO THE WISE. Now as I get ready for my 45th Birthday Bash going down tomorrow night, I can’t help but to be grateful for how far life, and my stubborn love for Indie Hip Hop has taken me. I can honestly say I make a living doing what I love. Making and Sharing Dope Hip Hop with Dope People, and helping Dope People find an Audience. If you are in South Florida I hope you can clear your schedule tomorrow night to come out and party with me for Birthday. I have booked some of the hotest acts in South Florida Hip Hop, and its gonna be night not to miss. Get your tickets at WWW.ViceCityCypher.Com/Event/ and tell me which artist you want me to pay with your ticket. ….enough with the ticket Sales. Lets get to the bag. Shit is Heavy AF Today!!


Awwww Baby Baby…I couldn’t have asked for more on my Birthday Weekend. The Benchwarmers Clique are performing for the 1st time in 3 years on my BDay Bash Stage at #HousePartyMarch, and they dropped a brand new album today.  SMOOTH BOXCUTTA is a sharp display of word wielding and beats that will make you nod your head til it’s severed off your neck.  Production is handled by long time Contributor and VICE CITY CYPHER family, 1914. The album is 8 tracks long, so it could be considered an EP, but it is thicker than a Short Athletic Sister in a mini skirt. Features by DAVID ORPHEUS (1/2 of #SoFlow’s GRIND DESIGN) on “SHAME“, and A1PHANUM3RIC5 (J5ive & your boy 8ch2Owens) on “R-TYPE” kick the fire up a couple of notches like some hidden ghost peppers. As always, TRAVESTY The Lazy MC & JOKA WILD  don’t need much back up. They are a two-man Fat Tuesday Parade


Cypress Hill is back and hasnt missed a single step. Their 1st album in 4 years since 2018’s ELEPHANTS ON ACID, “BACK IN BLACK” is named so because this go-around Detroit Beat Wizard BLACK MILK is behind the Pads and Keys. He fits the Outfit Perfectly like a pair of Black Chucks under a Black Dickie suit. You cant tell me “TAKEOVER”, “THE ORIGINAL”, don’t sound like it was born and raised on the streets of LA. Then again it isn’t difficult to get that Vibe when B REAL and SEN DOG are back spitting glass cutting diamonds like we was back in the 90s. Of course, DR. GREENTHUMB is gonna give us plenty to smoke on the album (Have you seen this dude’s Podcast?? Holy Smokes Batman). They ain’t just spitting stoner stupidity, they actually dropping Gems on the fight to legalize cannabis and the Federal Governments disregard for State Laws that protect Legal Dispensaries. These dudes might be potheads, but they are stoners who created a brand and business empire out of the recreational use of the Kind Bud. So when you hear them flip the Pac classic Hail Mary to a Smokers Anthem on COME WITH ME, You know there is no one more CERTIFIED to pull that off (well…maybe a SNOOP DOGG Remix is needed). Speaking of Uncle SNOOP, RETURN TO DEATHROW took Hip Hop by Surprise in Feb, now THE HILL comes storming in like Russia in March. Looks like the West is making a strong push for s comeback in this HIP-HOP RENAISSANCE. We are happy to have CYPRESS HILL “Back In Black”


Here is another banging album on a Friday full of Fire. Seems our fallen brother, Jacksonville FL Indie Emcee Legend PATEN LOCKE, left behind a number of recording sessions that he produced, wrote and recorded before passing, and left to Wizard Producer Engineer EDAN to mix down in his bizarro fashion, and release for our amazed enjoyement. “AMERICANCER” is sicker than the name implies. An album that was ready for release when PATEN got the diagnosis that he had Stage 4 Small Cell Cancer, a sickness that would claim his life in a matter of months. Here is what his team wrote about the release of this 1st of 2 posthumous albums set to drop. 


After his untimely passing in 2019, we are proud to present the first official posthumous album from the catalog of Paten Locke – ‘Americancer’.

Gone but not forgotten, the triple threat, Paten Locke (MC/DJ/Beatmaker) remains highly revered in underground Hip Hop circles as a ‘producer’s favorite producer’. Hailing from Jacksonville, FL by way of Boston & Chicago, Paten was admired for his true school Hip-hop aesthetic and respected by diggers worldwide as a master record collector & musicologist. Whether it was the studio or the stage, Paten’s energy was unmatched and will be forever missed. Find a few clips online of Paten performing one of his legendary live sets with Edan or his former group, Asamov to get a glimpse of the greatness.

On ‘Americancer’, the first of a pair of albums that Paten left behind (along with much more), we find P doing what he does best: chopping up rare & obscure vinyl records, lacing them with chunky, dusty drums and then proceeding to rap & scratch with purpose & precision. The skull-cracking beats range from triumphant to tragic & everything in between. A steadfast cynic, Paten’s rhymes run amok as he bounces between dropping gems of knowledge & philosophy to bullying you with braggadocio – always delivering with his trademark sardonic wit and the utmost of confidence.

