The Hottest New Indie Hip Hop to Warm Up Your Weekend

Happy Weekend Fellow 88ers. We had a great week at WVCC Radio, made some great connects with 80 EMPIRE and NEJMA NEFERTITI. Got some exciting news to share on the horizon. Tonight there is a huge Jam going down at Esquina De Abulla for PP ARMSTRONG’s BDay Bash featuring DJ BLACK SNO, PRINCE DIVINE & NO EMOTION GOLD MASK, so you know its gonna be family and good times. Go out there and rep with the SOFLOW Community. Flyer Below. Now to the music reviews.


What a time to be alive. We are witnessing West Coast Hip Hop History being written. With the recent news of SNOOP D.O. DOUBLE G buying out DEATH ROW RECORDS and now owning the Label and their complete back catalogue, DON DOGG now drops his new album BACK ON DEATH ROW, which is completely taking Hip Hop Fans, new and old by surprise. SNOOP is back in full form, and with all the resources and man power needed to put out not only This New Era Classic, but a future Tsonami of talent under the label that once struck fear in the music industry. That SNOOP now has the chance to write the next chapter of the DEATH ROW story, the Label that originaly gave him his big break, and now has the Know How, Industry Experience and vision to to take it in an Artist and Music First direction is poetic justice. Makes you feel for a brief moment that everything might turn out alright in the world. This whole album bangs so stop sleeping and press play over and over again.


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There’s trouble brewing on GENOSHA Island. Reports of terrifying sounds and an ominous glow radiating from that direction. That can only mean that the Mad Scientist’s at GENOSHA RECORDS are back in the Lab working on some monstrous music. Last week I was honored to have a sneak peek of the New EP that has the underground in a buzz. GENOSHA REC Bio Chemist WEAPON E.S.P. has teamed up with Producer/MC TIM BARRY to bring you the QUINTEN TARANTINO / ROBERT RODRIGUEZ inspired EP, rightfully named after the two Indie Film directors. From the Steve Buscemi spliced intro, the two movie buffs layer and bury easter eggs throughout the project for the Die Hard Tarentino Fan to find and enjoy while the decipher WEAPON E.S.P’s monologues. The Production provided by BARRY is top notch loop work (Just take VANISHING POINT or SANTANICO PANDIMONIUM for ezample) which WEP uses to show he has “No Limits, The Spoon I bend it on some Dope Shit”. Features are limited but potent as WILLIAM WALLACE & Producer TIME BARRY Himself join the massacre at the “Titty Twister Cantina” and some different spices to the bloody salsa. More than anything they help to distinguish the difference that WEAPON E.S.P. is bringing to the writing craft and delivery, as his style of relentless word weaving stands out and shines in the Minimilist Dark background of the BARRY movie score. Many, including WEAPON E.S.P., consider TARENTINO RODRIGUEZ to be a different look for the Worscester MA spitter who is one half of THE JUICE HEADZ and 1/3 of SAVAGE LAND (both groups releasing Underground Classics that are Boom Bap Drum Heavy, much different from the vibe on T.R.). I think what we are witnessing is the unhindered evolution of an Indie Hip Hop legend in the making. He’s already made a perminent impact on everyone who has been touched by his abusive music thus far. Just like a young Quintin, costaring next to a “green” George Clooney , the best years of WEAPON E.S.P‘s creative career are yet to come . How do I Preorder the Box Set?

