New Indie Hip Hop to Enjoy this Weekend

Happy Friday Fellow 88ers. We are starting 2022 in spectacular fashion here at WVCC Radio and Cyph Lyfe Blog. Had a great interview last night with 6th Man Entertainment Queen HONEY DINERO, and have some exciting interviews lined up for the rest of the month with KURIOUS, RHINOSEROUS FUNK, SPEAK THE REBEL, 80’s EMPIRE & more. Enough about us, tons of new music below. Let the Bag Begin.


His 2019 debut THE LOST BOY was heralded as one of the best albums of 2019 and definitely made WVCC RADIO’s TOP 10 OF 2019 List. 3 Years, and a Covid Pandemic later, CORDAE is back, having left the YMF surname back on Earth, he drops the first AOTY contender on us “FROM A BIRDS EYE VIEW”. I’m only on my second spin of the record and this is one I want to fully injest and research before I write my review. So I leave with you an excellent review from NME.COM that will give you some great insight into the album while you stream it above.

And for any of yall who didnt tune in to WVCC Radio last night or have been hiding under a rock and havent seen the CORDAE distroy 3 Freestyles on the LA LEAKERS platform, here you go. Don’t say we don’t make things convenient for you.


This week the temperature dropped in Miami. In South Florida, if the barometer hovers in the 60’s we start losing our minds. The coats, boots, scully’s and hoodies come out like we going marching in the snow. Our featured artist, SPEAK THE REBEL, has dropped an album so cold, and is from an area so frigid, that he would openly scoff at us if he saw us running around all bundled up, while he rocks a tank top, torn shorts, and flip flops in January.

On his latest release, DOOM POETRY, the Natick, Massachusetts emcee known as Jay SPEAK Lane on FaceBook, bottles up the frost-bitten environment that raised him into the ice-cold track killer that he is. He then proceeds to head crack his audience with said bottle. What a guy.

From the jump of the album, SPEAK delivers the kind of Siberian spit that reminds you of the coldest day of your life, the kind of day that makes you want to DIE. Even though the opening track is dreary, with its questioning hook “Have You Ever Wanted To Die? Wanted To Die? I DO“, it sets the tone perfectly for the album. This is not going to be Walk In The Park, Picnic With that Special Someone music. This is Hard Homelife, Dangerous Streets, Bad Breaks, but still I survived and thrived music. Like an “87 TYSON“, both the legendary Boxer and the banger featuring Mass’s KING AUTHOR, where the two New Englandites go let the body blows and upper-cuts flow ala Iron Mike over PROMETHOUS‘s futuristico productions. On HEADBANGERS BALL ft SOUTHSIDE JONESY, SPEAK and JONESY give a nod to Late Night hustling and the historical MTV Late Night Heavy Metal show that ruled on Saturday Nights, Sunday Mornings when SPEAK was growing up. The album is full of fire features, including GENOSHA‘s WEAPON ESP who flex’s on mic rookies on HAPPY KILMORE produced by VHERBAL, or PONTIOUS AUTO PILOT, one of my favorites joints on the album which features some “MUCHOOOO” Filthy verses from GRIMEWAV General MO RUKUZ, VORHEEZ, FERRIS & SHA ELEMENTAL who all style all over the CHRIS REGAN bass line groove and spacey keys. REGAN also handles production on the WVCC Radio Favorite PSALM BRADY, where “Mr. Buy My Album” gets as blasphemous as he wants to. SPEAK takes a lot of shots at religion on DOOM POETRY, but it’s not just shitting on faith to be a dick. He is actually dropping gems to hopefully make those that follow dogma blindly, ask a couple of questions that might broaden their worldview if they really saught the answers.

SPEAK has proved time and time again that he is multi-talented and multi-faceted as a Hip Hop artist. Not only slapping you with boom bap heaters but also able to smooth it out and get melodic on irreverent joints like PERCEPTION V REALITY, THE USED, and CHRIST SUICIDE with its ragga vibe and Cult Tent Revival hook of, “air the whole crowd out to hold a fuckin bible/ this that shit that up and made Christ suicidal/ parasite in the host of a most bloated idol/ manufacture the factions to war more for their survival”. Now that’s DOOM POETRY. (Speak asked that I clarify this song is not about White Roman Catholic Jesus, Jewish Carpenter Yeshuah, or Latin America Jesus (HeyZues), this song is actually about Donald Trum and was written at the height of the Maga Hat Frenzie, its a song about blindley following false idols. Is that not what Jesus died to save us from?….once again DOOM POETRY.)

