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Happy Friday Fellow 88ers. Another fantastic week at WVCC Radio. Epic interviews with SPEAK THE REBEL on Tuesday & KURIOUS JORGE last night. Next Week we have E-TURN & RHINOSEROUS FUNK of GUERILLA GROOVES Radio scheduled to bless the Cypher. Our numbers are growing ever week. Make sure you tell a friend about the hottest new spot to catch all the latest Indie Hip Hop. CYYYYPH LYYYYYFE. Tomorrow night in Miami we got Styles P, Havoc, Kool G Rap, Terminology and more….Get Your Tickets Nowwwwww!!!


The Queen of TRUST, CHE BUTTER has served up a Royal Feast with her latest offering FOOD FOR THOUGHT. CHE has made a strong argument for hottest Femcee in the Game in the past 3/4 years with stellar albums like THE THRILL OF THE HUNT 2, JUNO, the self produced AFTER 12, and Album of the Year 2020 contender AS GOD INTENDED produced by MELLO MUSIC Magician, APOLLO BROWN. Now with the release of FOOD FOR THOUGHT, she wants us all to think of her not in terms of Top Lady Lyricist, but Top Emcee, Male or Female, Dead Or Alive. She is relentless with her pen punches, stringing haymakers together like she has been perfecting Mortal Kombat Combos all her life. 12 tracks deep (3 of the tracks being perfectly placed skits, or as I like to think of them, Moments of meditation to digest the FOOD FOR THOUGHT)this album is long enough to satisfy, but short enough to replay several times and enjoy. Strong features from ROME STREETZ, JYNX716, RANSOME and TRUST FAMILY Don 38 SPESH. She’s also accompanied by 7xveTheGENIUS & ARMANI CEASAR, who both get totally outshined on LADIES BRUNCH, as CHE announces “I could never stress a dude/ hit the booth, check 1, 2/ Best Rapper Alive, fuck it, I’m better than some dead ones too”. Everybody tread lightly as the sexy assassin is on the hunt, tired of not being included in Top 5 conversations when, as she puts it, “most of the dudes in the industry are scared to spit with me”. Feed on this delicious album this weekend and follow CHE NOIR as she rises to power, and makes these lesser rappers her junk food.


New Mach Hommy EP dropped on us Thursday Morning. The following is a review and write up provided to us by HIP HOP LIFERS Admin, and Life-Long Hip Hop Head, ANTHONY L’ITALIEN aka DEXTER PRICE. Thanks for the contribution Tonez!!

“Not a new album in the traditional sense as it was recorded in 2017 and released in a limited run on vinyl. But now it’s out on all streaming platforms for the first time for the masses to consume. Completely produced by Mach-Hommy and spit on by himself and fellow dope af MC Tha God Fahim. All 7 tracks are flawlessly crafted and expertly executed, especially Hommy’s gripping hypnotic drum patterns and sample choices to lay on top of them. The bars are straight fire and compliment the beats perfectly. Standout tracks for me are Barnum & Bailey, Schroeder, Rolf Beeler, and Nardwuar.”

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Miami Mic Veteran EDDIE NICE has been putting in that dirty work in the South Florida Hip Hop Scene consistently for the past decade. Never one to hide inside the studio, ED has been steadily grinding to get his name, and Brand “ALL-TIME MANAGEMENT“, both known and respected in the #SoFlowHipHop Scene, performing at venues and showcases across 3 counties. For the past 5 years though, he has hunkered down to make sure his music business moves are precise as an independent artist. After dropping LIFE SUPPORT on us in 2019, and PTSD in the midst of the Corona Pandemic in 2020, he is now back for a therapy session on RED COUCH CONFESSIONS.

In 2017, ED was involved in a traumatizing car accident , with his 2 year old Daughter in the ride at the time (Thank God, she was spared any injury). NICE retells the story for WVCC Readers, “I was heading to a radio interview but I had to drop my daughter off first, but never made it. I got into an accident with my daughter in the car. She was good. I shattered my femur & was rushed to the hospital . Had to spend the time there recovering. Then had to go to rehab to physically learn to walk again, this time with the metal rod in my leg.”

WVCC RADIO“That must have been traumatizing for both you and your Daughter.”

EDDIE NICE “Yeah. The PTSD album stems pretty much from not being able to pick up my daughter in the car during the accident. The feeling of being helpless. She still remembers it and is my ride or die to this day.”