It would be remiss of us to not mention that in 2017, this album was mostly complete with plans for it to be released – with the name ‘Americancer’ already intact. This never came to fruition however, as Paten was diagnosed with Stage-4 Cancer in the summer of 2019 and would pass soon after in August of 2019. The irony is not lost on us. A musical prophet to be sure, we are honored to carry out Paten’s legacy and continue to share his gifts and talents with the world, just as P intended.

Support the Album and the Merch – Proceeds go to LOCKE’s Non Profit Foundation.

G Fam Black – Foul Features 2 (EP)

According to “The Black Mask of Brocton Mass” , this project was conceived, beats collected, accomplices selected and verses written, recorded, engineered and released in a matter of 12 days. We are dealing with a unit of Microphone Navy Seals here. They are trained professionals, Do Not Try This At Home…You will get laughed at.  Meanwhile, FOUL FEATURES 2 is No Laughing Matter as G FAM BLACK gathers a gang of Hip Hop Hoodlums to ambush clueless listeners who press play not having any idea the brutality they in for.  The album is promoted as 8 Different Tracks, with 8 Different Emcees, Produced by 8 Different Beatsmiths. 8 Different ways to die.  Check the track list below and make sure you get yourself a copy of this latest release from KNUCKLE DRAGGUZ punisher.

1. Sodium Amytol feat. I.N.F (Prod by UglyJon) 2. Foul Opps feat. Street Da Villan (Prod by Skinny Bonez Tha Godfatha) 3. Creature Feature feat. Mike Titan (Prod by Mathias of CLOAQxDAGGER) 4. Dead Ends feat. P-Ro (Prod by BoFaat) 5. It Get Wicked feat. Meph Luciano (Prod by Tali Rodriguez) 6. Flagrant Vagrants feat. Crotona P (Prod by DJ MattyLite) 7. Spatter Patterns feat. M Doc Diego (Prod by P-Ro) 8. Spill Blood feat. Leo CaSeeNo (Prod by Crack Sizzlack)


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Holy Christ!! My laptop is currently on fire. Cardiff UK Producer BRUTAL CAESAR dropped his latest offering, CAES KALPURNIA, and its hot enough to turn plastic and Microchips back into sand. Its easier to tell you who in the Indie Hip Hop community isnt on the album then going down the list of Speacial Features. Whether its A.F.R.O, RECOGNIZE ALI, and #SoFlowFavorite REKS on I HOPE, or KING MAGNETIC, GUILTY SIMPSON & SOLOMON CHILDS on DUNES, Or RAS KASS weaving a tale of the Murder of BRUTAL CAESER on 16 DAGGERZ, BC is killing every Beat on this project. He also introduces us to some Newer voices who make a huge impression, whether its your first time hearing them or not. Africa’s MELLY MEL is like Fred Astaire with the phrases as he dances all over TO FALL IN LOVE, and EMMA LEE opens the album up superbly over the haunted “THE DREAM”. That bridge before each hook is Craaaaaazy!!

THE DREAM, and 16 DAGGERZ are the 2 Concept songs on the Album that tie the whole story together. A Project that took 2 years to birth, as CAESAR navigated career changes which slowed the progress of the album. Now, after hundreds of hours producing, networking with top-tier talent, sending and receiving emails, and having his close friend, LEON WEST, put the final engineering touch on it, CAES KALPURNIA is now a living part of the Hip Hop Mythology. Take in the Story as EMMA LEE  plays the role of KALPURNIA, CAESAR‘S wife who has a dream of his demise and tries to warn him, to no avail. He eventually meets his death at the hands of RAS KASS playing the Role of the literary betrayer BRUTUS. Or Does He??? Copp the Project on the link below, Press play and find out for yourself.


[bandcamp width=350 height=786 album=3354683395 size=large bgcol=ffffff linkcol=0687f5]

Hands down my favorite MC from North Miami, CAVEMAN BLESS‘s music has been touching my soul for the past 10 years plus. I’ve seen him grow in the Scene and grow as a man, husband and now Dad. His latest album DAD LIFE has been in non stop rotation this week at my crib. I completely missed it when it dropped last month (because Bless is more concerned with spending time with this Daughter than promoting his new music). But now that I know its out and have had a chance to listen thoroughly, I’m telling everyone I know about it, including my Interstae and International DJ’s. The whole album rides and has somehting for everyone, whether your a Bar Heavy Head, or just need some relatable life rhymes, whether your a work aholic, or a Die Hard Gamer, your going to find something you like on DAD LIFE. The Way CAVEMAN BLESS delivers the message, I guarentee you are going to find alot you like on this album. Pick It Up for yourself and tell me If I’m wrong in the Comments.


Salute to our weekly contributer from the HIP HOP LIFERS Face Book Group, DEXTER PRICE. He has been serving us up a dope review every week for the past few weeks and his suggestion today is dope surprise. When I saw the album cover I thought it was going to be some Death Metal, but this is pretty solid boom bap, backed by real life raps that us regular folk can relate to all day. And come to find out the album cover is actually designed by GRIMEWAV‘s own HANZO BLADEZ. The following is the Review and write up by DEXTER PRICE. Thank you LIFER.