This album is a full listen, 14 tracks of none stop gas with enough different vibes and top-tier lyrics to make the album fly by, and then beacon you to replay. Like the temptation to stick your tongue on a frozen metal service. DOOM POETRY is guaranteed to make this cold weekend just that more artic.

Shabaam Sahdeeq & Nick Wiz – Cabin Fever (Full Album)

One of the 1st MC’s I heard coming out of the RAWKUS RECORDS camp back during the late 90’s Underground Hip Hop Revolution was SHABAAM SAHDEEQ. The homie has been representing the soul of Hip Hop Culture for over 2 decades strong and hasn’t missed a single step as he proves on CABIN FEVER, his latest collaborative project with Producer NICK WIZ. WVCC Radio had the pleasure of playing their first video for the album, the South Park inspired THUNDERIN, which shows S Double proving that age aint nothing but a number showing levels of experience, and Numbers don’t lie. Salute to the Sister INDIGO PHOENIX who blessed us with the Press Release and THUNDERIN Video below.

Underground hip hop icon Shabaam Sahdeeq and renowned music producer Nick Wiz return to their roots to bring us a wildly versatile body of work titled “Cabin Fever.” There’s no doubt that over the past few years most of us were quarantined and may have felt a bit of Cabin fever from time to time. That said, it is clear that while many of us were moping about, Shabaam and Nick Wiz used their time wisely by creating a melodic masterpiece for us. While Shabaam delivers top tier lyrics, Nick’s musical genius shines through on his elite production. The soundscape contains eleven electrifying tracks with both local and global appeal. The lineup also has a few powerhouse features from D.V. alias Khryst, LoVel, Ran Reed, R.E.K.S & Phantasm and U.G (each from the Cella Dwellas) . The duo dropped riveting ‘Thunderin’ with a visual to set the tone for the entire project, which depicts themselves as characters from the highly popular adult cartoon “South Park”. What’s even more amazing,19 year old Shabaam Sahdeeq makes an appearance on the last joint “Do or Die” that was originally a demo that only aired on Stretch & Bobbito Radio show back in 1996, when Shabaam Sahdeeq first surfaced. Shabaam also showcases his bilingual skills on banger “Soul Food Sofrito” going back to his Venezuelan roots. This is the collaboration we knew we needed! Cabin Fever is an instant head nodder and a truly outstanding listening experience. It’s official, Shabaam Sadeeq and Nick Wiz have done it again!!

Don’t forget to support the Artist at…

V Don – Better Than Money (New Album)

Super producer V Don is back with more Serious Soundz for fans to enjoy. He’s recruited Eto, Willie The Kid, Dark Lo, ElCamino, WhoIsBravy, Rome Streetz, Adonis, ANKHLEJOHN, Easalio, Fly Anakin, UFO Fev, Estee Nack and Sauce Heist for his new album titled “Better Than Money.”


This is my favorite part of my job. When the Teenage Hip Hop Nerd trapped inside of this aging husk stumbles across something new and fresh that hardly anyone is aware of, and I get to share it with my community of Hip Hop Heads. It’s like finding a rare holographic card in your Magic the Gathering Booster pack (*pushes glass up bridge of nose). Okay, enough nerd talk. This tape I found is hard enough to slap the deck of spell cards out of your little hands in the middle of a Comic Con Tournament. I’m talking about FIREBOMB, the debut album by New Hampshire Emcee ROV THE REBEL and Massachusetts MC/Producer SILLY GRINN. I’d like to start off by giving credit to HIP HOP LIFER’S ANTHONY L’ATALIAN, who put me on to this deadly duo. You hit the nail on the head with this one Tonez. So detonates the FIREBOMB. A 14 cut ear burner of an LP packed from wall to wall, basement to attic with hard punches, witty bars, and neck breaking beats. I reached out to ROV & GRINN on the strength of TONEZ’s referral, and got some insight on the creation of FIREBOMB.