We thank God for surrounding little BROOKLYNN with his angels that fateful day. 5 years later, you can hear the 7 year old on EDDIE NICE‘s latest LP, RED COUCH CONFESSIONS, flexing her growing piano skills on “DOOR MAN, DOUGH MAN“.

EDDIE not only supplies the “Grown Man Rap” throughout RED COUCH, but he also supplies a lot of the production. Taking care of beat work on 5 of the albums 11 Cuts (Steady 110 {Hard Tumping album opener}, Long Gevity {Wavey South Florida Sunny Day Vibe}, Springtime Stickup, F.R.F.R, & Black 88 Sentra). He gives the producer credits for “DOOR MAN, DOUGH MAN” to his daughter BROOKLYNN). He also has help from beatsmiths, KROOK ROCK, PJ PRESSURE, & iQue throughout the album. As I eluded to above, ED NICE is on his GROWN MAN shit, but this is by no means an “Old Head” Record. NICE does a great job of balancing the vibes and topics of the album to be relatable to any age range. There is a little something for everyone here. He doesn’t shy away from more modern styles or cadences (CITY LIMITS, SPRINGTIME STICK UP, FR FR FOR REAL FOR REAL), He can do the smooth vibe for the ladies (LONG GEVITY, COASTING & MY BABY) and he isn’t ashamed of his Brooklyn NY roots, which is evident on tracks like GEEHOST, PERSONAL, & BLACK 88 SENTRA BOOM BAP RMX. He’s also accompanied by some formidable partners in rhyme on RED COUCH, WAYNEZ & Y.CRUZ add some fire features, but NICE handles the majority of the pen work, and doesn’t need much help with the heavy subject matter.

RED COUCH CONFESSIONS is motivation music. Words of Wisdom, teaching us it’s NOT about getting it by “Any Means Necessary”, but by “well strategized” means that last the test of time and yield lasting dividends. NICE describes the message of the LP in these words: “RED COUCH CONFESSIONS is a symbol of Consistency and Longevity…do what you love regardless of who’s watching or listening…fuck the trend”. Words to live by from a man who almost lost his life, only to find everything he ever wanted to Live for at his reach.

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Allow me to introduce you to WALTER J. LIVEHARDER and JED SED. A couple of fun loving Emcees who have an unhealthy obsession with WES ANDERSON movies and dry humor. {Insert sarcastic reply, “O.R. They?“}. These guys take their Hip Hop seriously, (a lot more seriously than they take themselves apparently) which is evident on this 12 track uncovered treasure of an album, “WE HAVEN’T LOCATED US YET“. Produced by DREAMTEK of 7 ODDZ, the album originally dropped on Jan 1st, but just made its way downstream to us Hip Hop addicts in the sewers, and it’s still as shiny as the day they drove it off the lot.

The 2 Chicago MC’s describe themselves as a “Character Driven, detail oriented Hip Hop Duo,” who are both such huge fans of WES ANDERSON movies that they decided to make a series of records dripping with name drops, and references to these dry, slow “comedies”. LIVEHARDER, the Raspy Voiced tongue tussler who prefers to be obnoxious, confrontational and in your face, and JED SED, the silky smooth voiced wittier half of the random, who aims to be more clever and insightful with his pen (fucking snob). This is now their 3rd album as a group since 2014, so if your just finding out about them, there is a treasure trove of back catalog to enjoy after you get hooked on “WE HAVEN’T“. And that is exactly what you will be after hearing their masterful and pompous use of the art of emceeing on tracks like “CANT BUY A BACKBONE”, “THE HOUSE ON ARCHER AVE”, “THE BROTHERS WHITMAN” and album sealer “DUMB WAY TO GET LOADER” (those DMX Scratches are fucking rediculous). As a life long lover of dope writing and super lyricism, I’ve replayed this album now 5 times since it landed on my lap on Thursday, and every spin I hate these guys even more…It’s not really hate, more like jealousy. No one should make it look this effortless, and they both do while laughing at those who try too hard. While other rappers are busy trying to fit in to the TRAP LIFE, DRUG GAME, CLOUT CHASING scenarios that are being popularized by TV, IG and Youtube, these 2 are having a great time writing bars that no one “really understands”, but can’t help making stank faces to anyway. The DREAMTEK Production is just too funky & filthy. The Bars brilliantly written with the perfect measurements of satire and comedic timing. Their chemistry undeniable, like a vaudeville act of yesteryear who kill with their routine on a nightly basis. In fact, my only complaint about the album is the 4 tracks ( FUCK THE ITINERARY, I’M GOING TO HOLD THIS IN FOR A WHILE, WHAT ARE YOU A LAWYER, & MR. LITTLEJEAN) where the duo turns selfish and wants to shine as Solo Artist. It’s not that they aren’t as skilled on their own, It’s actually that they are so good, it leaves you wanting more song than the single verse samples. The evidence of a great album is it leaves you feeling challenged, and seeking more information. I personally feel like I have to push my personal pen even further after hearing “WE HAVEN’T LOCATED US YET“, and I’ll probably spend the weekend binge watching WES ANDERSON flicks to see if I can make heads or tails of these lyrics.