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A lot of people across the map are waking up to the fact that there is some serious Boom Bap Hip Hop coming out of Miami Florida. What they are used to is Dirty South Street Rap over rolling snares and high hats. We grew up with this sound. Miami has been neck deep in the Rap Game since the early 80s, carving out our own niche and creating a unique Party Moving sound that has been imitated by other regions in the U.S. and around the World. The 2 artist I am currently reviewing, JOHN FIFTH & DEENO have grown up with this Down South Bass, Crunk, Trap Vibe as much as they grew up with Abuelas Cafe Con Leche and Arroz con Abichuella. On BONIA’S KITCHEN they represent both to the fullest, both the Streets and the Matriarchs who had a hand in rasing them. Since being put on to these two last year when the Godz USVS THE BUFF sent me the link for WEST OF THE CITY, I have been on the look out for anything new from DEENO & FIFTH. So when DEENO sent me the link to JOHN FIFTHS new album BONIA’S KITCHEN I was amped to jump on it. Truth be told this Review should have dropped last week but I was overwhelmed with the amount of great music that dropped that 1st weekend of Feb, so I had to leave a couple for this week, but I warn you, do not sleep on this album. If you like that Rah Rah Street Shit, Knuckle Head Hood Shit, Chill with you boys and holla at the Ratchets shit, this one is going to make your weekend. Check out JADA PINKS, or NO ASSIST where the homies put on a clinic on both Macking and Rapping, and make it clear they work together cuz they work well, but they dont need anybody else to make this shit happen. Check out the Visuals for POWER GLOW UP shot on location in the Bronx NY, where they also filmed the short documentary for BONIA’S KITCHEN . These boys do it all from right, record, and film their own videos through their company DADE2DAY FLIMZ, and they make everything sound and look official as fuh. While talking to DEENO he expressed a passion for making sure our city is being heard and scene and how he wants to make sure he is a part of that. That is something that we can def get down with her at WVCC Radio. With big bangers like NEW CARTERS and BEACH and major cosigns from CRAZY HOOD LORD DJ EFN all over the album, it isnt hard for us to refer this album to you. Get yourself some blessings from Abuela Bonia as she wishes health and blessings to everyone listening, and surf out on this wave that is rolling from South Florida to the BX.


I am of the opinion that if you have never heard a song before, it doesnt matter how long ago it was dropped, it is brand new to the listener. As long as the sound isnt dated, or it isnt littered with lingo or Current Event Referrences that lock into a certain era, if you make music correctly it should be timeless. Alabama Spitter SWIGG has done just that with CREME DE LA CREME PT 2. It doesnt matter that this ep when under our radar when it dropped in Novmember of 2021, cuz if you didnt hear it then, it sounds brand spanking new and Hot out the Oven right now. Joints like CRYPTO, DIRTBAGS (Feat RACADE & TONY SPARKS), BLUCKA (feat ANTI-00) prove that SWIGG can Bar it out with the most Back Pack MC or Duffle Bag DBoy. Track #4, SH!TY GRIN, shows this mans pen power stretches beyond just bars, this dude can tell a story with the best of them as is evident on this tale of a business man, uknowingly selling his soul for success. If you looking for something with a more modern flare, or something you can play while bae rides shotgun, try MILLION BUCKS, FACTS OF LIFE or PLAYLIST, they are all a vibe. The album closer GROWTH shows SWIGGS soul, and proves he can get loose on whatever type vibe you throw his way. I haven’t had the chance to peep CREME DE LA CREME PT 1 yet, but this song makes me want to go back just to see how much this dude has really grown between projects, cuz he sounds like he is getting close to his Final Form on this ep. Let’s not get too ahead of ourselves here. SWIGGS and his PACK OF WOLVEZ ENT. Label got another CREME DE LA CREME EP coming your way this year plus another SWIGG solo ep ” WHAT DO I DO?” slated to drop later this year. I’m sure we will see even more GROWTH by then. We are here for it.