WVCC RADIO“Peace Fellas. Tell us about ROV THE REBEL & SILLY GRINN. Is this your first project together? How’d you guys meet?”

SILLY GRINN“A lil over a year ago we were both featured on the Dew Moore album “Sinister Plot”. People mentioned to us that the tone of our voices would be a good match together, and we ran with it. Turns out we’re a good 1,2 punch.

WVCC RADIO“Hell Fuck Yeah. ROV’s raspy bass tone with your smooth baritone work great together over these beats. How’d you guys choose the beats for the album? How’d the building process go for you two working together for the first time?”

ROV THE REBEL“It was great man! We’re both very calm easy going personalities and don’t stress shit. SILLY’s beats are exactly what I prefer and love. There were maybe a handful we didn’t use. He’d send them to me and get my blessing (if it spoke to me haha), then we rocked them. “

He ain’t lying either. The beats provided by SILLY GRINN are all superb on this project. I’m on my 3rd listen, and keep asking myself, how have you never heard of this dude. Fans of WU, AOTP, and Rugged Boom Bap will feel right at home. But don’t put your dirty shoes on the couch. Not only does GRINN bring the hurt on the beats, but he is also a formidable punchline pugilist. As he proves on one of my favorite cuts on the album, GENIE, where SILLY chops up a hypnotizing Mediterranean sample that could charm a cobra, and proceeds to slice you up like a Middle Eastern scimitar with the bars. The track Features TCF, who is unknown to us, but shows he knows his way around a magic lamp, I mean sound booth. Other joints like BLASPHAMY, WORD SCIENCE, BLOW YO MIND, & PUNCH DRUNK sound like every old school Jedi Mind Trick fan’s dream come true. Grimey, Brolic Hip Hop, with that haunted, classical gothic, feel to it. The vibe of each song is magnified even more by some nasty cuts provided by SLIP WAX, DEWCUTTA, & IMPROV THE SUPERVILLAIN who has several features on the album.

WVCC RADIO“I see you got IMPROV THE SUPERVILLAIN all over the album. I never knew he got down on the tables like that. Is he crew with yall?”

ROV THE REBEL“That’s my dude, yup! There may be a collab project with us. Grinn, me, Improv and Looni. That’s talented cat there.”

They are joined by a host of talented new names to the WVCC Radio Data Base, (HECTIC OF THE ST THE SQUAD, DEW MOORE, MYSTER DL, SUNY BONEZ, & Hip Hop Lifers Member/Emcee JAY KINSER, and none of these guest features disappoint. All mixed and engineered by BOB NASH at WONKA SOUND in Waubern, MA, the album is a good time for any lover of hard beats and good lyricism.

WVCC Radio “So What are your guys favorite cuts on the album?

SILLY GRINN “For me it would have to be IMPACT” (Certified banger with one of the catchiest hooks on the album)

ROV THE REBEL“My favorite jam would prob be DANGEROUS or WORD SCIENCE. I love them all though haha. “It’s Time” is special because that was my first verse for the LP”

WVCC RADIO – Any message you want to leave our readers with?

SILLY GRINN – “That lyricism with content & hardcore golden era Boombap is back! Haha!!”

ROV THE REBEL – “We wanted to do a just straight raw boom bap rap project with not too much topic/subject stuff for our debut. Just get your head knocking. Press play and enjoy.”

Make sure to keep tabs on these dudes as they get ready to release ROV THE REBEL’s solo album “THE BARITONE SYMPHONY” & FIREBOMB 2 which the duo says they are already cooking up. When they drop the album on Streaming Platforms you’ll hear about it on WVCC Radio.


New album from EARL SWEATSHIRT featuring some really dope visuals in the Playlist above. Dope feature from ARMAND HAMMER adds to the excitement on a very slow paced album. My stepson and the Gen Z Heads will vibe to this, but this shit would put me to sleep if I smoked a blunt to it. I was bumping it at the dentist and woke up choking on my own saliva. Listen to SICK!! above and tell me how it moves You tho.


You already SNOW what time it is. It’s full Winter, so its only right the SNOWGOONS come out of their Alpine Mountain cave and drop an album cold enough to freeze the globe.

Once again the European production team is joining forces with Underground heavyweights they have been working together with over the past two decades. 