Follow a couple of cool dudes just trying figure out how to navigate the world we live in and the Hip Hop landscape on their own terms.

IG – @goldperiod , @jedsed & follow LIVEHARDERs Side Project, STUFF with the Producer who is doing the next O.R. THEY? album, @stuffforyourstuff , and do yourself a favor and follow O.R. THEY? on Spotify or buy an album on BANDCAMP


They call him “The Marxman” for a reason, the Chico just don’t miss!! If records were 3 Point shots, XP would be putting Steph Curry to shame. Since going solo, XP has been hitting us with back to back projects, singles and videos that have not only kept him in the Indie Hip Hop convo, but rocketed him through the ranks to the point where has an album entirely produced by legend ROC MARCI and shares one of the hottest albums of 2021, RX with RASHEED CHAPELL, one of the most respected pens of the recent era. Now the founder and C.E.O. of MIJO MUSIC RECORDS is back on his own to show he doesn’t need any back up, he has enough ammo to hold his own.

As the 2OONA BEATS keys start playing on “THE MARXMAN INTRO”, XP comes out blessing the listener with “The Kind Of Shit Found In Buried Treasures” , like a Mexican Pirate swinging over the percussions. He’s then joined on the WAVY THE GOD remix of WE ALL DIVINE by PLEX DIAMONDS who not only slays his verse, but contributes a potent hook that sets the tone for “The Salamander King” to “Whip A Rhyme that cracks the Earths Surface.” Producer AGOR, and fellow shooters EMILIO CRAIG & DOAM PIECE join the firing squad on HOUSE OF HONZOS where XP recounts how he and his gun “are a Perfect Match, We Made a Pack/ If she jams then I use her to slap, Its a Rap/” . Another banging feature is “CLASSICAL RAP” with special guest MC WICKS & ILLWERD who all bring the ruk over the SLIDEBEATS piano loop. Roll up a fatty and spark up as you listen to ZOMBIES – PASS THE BLICK, an entrancing narrative about a day in the life of a Boss in the making. The album is capped off by an injection of Soul provided by producer ES EY EL on BEATLES SON, where XP’s raspy smooth silencer spit perfectly matches the vibe provided by the soulful sample chops. THE MARXMAN is just one more chamber in the Compound that XP The Salamander King is building from the ground up with his own two hands. Once completed, those outside of it’s fortified walls are going to be begging for refuge within the gates of MIJO MUSIC, a place where Hip Hop still lives in its purest form, and a hard worker can become royalty, no matter how dark his past. As long as his Aim is always on point.

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The Intro “Trailer” to this latest banger from the KNUCKLE DRAGGUZ camp says it all. “This Album is Rated R for Immaturity, Graphic Honesty, Alcoholism, and Self Deprication”.  If the offspring of P-RO doesn’t make you lose your entire shit with his insistent request for Chicken at the opening, the rest of the album will. SHORT STORIES & TALL TALES is an excellent display of Hip Hop craftsmanship at its best. 2 seemingly regular chaps who use whatever limited resources they have at arms reach to create a rugged musical work of art. I refer to the demon voiced I.N.F and P-RO of KNUCKLE DRAGGUZ infamy as 2 regular chaps because that’s what they portray on SHORT & TALL, just a couple of average Joe’s dealing with everyday life as underpaid, overworked vertically impaired parents. This ain’t Super Emcee, Biggest Baller, Smoothest Pimp rap, nah, this is long look in the mirror, No IG Filter, Grown Fractured Man Rap. This is music all married men can relate to, if they are honest with themselves and not busy trying to be Danny Tanner (Look at how that worked out for Bob Sagat). 