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South Florida’s Rebellion Records has been dropping a GHOST WRIDAH FREESTYLE weekly since the birth of 2022, giving us some fire bangers like the TWINZ and BADU Remixes which set the chat thread on fire on WVVC RADIO. This week, however, they are turning all their marketing attention on fellow “Rebellion Rocketeer” KENYADDA, and his latest Ep “STAKES IS HIGH”. The Chicago native with “20 Voices, 59 Flows, you getting what Royce is” who “Works Harder and Plays Less” is blessing us with 8 tracks of Penmanship and Production magic on STAKES. From the self-titled album opener “YADDA BABY” comes out Tooting His Own Hornremembering times when he used to eat at LongHorn, and describing in backstreet detail how the Stakes are much higher these days. This album is a vibe through and through with different flavors for every listener’s palette. Check out DEEP IN THE GAME, featuring a superb verse and cadence ride from IRIS C who goes Heavy In The Lane like Lisa Lesley. LIONS SHARE with its children’s choir sample and melodious bars is a great weekend feel. CONFRONTATION is a slick pimp feel joint where YADDA has a serious convo with the man in the mirror and challenges us to do the same for our self-improvement. Some of my favorite joints on the project are deep in the album. COFFEE is a jazzy bop that shows YADDA can kill any cipher or stage, CHECK THE SCORE got that Big Soulful Single vibe, the beat feeling like a mix between Apollo Brown and the late great Tony Galvin, and KENYADDA putting up points on the scoreboard with every bar. CRAZY 4 YOU is a page out of the YADDAs daily journal as he shares his life’s struggles which he has used as stepping stones to blast off in true REBELLION Rocket fashion. STAKES IS HIGH is Cyph Lyfe Radio’s introduction to this spitter, but he’s got a serious back catalog that we suggest you dive into. He’s provided enough evidence on STAKES to prove “Just when we thought Hip Hop was on its last leg, here comes YADDA“. The streets need more of this.

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D. RYMZ – Word Is Bond (feat. Mickey Factz)

YONKERS NY Spit Kicker and Youth Mentor D.RYMZ is back with a single that is doing damage in the Underground. Featuring a heater of an opening verse by the one and only MICKEY FACTZ, WORD IS BOND is a sizzling track full of gems and back to back punches like a scene from IP Man 1. By now we all know what FACTZ can do over a beat, but its D. RYMZ who humbly steals the show here. He will never admit it since he is more mature than that, but he def has the stand out verse on his new single and will make a fan out of anyone who presses play and hears him spit that “Gift or Curse that yall cant bear either / Hard to explain but its rare air to a common air breather” . There is nothing common, average or simple about D. RYMZ technique and the work he is putting in, not only in the booth, but in his community, is bound to get the right attention to make sure your hearing alot more from D RYMZ in the future. WORD IS BOND


Here is the latest drop from Miami’s MOSKVITCH 3/3 camp. K LO K is a laid back Island Vibe with a steady stream of braggadocio bars from SHOTTIE, who has every right to be feeling himself since the “Tigeraso” leveled up from the Chevrolet life, to now having Don Juan Pan aka CRIMEAPPLE accompany him on this TEV95 sizzler. You could just feel the Hater’s getting spicey, (“Eso es Bufallo”) . Sure to be a Dominican, if not Latin American Hip Hop Anthem, let K LO K bump loud out your window and if the neighbors look at you weird, just ask them “K LO K?” That’s what SHOTTIE would do.

From the MOSKVITCH 3/3 album by SHOTTIE and TeV95 now avaiable……

Chuck Chan & G Fam Black – Check The Forecast Feat. Bless Picasso

With ‘Blunt Force Trauma’ on the way, Chuck Chan and G Fam Black‘s 4th project together, they give you their single ‘Check The Forecast’ feat. Bless Picasso, mixed by Tali Rodriguez and cover art by G Fam Black. Grab the full album on 2.24.22 at or stream on all digital platforms.