To keep things fresh “Renaissance Kings” is also providing young gunz a platform to show their talent. Right in line with the Goons slogan: We Are Keeping Hip Hop Alive! Check out the Crazy Line Up below.

Snowgoons “Renaissance Kings” Tracklist

01. We Up ft Billy Danze, Aspects, A-Mafia & DJ Tray

02. The Renaissance Kings ft Sicknature & DJ Illegal

03. Levitation ft Ransom & K-Prez

04. Crime City ft Shadow The Great

05. Pay Up ft Big Kurt, Sean Strange, Slaine & DJ Crypt

06. The 90’s Are Back Pt 3 ft Chi Ali, Royal Flush, Nocturnal, Sadat X, Fredro Starr, DV Alias Khryst, Ali Vegas & Sully

07. Fight Club ft Napoleon Da Legend, Micall Parknsun, Sicknature & DJ Danetic

08. Grind Mode Cypher ft Lingo, Donnie Menace, Don PERA, Ayok, Frankie V, CapCizza & NdaKut

09. G.O.D. ft Ty Farris & Rasheed Chappell

10. Word On The Street ft Nems, Sean Price, Bernadette Price & DJ Skipmode

11. Sneakerttack 2. ft Da Flyy Hooligan

12. Survival Of The Illest ft Reef The Lost Cauze, Spit Gemz, Napoleon Da Legend, Kxng Charisma, Elemxnt & Planetary

13. From The Guts ft Taiyamo Denku, Bronze Nazareth & Cappadonna

With the album also comes a new video. “The 90s Are Back (Part 3)” featuring Chi Ali, Royal Flush, Sadat X, Fredro Starr and DV Alias Khryst.

#CyphLyfe #SingleFiles


Now allow us to flex on all of yall in the Northern States for a minute. While yall are freezing your nuts off, we might be wearing a sweater today, but by next week we’ll be back on the beach. Winter’s dont last long in the M.I.A. You know what does last long out here though? The Parties full of beautiful women, and the hunger of our Top Shooters. Miami’s D.U. IVAN is one of said shooters who has been putting in work for over 10 Years in South Florida’s Live Music Scene, toured the country with MAYDAY of STRANGE MUSIC, and is now ready to become an Indie Hip Hop Household name. But first he wants to make it clear where he is from. Joined by one of the deadliest bilingual spitters in the game, SALAZAR EL TABAQUERO, D.U. IVAN makes sure you know, He’s from MIAMI BIH!!!. Produced by master musician CHRIS DEAN, MIAMI BIH is just what Willy Falcon’ Doctor ordered to get the party lit. Play this #SoFlow Anthem this weekend to warm up a little with your Chilly Willy the Pinguin Asses.

“Pasta Sauce” Nejma Nefertiti

The Goddess NEJMA NEFERTITI blesses us with this hardy plate she cooked up on THE VALLEY OF THE QUEENS album. The official video shows off NEJMA getting down lyrically and culinarily in the kitchen as she serves up goofies and boujee bitches a dish to shut their mouths. Directed by @NortographyATL , the video gives you a double look at a rising star that is TWO much to handle in one sitting. Queen NEFERTITI makes hip hop that you have stew on. This aint no garbage fast food here. This is a Royal Banquit. Tap in to WVCC RADIO as we get ready to interview NEJMA NEFERTITI in early Feb. We are super geeked and cant wait to welcome the queen to our humble platform. Get familiar with her in the meant time.

KOTA The Friend | Lyrics to GO Vol. III : The Long Journey HOME (SHORT FILM)

Here is a little EP/ Short Film by KOTA THE FRIEND. I love everything this due drops. Enjoy. Salute to all the Single Fathers sticking it out and being their for your kids, despite your crazy Baby Momma.


The big homie DJ GLIBSTYLES put me on to this next album. You know the SOUL KEEPER bats 100%. That man doesnt miss. I’m only 3 songs in to DEVICE TRAX‘s latest release BOUT TIME, and I already know I’m going to be bumping this all weekend. I’ll come back with a more in depth review once I properly peruse the project.

Speaking of GLIBSTYLES, here is the latest UNDERGORUND BANGAS MIX which we couldnt air out this morning on WVCC RADIO due to Technical Difficulties. We want to make sure you get to enjoy it this weekend.