Some songs are meant for a “Smaller” crowd, like the hilarious BIG FACTS which would get these 2 canceled by the Dwarf community if not for the big fact that they’re talking about thems/elves. And only the loyal lush will get the goosebump feels listening to SUDS N KISSES. There’s nothing these tiny twins won’t disclose. Want some Raw Shit? Play FLUSH THE WORLD on loud and holla at me if you ain’t singing the operatic hook by the end of the song. Hey Fatboy, you hungry? You will be after you hear ORDERING OUT feat a G FAM BLACK who speaks “Chinese Restaurant Menu”as fluent as a second language. Hearing I.N.F. standing up for Chicken Wings with his violent voice had me both rolling and craving a 50 piece Special Grilled from SPORTS GRILL (#1 Wings in Miami. It’s a Kendall Thing). These guys pull of comedy bits naturally. I literally laughed out loud at the end of BANANA BREAD when TALI RODRIGUEZ‘s wife makes a surprise cameo and asks “Are you talking to the two bald midgets from Boston again?”. The laughs give you a chance to release some of the pressure building up from all the blazing production on the album. CLOAQ & DAGGER, UGLYJON, BUZZKILL BEATS, CRACK SIZZLACK, TALI RODRIGUEZ, MELLO DEE, and even P-RO himself, all get busy providing the score for this disfunctional bromantic comedy, and all the ingredients work beautifully. If we are honest, isn’t that what life really is, the culmination of a lot of bad decisions learned from, a few good decisions earned from, a shitload of stress that we deal with to provide for those we love, and the shit we find to laugh at to keep us a little sane. At the end of the day, it’s a Beautiful Life, even if it is a bit fucked up. Just like this album. Great work Fellas.



Let’s sit down for another therapy session with RJ PAYNE, who some would say is the deadliest MC in the game right now. BEAUTIFUL PAYNE 4, produced by PA DRE is guaranteed to be worth multiple plays and shares. This is Rewind That Shit rap. This is Real Real Life Rap. Listen to PAYNE talking to his Drug Abusing Nephew on TOUGH LOVE 2. Or hear him out as he explains his fear of bringing a child into this world on THE CURSE. After hearing him murder everything he touches over the past 4 years, its refreshing to hear RJ getting busy and open over these smooth beats. MC’s looking for beats, studio time, graphic design, video work or write-ups, and Anyone looking to open his own business needs to hear ITS ONLY RIGHT. PAYNE is dropping jewelry all over this project. Worthy of the late night, blunt and brandy session.



Port Jervis, NY Emcee THOUGHT PROVOKAH invites us to sit down with him as he goes through his creative PROCESS. On his latest release, THE PROCESS, PROVOKAH continues to make a name for himself, spread insightful speak over smooth jazzy production. He is sharing many gems on this offering, letting you know what kind of mental space he goes into when creating. No celebration, no drinking, smoking, boastin on the gram. He admits when he is in the writing and recording process, he still hasn’t done anything to celebrate about yet. Nah, First he focuses. Surrounds himself with people and energies he trusts. He sets the vibe and then He’s off. We became fans of THOUGHT PROVOKAH back on LOSE OR GAIN OUR SOULS, and he just solidifies our opinion of him as a dope artist with tracks like 97 MOOD where he captures that year in Hip Hop History perfectly. Watch him jot his ideas on whatever parchment he can find on ODE TO MY LOVE. Turn up the heater on one of these cold nights and let the soul of GOTTA A LOT OF LOVE fill your home. We played DIARY OF A MAD BLACK ARTIST on WVCC RADIO on Thursday Night and the crowd had not but Fire Imojis to share. Wait until I hit them with FIND A GROVE next week. THE PROCESS is full of joints that we will be keeping in rotation on Cyph Lyfe Radio. Worth your Bandcamp Support so the Artist can keep the majority of his earnings for his hard work and for trusting THE PROCESS.