Whichcraft x The Dead Poetz Society – Brotherly Love Never Sleep’s

WHICHCRAFT & THE DEAD POETZ SOCIETY are dropping hit after hit. They are already responsible for one WVCC RADIO‘s favorite songs of 2022 ( GENERATION MIC ). Now they return with their 2nd single, “BROTHERLY LOVE NEVER SLEEPS” off their upcoming project. We get introduced to VIGILANTE 8 aka V-8, one half of the Philly based Production Duo THE DEAD POETZ SOC. who claims WHICHCRAFT lured him out of retirement to drop these bars. We are glad he picked up the mic again as he welcomes us to the city of Brother Love with Open Arms and Mind Opening Bars. WHICHCRAFT slides in on the 2nd verse unraveling a tale of growing up through the different Era’s of New York City from the day the Statue of Libirty Landed (No CRAFT is NOT that old), to the day the Towers fell. His verse is an excellent display of Narative Timeline story telling and both verses give you that classic Emcee and DJ Combo meal feel as the expertly chopped beat by DNA CERTIFIED CHOPS (2nd half of DPS) blends funky bass lines with horns with strings into a B Boys dream come true. This 2nd single has gotten us just that much more ampted for the upcoming project from these 2 creative camps, “GENERATION LIFE” set to drop 2.22.22. , and to hear alot more from THE DEAD POETZ SOCIETY.

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AYNT – Relax, Its Just Music. (Bablo Boat Freestyle)

New AYNT of the M.I.Animals. Busting it down over the Boblo Boat beat and making it his own. Only home team will understand all of the references, but there is enough soul and lyrical gold here for everyone to enjoy, no matter where you from. I’m sure they had the PIRATE SHIP at your local county fair too.

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And come out and party with the whole M.I.Animals / Miscreant Mob at HOUSE PARTY FEB as MARQUES MCCOY takes the stage to perform joints of THE EMERALD LIST for DROPZ Hernandez BDay Weekend Bash.

Skanks the Rap Martyr – Cathin’ Bodies (Prod & Cuts Tone Spliff)

Gooooood Dammmmmmnnnnnn!!!! SKANKS THE RAP MARTYR & TONE SPLIFF. This shit is not fair. SKANKS comes in jumping off the top rope with “JEWELS TOO, NOT JUST HARD CORE DELIVERANCE/ THE DIFFENCE BETWEEN BEING EXPIRED AND EXPERIENCE”. I was wrapping up the bag when this started playing on PAKA THE PLUGS Page and I had to throw it in. This shit might be the hardest track I’ve heard this weekend. Let’s see how the crowd receives it on WVCC Radio in the upcoming week.

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Brothers ID 4 WINDS & LIL SCI aka MICHAEL & JOHN ROBINSON aka SCIENZ OF LIFE are back, and dont let the horns, bass and piano riffs fool you, “this isnt JAZZ, this is Blues Music“. CHANGE YA VIEWS is the group’s first official release in 12 years since their LEVIATHAN LP in 2009 and 3 years after the passing of their 3rd Member, RASHAN COLEMAN aka INSPECTOR WILLABEE . They pay proper homage to RASHAN on REZZAREKSHUN and you can feel “The spirit of Inspector Willy in background spilling a drink” over the soulful Nena Simon-ish skat sample. If you have followed S.O.L.’s career, you know the SCIENZTEST are all about dropping hidden knowledge and opening your eyes to information you may not have been privy to before. On CHANGE YOUR VIEWS the Teachers are back at it, and every word is worth paying attention to, make sure you wait til the end of the Album Titled track for the jewelry ID 4 is dropping. They break down the Crypto Currency vs Conventional Banking game on NO CAPTION, prove they can still tear up the stage and rock the party on ROOM SHAKER, and go full Orwellian on WE NOT THE SAME. Their message clear as day, while the sheep follow obediently into the slaughter pen, they are leading the resistance, training hard to survive and escape the farm at all cost. Make sure you join the right team and pick up your copy of CHANGE YOUR VIEWS at and Stay tuned in to WVCC Radio as we get ready to interview the SCIENZ OF LIFE Bro’s in March.


Here is the latest UGB Mix from the General DJ GLIBSTYLEZ. Nothing but bangers back to back to help you enjoy your weekend. Make sure you follow DJ GLIBSTYLEZ on MIXCLOUD and TWITCH, and sub to the page while at it. He’s Home Team.