If you were to look up the word “perseverance” in the Dictionary don’t be surprised to see a picture of Wolffy in there somewhere in the definition. Most people would have packed it up and gone away years ago but this MC from my hometown of Salem, MA ( The Witch City ) just kept grinding and perfecting his craft and now we finally get to hear the fruits of his labor and holy shit was it worth the wait!! His straightforward up in your face style and knack for realism and storytelling blends seamlessly when woven between the grimey hard AF Boom Bap beats provided by 3 of the dopest Producers on the East Coast in D.J. Slipwax, Silly Grinn and Mello Dee ( of Heddshotts fame ) From the opening Intro track you know it’s about to be on. Any true UGHH head will recognize the sample and Wolffy does it justice. This 13 track LP is full speed ahead from there and doesn’t let up until the last bar is spit. The only “Features” on this album are the 3 elite DJ/Producers I mentioned above and a few Hooks from Block McCloud so it’s a full course meal of Wolffy and his aggressive street sound. There is no meat left on the bone afterwards and it leaves you begging for seconds. Standout tracks from me are the INTRO, D.E.A.D. and CAN’T DIE 🔊🔊🔥🔥


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The Holy Dojo of the GODZ is graduating some skilled bartisans. The same crew of cookes who bring PSALMS OF THE GODZ every few months now bring us TWELVE FIFTEEN, the debut album by DUCE THE MAKER, Produced 100% by SoFlow Graffiti Documentarian and GODZ Cinematographer USVS THE BUFF. This album is a wonderful display of different ideas, flavors, styles, and voices that all work together perfectly. A great example of what a group of creatives can do together if they take EGO and Pride out of the equation. They have def made another rocket they can be Proud Of.

#CyphLyfe #SingleFiles


This dude isn’t Human. If you witness CHOCO VALENS in a Cypher, you can tell right away, this guy isn’t from around here. On FREE COUNTRY he is further proving he’s actually not even from this Planet. He was just dropped off here to take it over one Country at a time. Press play and let the Audio Invasion commence.

If you want to witness this Colombian Alien Live in the Cypher and on Stage, make sure you get your tickets for #HousePartyMarch going down Tomorrow Night, Saturday 3/19/2022 at and buy a ticket from CHOCO VALENS so he can get paid for his services.

0:03 / 2:49

RhymeStyleTroop & ManZu Beatz – Full Metal Jacket (scratches by Dj Flipcyide)

This joint was on heavy rotation at WVCC RADIO this week. RHYMESTYLETROOP and MANZU BEATS bring us “FULL METAL JACKET”, the 1st single and Video off their upcoming “CYPHER” Colab Album. The breakbeat and Rose Royce sample MANZU flips remind me of a time when hip hop was Raw and New, the video takes you there and gives you that Nostalgia as BBoys EDDIE STYLES & DOM CYPHR lay down the footwork while RST totally demolishes the beat.

We have been blessed to lock down an interview with RST and MANZU BEATS for the beginning of April. Til then we will be getting you real familiar with RHYMESTYLETROOP in the weeks to come.


Harlem Rep MANDELLA ESKIA makes his WVCC RADIO debut with his new single AWE SAKI SAKI produced by Tev95 (MOSKVITCH 1,2 &3).  The two have joined forces to create a heat rock of an album, “BAR SUPPLY”, due to drop next week on Tuesday 3/22/2022. For now, enjoy the smooth swag of AWE SAKI SAKI and get to know MANDELLA a bit before he floods the streets with an endless supply of Bars. 

IG – @blackzeusx

Bandcamp –

Shottie x Tev95 – 10K (Official Video)

They say you have to put in 10 Thousand Hours into a craft before you can be considered an “Expert” at that craft. SHOTTIE & TeV95 have put in their 10K and then some. They bring you the latest single and Visuals from their MOSKVITCH 3.3 album to show you, Shottie performs at an Expert Level, and is looking for the next thing to pour 10K Hours into. 

IG – @shottie305@95Lens

Bandcamp –

#BottomOfTheBag #RareGems #SpecialFinds


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New MONEY MOGLY and this time DON LOBO just hitting you with an EP of heat like a DP of sleet. Only 3 tracks deep, but I swear this is some of the most hype MOGLY we have heard this year. This shit makes me want to do Yay of a stripper’s ass cheek and drive across the state hustling WVTCH WXLVEZ Merch. Get your copy below.

Tree Mason & Spanish Ran – No Rewards 4 The Wicked (LP)

Tree Mason & Spanish Ran new project “No Rewards 4 The Wicked”. Produced by Spanish Ran . Stream/Buy :… –


Another Amazing Mix by The SOULKEEPER GLIBSTYLEZ. Make sure you are following him on Twitch and have your Notfications turned on cuz I hear he has been putting down the illest Live Mixes. Dont Sleep. We also got SOUTHERN COMFY coming your way sooner than you think. Might even have a New Single for you Next week. Stay Tuned.