IG – @thought.ems88

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The MONEY HUNGRY BASTARD with Miami Fl roots is back with his 3rd Video off of his recent LP/Book, BARS FOR DAYS . On THE PHANTOM, the big homie MIC NICKELS stages a Hip HOpera, which he describes as “A Scorcese flix with a sick cast, Staring yours truly / a Masked Vigilante keeping tabs on the unruly /” . Directed by JAMAL HALL, the video makes great use of an abandoned church MIC found in Brooklyn to film his latest single, which sits dramatically atop a haunted GENGIS DON beat. Just like the haters tried to keep the half masked Phantom away from the theater in the Broadway production, MIC NICKELS has dealt with his fair share of haters wishing he would just stay dormant. Fortunately for us, NICKS is well rested now, and ready to make another run of it. You wont be able to keep him off the stage, that’s for sure.

For more MIC NICKELS goodies including his new book BARS FOR DAYS, visit his site at

Whichcraft – Generation Mic [The Dead Poetz Society x cuts by Tone Spliff]

From one MHB Member to another. I have told him personally, and I have told anyone else will listen, this is my favorite Indie Hip Hop joint of the week. WHICHCRAFT joins forces with producers THE DEAD POTZ SOCIETY & DJ TONE SPLIFF who is becoming our modern day answer to DJ PREMIER with the Scratch Hooks. CRAFT does what he has made a name on for the past 20 years, being “VERY SPECIAL LIKE MARY J BLIGE” over the nostalgic Boom Bap banger from the DEAD POETZ. His weaving of pop culture references with holistic metaphysics, and hip hop history is amazing and he matches the energy of the track perfectly, making this a Big Big Record. This will me on rotation for months on WVCC Radio.

B Dope – King Of The Town

Miami Hip Hop Legend B DOPE first splashed on the scene in the mid 90’s when he was flown out to NYC to represent Miami in the Source Magazine National MC Battle, and took the Title 2 Years in a row. Almost 20 Years, and whole other “street life” later, B DOPE has returned to make sure heads remember to give Miami and his hood of Kendall respect when it comes to Bars and hard Boom Bap. On KING OF THE TOWN, He’s returned to reclaim the crown.  Be on the look out for B DOPE‘s upcoming release THE MOST HATED set to drop Mid Feb.

The Doppelgangaz – Concord Grapes

The DOP GANG is back with their latest single CONCORD GRAPES. You ever had a CONCORD GRAPE? Take a bite of this new visual and let the jelly sack explode in your mouf (Skip). The CLOAKS do what they do best, pitching their scam ideas in encrypted coding. Take a walk through an abandoned mental institute with EP and MatterOvFact spitting “SEX ROOM LVL 2 Madness” over a Midi Beat that is “SO DARK”. Follow the SHARKS at

Big K.R.I.T. – So Cool 

Oooooooooooooweeeeeeeee!!!! This new single by BIG K.R.I.T. is called SO COOL, but it’s so hot it should be played across the North to thaw yall northerners down out a bit. The video is a trip, especially the Out Takes at the end.

K.R.I.T. Linktree:


Both King Tetrus & Money Mogly have been turning heads towards the South for the past few months with back to back stellar singles. Now the “ROOKIE OF THE YEAR” Contender returns with the “DON” of the WVTCH WXLVEZ Pack to make it clear they want All The Smoke, with their latest single CUBAN CIGARS

Catch KING TETRUS Performing Live Next Saturday 1/29/22 at #HouseShowMiami as we host E TURN from Orlando at ROOTS MIAMI Kava Cafe. Holla at him for Tickets or visit us at .
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G Fam Black – Stomp Em [prod by Hilltop Production]

HILLTOP PRODUCTIONS, the mastermind behind the production of YEAR OF the CECADA with WHICHCRAFT has been busy this first month of the year. Here is his latest installment STOMP EM with the Monster Mask G FAM BLACK. I could go on and on about how G FAM Has “Traded Hands with the Best and the Worst”, but instead I’ll let him “Stomp you like he’s stretching the work.


DJ MUGGS x RIGZ – Gold (Full Album)

Everybody been talking about this New DJ MUGGS and RIGZ. I wont front. I haven’t played it yet. I’ll be changing that this weekend tho. Here it is for you in case you want to do the same.


This one is dedicated to the memory of L Boog, close friend of our family DJ GLIBSTYLES who is infamous for the GLYBSTYLES BABYYYY voice drop on GLYB’s mixes. He passed away this week. Our condolences go to his family and Glybs and his family. We Mourn with you. WVCC Family.