Turning Heads and Taking Heads Off from SoFlow to Missassauga Canada

Hialeah Florida’s ULYSSES aka “L.M.S. The Last Man Standing” made a name for himself in South Florida the old fashioned way, Battling his way up the ranks. Whether in Cyphers over a beat box, on Stage over beats in front of Judges, or Acapella on some of the biggest platforms in Battle Rap, ULYSSES is known for going Beast Mode and destroying opponents. 

Now he has moved his family to Ontario Canada and has planted his Flag in the Battle Fields North of our border.  Wasting no time, he has already fought his way into recognition, having taken several high profile battles last year, and winning the BREAKING RECORDS/ BARS OF DEATH 2021 Battle Champion. 

Get your Copy of ULYSSES: THE GUANTLET at https://lms305.bandcamp.com/album/the-gauntlet

He is now back to contend for the 2022 BREAKING RECORDS Belt in the BREAKING RECORDS $500 MC COMPETITION.  Check out his New Visuals for his contest submission “NOT THE SAME”, and if you’re feeling the excellent bars, melodic hook, and soul-wrenching delivery, make sure you drop a comment on the Post Link Below so they know you’re listening. It might help him take home the Gold & $500 2 Years in a Row.